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PA Bill Number: HB1903

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for persons not to possess, use, manufacture, control, sell or transfer firearms and for ...

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for persons not to possess, use, manufacture, control, sell or transfer firearms and for ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Sep 23, 2021

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Rod of Iron Freedom Fest – Kahr Firearms - 10/9/2021
Kahr Arms/Tommy Gun Warehouse 105 Kahr Ave, Greeley, PA

FOAC Monthly Meeting - October - 10/10/2021
Online only 515 Millers Run Road, Morgan, PA

Concealed Carry Seminar – Ambridge District Sportsmen’s Assoc. - 10/16/2021
ADSA Clubhouse 2900 Ridge Road Extension, Baden PA

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KIM STOLFER – President

Kim co-founded Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC), a statewide grassroots Political Action Committee focused on ensuring that the PA Constitutional Right (Article 1, Section 21) and the US Constitutional Right (the 2nd Amendment) continue to be protected and that citizens have the freedom to choose to exercise these rights without intrusive government regulations.  Over the years FOAC has enjoyed many hard fought successes tackling a number of issues such as helping to elect responsible leaders to governmental office as well as enacting laws that respect and restore our freedoms.

As Chairman of FOAC, Vice Chairman of the Legislative Committee for the Pennsylvania Sportsmen’s Association and as a member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET), Kim has become known in the halls of government as a well-spoken advocate for personal freedoms. Kim has written, or co-authored, dozens of pieces of statewide legislation over the years, many of which are now current law, including the most recently passed Castle Doctrine law and Preemption Enhancement law.

Kim has received the “Man of the Year” Award from the Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League, the Washington County League of Sportsmen and the Bill of Rights Committee.

Kim Stolfer is a lifelong resident of South Western Pennsylvania, a father, husband and community leader who cares deeply about the future of our nation and our Commonwealth. He has served this nation in uniform as a young man, Kim deployed with his Marine helicopter squadron not only to Japan but later to aid in the helicopter evacuation of military personnel and civilians during the fall of South Vietnam.

  • Firearms Owners Against Crime – Founder (1994)
  • Firearms Owners Against Crime - Board Member
  • Firearms Owners Against Crime - Chairman of the Board
  • Firearms Owners Against Crime - President
  • Firearms Owners Against Crime - Life Member
  • Pennsylvania Sportsmen’s Association - Vice Chairman of the Legislative Committee
  • National Rifle Association – Life Member
  • National Rifle Association - Certified Training Counselor
  • Gun Owners of America – Life Member
  • McDonald Sportsmen's Association - Member
  • Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association – Member
  • Shooters Active in Firearm Education - Vice-President & Chief Instructor
  • Veteran and Patriots United - Member
  • Veteran United States Marine Corps – Vietnam
  • Marine Corps League - Washington County Chapter

Contact Information:

Kim Stolfer

P.O. Box 213

Presto, PA 15142

Board of Directors Term: 2020 - 2024


Dr. CHARLES P. GALLO - 1st Vice-President

Dr. Gallo is a Clinical Psychologist and the owner and Director of East Suburban Psychological Associates, a large mental health practice in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Dr. Gallo’s practice has been effectively serving the community since 1978. The foundational philosophy of the practice is the encouragement of the exercise of Freedom. In this context Freedom is understood as the right and ability of an individual to make choices about his/her health. In order to empower individual choice knowledge is necessary. To that end ESPA helps educate patients as to various options and directions that are available to them so that they can determine what choice's would work best for them. For example, due to the significant side effects of psychotropic medication rather than considering these drugs as the standard first line of treatment, ESPA provides information to patients to help them learn about other effective options available to them. Dr. Gallo is a fellow of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association and due to his many years in the field has achieved Life Status membership in the American Psychological Association. While ESPA provides treatment for a wide variety of problems to all age groups, Dr. Gallo specializes in the areas of anxiety disorders, depression and addiction with adults.

