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PA Bill Number: HB1452

Title: In Pennsylvania Game Commission, further providing for junior hunter projects; and, in hunting and furtaking licenses, providing for a volunteer ...

Description: In Pennsylvania Game Commission, further providing for junior hunter projects; and, in hunting and furtaking licenses, providing for a voluntee ...

Last Action: Second consideration

Last Action Date: Oct 19, 2016

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Concealed Carry Seminar - 46th House District - Rep. Jason Ortitay - 10/27/2016
Mt. Pleasant Fire Dept. 106 Main St., Hickory, PA

FOAC Monthly Meeting - November - 2016 - 11/13/2016
Scott Township Municipal Building 301 Lindsay Rd., Carnegie, PA

FOAC Monthly Meeting & Christmas Banquet - December - 2016 - 12/11/2016
Al's Cafe 440 McMurray Rd., Bethel Park, PA

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"They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

The Semantics of Civilian Firearms Education :: 10/24/2016

The media has manipulated language to instill fear in people about guns. Here’s how we can use facts and reasoning to help educate our fellow citizens about self-defense, the Second Amendment, and personal liberty.


Las Vegas Review-Journal endorses Trump, rejects Question 1 :: 10/24/2016

Nevada’s largest newspaper, The Las Vegas Review-Journal, endorsed Republican candidate Donald Trump for president Saturday.


Fraction of Suicides with Firearms Compared to per Capita Firearms in U.S.A. :: 10/24/2016

Arizona – -( The number of firearms in private hands has been rising for at least 70 years.  During the last 20, the numbers of murders, murders with guns, and violent crime with guns has been dropping sharply.  It has become very hard to say that more guns equal more crime with a straight face.  Fatal gun accidents are at an unprecedented low.  The rate of fatal gun accidents has dropped 94% in 85 years.


Pa. voters, beware - slippery ballot question ahead :: 10/24/2016

Pennsylvania has a ballot question almost certain to pass this November because most voters won’t know what it means.


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Lawsuits against Taurus continue to mount, despite settlement :: 10/15/2016

Taurus International continues to wade through lawsuits even after the company settled a $239 million product liability class action suit in federal court over the gun maker’s alleged defective trigger design.


Judge dismisses Sandy Hook lawsuit against Remington :: 10/14/2016

A state judge dismissed the lawsuit against Remington Arms by the families of those killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting.


Law Professors File Brief Opposing 9th Circuit Rehearing in Second Amendment Lawsuit :: 10/07/2016

Sacramento, CA -( Firearms Policy Foundation (FPF) announced today that it has joined Law Professors Randy Barnett (Georgetown University Law Center), Robert J. Cottrol (George Washington University Law School), Brannon Denning (Cumberland School of Law), Michael O’Shea (Oklahoma City University School of Law), and Glenn Harlan Reynolds (University of Tennessee College of Law) in filing a legal brief opposing a full Ninth Circuit rehearing in the Second Amendment lawsuit Teixeira v. County of Alameda, which was decided by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in May.


Judge revives trooper's case to reinstate gun rights :: 10/06/2016

A federal judge in Pennsylvania issued a ruling Tuesday reviving the lawsuit of a state trooper fighting for his Second Amendment rights.


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Washington Self-Defense: Deputies investigate fatal Spokane Valley shooting :: 10/25/2016

A man was shot and killed Sunday night by a homeowner who claims he acted in self defense.


Tennessee Self-Defense: Woman shoots, kills estranged husband in self-defense in Weakley Co. :: 10/25/2016

WEAKLEY COUNTY, TN (KFVS) - Investigators in Weakley County, Tennessee call a deadly shooting there an act of self-defense.


Indiana Self-Defense: Bargersville woman turns tables on home intruder by pulling gun on him :: 10/24/2016

BARGERSVILLE, Ind. - A Johnson County woman is alive after a terrifying home invasion late Thursday night into Friday morning.


New York Self-Defense: Retired NYC detective thwarts armed robbery attempt in Garfield :: 10/23/2016

GARFIELD — A 27-year-old registered sex offender was arrested after he tried to rob a tobacco shop at gunpoint on Thursday night and was shot in the leg by a retired New York City police detective who worked at the store, according to authorities.


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