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PA Bill Number: HB2977

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, providing for civil liability of firearm owner for loss or theft.

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, providing for civil liability of firearm owner for loss or theft. ...

Last Action:

Last Action Date: Nov 24, 2020

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Controversial gun advocate hired by Justice Department last month :: 11/25/2020

The Justice Department has hired an economist known for provocative research claiming that communities can reduce crime by allowing widespread gun ownership and implementing policies making it easier to carry a gun in public.


Tucker Carlson Calls Out The Biden Anti-Gun Team :: 11/25/2020

The mainstream media seems bound and determined to completely ignore Joe Biden and his anti-gun agenda. While they had no problem talking about it during debates, when they were preaching to the choir during the primaries, everything about guns and gun control dropped off the radar once it was clear Biden was the nominee.


Virginia Gun Owners Plan To Send A "Moving Message”" To Northam :: 11/25/2020

The 2021 Lobby Day rally hosted by the Virginia Citizens Defense League is going to look a little different than it has in years past, with a massive mobile caravan planned to deliver a pro-2A message to state lawmakers and Gov. Ralph Northam.


FOIA Request Asks ATF and Secret Service About Hunter Biden Gun Investigation :: 11/24/2020

U.S.A. – -( Freedom of Information Act Requests sent Monday by attorney Stephen Stamboulieh on behalf of this correspondent ask the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the United States Secret Service, to produce documentation regarding both agencies’ participation in investigating the disappearance of a firearm belonging to Hunter Biden, son of media-designated (but as yet uncertified) “president-elect” Joe Biden.


Gun Grabbers' New Priority: "Local Control" :: 11/24/2020

With the growing likelihood of congressional deadlock for the next couple of years, gun control activists are going to be focusing a lot of their efforts on state-level gun laws, and one of their top priorities in the next legislative session in many states will be an attempt to empower local governments to pass gun control laws of their own.


Philadelphia Can't Control Their Own Guns, but Want to Control Yours :: 11/24/2020

The city that’s got a mayor waging a gun control campaign against law-abiding gun owners can’t account for more than 200 of their own guns. Philadelphia’s Sheriff’s Office was blamed in a report for failing to account for 210 taxpayer-funded service firearms and firearms that were seized. They went missing between 1977-2015, but only came to light in 2019 when a confidential complaint tipped off authorities that “15 long guns” were missing.


Report: There Are Nearly 20 Million Concealed Carry Permit Holders in USA :: 11/24/2020

There are nearly 20 million concealed carry permit holders in the United States and perhaps untold millions more who carry every day in the 16 states that don’t require such permits.


DA: Sheriff's Officials Wanted Luxury Box Access, iPads For Carry Licenses :: 11/23/2020

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen on Monday announced several additional charges in his investigation into a pay-to-play scheme involving concealed carry licenses issued by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, including the head of Apple’s security team and two top officials within the sheriff’s office itself.


How Many Members Of Congress Are Armed On The Job? :: 11/23/2020

Concealed carry in the District of Columbia is a fairly new phenomenon; it wasn’t until 2017 that the District actually established a process by which folks could obtain a carry license, and “shall issue” concealed carry didn’t exist in our nation’s capitol until 2018, when the D.C. Court of Appeals struck down the District’s “good cause” requirement.


Just What Penance Does Warnock Want Gun Owners To Do? :: 11/23/2020

Georgia – -( One thing that Second Amendment supporters need to understand: Anti-Second Amendment extremists hate you. There is no compromise to be had with them. In their mind, by defending your rights, you are now an accessory to any horrific crime or act of madness that involves the misuse of firearms, be it Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas, or Tucson.


Math Professor Flags Nearly 100,000 Fraudulent Votes in Pennsylvania :: 11/23/2020

Under penalty of perjury, Williams College Professor of Mathematics Steven J. Miller declared that up to 100,000 votes in Pennsylvania “were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican, or requested and returned but not counted.” The number of fraudulent votes or votes not counted “range from 89,397 to 98,801,” according to Miller.


Anti-Gun Activists Bemoan End To Local Laws In Montana :: 11/22/2020

When voters in the Big Sky state went to the polls on Election Day this year, not only did they have a chance to vote in pro-gun candidates for president, U.S. Senator, governor, and state legislative offices, they were also presented with a ballot measure to bar localities from passing their own laws dealing with the lawful carrying of firearms.


Gun Banners Push Biden To Target 2A With Executive Actions :: 11/21/2020

At the moment, it looks like if Joe Biden is sworn in as president in January, the centerpiece of his anti-gun agenda is going to face impossible odds in the U.S. Senate, where Republicans will control at least 50 seats and have the opportunity for an outright majority if they win at least one of the two Senate seats up for grabs in Georgia’s runoff elections.


Here Are The Executive Orders That Gun Control Groups Want Biden To Enact :: 11/21/2020

Voters roundly rejected gun control groups and their anti-Second Amendment schemes on Election Day. That hasn’t stopped these groups from searching for alternatives to advance their antigun agenda. Now failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s “news” site The Trace is giving former Vice President Joe Biden a playbook to use for executive actions, despite the will of the voters.


Jill Biden’s 'Chief of Staff' Helped Sell Citizenship in Visa Scheme :: 11/21/2020

Julisssa Reynoso, who has been tapped to serve as the chief of staff to Jill Biden should she become the First Lady in January, is an advisory board member for a firm that sells American citizenship by means of the EB5 visa program.


TN Dems Demand 'Compromise. On Gun Control Measures :: 11/21/2020

Democrats in the Tennessee statehouse aren’t really in a position to demand anything from their Republican counterparts at the moment. In the elections a couple of weeks ago, Republicans maintained their supermajority in the state House while losing only a single seat in the state Senate, leaving the GOP with a 27-6 majority. That keeps pro-2A lawmakers in complete control of both the legislature and the executive branch in the state, which means any gun control measures introduced by Democrats will likely remain bottled up or defeated in committee.


Feeling the Weight of the Gun :: 11/20/2020

I recently took a handgun class. I was there to renew my concealed carry license, but the rest of my classmates were applying for their carry license for the first time. Several of them had only shot a gun a few times. You could see it in their eyes. They were there to learn how to handle a handgun, a lethal tool. There is a lot to learn. 


Now, They're Blaming U.S. For 'Sniper Rifles' In Mexico :: 11/20/2020

The United States is an amazing place. It’s the Land of the Free. It’s a country people will risk their lives trying to cross open oceans on cobbled-together rafts just to reach. There’s simply no other place like it in the world.


PA Gov Will Veto Pro-2A Bills Limiting His Power In An Emergency :: 11/20/2020

Rarely do politicians approve of measures that take away their own powers, so it’s not exactly a shock that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced that his office would veto a pair of bills that would take away his authority to ban the lawful sale and open carrying of firearms during a disaster declaration.


Special Report: When cops and America’s cherished gun rights clash, cops win :: 11/20/2020

LEESBURG, Florida (Reuters) - The night a cop killed Andrew Scott started out like many others had for the 26-year-old pizzeria worker. Home from his evening shift, he and his girlfriend, Miranda Mauck, ate a late supper and spent several hours watching television and playing video games.


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