Dr. Gallo purchased his first firearm as a young teenager, a Remington 22 rifle, with money earned from a paper route and lawn mowing business and spent many enjoyable times target shooting at the range. Over the years his interest in target shooting led to realizing that a firearm is the second best tool we have for personal protection – the first being one’s mind with the right attitude. As a responsible firearm owner he took steps over the years to acquire instruction and training in safe firearm ownership, in defensive shooting and regarding laws pertaining to firearm ownership and the use of lethal force. He has obtained certification as a firearm and crime prevention instructor in order to share this knowledge with interested others. He offers crime prevention education to local community groups as a way of encouraging individual and family safety and self-sufficiency as well as a way of giving back to the community.

Dr. Gallo is a long time freedom advocate and has been active in the local political process in order to support candidates and legislation consistent with this value. He is a board member of People for Liberty a local organization whose mission is the defense of life, liberty, private property, self-protection and the pursuit of happiness. People for Liberty have presented many local events in defense of the same. Dr. Gallo has also addressed groups on understanding the meaning and importance of the Second Amendment as well as our Pennsylvania article 1 section 21.

The knowledge and skills acquired over the years proved to be of critical importance in an incident in which Dr. Gallo found himself facing the immediate threat of death or severe bodily injury as the result of an attack by a seriously impaired road ragger. Through the use of a firearm he was able to stop the threat and save both his passenger and himself from serious harm. As a result, no injuries occurred. However, due to a district attorney with an anti-firearm ownership and anti-self-defense orientation as well as local police officials who lacked the courage to stand in support of lawful self-defense, Dr. Gallo was prosecuted for several charges including attempted homicide. This gave him invaluable personal experience with the internal workings of and the biases of the justice system against firearm ownership and the lawful and responsible use of force by law abiding citizens. Firearms Owners Against Crime gave critical support, assistance and worked with Dr. Gallo’s legal team to effect the dropping of all charges. Should any of the charges been successfully prosecuted Dr. Gallo would have faced a loss both of his professional license and the end of a forty year successful career as a health professional. While a welcome decision, this process was costly both, financially and emotionally but also conveyed an important lesson, i.e. While responsible firearm ownership saves lives, a law abiding individual who legally and responsibly protects himself or his/her family from serious harm will tend to be treated as a criminal by individuals in our justice system and the media. This experience served to increase Dr. Gallo’s activism in several ways, First it drove home the point that it is imperative to work with legislators to counter this bias by passing legislation which strengthens the protection of lawful self-defense and to support candidates who respect this inalienable right. Second, it made clear how critical it is for Pennsylvania residents to have an effective organization like Firearms Owners Against Crime in our state working to protect our rights and freedom and serving as a resource for all law abiding firearm owners. We are fortunate to have FOAC here for us – all Pennsylvania firearm owners, whether sportsmen, collectors, target shooters or those concerned with personal protection should join and support FOAC to insure the future of our rights. Third, while it served to strengthen Dr. Gallo’s efforts to educate interested individuals in safe and responsible firearm ownership it also added his desire to help others learn from his experience by sharing the important additional critical knowledge that he derived from it regarding navigating through the legal and other consequences which follow in the aftermath of a responsible self-protection action.

  • Clinical Psychologist and Director, East Suburban Psychological Associates
  • Firearms Owners Against Crime Board Member
  • Firearms Owners Against Crime Regional Coordinator
  • Firearms Owners Against Crime County Coordinator (Westmoreland County)
  • Westmoreland Sheriff Support Unit - Board Member
  • People for Liberty - Co-Chairman and Board Member
  • National Rifle Association - Endowment Life Member
  • National Rifle Association - Certified Instructor & Range Safety Officer
  • JPFO - Life Member
  • Second Amendment Foundation - Life Member
  • Gun Owners of America - Member

Contact Information:

Dr. Charles Gallo

P.O. Box 213

Presto, PA 15142

Board of Directors Term: 2017 - 2021


KLINT MACRO - 2nd Vice-President

Klint Macro is a businessman and educator who has successfully cross-pollinated his talents and passions to serve the cause of the 1st and 2nd Amendments of the Constitution of The United States.

