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PA Bill Number: HB1288

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, providing for report of theft or loss of firearm.

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, providing for report of theft or loss of firearm. ...

Last Action:

Last Action Date: Apr 18, 2019

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"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!" - Samuel Adams, speech to the State House in Philadelphia, 1776

Why Doctors May Not Be Best Choice Of Voice On Gun Debate :: 04/24/2019

The National Rifle Association famously told doctors to “stay in your lane.” A number of doctors replied with images arguing that gun violence was, indeed, their lane. They argued that since they were the ones who dealt with its aftermath, they were a natural voice to speak about gun control.


NBC News Mischaracterizes Gun Laws To Undermine. . . .Biden? :: 04/24/2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden is set to announce his candidacy for president later this week. Due to his status as Obama’s vice president, he almost has to be considered something of a frontrunner. This despite Biden’s historically weak performance in national campaigns.


GOP Lawmaker's Bill Would Protect Medical Pot User's Gun Rights :: 04/24/2019

The legalization of marijuana is an interesting issue right now. Federally, it’s considered an illegal drug, something you aren’t supposed to get even with a prescription. The reality is a bit murkier. Many states have legalized it for medical use, and some have gone so far as to approve it for recreational use.


Red Flag Laws Raise Constitutional Issues :: 04/24/2019

At the state capitol in Augusta Monday, Maine lawmakers got an earful from both sides in a hotly-debated push to adopt a so-called “red flag” law, the generic term for legislation that would legalized Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) that allow people deemed to be “at risk” to have their firearms seized by police.


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Colorado Supreme Court To Decide Fate Of Ban On High-Capacity Magazines :: 04/24/2019

The fight over one of the most controversial gun bills ever to come out of the state Capitol rages on.


The Second Amendment in Public Housing :: 04/16/2019

From Doe v. East St. Louis Housing Authority, filed Thursday: The parties stipulated to this following order enjoining Defendants from taking any action to enforce any provisions in the ESLHA Lease … [barring] residents who are permitted under Illinois [and local and federal] law to possess firearms, from possessing functional firearms that are legal in their jurisdiction for self-defense and defense of others in their residences ….


High-capacity gun magazines illegal in California, for now :: 04/06/2019

Most Americans Want More Gun Control. Why Doesn’t It Happen? Polls show solid support for stricter laws, especially after mass shootings. But there are also deep disagreement, staunch opposition and growing disenchantment with gun control.


Breaking! Federal Court Finds California Magazine Ban Violates the Second Amendment :: 03/29/2019

In one of the strongest judicial statements in favor of the Second Amendment to date, Judge Roger T. Benitez of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California determined on Friday that California’s ban on commonly possessed firearm magazines violates the Second Amendment.


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Washington Self-Defense: Washington homeowner shoots, kills burglary suspect while on the phone with 911, police say :: 04/24/2019

A suspected burglar was shot dead by a Washington state homeowner Monday, who pulled the trigger while still on the phone with a 911 operator reporting the break-in, officials said.


Florida Self-Defense: Father chases down, shoots carjacker who stole vehicle with man’s son inside: sheriff :: 04/23/2019

LANTANA, Fla. – A Florida father chased down and shot a carjacking suspect who deputies say drove off with the man’s 2012 Honda and 6-year-old son, who was sitting inside the vehicle at the time.


Michigan Self-Defense: Woman Fatally Shoots Woman Who Tried To Run Her Over On Detroit's East Side :: 04/22/2019

DETROIT (WWJ) -- An investigation is underway after a deadly shooting on Detroit's east side Monday evening.


New Jersey Self-Defense: Concealed Carrier Fatally Shot While Trying to Defend Himself :: 04/20/2019

Mark Miller was checking on the plumbing on a building his son owns. While outside of the residence, police believe he was the victim of an attempted robbery. It seems that the currently unidentified but documented gang member pulled a gun. But Mark Miller, who has a New Jersey Concealed Carry Permit, pulled his own gun.


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