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PA Bill Number: HB1334

Title: Further providing for definitions, for rules for licensing and operation and for penalties.

Description: Further providing for definitions, for rules for licensing and operation and for penalties. ...

Last Action: Laid on the table

Last Action Date: Jul 13, 2016

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Quote Of The Week

"To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power, not longer susceptible of any definition." - Thomas Jefferson, Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank, 1791

WaPo: New Evidence Confirms What Gun Rights Advocates Have Said for a Long Time About Crime :: 07/27/2016

New research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh bolsters a claim long made by gun rights advocates that lawful gun owners rarely commit crimes.


The Armed Civilian Who Helped Stop UT's Tower Sniper 50 Years Ago :: 07/26/2016

The heavyset man holding a rifle seemed to know what he was doing.  Dressed like many detectives did in 1966 — with pocket liner in his shirt — he suggested to Officer Ramiro Martinez that they climb the stairs of the University of Texas Tower “service style.” With the chaos above them, there was no time for introductions.


PA Supreme Court Affirms that Castle Doctrine is an Inherent Right :: 07/26/2016

In a decision issued in Commonwealth v Childs on July 19, 2016 relating to the retroactive effect of Pennsylvania’s Stand Your Ground law (HB40 of 2011), the Pennsylvania Supreme Court acknowledged that the Castle Doctrine is an inherent right, dating back to biblical times, and that the Right existed in common law, long before being codified as part of our Stand Your Ground law in 2011.


Americans mostly favor broad gun control, poll shows :: 07/26/2016

The Associated Press released this week a sprawling survey that explored public opinion on more than a dozen topical policies involving guns in the U.S. as well as their influences.


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Marine seeks appeal of classified data case citing breaks given to Hillary :: 07/26/2016

A highly-decorated Marine officer pending separation from the military for using his private email to send a warning to fellow Marines now wants the same consideration given to Hillary Clinton.


Knife Rights: The Unseen Side of the Second Amendment :: 07/25/2016

While congressional Democrats and Republicans go head-to-head over gun control, proponents of a smaller, often overlooked facet of the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms pursue a battle of their own—the right to carry a knife.


Ginsburg goes full partisan :: 07/21/2016

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg soiled herself and laid bare the lunacy of those that think the Supreme Court is some kind of impartial arbiter of the law last week when she stepped into the political fray and began advocating  for the Witch of Chappaqua to be elected president.


Illinois gun restrictions unfairly target foster parents, lawsuit claims :: 07/14/2016

Kenneth and Colleen Shults want to permanently welcome a foster child into their Fairmount, Ill., family, but claim in a federal suit filed this week they are being forced to surrender their Second Amendment rights to do it.


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New Mexico Self-Defense: Walmart Customer Gives Armed Robber a Rollback on Self Defense :: 07/26/2016

A man stopped into the Walmart at San Mateo and Zuni during his commute to work shortly before 4 p.m. on Friday. As he stopped in the store parking lot, he was approached by a man police later identified as 33-year-old Kenneth Harrelson.


South Carolina Self-Defense: Pistol-Whipped and Stunned, This Courageous Great-Grandmother Would Not Accept Defeat :: 07/26/2016

A 75-year-old Loris, SC woman is thankful she had the means to defend herself and her family from a violent assault when a pair of violent armed robbers broke into her home Sunday night.


Tennessee Self-Defense: Man uses meat cleaver to rob gas station, force clerk outside :: 07/26/2016

A 53-year-old man who was shot and killed by another man during what appeared to be a robbery at a gas station in East Ridge used a meat cleaver to force the store clerk to hand over cash, according to a report from East Ridge police.


North Carolina Self-Defense: NC teen girl uses dad's rifle to scare off 3 men who broke into her home :: 07/25/2016

SNOW CAMP, N.C. (WMFY) — A teenage girl is credited for scaring off intruders at her parents’ home with a rifle.


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