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PA Bill Number: SB565

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, repealing provisions relating to firearms not to be carried without a license, providing for license not ...

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, repealing provisions relating to firearms not to be carried without a license, providing for licens ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Apr 16, 2021

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The Threat of DRM-Infused Home Gunbuilding :: 04/09/2021

Many of us bore witness this week to what seemed like the entire firearms community coming down on a single man. The issues were multi-faceted, from allegations of collaboration with gun controllers to straight-up gun control advocacy. The veracity of most of these claims are disputed, but there is one issue that deeply concerned us: the threat of top-down, digital rights management (DRM)-type controls on home gun building.


By Inflicting Injustice, Biden Further Divides America :: 04/08/2021

 Biden’s plans to punish both those who build firearms for themselves and those who own AR-15 pistols (or other pistols based on modern, multi-purpose semiautomatic rifles) for crimes and acts of madness aren’t going to bring about any unity. Nor should they – these actions are a deliberate infliction of injustice on law-abiding Americans, and the infliction of injustice has consequences.


Fear of law changes keep gun sales soaring in Pennsylvania :: 04/08/2021

For the third quarter in a row, the Pennsylvania State Police are reporting a new record in the point-of-sale background checks required before most gun sales, meaning that record interest in firearms sparked by the civil unrest after the George Floyd killing and a contentious election last year has just kept soaring into 2021.


Moms Demand Action Volunteer Betrays Group's Ignorance Of Facts :: 04/08/2021

In New Hampshire, there’s a debate brewing about expanding the state’s Stand Your Ground law. As it currently stands (no pun intended), the law is really more of a Castle Doctrine law. It only applies inside the home, whereas Stand Your Ground tends to apply everywhere else.


4 Reasons Gun Control Can’t Solve America’s Violence Problem :: 04/07/2021

These 4 underlying sociological problems, not guns, are the key drivers of American violence. The gun-control paradigm—the idea that the solution to American violence is more laws restricting guns—is unhelpful.


Carry a Concealed Firearm Because You Can Stop Mass Murder and Save Lives :: 04/07/2021

Doctor John Lott is the president and one of the principal researchers at the Crime Prevention Research Center. Dr. Lott recently reminded us that guns save lives and stop mass murder. I’d forgotten about a few of these incidents, though I’m sure I read a little about them at the time. In contrast, the news media covers mass murderers for days on end. To help offset that media bias, let’s look back only 10 months to see what we did.


Pittsburgh supports Philadelphia in lawsuit against state Firearm Preemption Laws :: 04/07/2021

Pittsburgh city officials this week threw support behind a lawsuit filed last year in Philadelphia challenging Pennsylvania’s Firearm Preemption Laws, alleging they keep the city from combating gun violence and “have forged a state-created danger.”


The Persistent Stupidity of the Gun Control Movement :: 04/07/2021

What makes a mass shooter capable of emotionless, indiscriminate killing remains largely a mystery. Such a depraved act is not within the normal programming of a human being, not even for most hardened criminals. We may never truly understand all the factors, both physiological and environmental, that turn angry people into mass killers, but there is much we do know and can figure out, if common sense is our guide. 


Gun Control Wins Debate...When Advocates Argue With Voices In Their Heads :: 04/06/2021

Far too many people like to “debate” with the voices in their heads. No, I don’t mean they’re insane. What I mean is that they create a strawman version of their opponent, and they debate against them. They come up with arguments that only win against someone who doesn’t really understand the issue at hand. Yet they pride themselves on their dunk; like they’ve just done something.


Ohio's "Stand Your Ground Law" Now In Effect :: 04/06/2021

Get ready to hear lots of claims about the “Wild, Wild West” coming to Ohio from gun control advocates. As of today, residents of the Buckeye State no longer have a duty to retreat when confronted with an attacker, and can stand their ground in self-defense without having to make a split-second decision about whether they are legally allowed to defend themselves.


Report: Black Americans’ Gun Ownership up Nearly 60 Percent :: 04/06/2021

Gun ownership among black Americans is up nearly 60 percent following the record gun sales of 2020.


The political calculus on the gun issue has changed :: 04/06/2021

President Biden will find it difficult - if not impossible - to get bipartisan support in Congress for new gun control measures, like a new assault weapons ban, which passed with bipartisan support in 1994 and expired ten years later.


How Concerned Should 2A Supporters Be About SCOTUS? :: 04/05/2021

The Supreme Court’s public inaction on a hugely important right to carry case has some Second Amendment supporters concerned and convinced that, even with Justice Amy Coney Barrett on the bench, the Court still has no appetite to take a case dealing with the right to keep and bear arms.


Ignored Va. Mass Shooting Gets at Truth: Contrary to Media Narrative, Most Mass Shooters Are NOT White :: 04/05/2021

It has been called the lie that won’t die: that most mass shooters are white. People believe it, too, with carnage committed by whites, such as the Georgia massage-parlor shootings, getting front-page treatment. In contrast, a recent Virginia Beach mass shooting has been largely ignored, and largely for an obvious reason:


In Colorado, They're Cracking the Code on Gun Control: It Doesn't Work :: 04/05/2021

-( Writing over the weekend in the Denver Post, George H. Brauchler—former district attorney for the Centennial State’s 18th Judicial District—wrote something that might be considered blasphemy among anti-gun politicians and gun prohibition lobbying groups.


Iowa the 19th State to Push Back Against Biden Gun Control :: 04/05/2021

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed into law on Good Friday the latest manifestation of the pushback against federal tyranny taking place across the land. The instant issue is “constitutional carry” — the freedom to enjoy a right without first being required to obtain governmental permission to do so — but the larger issue is this: People belonging to the Country Class are getting sick and tired of the Ruling Class and its condescension and its imposition of its tyrannical agenda.


Analysis: Biden White House tries to craft gun executive orders that can't be undone :: 04/04/2021

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House is trying to craft a series of executive actions for President Joe Biden to sign to try to limit gun violence, hoping they cannot be quickly dismantled in court, according to aides and gun safety groups.


Big Cities Defunding The Police Not Working Out So Well :: 04/04/2021

It should come as no surprise to any reader that the United States is a complete powder keg that’s been smoldering for quite awhile. 2020 was a dumpster fire and the way 2021 is shaping up, we might be dealing with more of the same. The only difference is, after over a full year of political unrest and COVID related lock downs, some might bring their marshmallows to the party and make the best of staring at the flaming refuse.


Delaware Senate Approves Gun Magazine Confiscation Bill :: 04/04/2021

Democrats in charge of the Delaware State Senate have signed off on a bill that would compel gun owners to turn their “high capacity” magazines to law enforcement in exchange for a cash stipend or else face criminal prosecution, less than a week after the bill was first introduced in the state legislature.


Op-Ed: All Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional :: 04/04/2021

We all do it. We’ll share a pro-gun piece from a news source that’s normally anti-gun and get a good laugh out of how, say, the New York Times is making a pro-gun case.


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