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PA Bill Number: SB531

Title: In general provisions, providing for findings regarding firearms and ammunition; and, in preemptions, providing for regulation of firearms and ...

Description: In general provisions, providing for findings regarding firearms and ammunition; and, in preemptions, providing for regulation of firearms a ...

Last Action: Removed from table

Last Action Date: Jul 15, 2020

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FOAC Monthly Meeting - 10/11/2020
South Fayette Township Municipal Bldg. 515 Millers Run Road, Morgan, PA

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A Closer Look At The Anti-Gun Activism of Kamala Harris :: 08/13/2020

Long before she was Joe Biden’s running mate or a Senator from California, Kamala Harris was doing everything in her power to limit the Second Amendment rights of the state’s residents. On today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co, I sit down with Rick Tyler, the director of development for the California Rifle & Pistol Association, for a closer look at the longtime anti-gun activism of the new face of the Democratic Party.


With Philly Violence Lack Of Urgency A Good Thing :: 08/13/2020

Philadelphia is one of a plethora of American cities that have seen an influx of violence in recent months. That’s not really surprising. While it may be called “The City of Brotherly Love,” that love tends to be more of the abusive kind than anything else.


With Violence And Unrest Soaring, Support For Gun Control Plummets :: 08/13/2020

Actually, this is only shocking to gun control advocates, who I’m sure are stunned that Americans aren’t responding to looting, riots, and skyrocketing violent crime by demanding a ban on scary black guns and waiting periods for gun purchases. For the rest of us, it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that as violent crime (including both politically-motivated violence and street crime) is on the upswing, Americans don’t find the idea of more gun control laws nearly as compelling as they did just a few months ago.


Yes, Gun Rights Actually ARE Human Rights :: 08/13/2020

Gun rights are human rights. This is something that we’ve said over and over again.


Bad News For Universal Background Check Supporters :: 08/12/2020

Universal background checks for firearm transfers is one of the most popular gun control agenda items, at least as far as public polling goes. Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support requiring background checks for private transfers of firearms (commercial firearms transactions are already subject to background checks), and UBC laws are a top priority for gun control activists around the country; not because they’re effective, but precisely because they tend to garner a lot of support in polls.


John Lott: Chicago's crime problem - this is real reason behind it that city's Dem mayor will never admit :: 08/12/2020

“Let’s be clear: We are coming to get you,” Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot warned on Monday morning, after riots that night had caused more than $60 million in damage to Chicago’s upscale Magnificent Mile and left 13 police officer injured. “We are already at work in finding you, and we intend to hold you accountable for your actions.”


Myths the Media Perpetuate About Gun Control :: 08/12/2020

The push to disarm Americans, such as Pamela and Mark McCloskey of St. Louis, stems from the belief that disarming the public will make us safer. But those beliefs arise from myths perpetrated by the media.


NYTimes Blames American Guns For British Crime :: 08/12/2020

Amidst a sharp increase in shootings and violent crime in England, the New York Times believes its found the culprit: American guns that are being smuggled in to the island nation where guns are banned. In a new story entitled “How American Guns Are Fueling U.K. Crime,” the paper pins the blame for the United Kingdom’s increasing crime rate on our Second Amendment, though eventually the authors reluctantly acknowledge that most illicit firearms seized in the U.K. come from Europe, not American soil.


Government Cameras Hidden on Private Property? Welcome to Open Fields :: 08/11/2020

Seated at his kitchen table, finishing off the remains of a Saturday breakfast, Hunter Hollingsworth’s world was rocked by footsteps on his front porch and pounding at the door, punctuated by an aggressive order: “Open up or we’ll kick the door down.”


Kamala Harris Doesn't Think You Have The Right To Own A Gun :: 08/11/2020

We knew that Joe Biden’s vice-presidential pick wasn’t going to be an NRA member or a Second Amendment supporter, but that doesn’t mean he had to pick someone who actually argued in 2008 that Washington, D.C.’s ban on handguns didn’t violate the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.


Political Pressure to Persecute McCloskys Gun Charges, Details of Gate Entry :: 08/11/2020

Screen shot from video, just as the gate is being opened by lead agitators of the mob of protestors. In this screen shot , the gate is about a foot open, likely no more than a half second after the latch was jimmied.


Why Chicago's Mayor Blames Her City's Murders on Wisconsin and Indiana :: 08/11/2020

It is now well known that the City of Chicago and Illinois overall have adopted stringent gun control laws over the years. Thus, the pro–gun control Giffords Center gives the state of Illinois a lofty "A-" on its "annual gun scorecard." 


Brady's Fearmongering On Suppressors Beyond Ridiculous :: 08/10/2020

Anti-gunners often like to present themselves to people as something of experts on firearms. In truth, they’re experts in telling people how bad guns are, regardless of anything approaching facts. In truth, they often get actual facts about firearms hilariously wrong. These so-called “experts” don’t really know anything at all about guns as a whole.


In defund police cities with rising crime, getting a gun no easy task: Near-impossible to get a permit :: 08/10/2020

As crime spikes in many cities and calls to defund the police rise, so too has the demand for guns -- yet while these trends widely are seen as related, it remains difficult or time-consuming in many of these same places to get a firearm.


Over Half A Million Incorrect Absentee Ballots Sent Out In This Key Swing State :: 08/10/2020

(Liberty Bell) – According to a non-profit group, over half a million incorrect applications for absentee ballots were mistakenly sent out across Virginia this week.


Black Lives Matter Leader Makes A Declaration Of War Against The Police, Says They Are Developing A Special Forces :: 08/09/2020

The Greater New York chapter of Black Lives Matter chairman, Hawk Newsome, said that he is “mobilizing” and the goal is to  to create a highly-trained “military” arm to go toe to toe with the police, The Daily Mail reported.


Study Finds Religion Shapes Gun Ownership :: 08/09/2020

If you asked a hundred people on the streets if religion somehow impacted gun ownership, I suspect the majority would say it did. If pressed, most would conclude that religion often shapes people’s conservative views, which also includes gun ownership.


The Never-Ending War over Gun Statistics :: 08/09/2020

The debate over gun control is in part a debate about fundamental rights, the things that a government should never deny to the citizens to whom it is supposed to be subordinate. Plenty of us conservatives would never surrender our right to keep and bear arms on that principle alone.


A Delaware County man who shot and killed his neighbor tells victim’s family: I had no choice :: 08/08/2020

A Delaware County man who killed his neighbor during a dispute on his front lawn last summer was sentenced Friday to 23 months of supervised release after spending nine months in jail.


The Long, Hot Summer of 1967: A Forgotten Season of Riots and Urban Unrest Across America :: 08/08/2020

The Book of Ecclesiastes says that there is nothing new under the sun. And while many have spoken of the “unprecedented” nature of the rioting in the early summer of 2020, it is actually quite precedented.


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