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PA Bill Number: SB135

Title: In hunting and furtaking, further providing for dogs pursuing, injuring or killing big game.

Description: In hunting and furtaking, further providing for dogs pursuing, injuring or killing big game. ...

Last Action: Second consideration

Last Action Date: Jul 17, 2017

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FOAC Monthly Meeting - August - 2017 - 08/13/2017
South Fayette Township Municipal Bldg. 515 Millers Run Road, Morgan, PA

Concealed Carry Seminar - 51st House District - Rep. Matt Dowling - 09/23/2017
Meyersdale Community Center 215 Main St., Meyersdale, PA

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Legal News

She Persisted - Gun Owner Fights Unlawful "No Return" Gun Policy :: 07/21/2017

On July 17, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit confirmed that law enforcement officials in New York acted unlawfully with respect to guns confiscated from a Nassau County woman in 2012.  


Supreme Court Asked to Review Maryland's Gun Ban :: 07/21/2017

Fairfax, Va.— A group of Maryland citizens, with the support of the National Rifle Association, filed a petition to the United States Supreme Court on Friday seeking to reverse a Court of Appeals ruling that stripped some of America’s most popular rifles of Second Amendment protection. The 4th Circuit ruling in the case Kolbe v. Hogan is a direct contradiction of the Supreme Court’s 2008 decision, District of Columbia v. Heller, which re-affirmed American citizens’ right to self-defense.


Federal appeals court upholds Taurus settlement over defective pistols :: 07/19/2017

A federal appeals court upheld a $30 million settlement over defective Taurus pistols in a decision filed last month.


Judge Tells Marine to Choose Between 2A Rights And Fostering Grandson :: 07/19/2017

On Monday, the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) filed a lawsuit against Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) for impeding on foster and adoptive parents’ Second Amendment rights.


Michigan couples sue state to protect gun rights of foster, adoptive parents :: 07/18/2017

Two Michigan couples who wanted to adopt were told they would “have to give up some of your constitutional rights” have taken the matter to federal court.


Court says lawsuit can proceed against gun shop, retailer :: 07/13/2017

An Oregon court ruled that a case filed by the survivors of a woman against the gun dealers who sold her murder weapon to a straw purchaser can move forward.


Judge allows lawsuit to move forward against Oregon gun dealer :: 07/12/2017

Portland, Ore. – A lawsuit filed against an Oregon Coast gun dealer is moving forward after a Multnomah County judge denied the dealer’s motions to dismiss.


Florida open carry ban appealed to U.S. Supreme Court :: 07/11/2017

A challenge to the Florida law preventing the carry of firearms openly was filed with the nation’s high court this week.


Court dismisses Texas professors attempt to block campus carry :: 07/10/2017

A federal judge last week refused a lawsuit by three University of Texas professors who do not want legal concealed carry in their classes.


Third Circuit Holds That Recording Police In Public Is Protected By The First Amendment :: 07/07/2017

Today, in Fields v. City of Philadelphia, et al., the Third Circuit Court of Appeals joined five other circuit courts in holding that the 1st Amendment protects the public recording of police officers.


Pennsylvania: Goslin Decision Applied: Charges against man who brought Glock to school are tossed :: 07/06/2017

MEDIA COURTHOUSE >> Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan has withdrawn charges against a personal-care aide who brought a firearm to the Drexel Hill Middle School in March.


Rockland man in wheelchair won't be prosecuted for shooting burglar :: 07/06/2017

The state will not prosecute a 69-year-old Rockland man who shot an intruder in his home nearly two years ago, in a case that became a flash point for gun-rights advocates.


Florida judge rebuffs recent change to 'stand your ground' hearings :: 07/05/2017

A Miami-Dade Circuit Court last week said the state legislature went too far to change procedures in some justifiable use of force cases.


Florida's 'stand your ground' law ruled unconstitutional by judge :: 07/04/2017

A judge in Florida ruled Monday that the state's updated "stand your ground" law, which required prosecutors to disprove a defendant's self-defense case at pretrial hearings, is unconstitutional, setting up a showdown that could make its way to the state's top court. 


Texan fights Massachusetts for 2nd Amendment rights :: 07/03/2017

A Texas man who was convicted of a series of weapons charges while a law student in Massachusetts is taking aim at the state’s gun licensing demands in a Hail Mary appeal that the Supreme Judicial Court has agreed to hear.


California's Gun Control Efforts Suffer 2 Legal Setbacks :: 06/30/2017

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California's efforts to strengthen what already are some of the nation's strictest gun laws took two blows this week, the latest coming when a federal judge blocked a law set to take effect Saturday that would have barred gun owners from possessing high-capacity ammunition magazines.


Judge blocks California's high-capacity magazine ban :: 06/29/2017

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A federal judge on Thursday blocked a California law set to take effect Saturday that would have barred gun owners from possessing high-capacity ammunition magazines.


Judge dismisses personal injury case against Glock :: 06/28/2017

A federal judge dismissed a personal injury lawsuit against Glock last week after both parties settled the matter out of court.


Disfavored Right? - SCOTUS Denies California Carry Case :: 06/27/2017

The U.S. Supreme Court has once again avoided an opportunity to rule on whether the Second Amendment protects a right to bear arms outside the home, with Justice Clarence Thomas, joined by Justice Neil Gorsuch, writing a blistering dissent.


Supreme Court agrees non-violent misdemeanor crimes may not strip 2A rights :: 06/27/2017

The nation’s high court on Monday let stand a ruling against the government in the combined cases of two men blocked from gun possession after run-ins that resulted in convictions for non-serious crimes.


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