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PA Bill Number: HB440

Title: In criminal history record information, further providing for expungement, for petition for limited access, for clean slate limited access and for ...

Description: In criminal history record information, further providing for expungement, for petition for limited access, for clean slate limited access and f ...

Last Action: Re-reported as committed

Last Action Date: Oct 20, 2020

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FOAC Monthly Meeting - 11/8/2020
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Blumenthal Accuses Amy Coney Barrett Of 2A Judicial Activism :: 10/12/2020

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have largely ignored the Second Amendment in their opening statements during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, with one notable exception. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), accused Barrett of being an “activist judge that would legislate from the bench,” including when it comes to our right to keep and bear arms.


Democrat Steve Bullock: Pack SCOTUS, Ban 'Assault Weapons' :: 10/12/2020

Montana Governor-turned-Democrat Senate candidate Steve Bullock has voiced support for packing the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) with leftist judges and for banning private ownership of “assault weapons.”


Gun Control Group Drops Big Money to Flip Pennsylvania's Legislature :: 10/12/2020

As election day quickly approaches, Pennsylvania is shaping up to be one of the most crucial battleground states for the 2020 cycle.


Kamala Harris Says She Might Confiscate 'As Many As 10 Million' Guns :: 10/12/2020

Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris re-iterated her support for a mandatory gun buyback program Wednesday, saying a government under her leadership may confiscate “as many as 10 million” guns.


AG Schmidt: Second Amendment protects constitutional right :: 10/11/2020

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Attorney General Derek Schmidt is fighting for Americans to be able to keep their Second Amendment rights.


Portland’s Antifa Loving Mayoral Candidate Has Thoughts On Gun Control :: 10/11/2020

Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler is facing a tough re-election challenge this year, but it’s not a conservative who’s challenging the progressive (this is Portland we’re talking about, after all). Instead, the mayor’s down by double digits in a recent poll to a candidate even further to Wheeler’s left.


US Election: Some Americans buying up guns, others fleeing the country ahead of election day :: 10/11/2020

Some communities and groups are trying to de-escalate tensions, often with the knowledge that many people have firearms and are prepared to use them.


Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation Could Be a Huge Setback for Gun Safety Laws :: 10/09/2020

In June, when the Supreme Court decided that it wasn’t going to take up any firearm-related cases in its next term, gun control groups were surprised and relieved. The nation’s highest court had nearly a dozen of gun cases up for potential consideration and a ruling on any one of them could have had a significant impact on the gun safety laws passed in numerous states since District of Columbia v. Heller 12 years ago, which overturned DC’s longtime ban on gun ownership and affirmed that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to own a firearm for the purpose of self-defense. And with a firm conservative majority on the Supreme Court—thanks to Trump’s appointments of Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh—it seemed poised that an expansion of the Second Amendment was all but inevitable. But it didn’t happen, scoring a major short-term victory for gun control advocates.


Constitutional Carry Emerges As Issue In MT Governor's Race :: 10/09/2020

The state of Montana already allows for legal gun owners to carry concealed without a license outside of city and town limits across the state, but full-scale permitless carry has become a hot-button issue in the waning days of the gubernatorial campaign.


Is The ATF Trying To Undermine The Trump Campaign With Honey Badger Decision? :: 10/09/2020

My colleague Tom Knighton has already outlined some of the problems with the ATF’s decision to classify the Honey Badger AR-15 pistol from gunmaker Q, LLC, as a “short-barreled rifle” subject to the National Firearms Act, and on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co we delve deeper into the issue with Alex Bosco, the founder and CEO of SB Tactical.


Why Has The St. Louis Prosecutor Suppressed The McCloskey Indictments? :: 10/09/2020

Earlier this week a grand jury in St. Louis, Missouri returned indictments against attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey for unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering, but the public hasn’t been able to actually read the indictments for themselves because prosecutor Kim Gardner has suppressed the indictments, a move that several Missouri legal experts say is highly unusual.


Another Misleading Fact Check On Biden And The Second Amendment :: 10/08/2020

I’ve noticed a definite trend among the so-called fact-checkers deployed to combat misinformation regarding the Biden/Harris campaign, particularly when it comes to the Second Amendment; they’re leaving out a few salient facts of their own, and often are basing their fact check on a dubious premise to begin with.


AP Redefines "Riot" Just Days Before Wauwatosa Riot :: 10/08/2020

Posted at 2:00 pm on October 8, 2020 by Tom Knighton


Philadelphia sues Pennsylvania over inability to enact city-specific gun laws :: 10/08/2020

Mayor Jim Kenney and a host of city leaders on Wednesday announced a lawsuit against Pennsylvania seeking the right to enact its own gun-control ordinances.


Riots of 2020 have given the Second Amendment a boost :: 10/08/2020



The Radical Left's attack on self-defense :: 10/08/2020

Missouri couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, are currently plagued by a fierce legal and political battle. In June, they defended their home in St. Louis against rioters. The violent mob trespassed on their private property and screamed at them with threats of murder and assault. This prompted the McCloskeys to defend themselves and their property by brandishing their firearms. Under Missouri law and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, self-defense is their right.


Cultural Marxism's Origins: How the Disciples of an Obscure Italian Linguist Subverted America :: 10/07/2020

You may have heard the terms “Cultural Marxism,” “Critical Theory” or “Frankfurt School” bandied about. And while you might have an intuitive approximation of what these terms mean for America in the 21st century, there’s a good chance that you don’t know much about the deep theory, where the ideology comes from and what it has planned for America – and the world.


2A Festival Set To Draw Thousands To PA Town :: 10/06/2020

Posted at 1:00 pm on October 6, 2020 by Cam Edwards


Six Most Misleading Claims from Joe Biden :: 10/06/2020

Former vice president and 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has misled the public on multiple occasions throughout his career.


From Walter Reed, Trump Issues Blunt Reminder To 2A Voters :: 10/05/2020

The president must be feeling better, or at least good enough for a old-fashioned tweet storm. Monday morning, Donald Trump issued a series of election-related tweets including one aimed at gun owners in Virginia.


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