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PA Bill Number: HB582

Title: In hunting and furtaking licenses, providing for a volunteer instructor license.

Description: In hunting and furtaking licenses, providing for a volunteer instructor license. ...

Last Action: Referred to GAME AND FISHERIES

Last Action Date: Feb 23, 2017

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More states are allowing people to carry concealed handguns without a permit :: 02/27/2017

New Hampshire this week passed a law allowing residents to carry a concealed handgun without a permit, joining a growing number of states that are allowing residents to carry weapons out of sight without a license.


Lancaster County man who presented knife at school meeting to 'provoke thought' discusses rights, beliefs :: 02/27/2017

Andrew Goslin said he hadn't “thought twice” when he placed his pocketknife on a table at an elementary school disciplinary meeting in 2014.


Cornyn set to bring national reciprocity bill to Senate :: 02/27/2017

At a meeting of Second Amendment advocates Saturday, Texas Republican U.S. Sen. John Cornyn vowed he will introduce a national concealed carry reciprocity bill in the Senate this week.


A Fourth Circuit Trifecta: New Rulings Confirm Need for Judges who Respect Second Amendment :: 02/25/2017

Anyone still unconvinced about the importance of the courts and the need for justices who support Second Amendment rights had plenty of food for thought this month, with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit issuing two anti-gun opinions in rapid succession. These follow a troubling decision in January, United States v. Robinson, addressed in a previous alert


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Amicus Briefs Filed in Support of Petition for Supreme Court Review in Peruta Right-to-Carry Case :: 02/25/2017

In January, California Rifle & Pistol Association attorneys filed a petition with the United States Supreme Court asking the Court to review the NRA-supported case of Peruta v. California, which seeks to confirm that the Second Amendment protects the right to carry a firearm for self-defense. 


California Asks Supreme Court to Wait For Nichols v. Brown Open Carry Appeal :: 02/24/2017

The National Rifle Association filed a cert petition with the United States Supreme Court through its official state organization the California Rifle and Pistol Association in which it asked the justices to hear its appeal of its California concealed carry lawsuit which lost before an eleven judge panel of 9th circuit court of appeals.


The Ninth Circuit Court's decisions defy federal law :: 02/23/2017

For decades, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has been and still is one of the most liberal courts in the nation and has continually put their political ideologies before the Constitution and federal law.


Jury clears man charged with making illegal silencers :: 02/21/2017

An Ohio machinist arrested last year over what federal agents contended was a shop full of illegal suppressors was found not guilty last week.


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Washington Self-Defense: Yakima police: Armed store clerk thwarted robbery :: 02/27/2017

When two armed, masked men came into his store demanding money, Hani “Sonny” Salha not only refused to hand over the cash, but opened fire on them with his own gun.


California Self-Defense: Lancaster doughnut shop employee shoots and kills intruder :: 02/27/2017

LANCASTER — One of two men who broke into a Lancaster doughnut shop today was shot to death by an employee, and the other suspect fled, authorities said.


Nevada Self-Defense: Neighbor intervenes in argument, shoots man about to hit woman with brick :: 02/24/2017

A neighbor with a gun intervened and shot one of two people arguing in the west-central valley Monday night.


Idaho Self-Defense: Woman's Purple Pistol Panics Pathetic Punk :: 02/24/2017

An Idaho woman was able to defend herself by pulling her gun on a man who'd begun violently beating her during a robbery attempt on Monday.


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