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PA Bill Number: HB2291

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for limitation on the regulation of firearms and ammunition; and, in home rule and ...

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for limitation on the regulation of firearms and ammunition; and, in home rule and ... ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Feb 18, 2020

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Latest News

Iowans for Gun Safety sure don't know much about Brownell's :: 01/01/2014

You might have thought that Iowans for Gun Safety would have researched and found that Brownells is not giving guns to everyone who knocks on the door. This is the same emotional filled, but fact empty, nonsense that we hear every day from Bloomberg, MAIG, and CeaseFirePA.


Benghazi-"what's the difference" says Clinton :: 01/01/2014

The difference, Dear Hillary, is that Benghazi is yet another example of this administration's disdain for the law, and the truth. Are our guns next on your hit list?


New State Laws on guns passed since Newtown :: 01/01/2014

We were surprised to see a distinct majority of laws passed in favor of gun owners since Newtown. Of course, the anti gun laws that were passed do nothing to prevent another Newtown, and serve only to criminalize law abiding citizens. Don't let it happen here.


New York State judge has gone too far. :: 01/01/2014

This is one of the most bizarre rulings against individual liberty we have seen. Never discount the effect of Bloomberg's money. So why is this important in the Keystone State? It emboldens zealots like CeaseFirePA.


Fast and Furious expose is published :: 12/28/2013

We have written, chapter and verse, precisely what laws were broken, and have served as technical advisory to the United States House of Representatives regarding Fast and Furious, or Operation Gunwalker. Please take the time to read about it from a source we trust by clicking on the hyperlink. It is still our contention that Hillary Clinton should be in prison, along with Eric Holder. The violations of the Arms Export Control Act of 1976 do rise to the level of "high crimes and misdemeanors" and the President should be impeached.


Gun Violence laid at the feet of the Democratic machine :: 12/27/2013

We speak about certain socio-economic demographics that liberals love to use to "prove" there is a gun problem. Read this article. Its coming soon to a debate with CeaseFirePA (if they show up).


Connecticut registration scheme. :: 12/27/2013

The same nitwits who forgot that New England and gun control are very much a part of our independent spirit will scream bloody murder when the police tell them that "O.K., nowthat you haveregistered your guns and magazines, thank you, and don't forget to turn them in to your local police soon." Whatever happened to civil disobedience??? Unconstitutional and unconscionable laws must be ignored, and the legislators who passed such laws must be voted out or run out of town on a rail, complete with tar and feathers.


We're Happy for South Carolina's Governor, but... :: 12/27/2013

So far, so good. South Carolina Governor Nicki Haley got a great Christmas gift. Maybe she will think about reciprocity for Licenses to Carry Firearms in a different light. Drop her a line at We did!


And just what are YOU willing to do when the Nanny State drops you like a hot potato? :: 12/27/2013

Oh God, oh my, no police force, no one to enforce the law, it will be anarchy and blood in the streets, or it could be......... (please click on the hyperlink)


Gun Facts to amaze your anti gun opponents with. :: 12/22/2013

This link will point you towards facts, and not emotions. Incredibly, the phony emotional appeals made by Bloomberg, CeaseFirePA, and others seem to trump the real world. BE INFORMED.


Fact Check. Saccone does NOT support HB 1010 :: 12/20/2013

An open letter sent to Dormont Mt. Lebanon Sportsmen's Club:


3-D plastic guns and the extension of the Undetectable Gun Act. :: 12/18/2013

Let's see if we have the progression of events down pat. Glock pistols are introduced, and immediately the doomsayers declare they are not detectable by metal detectors (not true). In response to the first of the polymer framed guns, the Undetectable Gun Act is passed. In 10 years there are no arrests, no prosecutions, no imprisonments, because, there are NO UNDETECTABLE FIREARMS. Now, in response to the 3-D laser printing of a working plastic gun, which turned into a hand grenade after only a few shots, the law has been extended. For what rational purpose?? Read the article. We think its simply more INCREMENTAL GUN CONTROL.


More on Gun Free School Zones, law enforcement response times, and the Big Lie. :: 12/18/2013

No matter how you shake this shooting out, it took 30 minutes for law enforcement to find the murderer. You've read all the nonsensical verse about what we call Victim Disarmament Zones, and its high time we start exposing the Gun Free School Act of 1994 for what is. The BIG LIE!


Missouri proposed legislation--tell us if you own weapons and your child goes to school here. :: 12/18/2013

Fortunately, this is a pre-filed bill only, and the Missouri legislature will have an opportunity to roundly reject it. The author of the bill apparently doesn't understand the 4th amendment. We hope her bill gets only one YES vote, hers. This is what happens when legislators violate their oath of office.


COLORADO SHERRIFFS REFUSE TO ENFORCE DRACONIAN GUN LAWS. The press in the UK puts this on page one. Where are our "responsible journalists"? :: 12/18/2013

We find it rather odd that the U.K. reports on this, while our press is silent. Perhaps those who control the news in Britain now understand what a blunder their confiscatory gun laws are. (Editors note--this article first appeared in the New York Times)


Hitler Gun Control from the first person perspective. :: 12/18/2013

Do we think Obama appears more and more each day to mirror the Fascist Government of Adolf Hitler? You're going to have to read the article and make up your own mind. Thankfully, Obama can't be elected President again, and his actions are finding considerable disfavor even among his "supporters".


Bear Attack in Pennsylvania :: 12/17/2013

PETA aside (such morons), bear attacks in Pennsylvania are very, very rare. Anybody taking bets that this young girl found herself between a sow and cubs? Don't play with cuddly black bear cubs. They are cute, but momma bear's sense of humor is real thin.


DC Cops - Legal Expert Says Cops Murdered Mom W-Baby :: 12/15/2013

WASHINGTON - No one knows what was on Miriam Carey’s mind when the 34-year-old dental hygienist from Connecticut drove up to a White House barricade on a balmy and clear Thursday afternoon Oct. 3 before exiting the restricted area, resulting in a car chase and at least seven shots from police.


MAIG ARE LIARS! :: 12/14/2013

MAIG ARE LIARS. Indeed, they get a 5 Pinocchio award for this lie. What's the truth about interstate internet sales? Here's the law:


Does anyone think that BATFE abuses are NOT sanctioned by DOJ and State Department? :: 12/12/2013

Well, it appears the BATFE, despite serious thrashings from Congress and other watchdog groups (ourselves included) is STILL at it. And what, you ask, is "it"? IT is trying to prove some causal effect showing "assault rifles" (it hurts to type that phrase) just absolutely, positively are a scourge on America, and must be banned. Please read the article. You just cannot make this stuff up.


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