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PA Bill Number: HB2216

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, providing for sale of certain toy guns and imitation firearms prohibited.

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, providing for sale of certain toy guns and imitation firearms prohibited. ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Jan 15, 2020

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Firearms Seminar hosted by PA Rep. Mike Puskaric - 01/25/2020
Carrick Sportsmen’s Club 3301 Ridge Road, South Park, PA

Keep Cook Rally - 01/25/2020
Valley Inn Social Hall 34 Snyder Avenue, Monongahela, PA

Concealed Carry Education Seminar hosted by PA Senator Doug Mastriano - 01/25/2020
South Mountain Fish and Game Club 11547 Loop Road, Fayetteville, PA

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Pennsylvania: Buffalo Township residents, leaders discuss Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinance :: 01/09/2020

MIFFLINBURG — More than 40 people attended a Buffalo Township Board of Supervisors meeting Monday night to hear about and discuss the possibility of enacting a Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinance at a future meeting.


Steve Daines' pro-Second Amendment bill aims to protect law-abiding gun owners taking firearms across state lines :: 01/09/2020

Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., introduced a pro-Second Amendment bill to the Senate last month aimed at easing restrictions on gun owners transporting their firearms across state lines.


A Reminder Why Barring Gun Sales To People On Lists Is Bad :: 01/08/2020

A while back, Republicans floated the idea of barring people on gang lists from buying guns. It wasn’t very different from Democrats who push to bar folks on the no-fly list from exercising their Second Amendment rights, though probably slightly more reality-based. However, Democrats weren’t fond of the idea in the least.


Californians May Wonder if the Constitution Applies to Them in 2020 :: 01/08/2020

As of Jan. 1, 2020, California is part of the United States of America, at least in the official sense. Even so, Californians have good cause to wonder about their rights under the U.S. Constitution, starting with the First Amendment.


Hot Mic Catches Dems Plotting How To Ignore Gun Testimony :: 01/08/2020

The legislative process really looks kind of arcane to most folks who aren’t familiar with it. In theory, lawmakers simply vote on the issues. In reality, though, there’s more to it. One of the things that many forget takes place is the testimony and debate surrounding the bills. In theory, this allows lawmakers to make sure they’re fully informed on what’s in the bill so they know what they’re voting for.


NYU Prof Slams SAFE Act As Example Of "Symbolic Politics" :: 01/08/2020

New York’s SAFE Act has been on the books for almost seven years now, which is long enough for folks to form an opinion about how well the package of gun control laws is working in the state. New York University law professor James Jacobs has been studying the law and its effects for years, and he’s come to the conclusion that the law is a failure; an “exercise in symbolic politics” rather than a real public safety measure.


Armed Citizens Stop Murderer After Gun Control Fails at Texas Church :: 01/07/2020

An armed murderer entered a Texas church last week. Armed parishioners stopped him in seconds and saved hundreds of lives. Some anti-rights politicians didn’t like that public demonstration of self-defense. These politicians, and some Hollywood celebrities, called for more gun control. We know that self-defense worked, but I was shocked at how badly gun-control failed to keep us safe. Let’s look at the record.


The Big Dollar, Dark Money Contributions That Fund March For Our Lives :: 01/07/2020

March For Our Lives holds itself up as a grassroots gun control org, much like Moms Demand Action. And just like the Moms, the (supposedly) student-led March For Our Lives organization gets their funding not from the little people, but from a group of big dollar donors.


The Origin of an Armed Citizenry :: 01/07/2020

Recent events have shown that America is on the precipice of radically redefining her ancestral right to bear arms. Every major Democratic Presidential candidate has expressed intent to push through sweeping gun control legislation, and the Virginia legislature recently voted to enact an unprecedented policy of rifle confiscations, to name a few. It has become clear that a large segment of the population views the second amendment as an archaic tradition that has long outlived its use. A smaller minority sees it as the remnant of a racist history that should be abolished in the same vein as slavery or Jim Crowe. However, far too little has been said of the tradition that led to James Madison’s inclusion of the Second Amendment in his bill of rights.


Virginia Plans To Outlaw Indoor Gun Ranges, Carrying Firearms In Vehicles :: 01/07/2020

A microcosm war is being waged in Virginia between people who believe in individual liberty provided by the Constitution of the United States and leftists who want to shred the document and enslave the population, many people argue. And, the fight just escalated.


FL County Leads State In Red Flag Orders, Illustrates Issues :: 01/06/2020

One of the problems I have with red flag laws is how their use gets turned around and used to justify their existence. There’s almost never any real way to study whether guns are taken from people who represent actual threats and whether they’re taken from people for a multitude of other reasons that have nothing to do with actual danger to others.


Women Need to Develop a Concealed-Carry Mindset :: 01/06/2020

“How does concealed-carry training differ for women?” As a firearms trainer at Gunsite Academy, when I was asked this question, the usual topics sprang to mind: Should we adapt our clothing to firearms or is it the other way around? Should we choose handguns that are best suited for us smaller folk? Should we carry in a purse (on-body carry is always better, but there are times…)?


Trump Praises Texas Church Hero, Vows Support For 2A :: 01/04/2020

Speaking before a crowd of at least 5,000 people at a Miami megachurch on Friday evening, President Donald Trump publicly praised Jack Wilson, the church member and deacon of security at West Freeway Church of Christ who shot and killed an attacker in the Texas church last Sunday.


Candidate Bloomberg Says He Wants to Take Away Americans' Guns :: 01/03/2020

At a campaign stop in Montgomery, Alabama, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg told the crowd that he did not want the average person in America owning and using weapons.


Inconvenient Truths About Guns and Gun Control :: 01/03/2020

Politicians and journalists often portray fiction as fact. It is easy to be opinionated, but hard to be informed. This came to mind as I listened to Virginia Democrats tell us we’d be safer if we were disarmed.


Washington Post Has To Smack Pelosi Down On Anti-Gun Remarks :: 01/03/2020

As a Democrat, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi doesn’t usually get a lot of guff from the media. She can pretty much do and say whatever she wants.


What the Founders Actually Thought About Slavery :: 01/03/2020

One of the ironies of the current American “elite” is that, rather than actually being elite, they have the smug self-assurance of knowing much that isn’t so.


2019 Was a Bad Year for the 'Only Cops Should Have Guns' Narrative :: 01/02/2020

On December 29, an armed gunman entered the West Freeway Church of Christ in Texas and shot two members of the congregation. Within six seconds, a third member of the congregation drew a weapon and shot the gunman dead.


After Armed Churchgoer Saves Lives, Liberals Move to Disarm Them :: 01/02/2020

In Texas this weekend, a gunman took a firearm into a church service intending to shoot up the place. He killed two people before the church’s head of security killed him.


Columbine survivor: 'I wished' there was a good guy with a gun - like the one who stopped the Texas church shooting - on day of infamous school massacre :: 01/02/2020

A man who survived the massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999 said he wished there had been a legal gun owner on the scene who could have stopped the attack the way a church member stopped a shooting in a Texas church last weekend.


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