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PA Bill Number: SB581

Title: Providing for maximum contaminant levels.

Description: An Act amending the act of May 1, 1984 (P.L.206, No.43), known as the Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water Act, providing for maximum contaminant levels.


Last Action Date: Apr 22, 2019

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Townhall Pittsburgh - 04/27/2019
VFW Post 7090 1902 Sundeman St., Pittsburgh, PA

Sportsmen's Expo - 04/27/2019
North Franklin Volunteer Fire Company 565 Sylvan Drive, Washington, PA

2nd Amendment Rally - 05/6/2019
State Capitol Rotunda 501 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA

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City of Pittsburgh, Mayor and City Council-Members Sued over New Gun Control :: 04/10/2019

PITTSBURGH, PA-( Today, attorneys Joshua Prince and Adam Kraut of Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C., filed a new lawsuit against the City of Pittsburgh, Mayor Bill Peduto, and six City Council members over the City’s latest gun control legislation.


Column Proves Some Folks Are Anti-Gun Because They're Idiots :: 04/10/2019

In my perfect world, no one is anti-gun. They understand that firearms are an essential means of self-defense, and not just from criminals but also from tyrants. The term “gun safety advocate” would be someone who talked about the need to follow safety rules, lock your guns up when unneeded, and possibly push for gun safety courses in public schools.


Sen. Pat Toomey wants local cops informed of failed firearms background checks :: 04/10/2019

U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Lehigh Valley, is taking another run at the nation’s gun laws.


Speaker Pelosi Attempting to Expand number and Types of Prohibited Possessors :: 04/10/2019

The Democrats in the House of Representatives are attempting to expand the number of classes of people prohibited from exercising Constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights. Those prohibitions have been added to H.R. 1585, a re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act. The Act had not previously been used to restrict gun ownership. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has added the infringements to the current bill.


Britain's Anti-Knife Politicians: Not Too Sharp :: 04/09/2019

Well, who didn’t see this foul up coming? For one, the British leaders who have alienated their people from their unalienable, God-given right to self-defense. Liberal politicians, displaying just how finite their wisdom is, have banned the possession of knives in public. Further, the British government is now considering banning home delivery of knives ordered online.


Eric Swalwell on assault weapons: Just take the 15 million that are out there and buy them back :: 04/09/2019

Bay Area congressman Eric Swalwell on Monday became the latest person to join the incredibly crowded 2020 Democratic presidential race.


Everytown spends $200K to fight Florida bill arming teachers :: 04/09/2019

Everytown for Gun Safety, the bipartisan gun-control organization created and financed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, says it’s spending $200,000 to pressure Florida lawmakers not to allow classroom teachers to carry a gun at school.


Gun Safety is the New, & Deliberately Deceptive, Code-Word :: 04/09/2019

Ft Collins, CO –-( “During the Bosnian War (1992-1995), when you didn’t own guns, you were literally dead. Many learned that painful lesson, the hard way.” ~ From a student and veteran of fighting in Bosnia


Red flag (ERPO) bill would reduce firearm suicides in Pa., Wolf, gun-control advocates argue at Capitol rally :: 04/09/2019

Pennsylvania’s newest gun control law is scheduled to take effect in just two days, but activists from across the state already have set their eyes on their next battle in the Capitol.


Truck Drivers Lament Predicaments Due To Lack Of Reciprocity :: 04/09/2019

When Republicans controlled both chambers of Congress and the White House–you know, just a matter of a few months ago now–there was one bill above all others I really thought we’d see passed. National reciprocity would have opened the door for a lot of people. It would require carry permits to be recognized just like drivers licenses or even marriage licenses.


Columnist Upset That Gun Rights Actually Matter To Some People :: 04/08/2019

Based purely on the name, the Violence Against Women Act sounds like a slam dunk as far as legislation goes. After all, who would actively oppose a law designed to protect women from violence?


Fight Gun Control With Our Own Emotional Stories :: 04/08/2019

United States – -( When we discussed the “civil society” gambit to ban modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms, we noted that it was being used to set up a one-two combination to get people to not look at the facts surrounding these firearms. The first part of that combination was massive amounts of emotional manipulation.


Hawkins: Democrats Ignore NZ Gun Control Failures, Push Confiscation :: 04/08/2019

Democrats overlooked the gun control failures leading up to the March 15, 2019, New Zealand mosque attacks, choosing instead to push bans and confiscations as the next step of an incremental gun control push.


Overreaching Big Government Is 'Nothing New,' Sen. Mike Lee Says :: 04/08/2019

A leading Senate conservative says the aim of his new book is to remind Americans of the importance of the nation’s founding documents in responding to government overreach.


Gun Control Activists Outraged Over CA Magazine Ban Decision :: 04/06/2019

With last week’s court decision to repeal California’s magazine ban, gun rights activists rejoiced. The decision decisively smacked down the state’s magazine limit on pretty much every level imaginable, leaving little room for the Ninth Circuit to overturn the decision. It was a thing of beauty for our side, to be sure.


Joe Biden Has Long Been Hostile To The Second Amendment :: 04/06/2019

Delaware/United States – -( There are some questions you can easily answer. One of them is Joe Biden’s stance on the Second Amendment. Here’s the quick scoop: He’s been hostile to our rights for over four decades.


John Lott On 'Folly' Of So-Called Red Flag Laws :: 04/06/2019

There’s a lot to dislike about red flag laws.


Red Flags About 'Red Flag' Laws :: 04/06/2019

“Red flag” laws have become all the rage these days among those who want to do something — anything — to stop “gun violence.” Sometimes called Gun Violence Restraining Orders or Extreme Risk Protection Orders, these laws allow family, close friends, or coworkers to petition authorities to temporarily remove firearms from individuals they believe are a danger to themselves or others.


Accept or abolish the Second Amendment? :: 04/05/2019

Once again, a guy who looks like me killed those who don’t. The heart-wrenching murder of 50 Muslims at the hands of a white supremacist on March 15 played out as it has so many times in the past, with a narcissistic male high on hate wreaking carnage on innocent families engaged in prayer.


House Democrats sneak gun control measures into Violence Against Women Act reauthorization :: 04/05/2019

The House of Representatives voted 263 to 158 on a Democrat-led bill to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act on Thursday. Only 33 Republicans voted for the legislation. However, anybody who tries to cast those numbers as Republican indifference to violence against women isn't telling the whole story.


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