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PA Bill Number: SB1156

Title: In child protective services, further providing for definitions, for disposition and expunction of unfounded reports and general protective services ...

Description: In child protective services, further providing for definitions, for disposition and expunction of unfounded reports and general protective ...

Last Action: Laid on the table

Last Action Date: May 24, 2016

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"We repose an unwise confidence in any government, or in any men, when we invest them officially with too much, or an unnecessary quantity of, discretionary power." - Thomas Paine, Serious Address to the People of Philadelphia, 1778

Shotspotter: An Amazing Big Data Use Case To Tackle Gun Crime :: 05/23/2016

One of the most interesting and positive uses I have seen of Big Data and analytics technology is ShotSpotter.


Sessions warns of historic Clinton attack on gun rights :: 05/23/2016

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions said the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms would become nearly extinct if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.


Negroes and the Gun :: 05/23/2016

Harriet Tubman will soon be gracing our twenty dollar bill. Most of us know only one image of her. It's an iconic image taken later in her life in which her hair's covered in a dark cloth and she has a stern expression.


New York man admits paying others to buy Pennsylvania guns :: 05/23/2016

PITTSBURGH (AP) _ A man has pleaded guilty to paying people to buy guns that were then smuggled to New York and sold on the street.


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Mossberg sues 12 companies over trigger patent :: 05/23/2016

Connecticut gun maker O.F. Mossberg & Sons sued 12 separate companies last week over alleged infringements of a patented trigger design.


Former owner of Stag Arms and the company fined and sentenced for machine gun violations :: 05/18/2016

BRIDGEPORT–The former owner of Stag Arms, as well as the company itself, has been sentenced and fined after pleading guilty to possession of a machine gun not registered to the company and failure to maintain firearm records.


Wisconsin court overturns conviction of AR-15 rifle-toting man :: 05/18/2016

MADISON, Wis. — A man who was walking near a school with a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle on his shoulder and a handgun in a holster had his loitering conviction overturned Tuesday by a Wisconsin appeals court, a victory for open carry advocates.


U.S. judge strikes down D.C. concealed-carry gun law as probably unconstitutional :: 05/17/2016

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that a key provision of the District’s new gun law is probably unconstitutional, ordering D.C. police to stop requiring individuals to show “good reason” to obtain a permit to carry a firearm on the streets of the nation’s capital.


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Georgia Self-Defense: Home Intruder Dead Wrong for Targeting Wheelchair-Bound Veteran :: 05/23/2016

If 22-year-old Andre Smith thought he had found an easy target in 69-year-old Eddie Frank Smith, he was dead wrong.


North Carolina Self-Defense: Man Shoots, Kills Home Invader Who Failed To Heed Warning :: 05/23/2016

A Wilson, North Carolina homeowner shot and killed a man whom he says was trying to kick in the door to his home. The homeowner says that he warned the man, but was forced to fire as the intruder continued trying to force his way into the home.


Florida Self-Defense: Armed Robber Shot in Twilight Zone Parking Lot :: 05/23/2016

Alleged armed robber Tyler Ray Howell, 19, of Ocala, FL learned a valuable lesson in the Twilight Zone parking lot late Wednesday night.


New Mexico Self-Defense: After Felon Shoots Drug Dealer, Armed Citizens Hold him for Police :: 05/21/2016

An Albuquerque drug deal went south between a convicted felon and a drug dealer, the felon pulled out a gun and shot several rounds at the other man and innocent people nearby.


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