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PA Bill Number: SB897

Title: In sentencing, further providing for sentences for certain drug offenses committed with firearms.

Description: In sentencing, further providing for sentences for certain drug offenses committed with firearms. ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Oct 15, 2019

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Concealed Carry Permit After Hours Hosted by PA State Rep Ryan Warner - 10/24/2019
Connellsville City Hall 110 N. Arch St., Connellsville, PA

Turn It Red Rally - 10/24/2019
19 N (Event Center) 19 N Main Street, Washington, PA

Concealed Carry Seminar Hosted by PA State Rep Bud Cook - 10/24/2019
California Hill Gun Club 150 California Dr, California, PA

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Shannon Watts Uses Trump's Syria Policy to Criticize AR-15 Rifle Sales :: 10/08/2019

Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts responded to President Trump’s Syria policy by claiming it is easier to purchase a semiautomatic rifle than it is to purchase Sudafed.


The U.K. Must Ban Pointy Knives, Says Church of England :: 10/08/2019

Despite a host of legal restrictions on firearms and knives, not to mention a society that increasingly resembles a panopticon in the thoroughness of the surveillance to which it's subjected, the U.K.'s crime rates remain stubbornly resistant to reduction. Last year, London's murder rate briefly overtook that of New York City—a feat likely to be repeated as crime continues its decline in the U.S.—and the latest U.K. figures show an increase in violent crimes committed with both guns and knives.


A New Approach To Background Checks, Red Flag From Ohio Governor :: 10/07/2019

With a backdrop of law enforcement, health advocates, mass shooting survivors, gun owners, politicians, and others consulted by his team over the last two months, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine unveiled a 17-point public safety plan that he says can get approved by the legislature and save lives.


FBI Data Shows 5 Times More People Killed by Knives Than Rifles Last Year :: 10/07/2019

On September 30, the FBI issued a press release noting they have published their 2018 crime statistics. Most notable about the report is the fact that despite constant fear mongering by the mainstream media and the government that crime is running rampant, the number of violent crimes decreased 3.3 percent as compared to the previous year. Also contained in the report were the numbers and causes of deaths in murder cases.


Survey: Americans Think Most Gun Deaths are Murders (They're Not) :: 10/07/2019

Nearly 6 in 10 Americans think that homicides or mass shootings, rather than suicide, are the leading causes of gun deaths in the United States, a new survey shows.


Cleveland Columnist Tries Emotional Blackmail to Push Gun Control :: 10/06/2019

It’s the laziest gun control argument there is; if you don’t support restricting the right to keep and bear arms, you must be okay with murder. It’s an intellectually dishonest and emotionally manipulative position, and it’s embraced by Cleveland Plain-Dealer columnist Brent Larkin in a new op/ed entitled, “Rejecting gun control is akin to condemning more kids to die” that argues opponents of gun control just don’t care much about human life.


Assault Weapons More Popular Than Ever, Crime Still Going Down :: 10/05/2019

So-called assault weapons are being demonized with every op-ed the anti-gunners can manage. They’re described as weapons used to hunt humans. People claim they serve no purpose except for murder. Folks with no self-defense background routinely claim that such weapons are useless for self-defense.


Rally for the Second Amendment November 2nd, the Capitol, Washington DC :: 10/05/2019

U.S.A.-( Gun owners, rights activists, and lovers of liberty will be gathering on the lawn of the Capitol in Washington DC on Saturday, November 2nd, 2019, at 1:00 in the afternoon.


The Logical Fraud of Conflating Gun Deaths with Public Safety :: 10/05/2019

U.S.A.-( Vox recently published an article by German Lopez that makes a logical error. The article conflates an increase in “gun deaths” with a decrease in public safety. The jump is made from an article published last year, in 2018, where the Rand Corporation published a chart based on a number of different and dubious studies on “gun deaths”. From the previous article:


Arguments For Gun Control Are Irrational :: 10/04/2019

On September 11th, 2001, approximately 3,000 Americans lost their lives in the worst ever terrorist attack on our home soil. For years afterwards, terrorism dominated the news, and the fear of terrorist violence became widespread.


