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PA Bill Number: SR293

Title: Directing the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a comprehensive review of school safety in this Commonwealth and report its findings to ...

Description: Directing the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a comprehensive review of school safety in this Commonwealth and report its findings to ...

Last Action: Re-committed to EDUCATION

Last Action Date: Jun 22, 2018

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DRGO: The AMA's Lying Ayes :: 06/24/2018

Yesterday, the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates passed anti-liberty resolutions surpassing what we anticipated just two weeks ago as we covered its planning. You can read about it on AMA Wire and MedPage Today, outlets that uncritically regard the AMA as the fount of all medical correctness. Even the Associated Press wrote that the “physicians group bowed to unprecedented demands from doctor-members to take a stronger stand on gun violence”.


Pennsylvania gun owners win one more concession in domestic violence bill :: 06/24/2018

Pennsylvania's powerful gun owners' rights lobby scored one more win Friday in a bill meant to separate domestic abusers from their weapons.


Round 2: UN Continues Their Push To Disarm Americans :: 06/24/2018

Last month, the United Nations' International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) held a week-long conference geared towards making gun control an international priority. Now, the UN's Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, is wanting to regulate and control small arms.


Anti-Gun Activist Michael Bloomberg Plans to Dump 80 Million On 2018 Elections :: 06/23/2018

Well, guess who is ready to dole out some cash to Democrats: former New York Mayor and anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg. The billionaire plans to pour $80 million to help Democrats flip the House, though he hasn’t released his targeted races yet. He is reportedly playing it safe; avoiding the more conservative rural areas of the country, where his pro-gun control agenda is anathema to voters (via NYT):


CPRC: Illinois: More evidence that concealed handgun permits holders are extremely law-abiding :: 06/23/2018

The Chicago Tribune ran an article on Friday under the headline: “Almost nothing is known about dozens of concealed carry shootings in Illinois. Why?”  The article lists 38 cases where a person with a concealed handgun permit discharged a gun.  The cases go back to 2014, and Illinois first started issuing concealed handgun permits in February that year.  There have been no criminal convictions for any of these permit holders, and just five face criminal charges that are related to their permits.


The Second Amendment had nothing to do with slavery :: 06/23/2018

For 20 years now, a well-meaning law professor has been peddling the fiction that the Second Amendment – guaranteeing the right of Americans to keep and bear arms – was adopted to protect slavery. He first proposed this in a 1998 law review article and trotted it out again in a recent New York Times op-ed.


Time for a History Lesson About Gun Control :: 06/23/2018

Advocates of “commonsense gun safety” measures have been promoting two major objectives.  One is universal background checks, about which the National Institute of Justice wrote “effectiveness depends on . . . requiring gun registration.”  Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) just introduced a bill in Congress that would do just that – create a national registry of all firearm owners.


Another Day, Another Prohibited Person Stockpiling Guns :: 06/22/2018

Gun control advocates swear that gun control works. Of course, if they acknowledged gun control didn’t work, they probably wouldn’t be advocating for restrictions on people’s gun rights in the first place.


Antis Descend Into Anger Because They Can't Win On Facts :: 06/22/2018

USA – -( There is a generational amnesia that we must overcome. For example, if one was born too late to remember the multiple affairs of John F. Kennedy (JFK), one must study history to know about them, and that they took place in the White House, during his presidency.


A Treatise to ATF Regarding 'Bump Stocks' :: 06/22/2018

I would like to present some of the reasons why I do not agree with your plan to classify bump-fire stocks as machine guns (ATF 2017R-22, Bump Stock Type Devices). A condensed version of your argument is found in the following quote from ATF 2017R-22 (I will be placing such verbatim quotes between *** and *** to make it easier to find in case my formatting is deleted):


Can I buy a gun if I have a juvenile record in Pennsylvania? :: 06/22/2018

Most people do not realize it, but there are many juvenile adjudications which make it a crime for an adult to possess or attempt to purchase a gun.


Has the U.S. Constitution Lost Its Meaning? A Debate :: 06/22/2018

Should the U.S. Constitution be interpreted and applied according to the original meaning of its text?


Pennsylvania House Rep (Bernstine) Tries To Bury Anti-Gun Bills :: 06/22/2018

As gun control seems to be worming its way through the legislative process up in Pennsylvania, it sounds like a foregone conclusion that these bills will become law. Even the supposedly pro-gun GOP in the state seems to be embracing the bills.


Anti-Gun Group Makes Dumbest Comment About Armed Teachers Yet :: 06/21/2018

I get that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of armed teachers. I mean, I had a teacher who had a hair temper and, years later, a murder trial of his very own. I’ve often wondered how many of us would have survived if he’d had a firearm on hand. After all, teenagers can be real punks, and we weren’t much different, unfortunately.


Facts, Emotions and the Ongoing Gun Debate :: 06/21/2018

After every school shooting, mass shooting or terrorist event, there will always be the unavoidable altercation of ideologies. It is unavoidable. The impassioned argument between Second Amendment supporters and gun-control advocates will never end. The two sides are discussing two totally different things. A dispute can never be settled if neither party agrees on the actual subject of that dispute.


Michael Bloomberg coughs up 80 million dollars to help Democrats take over House :: 06/21/2018

In a bid to flip the polarity of the lower chamber of Congress, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is reportedly ready to fork out a lot of money.


Most shooters don't have mental illness, get guns legally :: 06/21/2018

As mass shootings filter in and out of the news cycle at an almost dizzying pace with each new tragedy, the FBI has continued to probe why these atrocities continue and what can be done to stop them. 


Oregon gun control ballot initiatives are imploding :: 06/21/2018

Backers of a mandatory gun storage referendum are throwing in the towel on their campaign while a second, to ban “assault weapons,” is under pressure to qualify for the ballot.


Ten Years After Heller, Anti-Gunners Work to Erase 2A :: 06/21/2018

When American gun owners celebrate the tenth anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court Second Amendment ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller next Tuesday, that loud fingernails-on-a-blackboard sound will be coming from the headquarters of gun prohibition lobbying organizations currently using money as a weapon to erase the right of individual citizens to keep and bear arms.


Civilians Stop Mass Murder- the real news you didn’t see :: 06/20/2018

I research news stories of civilian self-defense. These important events receive relatively little media coverage. We had some important cases in just the last few weeks. I’ll give you the details, but first let me explain why these stories are important to understand.


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