A native of Driftwood, Cameron County, Pennsylvania, Klint is a lover of the Woods and Endless Mountains. This is where he spent his youth, hunting, fishing, shooting, hiking, riding motorcycles, and enjoying the outdoors. 

Klint has worked professionally in the Music and Film Industry as a Producer, Recording Engineer, and Sound Designer since the early 1990’s. He worked in Los Angeles, CA in the entertainment industry for over a decade, and shortly after having his son, he and his family moved back home to the Pittsburgh Area in 2010. Klint and his Wife wanted to raise their son, Augie, in Pennsylvania among people with the similar values and beliefs and in an environment where he could actively protect his family with out fear from the government. Currently, Klint operates his business, Cobblesound Recording Company (, in New Kensington, PA.

In 2013, Klint founded, his firearms training organization, The Trigger Pressers Union ( The motto of The Trigger Pressers Union is “Responsibly exercising our rights through the safe and ethical training of our fellow citizens”. Klint now makes the majority of his living as a Firearms Trainer, Training Counselor, Instructor, Presenter, Defensive Coach, and published Author. He educates hundreds of Instructors and students around the country each year.

  • Firearms Owners Against Crime – Life Member
  • Founder of The Trigger Pressers Union
  • NRA Benefactor Life Member
  • Life Member of Gun Owners of America
  • President of Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League
  • Member and Former Officer/Board Member of Logan’s Ferry Sportsmen’s Club
  • NRA Training Counselor, Advanced Pistol Instructor, Practical Pistol Coach, Chief Range Safety Officer, and Refuse To Be A Victim Regional Counselor
  • USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Senior Training Counselor and USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Training Counselor
  • I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach
  • Project Appleseed Instructor and Range Safety Officer, “Red Hat” 
  • NMLRA (National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association) Trainer and Instructor
  • Personal Defense Network Contributor
  • Co-Administrator of National Train A Teacher Day
  • PA Game Commission Hunter/Trapper Education Instructor
  • Civilian Marksmanship Program GSM Master Instructor, JROTC Marksmanship Instructor and Level 1 Range Officer
  • Member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors
  • Member of National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • Graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
  • F.& A. M. Lodge #799 and Lodge #532, R.A.M. Chapter #285, Mt. Moriah Council #2, Duquesne K.T. Commandery #7

Contact Information:

Klint Macro

P.O. Box 213

Presto, PA 15142

Board of Directors Term: 2017 - 2021



(awaiting update)

Contact Information:

Danielle Ohliger

P.O. Box 213

Presto, PA 15142

 Board of Directors Term: 2017 - 2021



State Representative Aaron Bernstine represents portions of Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence Counties.  He has his CCL and has been certified in defensive pistol training for concealed carry.  Aaron an avid outdoorsman and particularly enjoys pheasant hunting with his wife.  Aaron lives with his wife, Ilia, and son, Dierks on their farm in New Galilee, Pennsylvania.

Elected in 2016, Representative Bernstine is a lifetime member of FOAC as well as a life member of the NRA.  A strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights, he received the FOAC endorsement during the 2016 election and has been a strong proponent of not only preserving, but expanding, 2nd Amendment rights in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Representative Bernstine has co-sponsored each piece of FOAC-endorsed legislation that has been before the House of Representatives.

Representative Bernstine will bring a unique perspective to the FOAC Board of Directors, providing valuable insight on issues specifically related to the inner-workings of the Capitol and the legislative process.  Having an elected official as an advocate will allow for an increase in visibility to FOAC related issues to other representatives.

He currently serves on the Fish and Game Committee in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives.  Representative Bernstine has prioritized expanding the rights of those who hold their CCL, increasing penalties (including mandatory minimums) for those who commit crimes with a firearm, and ensuring that sportsmen and sportswomen have the necessary resources to continue their heritage through hunting rights.  Aaron knows, just as the Pennsylvania State Constitution states, the right to bear arms shall not be questioned!

