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PA Bill Number: HB777

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for definitions and providing for the offense of sale of firearm or firearm parts without ...

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for definitions and providing for the offense of sale of firearm or firearm parts without ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Apr 12, 2024

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Biden Decries 'Gun Lobby', Advocates 'Assault Weapons' Ban in First Speech on Elementary School Shooting :: 05/24/2022

President Joe Biden (D.) attacked the gun industry in his first remarks since the shooting at a Texas elementary school.


Both side of gun debate agree gun storage beneficial :: 05/24/2022

When I first got interested in firearms, one of the first things I was told was to lock my guns up when I wasn’t using them. After all, folks argued, gun storage helps prevent bad people from getting those firearms, thus creating statistics that will be used to justify gun control.


New FBI Report Shows Armed Citizens STOP Mass Shootings :: 05/24/2022

BELLEVUE, WA – -( A newly-released FBI report on “active shooter incidents” in 2021 [embeded below] revealed four of those killers were stopped by armed private citizens, and the Second Amendment Foundation says this is strong evidence the right to keep and bear arms is as important today as it was when the Constitution was ratified more than 200 years ago.


Poll: Half of voters don't believe new gun control laws effective at preventing mass shootings :: 05/24/2022

For several days now we’ve been discussing the fact that Democrats are divided about how hard to push for new federal gun control laws in the wake of the targeted attack on a Buffalo grocery store, with even the staunchest supporters of criminalizing the right to keep and bear arms reluctantly acknowledging that the odds of winning Senate approval for universal background checks or Joe Biden’s assault weapons ban is basically “zero.”


Texas Governor: 14 Elementary School Students, Teacher Killed in Horrific Shooting :: 05/24/2022

At least 15 people have been killed in a shooting at a Texas elementary school.


UPDATE: 19 Children And 2 Adults Dead In Texas Elementary School Mass Shooting :: 05/24/2022

UPDATE 5/24/2022 @ 10:32 pm EST


ATF Report Shows Massive Increase in Gun Industry Since 2000 :: 05/23/2022

Firearms commerce has substantially increased over the past two decades as the number of licensed firearms manufacturers and firearms sold to the general public have soared.


At Least 28 Shot Over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago :: 05/23/2022

At least 28 people were shot, one of them fatally, over the weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago.


Gun control activist admits Dems "divided" on pushing new 2A restrictions :: 05/23/2022

I wish we were talking about a true change of heart on the part of many Democratic politicians, but the reluctance to pursue new gun control legislation in the wake of the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York appears to be based far more on political calculations than any scales falling off the eyes of gun-banners in Congress.


Sacramento Police See 'Overwhelming' Response to Gas for Guns Exchange :: 05/23/2022

The Sacramento Police Department held a gas for guns exchange on Saturday, the response to which was “overwhelming,” KTLA reports.


Gun Control Fails, Biden Wants More :: 05/22/2022

President Joe Biden is confused again. Biden was in Buffalo, New York, exploiting murder by a mentally deranged man before his victims had even been buried. The president took the opportunity to call for a so-called federal “assault weapons” ban and outlaw magazines holding more than ten rounds.


Gun store owner gets probation in straw buy ATF sting :: 05/22/2022

Edward Clyde Ledford is a lucky man, though I can’t speak to how intelligent he is. The 57-year old plead guilty to taking part in a brazen straw purchase of a firearm that was actually an ATF sting operation last November, and this week he learned that he won’t be heading off to federal prison despite the fact that his crime is punishable by ten years behind bars.


If there’s ever been a better time for car control... :: 05/22/2022

Back in 2015 I remember reading a Forbes article that’s worth bringing up; “Should Guns Be Regulated Like Cars?” While this may seem like dated material, recent reporting from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes that there were approximately 42,915 motor vehicle fatalities in 2021, and I promise there’s relevance. This total number shows a rise of 10.5% from 2020. The issue with this number is that the 40k+ deaths is at a 16 year high since 2005, according to the NHTSA.


Should 18-year-olds be allowed to buy semi-automatic rifles? State and courts debate :: 05/22/2022

The mass shooting in Buffalo, N.Y. last Saturday has renewed the debate over the minimum age for legally purchasing what some people — such as President Biden, call “weapons of war.”


Gun owners should be glad we don't have Justice Garland :: 05/21/2022

Boy did we dodge a bullet when it comes to the Supreme Court of the United States. Although we all need to be braced for impact, as the tides can change quickly, the mortality of man is not endless. We can at least celebrate the fact that current Attorney General Merrick Garland is not seated at the High Court.


JSD Supply says "no thank you" to ATF’s cease and desist :: 05/21/2022

Last week Tom covered the cease and desist letter that JSD Supply received from the ATF on March 12, 2022. In the letter, the ATF admonished JSD Supply, owned and operated by Jordan Vinroe, over the sales of 80% build kits, and for having the potentiality of selling the rest of the tools and parts necessary to make a fully functioning firearm. In their letter, the ATF said that their order had nothing to do with the roll out of new regulations on firearm frames and receivers. With a collective eye roll, we all said “okay” to that. After doing some due diligence, JSD is saying “no thank you” to the ATF and has filed a temporary restraining order against the rogue agency.


Mayor Adams Offers Very Bad Advice to New Yorkers :: 05/21/2022

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams was elected to get his city back on a path to safety. He’s instead continued down the path of his predecessors to punish law-abiding New Yorkers. He’s failed to turn the focus and resources towards those that commit crimes and hold them to account.


The Two Faces of Originalism :: 05/21/2022

Until recently, the originalist legal scholar John Eastman was an honored member of the Federalist Society. He chaired the society’s Separation of Powers Practice Group and was a frequent speaker at its meetings. Leonard Leo, co-chairman of the Federalist Society, donated to Eastman’s 2010 campaign for the attorney generalship of California. 


How the Supreme Court could soon drastically expand the right to carry guns :: 05/20/2022

The conservative majority on the Supreme Court is potentially poised to take down one of the nation’s oldest and most restrictive gun-control laws this summer. New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen will be the court’s first major Second Amendment case in more than a decade and happens to be coming amid rising national gun violence and an uptick in gun sales in recent years. What the justices decide could unravel laws across the nation restricting who can carry guns in public.


New Mexico Republicans say staffers will not comply with state capitol gun ban :: 05/20/2022

Last year, the Democrats in control of New Mexico’s state legislature imposed a ban on the general public lawfully carrying firearms inside the state capitol building, known as the Roundhouse. The move was controversial at the time, with several Republican lawmakers trashing the idea after the state’s Legislative Council voted along party lines to make the building a gun free zone.


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