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PA Bill Number: HB1423

Title: In school safety and security, further providing for school safety and security training; providing for threat assessment; and, in school health ...

Description: In school safety and security, further providing for school safety and security training; providing for threat assessment; and, in school health ... ...

Last Action: Laid on the table

Last Action Date: Sep 17, 2019

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Liberals Want to Grab Guns. . .but Who Will Do the Grabbing? :: 09/18/2019

I don't think I'm alone when I say it's frustrating having the same conversation over and over and over again.  I'm frustrated trying to explain the difference between a semi-automatic and a "military-style assault" weapon, parrying asinine retorts of how our Founding Fathers "only had muskets," and being told by strangers what weapons I "don't need."  I'm frustrated with citing statistical evidence showing that the vast majority of gun violence in America is the result of suicides and of criminals who have obtained their guns illegally.  I'm frustrated with trying to justify my personal choices to people who are completely ignorant about guns and who are completely unwilling to learn.


Pennsylvania lawmaker arrested on child porn charges :: 09/18/2019

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A Pennsylvania state lawmaker is facing child pornography possession charges after authorities said they executed a search warrant Tuesday on a tip from an online social media provider that the user had uploaded an image using its service.


Recalling the Tragic History of Gun Control :: 09/18/2019

Murderers with poisonous ideologies have taken the lives of innocents once again. And the response is the same as it always is: Politicians turn to the proven solution of creating yet more felonies to criminalize law-abiding gun owners.


Report: Trump rules out Democrats' universal background checks bill :: 09/18/2019

Not a surprise, but it’s interesting that POTUS dawdled on this for weeks after the El Paso and Dayton massacres — until Beto O’Rourke went “Leeroy Jenkins” on gun confiscation at last week’s debate. Was that a coincidence or did Beto’s stunt spook Trump into taking the Democrats’ biggest gun-control “ask” off the table?


Dems Balk At 'No Fly, No Buy' Variation Targeting Gang Members :: 09/17/2019

While it’s not the most popular anti-gun proposal out there, many gun control advocates are fans of the idea of “no fly, no buy.” In other words, if your name is on a terrorist watch list, you don’t get to exercise your Second Amendment rights, even if it’s not really you. It didn’t take much to look at that and see the problems, yet a surprising number of Democrats have supported such a measure in the not so distant past.


Hearings To Be Held On Gun Rights In PA Senate :: 09/17/2019

Pennsylvania is shaping up to become one of the more pivotal battlegrounds in our fight to not just maintain our Second Amendment rights, but also to gain ground. The stuff with Harrisburg I talked about yesterday, the efforts in Pittsburgh to overstep their legal authority too, all of it adds together to illustrate that there is a real battle taking place, one that may have ramifications throughout the country.


It's Not The NRA Stopping Gun Control, It's 100 Million U.S. Gun Owners :: 09/17/2019

During the Reign of Terror, the most bloodthirsty member of France’s revolutionary government, Jean-Marie Collot d’Herbois, a “vehement, emotional and vulgar man, craving the center of the stage, dramatizing and gesticulating and bellowing when excited” (Ch. 7), called for the executions of “merchants.”


Pelosi And Schumer Had A Call With Trump About Gun Control. This Is Their Non Negotiable. :: 09/17/2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Sunday had a call with President Donald Trump about gun control legislation. According to a statement from Democratic leadership, universal background checks are a non negotiable that must be included in any proposal Trump moves forward with. Specifically, Democrats want Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to bring the legislation to a floor for a vote. 


Spike in Recent Gun Crimes Shows Gun-Control Laws Failing in the U.K. :: 09/17/2019

Great Britain is home to some of the world toughest gun-control measures, yet a rising spate of recent gun crimes shows that these restrictions are failing to stop criminals and other dishonest citizens from getting their hands on firearms.


Trump Warns Of Potential Impasse With Democrats On Guns :: 09/17/2019

At this point, I really can’t help but feel like we’re going to end up stuck with some degree of gun control whether we want it or not. Democrats are pushing for it, President Trump has said he feels we need some degree of gun control, and we’re not hearing enough in the Senate about how Republicans won’t vote for it.


Colorado Has 'Universal Background Checks,' So Why Is Crime Rising? :: 09/16/2019

Back in 2013, then-governor John Hickenlooper signed several gun control bills into law, including a ban on magazines over 15-rounds, and a “universal background check” requirement. Six years later, few people have been charged with possessing banned magazines, and background checks haven’t increased either.


Father of Parkland shooting victim: Guns didn't kill my daughter, Democratic policies did :: 09/16/2019

Pollack became an outspoken advocate for school safety since the Parkland shooting, and he has now written a new book detailing his own investigation into the events that led to the massacre.


Harrisburg, PA Lawsuit Bigger Win For 2A Than It Might Seem :: 09/16/2019

Pennsylvania appears to be at a crossroads when it comes to the Second Amendment.


This Awful House Bill Would Promote Gun Confiscation Without Due Process :: 09/16/2019

This week the House Judiciary Committee approved the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act. The legislation would provide grants to encourage the passage and enforcement of "red flag" laws, which are supposed to prevent people from possessing firearms when they are deemed a threat to themselves or others. The bill's standards for grant eligibility vividly illustrate the due process issues raised by such laws. Far from encouraging states to include robust due process protections, the bill would encourage them to slap together the weakest elements of the existing statutes.


Schumer Says Pushing GOP on Gun Control Will Be Top Dem Priority :: 09/15/2019

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday that pushing Republicans to move forward on gun control legislation will be a top priority for Democrats when Congress comes back after the summer.


Terror Watch List Ruling Can Help Expose Gun Prohibitionist Tyranny :: 09/15/2019

U.S.A. – -( - “A federal judge ruled … that a federal government database that compiles people deemed to be ‘known or suspected terrorists’ violates the rights of American citizens who are on the watchlist, calling into question the constitutionality of a major tool the F.B.I. and the Department of Homeland Security use for screening potential terrorism suspects,” The New York Times reports.


WaPo's Desperate 'Do Something' Demand Inadvertently Shows Futility of 'Gun Control' :: 09/15/2019

U.S.A. – -( “Do something, Mr. McConnell,” The Washington Post wrings its hands and wails in a virtue-bleating Wednesday editorial. “When the Senate returns from its Labor Day recess, it must act on guns.”


Bearing Arms Cam & Co: The Latest In The DC Push For Gun Control :: 09/14/2019

In the very first road show episode of Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co., I sit down with Storm Paglia and Matt Vespa, host of the Triggered podcast to talk about the latest developments in the push for gun control in Washington, D.C.


Do Guns Help People Defend Themselves? :: 09/14/2019

Yes, probably hundreds of thousands of times each year. One day at 5:30 a.m., a man with a machete hacked at two doors, leaving a trail of broken glass, to force his way into a DeKalb County, Ga., home. What he planned to accomplish once inside, though, we’ll never know: The homeowner had a gun, confronted the intruder, and fired two shots, killing him.


Joe Biden Comes Out Against Heller Ruling - The Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms :: 09/14/2019

During a town hall style interview with WMUR 9 Friday, former Vice President and 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden came out against the Supreme Court's ruling on District of Columbia v. Heller.  


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