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PA Bill Number: HB1334

Title: Further providing for definitions, for rules for licensing and operation and for penalties.

Description: Further providing for definitions, for rules for licensing and operation and for penalties. ...

Last Action: Laid on the table

Last Action Date: Jul 13, 2016

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"There is no maxim in my opinion which is more liable to be misapplied, and which therefore needs elucidation than the current one that the interest of the majority is the political standard of right and wrong." - James Madison (1786)

Democrats leave no doubt what their position is on gun rights :: 07/28/2016

Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention was a relentless attack on American gun owners in the first half.  Speaker after speaker before prime time expressed the pain of losing family members to gun violence and promises that Clinton will bring change.  The message headed off to more general themes with vice-presidential candidate, Tim Kaine.  He has a record of support for gun control, but gave only a few lines about it during his acceptance speech.


Critics shoot holes in widely cited gun study :: 07/28/2016

A much-heralded and widely cited study of 171 countries over nearly a half century purports to show more guns mean more mass shootings, but critics say the report uses bad methodology in a way that rigs the results.


Late-Justice Scalia's Faint-Hearted Support of Gun Rights :: 07/28/2016

Days prior to Justice Antonin Scalia's passing on Feb. 13, Ammon Bundy and fellow militia leaders were forced to end their siege of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Ore. In spite of sincere desires to stand against perceived federal government tyranny, televised images of Bundy and friends revealed them a tad under-prepared.


DNC Part 1: The Big Lie About "Gun Violence" :: 07/28/2016

The orchestrated push for so-called “gun violence” prevention by those at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia—inside and outside the convention hall—is based on a misleading false narrative that gun-ban advocates and the anti-gun media will never address.


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NH: Courts rebuff Governor, Atty. Gen. over NICS expansion :: 07/28/2016

New Hampshire’s judges are refusing to comply with a directive from the state attorney general to report the names of some with mental illnesses to a federal database of prohibited gun possessors.


Judge dismisses FireClean's defamation case against bloggers :: 07/27/2016

A defamation suit against two bloggers who published test results showing a gun lubricant’s chemical composition as nearly identical to cooking oil was dismissed last week in federal court.


Marine seeks appeal of classified data case citing breaks given to Hillary :: 07/26/2016

A highly-decorated Marine officer pending separation from the military for using his private email to send a warning to fellow Marines now wants the same consideration given to Hillary Clinton.


Knife Rights: The Unseen Side of the Second Amendment :: 07/25/2016

While congressional Democrats and Republicans go head-to-head over gun control, proponents of a smaller, often overlooked facet of the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms pursue a battle of their own—the right to carry a knife.


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Michigan Self-Defense: Police - Man shoots way out of attempted carjacking :: 07/27/2016

A 37-year-old man is unhurt after shooting his way out of an attempted carjacking on Detroit’s west side late Monday night, police said.


Missouri Self-Defense: Police say Charleston man was shot in self-defense :: 07/27/2016

CHARLESTON, Mo. (AP) - Police in the southeast Missouri town of Charleston say a man found dead was killed in self-defense.


Nevada Self-Defense: Pokemon Go Players Exchange Gunfire With Real Life Monsters :: 07/27/2016

Authorities in Las Vegas, NV say a group of Pokemon Go players was attacked by a different kind of monster – armed robbers.


Texas Self-Defense: Home Intruder Faces Deadly Consequence for Ignoring Elderly Texas Couple's Warning :: 07/27/2016

After an elderly homeowner in his late 70’s was forced to open fire on a home intruder last week, authorities say he will not face any charges stemming from the shooting.


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