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PA Bill Number: SB1261

Title: Establishing the School Mental Health Screening Grant and Development Program; and making appropriations.

Description: Establishing the School Mental Health Screening Grant and Development Program; and making appropriations. ...

Last Action: Referred to EDUCATION

Last Action Date: Jun 18, 2024

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Defense Stories

Ohio Self-Defense: Ohio man shoots intruder assaulting homeowner during attempted break-in, police say :: 05/29/2022

Two Ohio homeowners shot an intruder who attempted a home invasion and assaulted the residents on Saturday, police say.


West Virginia Self-Defense: Police: Woman with pistol killed man who shot at crowd of people in Charleston :: 05/26/2022

UPDATED: 8:30 a.m., 5/26/22


California Self-Defense: Jewelry store employees fight off smash-and-grab robbers in Huntington Beach :: 05/23/2022

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - Employees at a Huntington Beach jewelry store fought back against smash-and-grab robbers Sunday.


Florida Self-Defense: Nearly 70-year-old Orange County woman recounts shooting, killing intruder :: 05/23/2022

An Orange County woman recounted her horrifying experience of shooting an intruder that broke into her home on Sunday.


California Self-Defense: LA homeowner shoots, kills armed burglar after he and his wife hear footsteps overnight :: 05/22/2022

A Los Angeles area homeowner took matters into his own hands to defend himself and his wife early Saturday when authorities say he shot and killed one of two suspected burglars who broke into their home overnight.


New York Self-Defense: NYC paramedic shot inside ambulance after man pulls gun on way to hospital :: 05/21/2022

A paramedic in New York City was shot inside an ambulance by a man he was transporting to a hospital, but two good Samaritans quickly intervened to apprehend the fleeing suspect. 


Georgia Self-Defense: Woman shoots man allegedly impersonating officer, claims self-defense :: 05/16/2022

ATLANTA (WGCL/Gray News) - Police in Georgia are investigating after a man was shot several times Sunday by a woman claiming she was being followed.


Pennsylvania Self Defense: Philly armed robber shot and killed by his intended target :: 05/12/2022

A Philadelphia man made a fatal mistake on Wednesday night when he decided to target a stranger on a city street as his next robbery victim. As it turns out, that man was armed as well, and according to police he shot and killed the would-be robber in self-defense.


Georgia Self Defese: Naked Middle Georgia man tackled woman off lawn mower before her husband shot him, deputies say :: 05/07/2022

BIBB COUNTY, Ga. - The Bibb County Sheriff's Office said a man was shot and killed when he attacked a woman seemingly unprovoked — and naked.


Georgia Self-Defense: Bibb deputies investigate naked man shot, killed after attacking Lizella woman on riding mower :: 05/05/2022

LIZELLA, Ga. — Bibb deputies are investigating after a man was shot and killed at a home on Trophy Place Thursday evening.


Georgia Self-Defense: Man Allegedly Tries to Take Officer's Gun, Gets Shot Dead :: 05/05/2022

A man in Atlanta’s Buckhead community allegedly tried to take an officer’s gun Wednesday afternoon around 3 p.m. and was shot dead.


Michigan Self-Defense: Man shoots, kills alleged intruder in Clare County :: 05/05/2022

CLARE, MI — Police are investigating the fatal shooting of an alleged intruder in Clare County.


Washington Self-Defense: Tacoma hotel employee shoots man who threatened 3 employees with a knife :: 05/04/2022

TACOMA — A hotel employee shot a man who was threatening three employees with a weapon Tuesday night in Pierce County.


Texas Self-Defense: Argument over truck ends in shooting death in Liberty County :: 05/02/2022

LIBERTY COUNTY - 32-year-old Christopher Aaron Jorgensen died Sunday, May 1st, after being shot during an alleged argument with his neighbor, 54-year-old Edwin Thomas Baty. 


Indiana Self-Defense: IMPD: Resident shoots suspected burglar on east side :: 05/01/2022

INDIANAPOLIS — Police on Indy’s east side say a burglary ended with one of the suspects shot by the homeowner.


Texas Self-Defense: Texas mom shoots man dead after he broke into home with her children inside :: 05/01/2022

A Texas mother fatally shot a man who broke into her San Antonio home while her children were inside, Police announced Friday.


Pennsylvania Self-Defense: A man who was being robbed by two Norristown teens killed them in self-defense, prosecutors said :: 04/30/2022

Two Norristown teens who attempted to rob a man late Friday died after their intended victim shot them with a gun he was licensed to carry, prosecutors said Saturday.


Texas Self-Defense: Woman fatally shoots man who broke into Southeast Side home with kids inside, police say :: 04/29/2022

A woman fatally shot a man who broke into her Southeast Side home on Thursday night, according to San Antonio police.


Florida Self-Defense: Concealed Carrier Fatally Shoots One of Three Men Beating Him; Ruled Self-Defense Thanks to Video :: 04/26/2022

The following incident took place on Feb. 28th outside of a Tampa, FL restaurant. Thanks to security cameras, investigators were able to corroborate the victim’s story and rule the shooting justified.


Texas Self Defense: Carjacking suspect shot during robbery at North Side gas station :: 04/26/2022

A man suspected of carjacking was shot by the vehicle’s owner at a gas station on the North Side, San Antonio police said.


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