Contact Information:

Rep. Aaron Bernstine

P.O. Box 213

Presto, PA 15142

 Board of Directors Term: 2017 - 2021


EDWARD BOGATS PhD - Homeland Security

Director of Safety/Security and Campus Police – CCAC – 9 years

Dr. Bogats, Jr.- current duties are to oversee training along with the public safety operation at the Allegheny Campus, College Office and the Homewood Brushton Center. He coordinates all Emergency management areas within the campus and centers through the Director of Emergency Management at CCAC

EJC Security Services – Lead Trainer/Owner 28 years

Offers advanced level training for police, security, corrections and civilians in all forms of use of force. We use only the highest of credentialed and experienced trainers in the field who are in heavy demand due to their expertise. These trainers can tailor programs to an agencies specific needs based upon a needs assessment that we conduct. Clients vary from very high profile to everyday citizens who are looking to keep that tactical advantage in a very hostile world.


  • Northcentral University – PhD – Homeland Security – Terrorism/Counterterrorism
  • Carnegie Mellon University – MPM - Masters in Public Management – The Heinz School
  • Point Park University – Bachelor of Science – Public Administration
  • CCAC – Allegheny Campus – AS – Corrections Administration and AS Cyber Security
  • Graduate of the FBI National Academy – 222nd Session
  • Adjunct Prof. at CCAC and John Jay College of CJ in NYC
  • Police Chief Bridgeville Borough PD - 6 years
  • Senior Sergeant (Retired) Carnegie Borough PD – 22 years
  • Police Firearms Instructor in Pistol/Shotgun and Patrol Rifle – Certifications are through the NRA and the Pennsylvania State Police – 15 years
  • VP of training worldwide for Lamperd Less Lethal Sarnia, ON Canada – 15 years
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor Trainer – 25 years
  • MEB – Police Baton Instructor Trainer – 25 years
  • Civilian Use of Force Instructor Trainer – 25 years
  • 35 years’ experience in multiple self-defense systems
  • Life Member of Firearms Owners Against Crime

Contact Information:

Edward Bogats, Jr

Board of Directors Term: 2020 – 2024



Mr. Jackson is an life long resident of Fayette County, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania.   Mr. Jackson is currently serving his third term as the Mayor of Belle Vernon.   When approached  by Mayors Against Guns  he quickly replied not he was not interested in their hidden agendas.    Mr Jackson political experience began forty years began when he was elected as the youngest president of the Belle Vernon Area School District.

Proudest Moment!  Goldstar Father of --- Casey Casteel Jackson 9-4-2012 --- Base named after him in Kunduz Province, Afghanistan.    "COP JACKSON"  was built by American soldiers to provide for Afghan Local Police and National Security Forces, bringing security to civilians who had constantly lived in fear of insurgents.   The outpost represents a " A better life for Afghans in the area and will protect those who Can't DEFEND Themselves.  From the U.S. and NATO side of it they weren't going to name it after Casey or any American for purpose of cultural sensitivity.    Sounds too familiar today.    In time  where Patriotism is not valued as it once was, it took the Afghan Security Forces and the Afghan Police Commander to recognize Casey stood out as a shining example of that virtue.

The entire "Jackson Family "are proud supporters In the US Constitutional Right --  Second Amendment ---- A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed and also the PA Constitutional Right . ... 21. Right to bear arms.. 25. Reservation of powers in people

  • Mayor-- Belle Vernon
  • Southwest Regional Police -- Board member
  • Belle Vernon Municipal Authority -- Board member
  • Fayette County Industrial Development Authority -- Board member
  • Democratic Chair Fayette County --Belle Vernon
  • Firearms Owners Against Crime -- Member
  • Star Junction Fish and Game Club --Member
  • Free and Accepted Masons Lodge Doric 630 Sewickley -- Member
  • Free and Accepted Masons Lodge Tri-County 252 Donora -- Member
  • York and Scottish Rites -- Member
  • Syria Shrine Cheswick -- Member
  • Order of Eastern Star -- Member
  • Tri-County Boroughs Association -- Member
  • Association of Mayors of Pennsylvania -- Member
  • University of California -- Bachelor of Science -- Business Administration
  • University of California -- Bachelor of Science -- Accounting
  • University of California --  Bachelor of Science  -- Fine Art
  • Westmoreland College -- Associate -- Real Estate
  • Harrisburg College -- Associate -- Auctioneering -- PA Licensed and Bonded Au-002215l
  • United Methodist Church  -- Member

