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PA Bill Number: HB440

Title: In criminal history record information, further providing for expungement, for petition for limited access, for clean slate limited access and for ...

Description: In criminal history record information, further providing for expungement, for petition for limited access, for clean slate limited access and f ...

Last Action: Laid on the table

Last Action Date: Dec 9, 2019

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FOAC Monthly Meeting - 01/12/2020
South Fayette Township Municipal Bldg. 515 Millers Run Road, Morgan, PA

FOAC Monthly Meeting - 02/9/2020
South Fayette Township Municipal Bldg. 515 Millers Run Road, Morgan, PA

FOAC Monthly Meeting - 03/8/2020
South Fayette Township Municipal Bldg. 515 Millers Run Road, Morgan, PA

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Use What We Have Going for Us in 2A Defense :: 11/30/2019

U.S.A.-( While the First Amendment is the first line of defense for our Second Amendment rights, this defense must be effective. One of the ways to ensure the effectiveness is to keep the fight on as favorable terms as possible – and that requires an honest assessment of what Second Amendment supporters have going for us.


Colorado Readies Red Flag Law As Some Sheriffs Vow Not To Enforce It :: 11/29/2019

We’re just about a month away from Colorado’s “red flag” firearms seizure law from taking effect, which will allow a judge to order the surrender of firearms to law enforcement if they feel like an individual is a danger to themselves or others. The Denver Post is reporting that with just weeks to go before the first petition to seize someone’s firearms is likely going to be filed, officials still aren’t sure how the law is going to be enforced, especially in counties where sheriffs say they’ll go to jail themselves instead of complying with a court order to seize someone’s guns.


Deval Patrick's Role in Whitewashing the Ruby Ridge Shooting :: 11/29/2019

You probably missed the news that former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has recently gotten into the Democrat presidential primary race, too. You wouldn’t be the only one not to have noticed.


Sheriffs Group Urges Supreme Court To Strike Down New York City Gun Rules :: 11/29/2019

The National Sheriffs’ Association is leading a coalition of law enforcement and gun rights groups urging the Supreme Court to strike down New York City’s gun transportation regulations.


Violent Crime Drops As Concealed Carry Numbers Increase :: 11/29/2019

We learned from the FBI this week that violent crime and homicides declined in 2018. Now a new report from the Crime Prevention Research Center shows while crime is down, the number of Americans who possess a concealed carry license is growing. In fact, the number of concealed carry license holders grew by 1.4 million people to 18.66 million, and at this pace, will eclipse 20-million concealed carry holders in 2020. The new report notes that the rise in concealed carry licenses comes even as several more states have become “Constitutional Carry” states, where no license is needed for legal gun owners to lawfully carry.


Police Have No Duty To Secure The Life Of Americans From Threat Of Physical Harm :: 11/28/2019

New York – -( Two decades-old court cases, one from New York and the other from California, lay bare the sad truth: Police have no duty to secure the life of Americans from the threat of physical harm even upon notice of imminent harm.


Gun Control Advocate Exploits Murder/Suicide To Push Agenda :: 11/27/2019

A staffer with the gun control group Coalition to Stop Gun Violence seized on a murder suicide in Durham, North Carolina to blame the state’s gun laws, though it turns out the suspect in the case was already prohibited by law from owning or possessing firearms.


Rutgers Prof Calls Second Amendment Supporters 'A Death Cult' :: 11/27/2019

As the father of a college student, I’m concerned with the extreme progressive lean I see out of our country’s colleges and universities. My boy had to drop a U.S. history class because the professor was so biased that they spend the section on World War I talking about the war’s impact on women. Not about Somme or Ardennes. Nope. How it impacted women.


Second-Amendment Sanctuaries Defend Civil Rights Across the US :: 11/27/2019

I’m slow, but I eventually put the pieces together. The bad news is that more state governments are infringing on our rights. The good news is that local governments stood up to protect us. We are seeing a large and growing movement across the country where local governments stand up to protect our right of self-defense. We have well established second-amendment sanctuary counties in Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, and Washington. We’re seeing a new bloom of them in other states. The growth is so rapid, that I know the graphic is out of date.


Answering Why Gun Rights Backers Aren't 'Demanding Better Schools' :: 11/26/2019

With Virginia flipping blue earlier this month, there’s been a reaction among gun rights advocates throughout the state. In particular, a number of states have declared themselves “sanctuary counties.” They aren’t going to enforce unconstitutional gun laws, which includes most of them.


Black voter support of Trump quadrupled since election :: 11/26/2019

Two recent polls show a colossal shift of black voters now supporting President Donald Trump – up from just 8% in 2016 to more than one in three African American voters today.


Everything You Need To Know About SCOTUS's Next Gun Case :: 11/26/2019

The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in a Second Amendment challenge to a New York City gun law on next Monday, and on today’s Bearing Arms Cam & Co. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the case and why gun control advocates are terrified that the outcome could doom many of their most egregious infringements on the right to keep and bear arms around the country.


Idaho school district buys rifles, will warn visitors building is 'armed' :: 11/26/2019

GARDEN VALLEY, Idaho (KBOI) - The Garden Valley School District is arming itself and a handful of staff members with guns in case of potential security threats moving forward.


Buyback Nets Mostly Air Guns, Officials Still Thrilled :: 11/25/2019

While we can debate whether the term “buyback” is actually applicable to those events that seek to purchase guns from people in exchange for money, gift cards, or other items until we’re blue in the face, we can all agree they’re downright stupid. If they take black market guns off the street, it’s likely to only be those that have been used in crimes that would otherwise require them to be dumped in a river or lake. Other weapons sold at these events appear to be barely functional, if functional at all.


Media Decries 'Epidemic' Of Gun Violence As Rates Decrease :: 11/25/2019

The loss of any innocent life is an absolute tragedy. I don’t think anyone will really disagree with that sentiment, to be sure. No one wants to see that sort of thing and we all want to put an end to it.


Moms Demand Action Members Aren't On Board With Bloomberg for President :: 11/25/2019

It seems that Michael Bloomberg’s magnetic personality and winning smile aren’t enough to win over many Moms Demand Action members as supporters of his budding presidential bid. They’re happy to have him just write fat checks and leave the actual anti-gun politicking to the Kamala Harrises and Elizabeth Warrens of the world.


Researcher: Youth Gun Violence Is Up, But Gun Control Isn't The Answer :: 11/25/2019

It might seem like common sense to you and I, but believe me, this is a pretty controversial thing for an academic to say, given the conventional wisdom in universities that gun control is the ultimate answer to the problem of violent crime.


Second Amendment Sanctuaries: Rhetoric vs. Reality :: 11/25/2019

Politicians in a growing number of local governments are claiming to have created “2nd Amendment Sanctuaries.” But, so far they've missed the mark by a wide margin.


Gun Violence, Human Rights, And Knowing Who Is Responsible For It :: 11/24/2019

Lately, anti-gunners have apparently been trying a different tactic to address guns. You see, they’re coming at it from a human rights point of view.


Reports That Santa Clarita Shooter Used 'Ghost Gun' Sparks Gun Control :: 11/24/2019

Yesterday, the media learned a little something about the firearm used by the gunman in the Santa Clarita shooting at Saugus High School. It seems the gun in question was a homebuilt firearm, a so-called “ghost gun.”


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