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PA Bill Number: SB897

Title: In sentencing, further providing for sentences for certain drug offenses committed with firearms.

Description: In sentencing, further providing for sentences for certain drug offenses committed with firearms. ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Oct 15, 2019

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Concealed Carry Permit After Hours Hosted by PA State Rep Ryan Warner - 10/24/2019
Connellsville City Hall 110 N. Arch St., Connellsville, PA

Turn It Red Rally - 10/24/2019
19 N (Event Center) 19 N Main Street, Washington, PA

Concealed Carry Seminar Hosted by PA State Rep Bud Cook - 10/24/2019
California Hill Gun Club 150 California Dr, California, PA

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Beto: If You Don't Hand Them In We'll Take Your Guns From Your Home :: 10/16/2019

Beto O’Rourke is still trying (and failing) to explain how he would enforce his mandatory compensated confiscation scheme if owners of the AR-15’s and other semi-automatic firearms he wants to ban don’t hand them over to police in exchange for some cash. Speaking to Joe Scarborough, O’Rourke said Wednesday that non-compliance will result in law enforcement coming to your home to take your guns.


Eighteen AG's Back Vermont's Ban On High Capacity Magazines :: 10/16/2019

The Vermont State Supreme Court is currently hearing a challenge to the state’s ban on magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition for long guns and fifteen rounds of ammunition for handguns, and a group of 18 anti-gun attorneys general have filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the state’s high court in support of the ban. Maryland’s Attorney General, Brian Frosh, says the only reason why anybody would want to own a “large capacity” magazine is to hurt people.


Pa. House bills go after gun criminals, not law-abiding gun owners :: 10/16/2019

Firearm violence, and all violence, is a sad aspect of our society. Though tragic mass shootings splash on newscasts and newspapers, individual shootings rarely make the news as they once did, despite these kinds of shootings being more prevalent in our community. Any kind of firearm violence in which innocent individuals are needlessly slain is unacceptable. A single innocent person being killed should stir the same emotions as those invoked by a mass killing.


What Happens Following A Traditional Buyback? :: 10/16/2019

Right now, it’s kind of hard not to hear the word “buyback” and instantly think of Beto O’Rourke and his insane plan to force Americans to give up their guns in exchange for some paltry sum that allows anti-gunners to pat themselves on the back and delude themselves into thinking there was no confiscation plan.


When The Second Amendment Is A Privilege, Not A Right :: 10/16/2019

I know the site’s been a little Beto-heavy today, but I promise, he’s not the only topic on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. We do discuss last night’s Democratic debate, as well as O’Rourke saying today that law enforcement would come to the homes of those gun owners who didn’t comply with his proposed ban and mandatory turn-in program, but there’s so much more.


28 Criminal Offenses On His Record And He's Just 14 Years Old :: 10/15/2019

Every day on my show Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. I highlight a story from our criminal justice system. I don’t always write an entire feature on them, but yesterday and today the stories have bothered me so much that I want them to get as much exposure as possible. Every time a gun control advocate wants to spend time, money, and political capital putting useless and unconstitutional gun control laws on the books instead of dealing with issues like this, it only demonstrates that fundamentally, their concern is with guns and not public safety.


Backers of proposed red flag [ERPO] gun law in Pennsylvania support end-around to get things moving :: 10/15/2019

A summer filled with gun violence has given way to an autumn of frustration for many Pennsylvania lawmakers who want to do something about shootings, and some think it’s time to pull a political end-around to shake things up.


CA Democrats Expand Red Flag Law Again, Lengthen Confiscatory Period :: 10/15/2019

Democrats expanded California’s Red Flag Law again by lengthening the confiscatory period and broadening the number of people who can push for confiscation to begin with.


Massachusetts: 84-Year Old Retired Cop Has Guns Seized After School Safety Comment :: 10/15/2019

An 84-year old retired police officer, military veteran, and school crossing guard in Massachusetts has had his firearms seized and was fired from his job after someone overheard a conversation at a diner and reported him as a threat to the local school.


Newsom Just Delivered Another Blow to the Second Amendment in California :: 10/15/2019

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Friday signed 15 gun control bills into law, which expands the Golden State's already stringent gun laws, the Los Angeles Times reported. Newsom has made a name for himself because of his calls for stricter gun laws, specifically surrounding an assault weapons ban, high capacity magazine ban and the implementation of Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), commonly referred to as red flag laws. He said the state decided to take up these bills because of Washington's inaction, a clear reference to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) refusal to take up bills he knows President Donald Trump refuses to sign into law. 


Pennsylvania: State Law Makers Seek Support For New Gun Laws :: 10/15/2019

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Legislation to toughen gun control laws was before a State House Committee hearing in Pittsburgh Wednesday.


Some Anti-Gunners Think 'National Emergency' Should Spark Gun Grab :: 10/15/2019

I read a lot of opinions on a day to day basis when it comes to the Second Amendment. In the case of letters to the editor, most of them are rehashes of what someone else says. Rarely do they contain much in the way of new ideas, and that’s understandable. Most people who write the letters are engaged politically, but they don’t spend their time considering new approaches to problems. Nothing wrong with that.


ACLU Makes Stand Against New California Gun Laws :: 10/14/2019

One of the biggest criticisms I’ve had with the ACLU is that they refuse to acknowledge that the right to keep and bear arms is a civil liberty. They routinely ignore Second Amendment concerns and have even come out against the Second Amendment in the recent past.


DC Poised to Triple Down on Early Release of Violent Criminals :: 10/14/2019

One defendant killed an innocent 7-year-old child. Another shot a 24-year-old mother in the back. Others kidnapped a woman, held her in the back of a stolen van, and repeatedly gang-raped her. 


Frustrated DC police chief wants more done to target repeat gun offenders :: 10/14/2019

As the number of victims climbed during a week of murders that left eight people dead in the District, the city’s police chief expressed frustration that more isn’t being done to deal with repeat gun offenders.


System Failure: Seattle's Criminal Justice System Is Broken :: 10/14/2019

According to the FBI, violent crime declined in the United States last year. There are some cities bucking the trend, unfortunately, and Seattle, Washington is one of them. In fact, in Seattle, crimes like rape, homicide, and aggravated assaults are the highest recorded in over a decade. This, despite the fact that gun control advocates have been able to put all kinds of “gun safety” laws on the books going back to 2014, when the state adopted “universal background check” laws.


German Attack Renews Fears Over 3D Printed Weapons :: 10/13/2019

Just when you thought the paranoia over 3D printed guns was over, it comes back like the slasher in a horror flick.


Gunmaggedon II: CA Gov Signs More Than A Dozen Gun Control Bills :: 10/13/2019

Back in 2016, California gun owners had a name for a sweeping anti-gun ballot initiative pushed by then-Lt. Governor Gavin: “Gunmaggedon.” Today, Newsom unveiled its sequel, signing more than a dozen gun control bills into law Friday afternoon.


The Ignorance Displayed by Gun Control Advocates About Firearms and 'Gun Violence' is Astounding :: 10/13/2019

Defensive gun uses outnumber annual firearms-related deaths by a factor of anywhere from to 15 to 80 times. That means Americans use guns to prevent burglaries, robberies, assaults, rapes, and murders far more often than people die in incidents involving guns.


UK Man Sentenced In Gun Smuggling Case :: 10/13/2019

We routinely hear American anti-gun cities and states blame neighboring states for their own gun issues. Chicago, in particular, is notorious for trying to blame Indiana for their violence without ever explaining how Indiana isn’t a lot more violent.


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