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PA Bill Number: HB785

Title: In minors, providing for the offense of access to firearms by minors; and imposing penalties.

Description: In minors, providing for the offense of access to firearms by minors; and imposing penalties. ...

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Last Action Date: Mar 5, 2021

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From the Dark Side: Gun Carry and Ownership Linked to Heavy Alcohol Use. Or Not. :: 06/17/2011

Another day, another biased Violence Policy Center (VPC) report/study . Yesterday, a supposedly desperate firearms industry was militarizing the "most impressionable and ill-equipped to function in a complex society ." Today, it's a UC Davis study, which appears online in the journal Injury Prevention . Methodologically speaking, gun control crusader Garen J. Wintemute "analyzed telephone survey results for more than 15,000 people in eight states" and concluded that "The highest levels of alcohol abuse were reported by gun owners who engaged in dangerous behavior with their weapons.


From the Dark Side: Violence Policy Center apparently blames 'gun violence' on free enterprise :: 06/17/2011

Violence Policy Center (VPC) executive director Josh Sugarmann would like to convince the public that "militarization" of the gun industry is responsible for gun violence, particularly in Mexico. As National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea points out , Sugarmann goes so far as to dismiss "Project Gunwalker" as "alleged failures" on the part of the Justice Department. Sugarmann, in fact, claims that this "militarization" is "the major force driving criminal cross-border gun trafficking from the U.S. to Mexico." From the Huffington Post :


Back Door Gun Control and Fighting Back :: 06/17/2011

Back door gun control is the phenomena where an entity will enact a law that indirectly affects your right to keep and bear arms. It's easier to pass legislation that harms Second Amendment rights when it does not directly require the citizen to surrender a gun.


Anti-gun Weiner was anti-gun Schumer's protégé :: 06/17/2011

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner , who today stepped down from his job representing New York's 9th District, was a protégé of anti-gun Senator Charles Schumer , who used to hold that very congressional seat, and was once Weiner's boss.


EXCLUSIVE: Patrol Rifles Good/Assault Rifles Bad? :: 06/17/2011

By David Codrea


Gun-Running Sting Blows Up: House Hearings on ATF's Fast and Furious :: 06/16/2011

For months, a mystery has engulfed the U.S. southern border and Mexico -what suddenly caused federal agents to abandon years of practice and knowingly let suspected straw buyers for Mexican drug gangs walk off with semiautomatic weapons from American gun shops?


NRA and its NH State Affiliate (GO-NH) kill Constitutional Carry :: 06/16/2011

[Posted Wednesday, June 15, 2011, at 11:30 p.m.] The Constitutional Carry movement is spreading across the country. It's the right to carry a concealed handgun without a government-issued license or permit - as in Wyoming (2011), Arizona (2010), Alaska (2003), and Vermont (1903)(!).


Agents Resisted Weapons Tracking :: 06/16/2011

Federal agents battled their supervisors to stop a government program that kept illicit guns in circulation to trace them to weapons traffickers, a new congressional report shows.


Darrell Issa, Department of Justice feud heats up :: 06/16/2011

The Obama administration and Rep. Darrell Issa seem to be headed for their biggest showdown yet as the House oversight committee chief prepares for a Wednesday hearing into an undercover, federal gunrunning investigation that lost track of weapons later found at the scene of a Border Patrol agent's murder in Arizona.


More than guns: 'Gunwalker' tests very legitimacy of administration's governance :: 06/16/2011

This afternoon, Congressman Darrel Issa (R-CA), as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, holds the first Congressional hearing devoted specifically to the growing scandal of "Project Gunwalker." As National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea explains , this hearing is merely the beginning, with a second already scheduled for Wednesday , and more in the works .


Report: 70% of arms seized in Mexico come from U.S. :: 06/16/2011

MEXICO CITY - About 70 percent of the guns seized in Mexico and submitted to a U.S. gun-tracing program came from the United States, according to a report released by three U.S. senators Monday.


Rep. Issa: ATF Program Was a Mistake. "Internet conspiracy theories. . . not without some possibility." :: 06/16/2011

(See Video Here )


Dems circle wagons on Gunrunner, float perennial gun ban agenda :: 06/16/2011

Before the dust settled on yesterday's opening hearing on the controversial Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious scandal now plaguing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Democrats were already busy with their defense strategy, which once again demonizes American gun owners and their constitutional rights.


Committee Report -- "The Department of Justice's Operation Fast and Furious: Accounts of ATF Agents" with promises of future reports. :: 06/16/2011

Highlights of the report include:


SWAT Team Mania: The War Against the American Citizen :: 06/16/2011

The militarization of American police--no doubt a blowback effect of the military empire--has become an unfortunate part of American life. In fact, it says something about our reliance on the military that federal agencies having nothing whatsoever to do with national defense now see the need for their own paramilitary units. Among those federal agencies laying claim to their own law enforcement divisions are the State Department, Department of Education, Department of Energy, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service, to name just a few.


The New Powers the FBI Just Granted Itself :: 06/16/2011

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has rewritten its own operations manual , giving its agents more autonomy than ever to conduct low-level searches without a paper trail. As The New York Times reported today, there's no court decision or change in privacy laws governing the bureau's search techniques. Rather, the 2011 update to the 2008 Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide changes the bureau's own guidelines. But some of the new powers trouble privacy activists even though they're perfectly legal.


A Request To All Current/Former NCOs And Other Small Unit Leaders :: 06/16/2011

If you are willing to share your responses to the following scenario, please send your responses to wrsa& .


N.Y. State College Students Need Gun Rights, Too :: 06/16/2011

A University of Buffalo student makes the case for campus gun rights


NH ranks on top of freest states -- It's truly the Live Free or Die state. :: 06/16/2011

A study by the Mercatus Institute, a libertarian think tank, found New Hampshire is the freest state in the nation. The study, which was released yesterday, determined the Granite State had the least number of government restrictions on economic and personal freedoms, including gun ownership.


Final Briefs Filed in Firearms Freedom Act Lawsuit :: 06/16/2011

Missoula, MT --( )- The last briefs of those supporting our side of MSSA v. Holder have been filed with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


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