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PA Bill Number: HB440

Title: In criminal history record information, further providing for expungement, for petition for limited access, for clean slate limited access and for ...

Description: In criminal history record information, further providing for expungement, for petition for limited access, for clean slate limited access and f ...

Last Action: Laid on the table

Last Action Date: Dec 9, 2019

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WhiskeyWarrior556 falls victim to New York's red flag laws :: 11/24/2019

On Friday, police showed up to a young man’s workplace and tried to arrest him over social media posts reported to them by an old army buddy of the 28-year-old Afghanistan veteran.  This man, known as Alex and popular on Instagram under the handle of WhiskeyWarrior556, slipped out of the back door, hurried home to check on his family where he found out police had already forced themselves into his home and confiscated his legal firearms after threatening his wife with calling child protective services to remove her newborn child. Alex then barricaded himself inside his own attic, unarmed.  Law enforcement officers followed him, blocked off the road to all traffic and a seven-hour standoff began.


A gun law 11 years on the books in Philadelphia finally gets enforced :: 11/23/2019

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphia officials Monday made their first attempt to enforce a 2008 law requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen weapons within 24 hours.


New Jersey Man's Guns Seized After Doctor Files Red Flag Petition :: 11/23/2019

A New Jersey man’s simmering dispute with one of his former doctors has led to a “red flag” firearms confiscation order and the seizure of several firearms, after the physician told authorities he felt threatened by some of the man’s comments.


Philadelphia Attempts To Ban Guns In Public Parks, If State Will Allow it :: 11/23/2019

Pennsylvania is in a bit of a crisis. You see, cities like Pittsburgh are trying to pass their own gun control ordinances and completely ignore that the state has a preemption measure as part of state law. That means Pittsburgh’s efforts are illegal, yet they’re still trying to push it.


A Bad News Week for Socialists in the US :: 11/22/2019

The news is filled with stories of political corruption and oppression. The ugly face of statist-control is staring at us just behind the headlines and the media spin. Unfortunately, the legacy media is more interested in hiding the truth than reporting it. This is what I noticed.


England: United Kingdom knife crime spike spurs London police to distribute bleed control kits to bars, nightclubs :: 11/22/2019

London police have just opened their 55th murder investigation of 2018; Greg Palkot has insight on London's alarmingly high homicide rate.


Harrisburg Petitions PA Supreme Court to Review Standard for Standing in Firearm Preemption Matters :: 11/22/2019

Late last night, the City of Harrisburg filed a petition for allocatur with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court seeking review of the Commonwealth Court’s en banc decision in FOAC, et al v. City of Harrisburg, et al., where the court held that one does not have to violate the law in order to have standing to challenge it. In fact, the Commonwealth Court, in overturning prior precedent, declared:


Pittsburgh Appeals Ruling That Its Ordinances Are Unlawful :: 11/22/2019

Today, we learned that on the 18th, the City of Pittsburgh filed an appeal to the Commonwealth Court of Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas Judge James’ decision of October 29, 2019, holding that the City’s firearm ordinances were unlawful. This was after we previously learned of a conspiracy by Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto and Allegheny County Executive Fitzgerald to unseat Judge James because of the decision.


Saugus High School Shooting Takes Complicated Turn - NBC :: 11/22/2019

The investigation into the shooting at Saugus High School in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita has “become more complicated,” according to KNBC, the local NBC affiliate, as authorities continue searching for a motive.


Illinois Gun Control Fails To Keep Felon Disarmed :: 11/21/2019

Illinois isn’t quite as bad as California when it comes to gun laws, but it hasn’t been for lack of trying on the part of the Land of Lincoln. They’ve passed countless gun control laws, all ostensibly designed to keep the bad guys from getting guns. Generally, that means convicted felons. After all, even federal law forbids them from having guns.


Journalism Professor Says Second Amendment Is An Anachronism :: 11/21/2019

One of the weakest arguments made by gun control activists is “This isn’t 1791 anymore you know. The Founding Fathers never could have envisioned modern firearms, therefore the Second Amendment doesn’t matter today.” It’s an absurd argument that’s already been addressed by the Supreme Court, which noted in the Heller decision that the Second Amendment doesn’t just protect muskets and black powder rifles, but extends “prima facie to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding.”


Pa. attorney general takes aim at gun straw purchases :: 11/21/2019

NORTH PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has a powerful message for straw purchasers: Buying a gun for someone else who legally cannot could cost you a life.


Republican Journalists Banned :: 11/21/2019

Everyone knows that the Democratic Party won’t let Fox News host its presidential debates. But it is only now becoming clear that Democrats have a political litmus test even for moderators from left-leaning outlets such as Politico. 


Armed School Staff Working Out Well For One Ohio School District :: 11/20/2019

The public schools in Sidney, Ohio aren’t just patrolled by school resource officers. They’ve got back up in the form of armed and trained school staff, and according to a new (and surprisingly fair) report by AFP, staff, students, and parents are on board with the idea and pleased with the results.


Far Reaching Consequences :: 11/20/2019

The recent Sagus handgun murders and the US Supreme Court ruling against a 115 year old firearms company will change history, one way or another. Before anyone places their bets on the Remington Arms v. Soto case, it might be worth considering some possible unintended consequences.


The Truths about Mass Shooters That Gun-Control Advocates Ignore :: 11/20/2019

On May 31, a Virginia Beach city employee went into the city’s municipal center and shot 16 people, killing twelve of them.


Three CA Shootings In Three Days Prove Gun Laws Are Useless :: 11/20/2019

California has the most strict gun control laws in the nation. If gun control were going to stop shootings of any stripe, it would do so in California. After all, the even limit which handguns can be purchased within the state and have a complete assault weapon ban. Surely they’d be immune to the perceived epidemic of mass shootings, right?


Why Gun Rights Supporters Don't Trust Gun Control Advocates :: 11/20/2019

We in the gun rights crowd often decry gun control advocates as “gun grabbers.” We routinely argue that their purpose is to take away our firearms, to disarm us and make us unable to protect ourselves and our families from criminal hostilities.


CPRC: Person legally carrying gun stops Walmart shooting in Duncan, Oklahoma :: 11/19/2019

After killing two people in the parking lot, “the shooter shot himself after a bystander confronted him with a firearm.


How Judges Ignore the Constitution on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms :: 11/19/2019

U.S.A.-( For the last 50 years, I have been hearing or reading versions of this argument:


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