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PA Bill Number: HR620

Title: Directing the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a study regarding identifying and evaluating all categories of individuals in this ...

Description: Directing the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a study regarding identifying and evaluating all categories of individuals in this ... ...

Last Action: Reported as committed

Last Action Date: Dec 9, 2019

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"No compact among men . . . can be pronounced everlasting and inviolable, and if I may so express myself, that no wall of words, that no mound of parchment can be so formed as to stand against the sweeping torrent of boundless ambition on the one side, aided by the sapping current of corrupted morals on the other." - George Washington, draft of first Inaugural Address, 1789

PA Town Faces Legal Action If They Pass Zone Guns Can't Be Sold :: 12/14/2019

Right now, Pennsylvania’s preemption law is under assault. Pittsburgh has passed their assault weapon ban, which is being challenged in the courts. Philly has started enforcing an ordinance that’s been on the books for years that allows them to go after people who fail to report guns being stolen. Those two items alone are enough to cause worry. After all, these are huge cities with huge resources for such a challenge.


VA Dems Threaten To Use National Guard Against Sanctuary Counties :: 12/13/2019

We here at Bearing Arms have offered a lot of support for Virginia’s sanctuary counties. While Cam has written extensively on the subject, I’ve also covered it in various posts. We both stand firmly with sanctuary counties. The continued encroachment on our Second Amendment liberties has to end somewhere, somehow, and the sanctuary movement is a dandy way to address it.


VA National Guard Issues Statement Over Calls To Enforce Gun Control :: 12/13/2019

Democrat Congressman Donald McEachin’s comments about using the National Guard to enforce Governor Ralph Northam’s proposed gun control laws in Virginia has caused a storm of controversy in the state, to the point that the Adjutant General of the Virginia National Guard has issued a statement, after scores of phone calls and emails from concerned citizens and curious media figures. WSLS-TV in Roanoke was the first to report on the comments by Major General Timothy P. Williams.


NSA Inspector General Report Finds Intelligence Storage Process Poses Significant Risks for Civil Liberties :: 12/13/2019

A report from the National Security Agency Inspector General’s office released Thursday found that the agency’s current policies for storing intelligence derived from intercepted communications may pose a threat to civil liberties.


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Supreme Court Turns Away Appeal In Concealed Carry Case :: 12/13/2019

We’re still waiting to learn what the Supreme Court will do with the challenge to a New York City gun law that it heard earlier this month, but we do know that the Court has now rejected an appeal in a Fourth Amendment case brought by a Pennsylvania county that challenged a state Supreme Court ruling involving police stops and concealed firearms.


Man Wounded in California Synagogue Shooting Sues for Breaching Duty of Reasonable Care :: 12/09/2019

In this Monday, April 29, 2019, file photo, Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, right, comforts Almog Peretz, center, as they attend the funeral for Lori Kaye, who was killed Saturday when a gunman opened fire inside the Chabad of Poway synagogue in Poway, Calif.


New Lawsuit Seeks To Stop Nevada's Red Flag Law From Taking Effect :: 12/06/2019

Conservative activists in Nevada have filed a legal challenged to the state’s “red flag” firearms seizure law, which is set to take effect on January 1st. NevadaCAN, a “citizens action network” in the state, says the new law is unconstitutional, violating both the Second and Fourth Amendment rights of gun owners in the state.


Supreme Court Decision Blocks Lawsuit Against Armslist :: 11/27/2019

The Supreme Court turned away an appeal by the daughter of a woman killed in a shooting at a Wisconsin spa in 2012, who was hoping to sue the website by claiming the site was liable for the suspect in the shooting acquiring his firearms.


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Michigan Self-Defense: Veteran Foils Mass Shooting by Tackling Alleged Gunman :: 12/14/2019

A military veteran in Kalamazoo, Michigan, foiled a mass shooting Saturday morning by tackling the alleged gunman to the ground.


Illinois Self-Defense: Battered woman shoots father of her child in self-defense. He gets out on bond; she stays in jail for not having concealed carry license. :: 12/14/2019

A 29-year-old woman told police in Decatur, Illinois, that the 33-year-old father of her child battered her while she was inside her vehicle Sunday evening, the Herald & Review reported.


New York Self-Defense: Dutchess County Man Killed, Shooter Claims Self-Defense, Police Say :: 12/11/2019

A Dutchess County man says he gunned down a Poughkeepsie man in self-defense.


Indiana Self-Defense: Indiana homeowner shoots through front door to keep would-be intruders out :: 12/10/2019

An Indiana homeowner on a recent afternoon scared away two men who tried to gain entry into his home after singing Christmas carols outside, a report on Monday said.


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