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PA Bill Number: HB698

Title: In hunting and furtaking, further providing for unlawful devices and methods; and, in special licenses and permits, further providing for permits for ...

Description: In hunting and furtaking, further providing for unlawful devices and methods; and, in special licenses and permits, further providing for permi ...

Last Action: Third consideration and final passage (50-0)

Last Action Date: Nov 24, 2015

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FOAC Monthly Meeting - December - 2015 - 12/13/2015
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"The bosom of America is open to receive not only the opulent and respectable stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all nations and religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment." - George Washington, 1783

Atty. Gen. Lynch Quizzed On Ammo 'Sporting Use Test' Inaction - VIDEO :: 11/24/2015

NEWTOWN, Conn – -( Attorney General Loretta Lynch testifying before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee last week.


Have Democrats Found a Foolproof Way to Pass Gun Control? :: 11/24/2015

Bucking our society’s leftward lurch has been public opinion on two issues, pre-natal infanticide and Second Amendment-protected rights. In fact, leftists were very quiet on gun control for a long time after some analysts attributed former vice president Al Gore’s 2000 election loss to advocacy of the position.


Right to bear arms falls short in Chicago debate :: 11/24/2015

The National Constitution Center held a debate Nov. 19 at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St., on whether the Supreme Court was correct in its ruling in the 2008 case of District of Columbia v. Heller that the Second Amendment gave individuals the right to own guns for lawful purposes.


Sorry Democrats, But There Is No 'Loophole' That Allows Terrorists To Legally Buy Guns :: 11/24/2015

In their zeal to defeat Republican terrorists, Democrats have decided that the constitutional right to due process is a loophole that must be closed


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In D.C. gun-law case, appeals court debate focuses on judge's authority :: 11/23/2015

A federal appeals court considering the District’s strict laws for carrying concealed firearms was consumed Friday with the technical question of who should preside over the case.


Appeals Court Hears Arguments in DC Gun Law Case :: 11/21/2015

A federal judge who halted enforcement of a strict District of Columbia gun law didn't have authority to rule on the case, a city lawyer argued to a federal appeals court Friday.


RICO Case Brought Against State of New Jersey Over Obstruction of Gun Rights :: 11/20/2015

Trenton, NJ – -( Over the past several months a quiet battle has been raging.  The leftist power machine, compromised of both State and Federal ideologues, has had its hands full and its wits tested as it deployed dirty trick after dirty trick in its battle to eradicate the lawsuit known as Purpura v. Christie, et al.


Lawsuit hinges on apartment's justification for banning guns :: 11/20/2015

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A lawsuit brought by a disabled former volunteer police officer in Maine who wants to keep a gun to defend himself could come down to how strong the justification is for banning guns in his subsidized apartment unit.


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New Mexico Self-Defense: Armed senior couple holds burglar at gunpoint until police arrive :: 11/23/2015

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — An Albuquerque couple turned the tables on a burglar caught loading their belongings into his car.


Ohio Self-Defense: Gas station employee shot trespasser :: 11/23/2015

A gas station employee shot a man who pulled a gun and refused to leave the store Friday night, police said.


Police release video of Tulane med student shooting: Graphic content - Updated :: 11/23/2015

New Orleans police released surveillance footage of Tulane University medical student Peter Gold being shot early Friday morning (Nov. 20) while trying to stop an apparent armed robbery at Magazine and St. Mary streets in the Lower Garden District.


Pennsylvania Self-Defense: Victims of violent home invasion in Oley tell their story :: 11/20/2015

An Oley Township couple spoke out Wednesday after a horrific home invasion ended in gunfire early Tuesday morning.


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