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PA Bill Number: HB2744

Title: In general provisions, further providing for definitions; in inchoate crimes, further providing for prohibited offensive weapons; in assault, further ...

Description: In general provisions, further providing for definitions; in inchoate crimes, further providing for prohibited offensive weapons; in assault, furth ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Oct 18, 2018

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Governor Wolf and Pittsburgh City Council Conspire With Anti-Gun Organizations to Violate the Law and PA Constitution :: 12/15/2018

Yesterday, Governor Wolf and members of the Pittsburgh City Council held a press conference, joined by anti-gun organizations, including Moms Demand Action and CeaseFirePA, where they proposed new anti-gun ordinances, which they even acknowledged are precluded by state law but undaunted by the illegality of such proposals, were going to enact them anyway, in a hope that the courts would elect to usurp the General Assembly’s authority. Governor Wolf even issued a press release, with the proposal’s attached.


Gun-Free Zones at School: George H.W. Bush's Questionable Gun Control Legacy :: 12/15/2018

George H.W. Bush’s recent death has had the DC chattering classes up all night discussing his legacy and accomplishments. President Bush’s track record was standard fare for a 20th century politician. Bush was a consummate advocate of the conservative branch of political universalism which pushed for a muscular foreign policy and a relatively generous welfare program at home.  


N.J. State Police Refuse to Rule Out Door-to-Door Disarmament :: 12/15/2018

Breitbart News reports that the New Jersey State Police have “refused to rule out house-to-house enforcement of the state’s ‘high capacity’ magazine ban,” in correspondence from the Garden State’s law-enforcement agency to the news organization.


Study Uses Overly Broad Definition Of 'School Shooting' :: 12/15/2018

The anti-gun media has run countless stories about how there has been this plague of school shootings this year. While there have been more than any of us are comfortable with (any number greater than zero is more than anyone should be comfortable with), the plague isn’t quite what people are claiming.


Are The Suburbs Turning Anti-Gun? :: 12/14/2018

While urban centers have long tended to be anti-gun, despite often having a first-hand observation of gun control’s many failures, the suburbs and rural parts of the country tend to counter that a fair bit.


Pittsburgh Anti-Gun Press Release: Leaders Forward Package of Common Sense Gun Safety Measures :: 12/14/2018

PITTSBURGH, PA (December 14, 2018) Demanding strong action against the proliferation of guns tearing apart Pittsburgh and other communities nationwide, City of Pittsburgh leaders today released a trio of common-sense measures meant to make city streets, schools, places of worship and families safer.


Stoneman Douglas Principal Admonished for Being Uninformed on Student Threats :: 12/14/2018

Even if someone threatened to shoot up his school, the popular principal of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High did not expect anyone to tell him.


Substance Or Symbolism: The Wave Of State Bump Stock Bans In 2018 :: 12/14/2018

The Trump Administration says it will soon place a federal ban on bump stocks, the gun attachments that allow semi-automatic rifles to fire faster. Ten states banned the plastic device after it was used by a gunman in Las Vegas to shoot and kill 58 people in 2017.


Three Common Sense Gun Safety Bills To Be Introduced In Pittsburgh :: 12/14/2018

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – State and local leaders gathered in Pittsburgh to announce the details of three “common sense” gun safety bills, which will be introduced next week.


Why Victims' Families Are Seething Over Broward Schools Handling of the Parkland Shooting-Inside the Rift Between Parkland and Its School District :: 12/14/2018

In early June, Andrew Pollack returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, furious.        


American kids are 'political pawns' in gun control battle, CEOs say :: 12/13/2018

America's partisan standoff over gun regulation has made pawns of the nation's youth, the heads of two companies that supported tighter firearm restrictions complained Tuesday.


Emergency Confiscation is Easy Target in New Gun Control Congress :: 12/13/2018

After what one family member cryptically called “family being family,” 60-year-old Gary Willis fell dead from a gunshot on the doorstep of their Maryland home, which he shared with a host of siblings, a niece and her son, and a grandmother.


Op-Ed Actually Thinks Bump Stock Ban May Reduce Gun Violence :: 12/13/2018

I can’t imagine what it was like to be at that concern in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. You’re there, having a good time, and then the shots ring out. A lot of shots.


Panel investigating Parkland shooting recommends arming teachers :: 12/13/2018

A Florida state commission investigating the February shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school that left 17 people dead recommended on Wednesday that teachers who undergo proper training be allowed to carry firearms at schools.


PA-Rep. Frankel seeking support for bills to give cities more power over gun laws :: 12/13/2018

HARRISBURG — Six weeks after 11 people died in a shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue, Democratic state Rep. Dan Frankel is seeking co-sponsors for legislation that would allow municipalities or counties to more easily create their own gun laws.


Broad Gun Control Restrictions Are Not the Answer. Just Look at These Facts. :: 12/12/2018

We all know the script by now: A mass public shooting occurs. Grief and anger ensue. Calls for stricter gun laws soon follow.


Republican Rep. Introduced - Minority Report - Gun Confiscation Bill :: 12/12/2018

Yes, it's true.  It isn't just Democrats going after your guns, America.  Republicans are doing it too, just like Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) warned us earlier this year.  Earlier this year, Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN) introduced HR 5717, the Jake Laird Act of 2018, which allows for a police officer to confiscate your guns on the grounds that he believes you are "dangerous."


The Deep State Wants Your Guns :: 12/12/2018

James Bovard notes the threat to private gun ownership posed by the “deep state,” the “officials who secretly wield power permanently in Washington, often in federal agencies with vast sway and little accountability.”


The Left's Hypocrisy of Buying Elections :: 12/12/2018

The left constantly accused politicians of being in the pocket of the NRA. Anyone who can add laughs at that notion, but basic math has never deterred leftists from their idiotic agendas. The narrative continues. The only reason we still have a 2nd Amendment is because the NRA has spent so much money on lobbying and propaganda. No reasonable person would ever want to own a gun. This notion isn’t just stupid. It’s pure, unfiltered hypocrisy. The left doesn’t just spend more on lobbying and propaganda in general, they spend more on gun policy.


The new Congress should reject Pelosi's feel-good, accomplish-nothing gun control agenda :: 12/12/2018

In the House of Representatives, at least, the midterm election was indeed a blue wave. And when the new Congress is seated in January, that wave might just wash away your gun rights.


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