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PA Bill Number: HB55

Title: A Joint Resolution proposing separate and distinct amendments to the Constitution of Pennsylvania, in declaration of rights, providing for ...

Description: A Joint Resolution proposing separate and distinct amendments to the Constitution of Pennsylvania, in declaration of rights, providing for ...

Last Action: Laid on the table

Last Action Date: Jan 13, 2021

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Legal News

Charges On Hold For Anti-Trump Protester Arrested With Gun In D.C. :: 01/13/2021

A Michigan resident arrested in Washington, D.C. last week on charges of illegal possession of a handgun, extended ammunition magazine, and unregistered ammunition has caught a break from D.C. prosecutors, who say they’ve decided “for now” to not pursue charges in the case.


NY Judge Says Mossberg Shockwave Not A Firearm Under State Law :: 01/11/2021

William Nolan is a retired New York Police Department detective who was arrested in December of 2018 for possession of unlicensed weapons; two Mossberg Shockwaves and a stun gun. Nolan was facing the prospect of 15 years in state prison, and prosecutors were intent on taking the case to trial (for reasons we’ll detail later).


Ohio High Court Upholds Ban on Gun Possession While Drunk :: 12/24/2020

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CN) — A 1974 Ohio law that criminalizes possession of a firearm while intoxicated does not violate the Second Amendment and can be enforced against citizens in their own homes, a divided state high court ruled Wednesday.


Smith & Wesson Sue New Jersey’s Anti-Gun Attorney General Grewal :: 12/23/2020

-( New Jersey's tyrannical Attorney General, Gurbir Grewal, is adding to his dubious list of anti-Second Amendment activism.  On 15 December 2020, Smith & Wesson sued Grewal, asking for relief, for using his office to violate the First Amendment, Second Amendment, as well as the Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment protections of the U.S. Constitution.


Rights Groups Sue New Mexico Gov., Challenging Emergency Order :: 12/19/2020

BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association and Firearms Policy Coalition today filed a federal lawsuit against New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, challenging her order mandating the closure of lawful retail firearms businesses during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


Utah woman sues to get Second Amendment rights back :: 12/19/2020

WASATCH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A Wasatch County woman is suing the state to get her gun rights back.


Gun Company Accuses NJ Dem Officials of Violating Constitution :: 12/18/2020

Firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson is suing New Jersey for going on an ”unconstitutional fishing expedition” to curtail gun rights with false advertising claims. 


NRA Asks SCOTUS To Take Challenge To New York Carry Laws :: 12/18/2020

The National Rifle Association announced on Thursday that it’s seeking Supreme Court review of a challenge to New York’s carry laws; a case that could soon present the nine justices with an opportunity to weigh in on the right to bear arms, not just to keeping them, as previous SCOTUS decisions have done.


SCOTUS Turns Away Felon Gun Possession Case :: 12/14/2020

The Supreme Court rejected an appeal without comment on Monday in the case of Israel Torres, an Arizona man who was hoping that he’d find at least four justices willing to hear his challenge to the federal prohibition on gun ownership for those convicted of felony offenses.


Firearms Policy Coalition Files Supreme Court Cert Petition in 2A Case :: 12/05/2020

U.S.A.-( Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced the filing of a petition for certiorari asking the United States Supreme Court to hear the case Holloway v. Barr.


Ninth Circuit: LAPD Officer Can Be Sued For Destroying Gun Collection :: 12/05/2020

A former police officer in Glendale, California has been given the green light in his quest to sue the city of Los Angeles as well as individual police officers who melted down hundreds of firearms from his private collection after they were seized in a criminal investigation.


Gun Rights Groups Challenge Maryland Gun Ban In Federal Court :: 12/02/2020

BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and its sister organization, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the state of Maryland’s ban on common semiautomatic rifles.


NRA Sues New Jersey Over Concealed Carry Law :: 12/02/2020

Fairfax, Va. - The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action and the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, which is NRA’s affiliate in New Jersey, filed a lawsuit today against the state of New Jersey for a restrictive law that essentially denies law-abiding gun owners the right to a concealed carry permit. 


PA Sheriff Sued Over Concealed Carry Delays :: 12/01/2020

There’s already a four month wait in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania for those residents hoping to obtain a concealed carry license, but those delays are likely to grow even longer now that the sheriff has shut down the office to the public, preventing anyone from applying for their license to carry until further notice.


Philly Heads To Court Over COVID-19 Carry Permit Holdups :: 11/26/2020

Far too many jurisdictions seemed to look at COVID-19 as a blessing. Suddenly, they figured they had an excuse not to issue carry permits anymore or, at a minimum, to delay the ever-loving crap out of them. One such jurisdiction was Philadelphia.


Turley: Third Circuit decision on 2nd Amendment "perfectly tailored" for Supreme Court after Barrett confirmation :: 11/26/2020

The Supreme Court has become notoriously skittish about Second Amendment cases in the years after Heller. That may change now after a Third Circuit ruling upheld a ban on firearm ownership for felons, even those convicted of non-violent crimes. In a 2-1 decision, the court ruled that a tax-evasion conviction was sufficient for a lifetime removal of Second Amendment rights:


Ohio Court Strikes Down Cincinnati's Bump Stock Ban :: 11/25/2020

Cincinnati’s ban on “trigger activators” like bump stocks, originally approved by city officials in April of 2018, is unconstitutional according to the state’s First Appellate Court. The decision, handed down on Wednesday, is a blow to anti-gun activists in the Buckeye State who cheered when the mayor signed the ordinance making possession of the devices a misdemeanor crime in the city.


Maryland’s "May Issue" Carry Laws Subject Of New Court Case :: 11/14/2020

The restrictive and subjective laws that govern the bearing of arms in Maryland and coming under new legal scrutiny thanks to federal litigation filed on Friday by a coalition of Second Amendment groups challenging the policies as infringements on our constitutional rights.


FPC and SAF Challenge New York City Handgun Carry Ban :: 11/06/2020

Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) announced the filing of a new federal Second Amendment lawsuit that seeks to make it possible for all law-abiding people to carry a loaded handgun on their person in public self-defense in and around New York City. The case, Greco v. City of New York, can be viewed at


Gun Rights Groups Challenge Restrictive NJ Carry Laws in Federal Lawsuit :: 11/05/2020

Three gun rights organizations filed a federal lawsuit Monday challenging carry laws in the state of New Jersey in a case that could have far-reaching ramifications.


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