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PA Bill Number: HB726

Title: In sentencing, further providing for sentences for offenses committed with firearms.

Description: In sentencing, further providing for sentences for offenses committed with firearms. ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Jan 23, 2020

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Do we have a gun problem, or a government problem? :: 01/25/2020

Following Monday's 22,000-plus strong rally in Richmond, Virginia – which Gov. Northam claimed was "some kind of über-Klan rally of white supremacists," but the only arrest was for an LGBT activist who refused to remove her mask – the state's Democratic lawmakers proceeded to push through a gun-control bill one day later. I don't think Virginia politicians realize what a hornet's nest they're stirring.


Lying Billionaires and Gun Control :: 01/25/2020

I listened to Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s remarks after the attack at the West Freeway Church of Christ in Texas. I paraphrase, but you can check the video of his remarks for yourself *


Trump Administration Set To Ease Gun Export Restrictions :: 01/25/2020

Since the election of President Trump, the firearm industry had been in a tight spot. While they’re undoubtedly better off than if an anti-gun president occupied the Oval Office and heavily restricted the industry, they’re still in a rough patch. They need more buyers and, frankly, the market in the United States kind of is what it is.


Virginia's Proposed Red Flag Law is Not the Best Way to Handle Mental Health Problems :: 01/25/2020

Everyone wants to stop dangerous people from getting guns. To some the obvious solution is Red Flag laws, which take away the guns of people deemed dangerous to themselves or others. Wednesday’s straight party line vote in Virginia Senate shows that these laws are more controversial than normally understood. 


Democrats Seek Civil War, But Will Get Revolution :: 01/24/2020

Democrats conspired with foreign agents, lied, cheated, and denied due process to Donald Trump. If they were willing to do that to a duly elected president in order to obtain power, what should Americans expect them to do to them should they refuse attempts to be disarmed?  


Hawaii legislators consider closing gun control loopholes after officers' deaths :: 01/24/2020

HONOLULU — Hawaii already has some of the nation's strictest gun laws, but the fatal shooting of two Honolulu police officers by a man his lawyer and neighbors believe had psychiatric problems has added new urgency to efforts to close gun control loopholes and bolster mental health care treatment.


The Virginia Model for a Constitutional Confederation of States :: 01/24/2020

Unless you’ve been sequestered on the dark side of the Moon, you’re undoubtedly aware of the massive race riots and murderous gunfights that took place outside Virginia’s state capitol on Monday. At least that’s what the state’s governor, Ralph “Blackface” Northam, and his Leftmedia echo chamber were hoping would happen at Monday’s Second Amendment rally.


Why the leader of a Pa. gun rights group opposes 2A Sanctuary ordinances :: 01/24/2020

Gun rights activists across Pennsylvania are encouraging county and municipal leaders to adopt “Second Amendment Sanctuary” ordinances to prevent local governments from enforcing a broad range of gun restrictions.


Bradford County is a Second Amendment Sanctuary, commissioners say :: 01/23/2020

Commissioners in Bradford County recently passed a resolution declaring their county a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.”


California Case A Prime Example Of Gun Control's Failures :: 01/23/2020

While anti-gunners often decry the lack of gun control, the truth is that guns actually are controlled. They shouldn’t be, in my humble opinion, but they are. They’re just not controlled as much as some would like.


Virginia Dems Kill Bill That Targeted Criminals Who Use Guns :: 01/23/2020

While Virginia Democrats are merrily approving gun control laws aimed at the state’s legal gun owners, they apparently aren’t interested in focusing on violent criminals who use firearms in the commission of a crime.


Virginia Is Only the Beginning :: 01/23/2020

Despite smears and scare tactics from the Virginia law enforcement and the corporate press, thousands of protestors have landed in the capital of Old Dominion in response to an anti-gun agenda being pushed by the new solid-blue state government. While large protests aren’t particularly unique in American politics, this particular event has captured the media’s imaginations in no small part due to the fact it consists of their favorite sort of villain: largely white, Trump-supporting, armed men.


What's To Fear With "Reasonable" Gun Control? Plenty :: 01/23/2020

One of the many tactics anti-gunners push is to pain gun control opponents as unreasonable. That’s not overly difficult, I’m afraid. Not because we’re unreasonable so much as a complicit media routinely dismisses our concerns as irrelevant.


A DUI in Pennsylvania could cost you your Second Amendment rights :: 01/22/2020

A drunken driving conviction could mean losing the right to buy and own firearms in Pennsylvania, the U.S. Court of Appeals has decided.


Deplatformed: How Big Tech and Corporate America Subvert the Second Amendment :: 01/22/2020

Anyone familiar with the Bible is familiar with the Mark of the Beast: Without this mark, no man may buy or sell.


Moms Demand Action Spokesperson: Richmond A "Temper Tantrum" :: 01/22/2020

While I vehemently disagree with most gun control proponents, I rarely doubt what they really want. No, it’s not really about control, not for most folks on that side of the fence, anyway. They really do think that gun control will save lives. They buy into the idea that guns are somehow responsible for gun violence and that if you take away the guns, violence will be reduced.


Virginia's Second Amendment Rally Was Hyped Up to Be Racist and Violent - It Was Not :: 01/22/2020

The Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia was hyped up by liberals and the media to be a violent event that was going to be attended by an untold number of white supremacists. Instead, thousands of peaceful gun owners of all different races stood outside the state capitol to protest the proposed gun control bills.


Gun Control Group's New Report Undercuts Their Own Agenda :: 01/21/2020

A new report out by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence suggests that mistrust of police is a major driver of violent crime, and their conclusions don’t bode well for the types of gun control laws that Giffords and other groups want to impose on the American people.


Is Mass Civil Disobedience Our Future? :: 01/21/2020

On the holiday set aside in 2020 to honor Martin Luther King, the premier advocate of nonviolent Gandhian civil disobedience, thousands of gun owners gathered in Richmond to petition peacefully for their rights.


PA House Races Serve as 2020 Harbinger :: 01/21/2020

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania -- Eugene DePasquale and Sean Parnell couldn't be more different politically. DePasquale is a seasoned statewide-elected official and Democrat from York County, Pennsylvania, while Parnell is a western Pennsylvania Republican newcomer who has never run for office. Yet they share one very important thing this year: They are both challenging incumbent members of Congress in Pennsylvania districts President Donald Trump won in 2016.


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