DRGO: Red Cards on Red Flag Waving Politicians :: 10/04/2019

Virginians have the opportunity soon to vote for candidates for all of the seats in the General Assembly—both Delegates and State Senators. Millions of dollars are pouring in from out-of-state in a shameless attempt to hijack the election and shift the political orientation of the Commonwealth from red to blue. Second Amendment infringements1 hawked by confiscationists2 are at the top of the list of issues presently.


Gun Control, Knife Control, and Glass Control :: 10/04/2019

Only when guns, knives and glass bottles are banned, we’ll be safe.  Nobody needs an AR-15. Or a handgun. Or a kitchen knife.


The Fake News of Gun-Control Studies :: 10/04/2019

Pop-psychology of gun owners has gone mainstream. Researchers are often attempting to psychoanalyze gun owners without speaking to gun owners. They’re mining statistics to find evidence for their political biases and then stepping back to explain their “findings” about gun owners with what amounts to anti-gun pop-psychology.


Dems Display Contempt for 2nd Amendment At Gun Violence Forum :: 10/03/2019

It was billed as a forum on “gun violence,” but it turned into an hours-long rally for gun control that highlighted the contempt many of the Democrats running for president have toward the Second Amendment.


Dems' Gun Safety Proposals Trample Second Amendment :: 10/03/2019

The FBI released its Uniform Crime Report for 2018 on Monday. Notably, the number of homicides decreased significantly — by 7%. What may be even more surprising is that murders committed with firearms fell by 6.7%. And of those murders committed with a firearm, only 2.8% were with a rifle (this includes AR-type rifles), for a total of 297. It’s not a new trend, but The Washington Free Beacon notes, “Rifles were used less often to commit murder than knives, fists, and blunt objects.” Meanwhile, the overall steady decrease in violent crime has coincided with a steady increase in the number of firearms sold and owned. These are the facts.


Four Paris Police Officers Killed In Knife Attack, Suspect Shot Dead :: 10/03/2019

At least four police officers have been killed after an attack on the Paris Police Department headquarters Thursday afternoon, according to the Daily Mail UK. The knifeman is "believed to be a civilian police worker." The unnamed suspect was shot dead by authorities. 


Joe Biden's Gun-Control Plan Is a Constitutional Disaster :: 10/03/2019

The heart of the proposal is a direct attack on the gun industry and the self-defense rights of law-abiding Americans.


Laura Ingraham: Dems Don't See Bearing Arms As Real Right :: 10/03/2019

I was happy to join Fox News host Laura Ingraham last night to talk about the March For Our Lives/Giffords forum in Las Vegas yesterday, where Elizabeth Warren vowed to reduce gun violence by 80% in just eight years, Cory Booker talked up everything from gun bans to storage laws, Beto O’Rourke once again sunnily assumed that Americans will just cooperate with his compensated confiscation program, and candidates from Joe Biden to Andrew Yang all treated the right to keep and bear arms as if it was no impediment at all to their plans for sweeping restrictions on gun ownership.


New Poll Shows How Badly Media Has Misinformed Public On Guns :: 10/03/2019

Right now, guns are being demonized. It seems everyone outside of the die-hard pro-gun factions is entertaining the idea of gun control. After all, we’re told, we’re in the midst of an epidemic of violence. Guns are killing people wholesale. Presidential candidates are claiming that guns kill more people than anything else. Worse, though, people buy it.


NYTimes: Australia Shooting Raises Questions About Gun Control :: 10/03/2019

The headline is surprising for the New York Times: “Shooting In Sydney Raises Questions About Gun Control”. Sounds like something you might read here, or maybe the headline to a Stephen Gutowski story or a David Harsanyi column, right? The story itself, however, is exactly what you’d expect from the Times.


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