proposed laws

PA Bill Number: SB969

Title: In inchoate crimes, further providing for prohibited offensive weapons.

Description: In inchoate crimes, further providing for prohibited offensive weapons. ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Dec 1, 2017

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Basic Pistol Class - Classroom and Live Fire Training - 12/15/2017
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"An honest man can feel no pleasure in the exercise of power over his fellow citizens." - Thomas Jefferson (1813)

Questions on Mueller's Role in Fast and Furious Remain Unanswered :: 12/11/2017

USA – -( “Yet another key member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe appears to have deep ties to the Democratic Party,” PJ Media reported Friday. “Mueller's ‘Right-Hand Man' on Russia Probe Represented Clinton IT Aide Who Set Up Unsecure Server.”


Florida Carry on Doing the Right Thing for Gun Rights :: 12/11/2017

Florida – -( This week, an alert was issued by the National Rifle Association that Florida Carry was “cutting off its nose to spite its face“. It claimed that Florida Carry's unwillingness to compromise its core values was the reason that we do not have open carry in Florida.


Mass Murder Limited By Legal Gun Owners :: 12/11/2017

In Rockledge, Florida, at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, the 25th of November, 2017, two armed citizens stopped a mass murder in progress.  Police Chief Joseph P. LaSata of the Rockledge Police Department, made clear the intervention of the armed citizens was responsible for stopping the murderer.  Two employees were shot, one killed, in the parking lot. Then two armed employees intervened. From the transcript of this video from


Study Claims Gun Sales Increase Accidental Gun Deaths, Doesn't Mention Record Low Accidental Gun Deaths :: 12/11/2017

A Wellesley College study on the post-Sandy Hook surge in gun sales suggests a correlation between such surges and higher accidental gun deaths but ignores the fact that accidental gun deaths hit a record low in 2014.


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Court knocks down gun ban in Delaware state forests, parks :: 12/11/2017

The Delaware Supreme Court last week held that a prohibition on firearms on public land issued by two state agencies is unconstitutional.


Supreme Court Continues Its Gun-Shy Ways :: 12/07/2017

Over a decade ago, James Hamilton was convicted of a felony in Virginia, for which he served no jail time. Since then, the state of Virginia has restored all of his civil rights, including the right to possess firearms.


Gun owner's case against Stroud Township remanded back to trial court :: 12/02/2017

HARRISBURG – The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania remanded a case back to trial court involving a Stroud Township gun owner who challenged the constitutionality of not being allowed to discharge firearms on his property due to a local ordinance.


Gun Owners and Civil Rights Groups File Legal Challenge to California's 'Assault Weapon' Regulations :: 12/01/2017

Sacramento, CA, Nov. 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, attorneys for four individual gun owners as well as advocacy organizations The Calguns Foundation (CGF), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), and Firearms Policy Foundation (FPF) filed a new lawsuit and petition for writ of mandate that challenges more than a dozen new “assault weapon” regulations ramrodded into effect by the State of California’s Department of Justice (DOJ).


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Tennessee Self-Defense: Store owner shoots suspect during armed robbery :: 12/11/2017

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Whitehaven store owner fought back when two armed robbers came into his store.


Louisiana Self-Defense: NOPD: Man shoots alleged robber in Uptown carjacking Sunday; four other robberies reported overnight in New Orleans :: 12/11/2017

The New Orleans Police Department reported five robberies between Saturday evening and early Sunday morning, according to a preliminary offense log.


California Self-Defense: Armed Jurupa Valley homeowner stops burglary suspect, officials say; San Bernardino man arrested :: 12/10/2017

JURUPA VALLEY >> A 70-year-old armed homeowner was able to stop a would-be burglar Friday afternoon, holding him at gunpoint until authorities arrived.


Oklahoma Self-Defense: Oklahoma City carjacker taken down by 3 brothers, police say :: 12/09/2017

This suspected carjacker picked the wrong brothers to mess with, police say.


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