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PA Bill Number: SB531

Title: In general provisions, providing for findings regarding firearms and ammunition; and, in preemptions, providing for regulation of firearms and ...

Description: In general provisions, providing for findings regarding firearms and ammunition; and, in preemptions, providing for regulation of firearms a ...

Last Action: Removed from table

Last Action Date: Jul 15, 2020

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Latest News

Media Ignores Reality Over McCloskeys :: 07/19/2020

The McCloskeys aren’t likely to be your typical Bearing Arms readers. From what I’ve seen, they lean heavily to the left in their politics and would probably just as soon see many of us disarmed as talk to us.


4 Million Dollar Class Action Settlement Preliminarily Approved Regarding Disclosure of License to Carry Firearms Applicant Information :: 07/18/2020

I am proud to announce that a settlement has been reached with Monroe County in the matter of John Doe, et al.,  v. Monroe County, et al, Monroe Court of Common Pleas docket no. 6384 cv 2015, stemming from the County’s disclosure of confidential license to carry firearms (“LTCF”) applicant information through the use of un-enveloped postcards.


David Hogg Illustrates Anti-Gun Hypocrisy :: 07/18/2020

Ever since Parkland, David Hogg has done everything he could to push gun control in every way imaginable. I think he feels obligated to fire back at anything the NRA says, as part of that. If the NRA tweeted that the sky was blue, he’d probably take issue with that as well.


The Racism and Bigotry the Left Desperately Wants to Ignore :: 07/18/2020

Look at us. Consider Los Angeles, Oakland, Boston, New York City, Trenton, and Baltimore. For good reason, each would call themselves a Democrat controlled city. They have not had a Republican majority on their city councils in decades. Despite their words to the contrary, these cities are openly racist and sexist when it comes to fundamental human rights. The political-left doesn’t want to talk about it, but it is strikingly easy to prove. Discover it for yourself if you have doubts. Try to get a permit to legally carry a firearm in those cities. The results in those cities are consistently shocking.


Using Contact Tracing For Gun Control :: 07/18/2020

One of the many buzzwords that took over the media amid the COVID-19 story was the term “contact tracing.” The idea was that by seeing who infected people had contact with, we could slow the spread of the disease. After all, if they had contact with someone infected, there was a strong possibility they were infected and should self-quarantine and/or be tested themselves.


Alzheimer Study Really Anti-Gun Propaganda :: 07/17/2020

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease. I, like many of you, have seen it with my own eyes. It’s not just the patient who suffers, either. The entire family has to suffer through it with them.


College Student Disciplined Over Photo With Rifle :: 07/17/2020

A Fordham University student says he’s being forced to undergo “political re-education” after running afoul of campus administrators after posting a picture of himself holding a rifle and referencing the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Andrew Tong tells the Epoch Times that officials at Fordham declared that he had violated the university’s regulations “relating to bias/and or hate crimes” as well as the school’s policy against “threats/intimidation” with two social media posts.


Excuse Me? Look What's Buried Way Down in That WaPo Piece About How New Gun Purchases Led to Spikes in Crime :: 07/17/2020

The June background check numbers were insane. With the beginning of the COVID lockdowns and the George Floyd riots that followed, scores of law-abiding Americans have flocked to gun stores. This isn’t shocking. The Floyd riots showed that the police cannot protect you all the time, and when coupled with political leadership that hates and hamstrings cops, the results are even more chaotic.


UK Government Blasted For Racist Weapons Policy :: 07/17/2020

Anti-gunners often point to the United Kingdom as some kind of beacon of sane thought on firearms. They routinely argue that we’re doing it all wrong and we should follow the lead of England.


Hawley Calls For Investigation Into St. Louis Prosecutor Over McCloskey Case :: 07/16/2020

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who displayed their firearms as protesters marched past their home in a private community last month, still haven’t officially been charged with any crime, but it’s clear that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is hoping to bring charges soon.


LA Clippers Owner Makes Massive Donation To Bloomberg Gun Control Group :: 07/16/2020

I’m pretty sure that Everytown for Gun Safety was doing just fine thanks to the financial largess of their billionaire founder Michael Bloomberg, but the gun control organization now has a second anti-gun sugar daddy to thank after Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer cut the group a $7-million check this week.


Mike Bloomberg's gun-control group will spend 1 million dollars to help Democrats try to flip Pa. legislature :: 07/16/2020

The political arm of an anti-gun-violence group cofounded by the billionaire former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg says it will spend at least $1 million to help Democrats try to gain control of the Pennsylvania legislature in the November elections.


US authorities uncover massive, nationwide weapons trafficking ring run by communist China to arm Black Lives Matter terrorists with powerful weapons of war :: 07/16/2020

(Natural News) On July 3rd of this year, Natural News reported that communist China was trafficking full-auto weapons parts into Florida as a way to arm Black Lives Matter terrorists in advance of a planned armed uprising / revolution. US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had interdicted and seized a shipment of over 10,000 full-auto upgrade parts that convert semi-auto rifles into full-auto weapons of war.


Beware gun and ammunition tax schemes :: 07/15/2020

Anti-gun municipal politicians have seized on a new financial weapon in their crusade to discourage gun ownership and to drive firearms retailers either out of town or out of business.


DRGO: Threats to Gun Ownership Amid the Chaos :: 07/15/2020

The first quarter of 2020 was marked by the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic which has affected almost every aspect of our lives. The second quarter of 2020 has seen rising tensions over police brutality and the wider societal effects of racism. These issues have left few areas of American life without turmoil, and few Americans without stress. Second Amendment rights continue to face challenges, and 2020 has not left them free from attack.


For Want of a Nail :: 07/15/2020

If it seems like I'm angry, it's only because I am. Unless you've been living under the same rotting log inhabited by the slimy, multilegged leadership of the Democrat Party, you know that a St. Louis couple's legally-owned AR-15 rifle was stolen by the police after the couple's lives and property were more than credibly threatened by a howling Bolshevik Lives Matter mob, and they displayed their personal weapons to discourage such behavior.


Gun Control's Black Lives Matter Problem :: 07/15/2020

Gun-control advocates have reason to worry that their support for the police will make them the next casualty of cancel culture.


A Catholic Case for the Second Amendment :: 07/14/2020

The Fourth of July weekend in Chicago had more to do with firearms than fireworks, with 49 shootings, 60 victims, and 14 fatalities. A 10-year-old girl was killed in her home by a stray bullet, shot through the head. A toddler was killed in his car seat by another stray bullet, shot through the chest. The Windy City, logging 324 murders for 2020 at the time of this writing, is reeling in a storm of reckless crime with tempers flaring, police retreating, and guns blazing. This spike of homicidal sickness can be seen in other major U.S. cities as well.


Biden's Policing Policies Will Endanger Police, Raise Crime Rates, and Hurt Blacks :: 07/14/2020

Joe Biden doesn’t understand the risks and dangers involved in policing. Police have a tough and dangerous job, and armored military vehicles, shields and military-grade body armor can save officers’ lives.


Gun Control Narrative Shifts as More Americans See Importance of 2A :: 07/14/2020

The narrative on guns in the U.S. has taken a dramatic shift in 2020 amid a global pandemic and civil unrest that led thousands into the streets in protest. 


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