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PA Bill Number: SB531

Title: In general provisions, providing for findings regarding firearms and ammunition; and, in preemptions, providing for regulation of firearms and ...

Description: In general provisions, providing for findings regarding firearms and ammunition; and, in preemptions, providing for regulation of firearms a ...

Last Action: Removed from table

Last Action Date: Jun 12, 2019

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FOAC Monthly Meeting - 08/11/2019
South Fayette Township Municipal Building 515 Millers Run Road, Morgan, PA

Senator Jim Brewster's Annual 45th District Golf Classic - 08/19/2019
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SULLUM: 'We must act now' is not a gun control policy :: 06/08/2019

If you are the sort of person who feels compelled to demand new gun control laws after a mass shooting, you have several options. You can keep your recommendations vague, letting your audience fill in the blanks; push the policies you always push, regardless of whether they have anything to do with the latest outrage; or latch onto a detail of that crime, inflating its importance to support a seemingly germane solution.


ABC News Admits Gun Laws Wouldn't Necessarily Stop Mass Shootings :: 06/07/2019

Anti-gun activists always kick it into high gear in the aftermath of a mass shooting. Their response is downright ghoulish in how they ignore the horrors of what happened so that they can get a jump on scoring political points. Most of the time, even a witless fool could see that the measures they’re proposing would have no impact on the shootings, but still, they persist.


Fewer than Half of Violent Crimes Are Solved in America :: 06/07/2019

One of the central arguments in favor of the government's monopoly on police powers is that government police are essential in "keeping us safe." Without this "thin blue line" between chaos and order, we are told, society will descend into chaos.


John Lott: After Virginia Beach shooting, Dems seek ban on 'silencers' that don't make guns silent :: 06/07/2019

Despite what you might believe from watchin­g television shows or movies, suppressors (commonly known as “silencers”) do not make guns “silent” — unless you consider an ambulance siren or a jackhammer to be silent.


Why Gun Ownership Rates Tell Us Little About Homicide Trends in America :: 06/07/2019

Every time a homicide committed with a firearm makes the national news, it happens like clockwork: a variety of pundits in the corporate media quickly pen columns advocating for ever broader and stricter gun control laws. If only government agents were entrusted with a strict monopoly (or near-monopoly) on firearm ownership — we are told — then the United States would have much lower homicide rates similar to those found in most other so-called "developed" countries like Norway or Canada.


Why Magazine Restrictions Are Useless For Preventing Mass Shootings :: 06/07/2019

In the wake of any number of mass shootings, from Virginia Beach to Sandy Hook, there tends to be a call for magazine restrictions by those so inclined to push for gun control. Their thinking apparently is that if you restrict the number of rounds in the weapon, you can mitigate the amount of carnage at these shootings.


ATF: 1.3 Million Silencers in U.S. Rarely Used in Crimes :: 06/06/2019

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) released statistics to the Washington Free Beacon on Wednesday showing that the nearly 1.3 million silencers registered in the United States are rarely used in crimes.


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf adds his voice to those calling for laws to curb gun-related deaths in Pennsylvania :: 06/06/2019

Five days after a mass shooting at a Virginia Beach government building that left a dozen people dead and several others injured, calls for laws to reduce gun violence in Pennsylvania are being sounded again.


Pennsylvania Senate Democrats renew calls for gun control measures that face an uphill battle :: 06/06/2019

Sen. Art Haywood speaks alongside gun control advocates on National Gun Violence Awareness Day.


The Dumbest Gun-Control Paragraph :: 06/06/2019

After the Virginia Beach shooting, the New York Times reran an essay on gun control by Nicholas Kristof, which contains this paragraph:


Virginia Governor Exploits Virginia Beach Tragedy To Attempt Gun Control :: 06/06/2019

Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam is calling for a special session of the state’s legislature to consider gun control measures following the tragic murder of 12 in Virginia Beach last week.


A Win for Gun Rights in Pennsylvania :: 06/05/2019

The Pennsylvania supreme court rules that legal gun owners aren’t second-class constitutional citizens. SCOTUS, take note.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom calls for nationwide background checks on ammo purchases :: 06/05/2019

Gov. Gavin Newsom addresses delegates at the California State Democratic Party convention at the Moscone Center on Saturday in San Francisco. (Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times)


CPRC: Obama Speaking to Brazilians about gun laws in the US :: 06/05/2019

Americans got a timely reminder about Obama’s views on guns. Last Thursday, he addressed a large Brazilian audience about American gun laws. Obama claimed:


Rep Jerry Nadler Illustrates Standard Anti-Gun Stupidity Following Virginia Beach Shooting :: 06/05/2019

Anti-gun politicians have a standard script they tend to follow in the wake of a mass shooting. It seems that no matter what gun control bill they’re advancing, that is the key to averting the mass shooting. It doesn’t matter if the killer used a handgun, and the bill in question only impacts AR-15s, the bill is the answer.


Trump Willing To Consider Suppressor Ban :: 06/05/2019

President Donald Trump was elected in part due to the support he got from gun rights activists. While he didn’t have a history of legislative support for the Second Amendment, he made the right noises and had one more big thing working in his favor: He wasn’t Hillary Clinton.


Virginia Beach Killer Reportedly Violent With Coworkers :: 06/05/2019

In covering mass shootings over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed one thing that seems to be a common thread among most of the killers. They tend to be abusive jackwagons. Take the Parkland killer, for example. Law enforcement had visited his home more than 40 times prior to his rampage but took no action.


Australia: Darwin shooting: four people dead as police reveal suspect was on parole :: 06/04/2019

At least four men are dead and a woman is injured after a man believed to be an associate of an outlaw motorcycle gang newly released from prison allegedly went on a shooting spree in Darwin’s city centre.


Early American Militias: The Forgotten History of Freedmen Militias from 1776 until the Civil War :: 06/04/2019

The United States militia is enshrined in the Second Amendment of the Constitution. And while the militia movement of today is widely known, its history – and the history of independent Constitutional militias stretching back to the dawn of the republic – is far less well known.


Florida resource officer who didn't enter school during shooting massacre is arrested :: 06/04/2019

Former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High resource officer Scot Peterson, 56, was arrested Tuesday on charges relating to failure to enter the school during the mass shooting there.


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