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PA Bill Number: HB2598

Title: In election districts and polling places, further providing for polling places to be selected by county board; and, in qualifications of electors, ...

Description: In election districts and polling places, further providing for polling places to be selected by county board; and, in qualifications of elect ...

Last Action: Referred to STATE GOVERNMENT

Last Action Date: May 13, 2022

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"Our peculiar security is in the possession of a written Constitution. Let us not make it a blank paper by construction." - Thomas Jefferson (1803)

Gun store owner gets probation in straw buy ATF sting :: 05/22/2022

Edward Clyde Ledford is a lucky man, though I can’t speak to how intelligent he is. The 57-year old plead guilty to taking part in a brazen straw purchase of a firearm that was actually an ATF sting operation last November, and this week he learned that he won’t be heading off to federal prison despite the fact that his crime is punishable by ten years behind bars.


Gun Control Fails, Biden Wants More :: 05/22/2022

President Joe Biden is confused again. Biden was in Buffalo, New York, exploiting murder by a mentally deranged man before his victims had even been buried. The president took the opportunity to call for a so-called federal “assault weapons” ban and outlaw magazines holding more than ten rounds.


If there’s ever been a better time for car control... :: 05/22/2022

Back in 2015 I remember reading a Forbes article that’s worth bringing up; “Should Guns Be Regulated Like Cars?” While this may seem like dated material, recent reporting from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes that there were approximately 42,915 motor vehicle fatalities in 2021, and I promise there’s relevance. This total number shows a rise of 10.5% from 2020. The issue with this number is that the 40k+ deaths is at a 16 year high since 2005, according to the NHTSA.


Should 18-year-olds be allowed to buy semi-automatic rifles? State and courts debate :: 05/22/2022

The mass shooting in Buffalo, N.Y. last Saturday has renewed the debate over the minimum age for legally purchasing what some people — such as President Biden, call “weapons of war.”


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9th Circuit Strikes Down California’s Semi-Auto Gun Ban For Young Adults :: 05/12/2022

BELLEVUE, WA – -( A three-judge panel for the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday struck down a California prohibition on sales of semiautomatic rifles to young adults in the 18-20-year-old range, remanding the case back to the district court for further proceedings in a win for the Second Amendment Foundation. The case is known as Jones v. Bonta.


New York AG Seeks Court-Appointed Overseers for NRA, Removal of Wayne LaPierre :: 05/05/2022

Fresh off the denial of her request to see the country’s largest gun-rights group dissolved, New York Attorney General Letitia James (D.) is back in court seeking new penalties for the organization.


FPC responds to Duke Center for Firearms Law article on test courts should use on Second Amendment cases :: 05/04/2022

LAS VEGAS (May 4, 2022) – A rebuttal in response to criticism of a scholarly paper authored by FPC Action Foundation director of constitutional studies, Joseph Greenlee, was published today by the Duke Center for Firearms Law. In its April 27 article, “Ghost Guns, History, and the Second Amendment,” the Duke Center called into question an argument Greenlee makes in “The American Tradition of Self-made Arms” defending the test of text as informed by history and tradition (THT) as being the correct methodology for Second Amendment jurisprudence.


Amicus Brief Filed In Hawaii Handgun Permit Law Challenge - Yakutake v. Hawaii :: 05/03/2022

BELLEVUE, WA – -( The Second Amendment Foundation has filed an amicus brief with the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Yakutake v. Hawaii, challenging two cumbersome state laws they say are “undermining” Second Amendment rights.


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Pennsylvania Self Defense: Philly armed robber shot and killed by his intended target :: 05/12/2022

A Philadelphia man made a fatal mistake on Wednesday night when he decided to target a stranger on a city street as his next robbery victim. As it turns out, that man was armed as well, and according to police he shot and killed the would-be robber in self-defense.


Georgia Self Defese: Naked Middle Georgia man tackled woman off lawn mower before her husband shot him, deputies say :: 05/07/2022

BIBB COUNTY, Ga. - The Bibb County Sheriff's Office said a man was shot and killed when he attacked a woman seemingly unprovoked — and naked.


Michigan Self-Defense: Man shoots, kills alleged intruder in Clare County :: 05/05/2022

CLARE, MI — Police are investigating the fatal shooting of an alleged intruder in Clare County.


Georgia Self-Defense: Man Allegedly Tries to Take Officer's Gun, Gets Shot Dead :: 05/05/2022

A man in Atlanta’s Buckhead community allegedly tried to take an officer’s gun Wednesday afternoon around 3 p.m. and was shot dead.


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