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PA Bill Number: HB2744

Title: In general provisions, further providing for definitions; in inchoate crimes, further providing for prohibited offensive weapons; in assault, further ...

Description: In general provisions, further providing for definitions; in inchoate crimes, further providing for prohibited offensive weapons; in assault, furth ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Oct 18, 2018

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Country Stars Dierks Bentley, Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard Join Toms Gun Control Campaign :: 12/06/2018

Country music superstars Dierks Bentley and Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard are demanding Congress pass more gun control now.


Dick's Sporting Goods Says Gun-Control Stance Hurt Business, May Close Field and Stream :: 12/06/2018

Dick's Sporting Goods told investors during the Goldman Sachs Retailing Conference that its gun-control stance hurt sales of its hunting business, outdoors business, and that it may close its outdoor-focused Field & Stream stores.


House Democrats could revoke rule allowing lawmakers to have guns on Capitol grounds :: 12/06/2018

Democrats could do away with a rule that allows lawmakers to bring firearms onto Capitol grounds – including in their offices – as they prepare to take control of the House next year.


Mayor Peduto wants mayors across the nation to join local gun legislation fight :: 12/06/2018

Mayor Bill Peduto contacted dozens of mayors across the nation this week, asking them to join Pittsburgh in introducing local gun legislation possibly as soon as Friday — and which will most likely be challenged in court.


Wyoming Heads Toward Red Flag Gun Seizures :: 12/06/2018

Wyoming – -( The 2019 legislative session will be here before you know it, and you and I have to be ready to FIGHT to stop ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure Orders’ from becoming law in Wyoming.


Boulder (Colorado) Residents Given Days To 'Certify' Rifles Or Face Consequences :: 12/05/2018

Colorado used to be a fairly pro-gun state, but all that changed shortly after a shooting in an Aurora, CO movie theater. While the killer was caught and isn’t a risk to the public anymore, that didn’t mean anti-gun forces didn’t seize on the opportunity.


Hide, deny, spin, threaten: How the school district tried to mask failures that led to Parkland shooting :: 12/05/2018

Immediately after 17 people were murdered inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the school district launched a persistent effort to keep people from finding out what went wrong.


Rep. Scalise Explains to 'The View' Why His Position on Gun Control Hasn't Changed After Being Shot :: 12/05/2018

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) explained his firm pro-Second Amendment stance to ‘View’ host Whoopi Goldberg Tuesday.


Democrat Praise for Bush Limits 'Acceptable' Republican Policy on Guns :: 12/04/2018

USA – -( “Condolences pour in from New York state, Hudson Valley with passing of former President George H.W. Bush,” the Daily Freeman reports.


Hockey Puck Fantasy Versus Bleeding Reality to Defend Our Schools :: 12/04/2018

The topic of school security came up at a faculty meeting at Oakland University in Michigan. Someone said they should fight back against an attacker on campus. That sounded like a good idea. One Pennsylvania school gave each classroom a bucket of rocks with which to fight off an intruder. The Oakland faculty passed a proposal to issue hockey pucks for school security. The local police chief might have planted the idea. A common classroom demonstration uses tennis balls against an attacker who is armed with an airsoft gun.


Keeping the cold civil war from getting hot :: 12/04/2018

We are in the midst of a cold civil war in which two very different visions of America are fighting. Central to the struggle is how we view the U.S. Constitution – one side reveres it as a peerless check on government power; the other, as a document so flawed that it should change rapidly with the times.


Pennsylvania: Philly Supermarket Stops Selling Realistic Toy Guns After Weekend Protest :: 12/04/2018

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A shopper can pick up a can of Pringles, diapers, order a sandwich or duke it out with a super boxing champion. But no longer sold inside of the Lehigh Avenue Supermarket in North Philadelphia: realistic toy guns.


Pennsylvania: Reference checks for gun permits? Small staffs and privacy concerns make it tough -- or illegal :: 12/04/2018

Getting the legislature to pass gun control measures has been a losing battle in Pennsylvania, but a new report out of Harrisburg includes several solutions for reducing gun violence that wouldn’t involve lawmakers at all. It comes from the Office of the Auditor General, the state’s top fiscal watchdog.


Red Flag Laws - Constitutional Rights now Subject to Low Threshold Infringements :: 12/04/2018

Tennessee / U.S.A.-( A “red flag law” may just be the newest euphemism for “reasonable gun control”. In general, a “red flag law” is some type of state law (although it could at some point be federal) which allows the state to take firearms away from an individual and/or to deny that individual the ability to purchase a gun or to obtain a handgun permit if certain “red flags” exist related to the person.


Why 'gun-free' zones don't work and how to survive them :: 12/04/2018

The nation’s attention was on Chicago recently where a police officer and two others were murdered by a deranged gunman at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital. The loss of life may have even been greater were it not for the bravery and heroism of Chicago police officer Samuel Jimenez, who gave his life to protect others.


44 Percent of Young Americans Believe Barack Obama Had "Bigger Impact" Than George Washington :: 12/03/2018

According to a recent survey, 44 percent of Milennials believe that Barack Obama had a “bigger impact” on America than George Washington.


DRGO: Who Can Be So Stupid? :: 12/03/2018

The reality is “mass shooting” are not as frequent as the media plays them to be. Their agenda is to see guns removed from society as if by doing so those will end.


England: London murders back below New York levels, but set for highest rate in a decade :: 12/03/2018

LONDON (Reuters) - The number of murders in London has fallen below that of New York City but could still hit a 10-year high if it continues at the current pace, police data analysed by Reuters shows.


Hollywood Lies: Fun facts with Tom Arnold: 80 percent of gun owners shoot themselves or a family member :: 12/03/2018

Can we just be done with Tom Arnold? Again? Just put him back wherever he was before he starting making up stories about having secret tapes of President Trump. We’ve never watched “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold” — how’s the hunt going? Did the Secret Service give him any clues while they questioned him?


Twelve States Mandate People can Carry Guns on College Campuses, 23 states leave it up to individual schools :: 12/03/2018

On Thursday, May 4th, 2017, Georgia became the 12th state that mandates that public universities allow people to carry guns on campus.


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