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PA Bill Number: HB2291

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for limitation on the regulation of firearms and ammunition; and, in home rule and ...

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for limitation on the regulation of firearms and ammunition; and, in home rule and ... ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Feb 18, 2020

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Latest News

Texas Gun Show Comes to an abrupt end. :: 01/09/2014

Please read. Unlike our AG, Kathleen Kane, the Texas AG is preparing to restore this Gun Show. How did she sneak into Pennsylvania's AG seat anyway? Oops, I forgot. Nobody likes to hear that we are own worst enemy, but 20% voter turnouts just don't get it done.


Guns Save Lives :: 01/09/2014

We hope that, embedded in this video, you find truths that we've been preaching. It addresses guns in law abiding citizens hands, revolving door justice, crime can happen anywhere, and the absurd notion of disarming the lawful.


Castle Doctrine Lesson Learned the hard way :: 01/08/2014

This instance of an armed robbery gone horribly wrong for the robber is clearly a Castle Doctrine defense, additionally, we suppose you could make an argument for disparity of force, but don't overlook the disparity of common sense. Old age and cunning will beat youth and strength, especially when old age an cunning uses, appropriately in this case, lethal force. The grandmother in this case is emotionally torn. That's common, and hopefully she'll be treated for PTS (we don't use PTSD, because post traumatic stress is real, its a natural reaction, and its hardly a "disorder")IF YOU HAVE A FIREARM IN YOUR HOME FOR DEFENSE, PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO AND LEARN. Its not easy to take a life, but sometimes its necessary.


Are we overdoing security at the Capitol complex at the expense of citizens' security and safety? :: 01/08/2014

You have to hand it to our Legislature. They throw enough money at anything they perceive as a problem, whether its necessary or not. Meanwhile, kids are getting killed.


MAGPUL-a followup :: 01/08/2014

MAGPUL, not surprisingly, has left Colorado. The fallout from Colorado's new bunch of gun laws continues.


Detroit Chief of Police knows that Armed Citizens are a valuable tool against crime. :: 01/08/2014

Detroit's bankruptcy has revealed what we knew all along. The Chief isn't looking for vigilantes, but he is telling residents that in these trying times, self defense, not unlike charity, begins at home.


See a Shrink, Lose your Guns :: 01/08/2014

Follow this link to the bottom, and contact your US Reps, as well as Toomey and Casey. Make sure they know how you feel. Thanks to GOA for this update. This is an ACTION ALERT. You can see the White House Press Release here #


Obama appointed judge UPHOLDS 2nd Amendment in Chicago :: 01/07/2014

Just how draconian are Chicago's attempts to return to the Jim Crow days of the 1880's? Even Obama's chosen judge overturns the Chicago Gun Transfer/Sale Ban.


BOLO Stolen Firearms :: 01/05/2014

This morning, 5 Jan 2014, between 4 and 8 A.M., a truck was broken into on Pittsburgh's North Side area, and several firearms and a Class III device were stolen. There is a 500 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the thief or thieves. Here is a list, including serial numbers, of the items stolen. If you have information, first and foremost contact the Pittsburgh Police immediately, and also call 724-433-3199.


Are you a sheep, or a Freeman? :: 01/03/2014

Look at the photo. Look again. You are either a sheep being herded for slaughter, or you are a Freeman. Your choice. Look at the photo again. It should scare the hell out of you.


The Fight for States Rights never ends--reporting again :: 01/01/2014

This is not a new concept. Read the article that quotes a decision from Pennsylvania In Prigg v. Pennsylvania (1842).


We're probably far too giddy after hearing the news about Piers Morgan :: 01/01/2014

O.K., we're admittedly gloating, but do you know anyone else who more desperately needed a beating?


MAIG merges with MDAGSA. :: 01/01/2014

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDAGSA), or Mom's protecting their children from harm? Who would you side with? Once again Bloomberg uses his money to make an emotional appeal that is bereft of any facts.


Bloomberg declares victory as he leaves office. :: 01/01/2014

Uh, Bloomy, you forgot to tell us about your gun control success in Colorado. :)


Harry Reid--attention, Harry, we have a Constitution. :: 01/01/2014

You wouldn't think Harry Reid cared much about the Constitution. This pretty much proves it. Here's his quote:


Castle doctrine--Florida revisited. :: 01/01/2014

Yes, Zimmerman walked. This young serviceman did not. We find that its possible that Florida's Castle Doctrine, just as in Pennsylvania, is open to interpretation.


Castle Doctrine--again. :: 01/01/2014

This was first published last year, but it bears repeating. Florida and PA Castle are NOT the same.


NOT GUILTY, but tragically broke. :: 01/01/2014

Anybody taking bets on who got rich on this deal? We keep preaching, self defense with lethal force MUST be your last resort.


Seattle had 29 homicides in 2013, far fewer than other similar sized cities :: 01/01/2014

This is a quick read. Imagine, Seattle, more gun friendly than similar sized cities had only 29 homicides in 2013. Read why!


Castle Doctrine--again. :: 01/01/2014

Yes, you can stand your ground, BUTCastle is NOT a hunting license. Read and understand why this man is in serious trouble.


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