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PA Bill Number: HB2711

Title: In inchoate crimes, prohibiting the possession of firearm at polling place.

Description: In inchoate crimes, prohibiting the possession of firearm at polling place. ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Oct 12, 2018

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Public Hearing of SR133 and 134 - 10/17/2018
Hearing Room One of the North Office Building 501 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA

Congressman Keith Rothfus Veteran Meet & Greet - 10/19/2018
Coraopolis V.F.W. Post #402 412 Mulberry Street, Coraopolis, PA

Prince Law Bi-Annual Machine Gun Shoot - 10/20/2018
Eastern Lancaster County Rod and Gun Club 966 Smyrna Road, Kinzers, PA

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"But the fact being once established, that the press is impotent when it abandons itself to falsehood, I leave to others to restore it to its strength, by recalling it within the pale of truth. Within that, it is a noble institution, equally the friend of science and of civil liberty." - Thomas Jefferson

The Endgame For Anti-3D Printed Gun Activists :: 10/16/2018

We get that people are all kinds of paranoid about 3D printed guns. I understand that some people will remain against the printed firearm for the remainder of their lives, often for no good reason. They just don’t like guns.


Nonviolent Felons Shouldn't Lose Their Second Amendment Rights :: 10/16/2018

In 1989, Larry Hatfield fudged his employment records to get some extra money from the Railroad Retirement Board. He was caught and pled guilty to the federal crime of making a false statement, and was sentenced to a fine and (at the government’s recommendation) no prison time.


My Gun Control Unicorn is Named Chet :: 10/16/2018

The fantasy of gun-control is easy. The sales pitch is a politician’s dream. “No one will get shot ever again if we make guns illegal.” That promise sounds great if you don’t know very much. Who wouldn’t want to have world peace and a pet unicorn when all you have to do is mail in two box tops, vote in November, and wait four to six weeks for delivery. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it.


The Left Doesn't Just Want To Take Your Guns, But Also Your Ammo :: 10/16/2018

D.C. and New York impose high costs to own arms and ammunition, California requires technology that is expensive at best and nonexistent at worst, and ammunition taxes nakedly drive up costs.


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Federal court finds for worker fired by company after keeping gun in vehicle :: 10/16/2018

A federal appeals court last week sided with a power company worker who had been terminated after a gun was found in his personal vehicle at work.


Delaware Judge Shoots Down Anti-Gun Regulations For Parks :: 10/12/2018

Parks are places that most folks wouldn’t think of as being a battleground. I don’t mean a literal one, generally, but they are battlegrounds. I’ve seen plenty of battles fought over the right to keep and bear arms in various parks throughout the nation.


Gun shop, online retailer agree to pay settlement over Oregon murder :: 10/12/2018

A lawsuit backed by gun control group the Brady Campaign produced a settlement in a case filed by the survivors of a woman against the gun dealers who sold her murder weapon.


Judge Sues School For Defamation Stemming From Student Gun Protests :: 10/11/2018

While we all agree we don’t want our schools to become killing grounds, many of us would rather they not become battlegrounds at all. In theory, our schools are supposed to educate our children and nothing else.


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California Self-Defense: CA Teen Shoots, Kills Dad Who Was Choking Mom :: 10/16/2018

As adults, we often think of teens as not being able to make good decisions. In truth, plenty of teenagers give us ample reason to think that. My own son, who is generally a pretty smart and upstanding kid, gives me plenty of reason to think such a thing. I can only imagine what kind of other reasons teens provide their parents as to their inability to make good choices.


Georgia Self-Defense: Shop clerk spoils armed robbery plans with gun of his own (VIDEO) :: 10/16/2018

A Georgia vape shop clerk employee faced off with two masked men armed with a handgun but evened the odds with one of his own.


Tennessee Self-Defense: Police report: Homeowner fired shotgun at alleged intruder :: 10/12/2018

The man shot and killed allegedly trying to break into a home in northwest Knoxville doesn't have a criminal record in Tennessee.


Colorado Self-Defense: Homeowners tell 11 News they shot intruder in self-defense :: 10/07/2018

An intruder was fatally shot Saturday night after the alleged victims say he attacked one of the homeowners.


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