 Contact Information:

Gerald Jackson

P.O. Box 213

Presto, PA 15142

Board of Directors Term: 2020 - 2024



Born and raised in Southeast Pennsylvania, Dan grew up shooting trap along I-95, hunting squirrels while slinging his Sears Ted Williams bolt action 22, trout fishing the cricks in his local area. That love of the shooting/fishing sports helped him land a job at Edelman's Sporting Goods in Newtown Square, PA. Edelman's closed and Dan joined the United States Coast Guard after a short stint at Herman's Sporting Goods. (Edelman now owns Kimber)

After receiving his Honorable Discharge from the United States Coast Guard, Dan found work in the Cable Television business. 40 years and 36 titles later, he retired with a history of business success. Part of that career path took him to Burbank California to manage the Video On Demand business transition. Weekdays he was wearing suits and weekends wearing 5.11 gear teaching in the desert mountains of Azusa, CA.

Dan has had numerous opinion pieces placed in the SE PA Newspapers. (Delco Daily Times, Chester County Times) some of those pieces were picked up by Florida and California local news agencies. He has also debated, on television and radio, many elected officials from his South East area. He regularly attends GunSenseUS meetings to pronounce verbal truth to their ranting. He strongly stands behind the Constitution and the Inalienable Rights including in the sacred document.

Dan is the proud father to 4 wonderful sons and currently resides in Glenolden, PA.

  • Firearm Owners Against Crime- Life Member (2016)
  • California Rifle and Pistol Association Life Member
  • Safety Director, Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club
  • NRA Benefactor Member
  • NRA Training Counselor
  • NRA Practical Pistol Coach
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Women On Target Director
  • Refuse To Be a Victim Instructor
  • Veteran United States Coast Guard (SAR-Coxswain)
  • Member United States Coast Guard Foundation
  • Director of CalGuns Shooting Sports Association
  • Member of Triggers Pressers Union
  • Member of Forward Assist Training (Cal)
  • Amateur Radio Operator (N3IXQ)
  • Elected Lower Chichester Township Commissioner (1992-1998)

Dan McMonigle

P.O. Box 213

Presto, PA 15142

Board of Directors Term: 2020 - 2024



Sgt. Stoker has had a long career in law enforcement and is well respected in his community and by his peers. His unique perspective of the laws and how they are enforced as well as what works and what doesn’t in criminal justice is an important asset to the 2nd Amendment debate and FOAC.

Jim is a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights and he has assisted with numerous events for FOAC including our Gun Bash where he is one of the top 4 sellers of Gun Bash tickets. He is a strong proponent of protecting and expanding, 2nd Amendment rights in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Jim Stoker will bring a unique perspective to the FOAC Board of Directors, providing valuable insight on issues specifically related to the law enforcement community.

Jim is currently a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer, which brings a perspective of law enforcement to the issue of the sale of firearms as the Owner/operator of CYA Holsters LLC; Owner/operator of CYA Firearms (FFLD).

Professional Credentials:  Sergeant, responsible for patrol shift supervision along with narcotics enforcement, drug education, patrol duties and technology crimes, Scott Township Police Department; Narcotics enforcement, drug education and patrol duties, Carnegie Police Department; Armored Truck Courier.

Educational Credentials:  Graduate of South Park High School.

Accomplishments:  Served in the U.S. Air Force as a security specialist providing armed security for nuclear weapons systems; Marksman with M-16 rifle and M9 pistol; Qualified M-60 gunner and M-203 grenadier; Weapons access controller and weapons area controller.

  • Law Enforcement Officer – Scott Township
  • Air Force Veteran
  • Firearms Owners Against Crime – Life Member

Contact Information:

Sgt. James Stoker

P.O. Box 213

Presto, PA 15142

Board of Directors Term: 2017 - 2021