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PA Bill Number: SB565

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, repealing provisions relating to firearms not to be carried without a license, providing for license not ...

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, repealing provisions relating to firearms not to be carried without a license, providing for licens ...

Last Action: Veto No. 4

Last Action Date: Dec 2, 2021

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Concealed Carry Seminar – Sponsored by Ambridge District Sportsmen’s Assoc. - 02/26/2022
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Support for More Gun Control Falls, But Partisan Gap Grows :: 11/24/2021

According to a new Gallup poll, support for stricter gun control has fallen by 15 percentage points in just the last five years. But, despite the drop being driven by independents’ changing views, Democrats aren’t likely to rethink their support for more gun control. The partisan divide on this issue has never been so large — 91% of Democrats and only 24% of Republicans support stricter laws.


The President Owes Kyle Rittenhouse An Apology :: 11/24/2021

Not that Rittenhouse should hold his breath waiting for one. The White House has already made it abundantly clear that Joe Biden has no intention of doing the right thing and offering up an apology and a retraction for accusing the Illinois teenager of being a “white supremacist”.


Dangerous Cities and Strict Gun Control :: 11/23/2021

U.S.A. –-( We’ve heard the advocates of gun control say they haven’t done enough and we need even more gun-prohibition laws than we already have. They say that disarming honest citizens stops criminals from committing violent crimes. Those are bold claims, but that doesn’t make them true. Politicians lie to us all the time. I’ve looked at the record. I am not convinced that gun prohibition works as advertised, and we have some tragic stories to consider as well. The closer I look the more I think that gun-control laws cost lives.


FBI to Pay Families $127.5 Million for Parkland Massacre Failures :: 11/23/2021

The families of most of those killed and wounded in the 2018 Florida high school massacre announced Monday they have reached a multi-million dollar settlement with the federal government over the FBI’s failure to stop the gunman even though the agency had received information he intended to attack.


Politics, Pandemic, and Crime Have Convinced Americans Gun Rights are More Important Than Ever :: 11/23/2021

New polling confirms Americans are increasingly rejecting gun control calls amidst circumstances that have left them feeling exposed to danger and unsafe in their communities. Americans, by the millions, have turned those anxieties into empowerment by purchasing a firearm, exercising their Second Amendment right for protection and rejecting gun control politicians and their schemes.


Sorry Gun-Grabbers, Statistics Show Children Are Safe in Homes With Firearms :: 11/23/2021

Can firearms be kept safely in homes with young children? Yes, with proper precautions. Millions of North Americans have guns at home and do so safely. Around one-half of homes in the US possess guns as do about one-third of homes in Canada.


Beto Decries Extremist Gun Laws, Reaffirms Support for AR-15 Confiscation :: 11/22/2021

“We don’t want extremism in our gun laws,” Beto O’Rourke said in an interview on Sunday, where he also expressed support for taking civilians’ AR-15s–by force if necessary.


Poll: More Americans Oppose Stricter Gun Laws Than Support Them :: 11/22/2021

Support for gun control has fallen again.


Republicans warn ATF taking 'giant leap toward a federal firearm registry' :: 11/22/2021

A group of House Republicans is warning that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) could be laying the groundwork for a backdoor federal gun registry.


There's Been Continual Media Dishonesty in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial :: 11/22/2021

This past Thursday, YouGov released a poll showing that 76% of Democrats thought Kyle Rittenhouse was guilty of homicide. Only 5% believed that he was not guilty.


Data Disproves Left’s Fear Of Adhering To The Constitution On Guns :: 11/21/2021

This year has seen the largest increase ever in the number of concealed handgun permit holders—more than two million, for a total of 21.52 million. That is a 48 percent increase since 2016. On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the case of NYSRPA v. Bruen, which has a chance to further increase this total and make permitting rules more similar across states.


Without False Claims About the Risk of Concealed Handgun Permit Holders, the Left Has Nothing :: 11/21/2021

Preface: Last Friday, the National Law Journal ran an op-ed by Lisa Vicens and John Donohue with many errors in it regarding a case that the U.S. Supreme Court heard last Wednesday on New York’s concealed handgun law. The article gave readers very inaccurate information on the academic research regarding the risk of crime by concealed handgun permit holders. This false claim of public safety is really all the state of New York has to base its case on. The left-leaning National Law Journal, a business partner with Michael Bloomberg, is unwilling to respond to repeated requests to correct the record on these extreme inaccuracies, so we are publishing our response here at Townhall. Unfortunately, all the judges, lawyers, and law professors who read the National Law Journal won’t hear the other side of the argument.


It Begins: FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board, elections :: 11/20/2021

An FBI SWAT team raided the home of an activist mother of four in Colorado on Tuesday, Nov. 16, knocking down her door, bursting into the house with guns and handcuffing her while she was homeschooling her children.


JPMorgan Blocked From $700-Million Bond Deal Over Anti-Gun :: 11/20/2021

One of the biggest lenders in the country has now been shut out of Louisiana’s municipal bond market because of its policies and practices related to the firearms industry. JPMorgan officially lost out on a $700-million deal on Thursday when the Louisiana Bond Commission voted to replace the banking giant with Wells Fargo, a couple of weeks after the commission had asked JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon to explain his company’s position on doing business with the firearms industry.


Ohio House Approves Permitless Carry, Armed School Staff Bills :: 11/20/2021

Wednesday was a good day for gun owners in the Buckeye State, with the Republican-led House of Representatives in Columbus signing off on two big pieces of pro-2A legislation.


Another NJ Gun "Buyback" Asks People To Commit Felonies :: 11/19/2021

The matter of so-called gun “buybacks” needs to be visited every time some feel-good politician or civic leader thinks it’s a good idea to host one of these events. Aside from the fact that they are not effective, in New Jersey they’re illegal. From a somewhat recent study, we have the following information on gun “buybacks”:


Deana's Law passes overwhelmingly in state House :: 11/19/2021

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a package of reforms to the state’s driving under the influence laws Wednesday by a margin of 168-32, a major step forward in enacting stronger drunk driving laws in the name of a Brookhaven woman killed in 2019.


Gun Control Activists, Anti-Gun Politicians In Full Meltdown After Rittenhouse Verdict :: 11/19/2021

Gun control groups and Second Amendment organizations are weighing in on Kyle Rittenhouse’s full acquittal today, and as you can imagine, the reactions are very different depending on where they stand on the right to keep and bear arms in self-defense.


Rittenhouse Verdict 'Affirmation of Self-Defense Right' :: 11/19/2021

The “not guilty” verdict for Kyle Rittenhouse by a jury of seven women and five men in Kenosha, Wisconsin Friday was declared an “affirmation of self-defense rights” by the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation.


Death, Life, and Gun Prohibition in 2021 :: 11/18/2021

We’ve heard advocates of gun-prohibition say that more guns mean more crime and that disarming honest citizens stops criminals from committing violent crimes. It is fortunate for all of us that gun-prohibition laws are not new ideas. We’ve had gun-control laws for over a century. We can look at what those laws accomplished so we don’t have to guess. I’ve looked at the record. I am not convinced that gun-prohibition laws work as advertised. We also have some tragic stories to consider where gun control succeeded and people died. The closer I look the more I think that gun-control laws cost lives. See for yourself.


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