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Ana Navarro loses it over facts that hurt anti-gun narrative :: 06/10/2022

Ana Navarro is supposedly a Republican, though I’ve seen no evidence of that since she started working regularly on television. In fact, she’s routinely spouting the same left-leaning dogma you’d expect out of someone who works for CNN.

The latest example was her outburst Tuesday where she basically demanded gun control in the face of actual facts that went against the anti-gun narrative.

During Tuesday’s episode of CNN Tonight, guest panelist Ana Navarro lost it when The Dispatch editor-in-chief Jonah Goldberg tried to put America’s recent mass shootings into “perspective.”

After Goldberg cited accurate school shooting statistics and asserted that we shouldn’t be trying to “paralyze” American parents “with fear” over their children’s safety, Navarro yelled at the conservative commentator and accused him of turning children’s deaths into a “statistic.”

She then urged viewers to get their “a—es in gear” and “call your senators” so that they can change gun laws.

What did Goldberg say that was so awful? He dared to put some things in perspective.

Goldberg admitted he agreed with “Everything [McConaughey] said” but clarified, “if we’re going to start telling people that they should be scared that this could happen to them, we should at least put some of this in perspective.” Goldberg then delivered a controversial statistic, “There are about 54 million kids who go to K-12 in America. In the last 29 years, 170 kids have been killed in school shootings.”

He provided one more point so that his fellow panelists might understand. “If we’re going to tell people they should be terrified about their kids being dropped off at school, we should remind them their kids are more in danger on the drive to school, statistically, than they are at the school.”

Unsurprisingly, Navarro took issue with that, saying we can’t boil children down to statistics.

And, to be fair, she’s not entirely wrong there. Each child is important to someone. You can’t tell me my kid is just a statistic, after all.

Yet we also need to be realistic and recognize that the fear is overblown in a lot of ways.

After all, most people will never be touched directly by this kind of violence. You’re unlikely to know someone who was killed in any mass shooting. That’s just a simple fact.

For people like Navarro, though, you can’t say that.

In the back and forth with Goldberg, Navarro kept pushing the idea that we need gun control as if that’s the only possible solution. However, she also refused to recognize that people have basically been led to believe that this is a crisis and that it’s really only a matter of time before their child is gunned down during recess.

That’s simply not true, as Goldberg was pointing out.

However, Goldberg was also pointing out some facts that don’t exactly help the anti-gun narrative. That narrative depends on raw emotion, raw fear, so that people will demand action from lawmakers who will, in turn, be too afraid to not pass gun control.

So, she took issue with someone trying to point out that such a level of fear is unwarranted.

Frankly, if you didn’t realize Navarro is a hack, this probably should lay that to rest.