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PA Bill Number: HB1188

Title: In hunting and furtaking, further providing for unlawful devices and methods.

Description: In hunting and furtaking, further providing for unlawful devices and methods. ...

Last Action: Act No. 41

Last Action Date: Jul 1, 2020

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Defense Stories

Missouri Self-Defense: Homeowner says he shot Franklin County man in self-defense :: 02/28/2015

ROBERTSVILLE, MO (KTVI)-The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the shooting death of a man in Robertsville, MO. Around 9:20pm Thursday, deputies responded to a home in the 1000 block of Osage Parkway where the homeowner told police that he had shot the man, whom he knew. The victim, identified only as a 60-year-old man, was located just inside the front door of the home.


Ohio Self-Defense: Ex-Con Who Kicked In Elderly Man's Door Shouldn't Have Done That :: 02/28/2015

A 71-year-old widower described by neighbors as friendly and quiet was forced to defend his home with lethal force on Friday against a felon who was trying to kick down his door.


PA Concealed-carry holder accidentally shoots himself :: 02/28/2015

LANCASTER – A 26-year-old concealed carry permit holder allegedly shot himself leaving his home on North Cedar Avenue on Monday.


And This Is Why We'll Continue Shooting Violent Criminals Like Trayvon Martin :: 02/27/2015

If you want to quickly understand why we seem to be seeing more young criminals shot by citizens and police in recent years, you need look no further than those in positions of influence who celebrate and lionize criminality, instead of condemning it.


California Self-Defense: Trio of Home Invaders Encouter Gunfire, Then Get Gassed :: 02/27/2015

Why, it’s almost like crime is a bad career choice:


FOX 5's Emily Miller gets DC gun carry permit approved :: 02/26/2015

WASHINGTON - Just seven months ago, D.C. was the only place in the country that did not allow anyone to legally carry a gun outside the home. A federal court ruled that violated the Second Amendment. So now, the police department is issuing carry permits to a few people.


Hero Dog Survives Being Shot Twice After Defending His Owner During Home Invasion :: 02/26/2015

The popular quote says “dogs are a man’s best friend”. It’s a rare breed of best friend that will take a bullet for you, however that’s exactly what Legend, a bull-mastiff mix from Tampa, Florida did last week.


Kelly Clarkson: Pro-Animal, Pro-Legalized Pot, Pro-Gun :: 02/26/2015

On Wedesday, US Weekly published a “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” interview with Kelly Clarkson in which readers learn that Clarkson loves animals, believes pot should be legal, and has a concealed handgun license for self-defense.


North Carolina Self-Defense: Catawba County, NC Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder :: 02/25/2015

A Catawba County homeowner used a shotgun to defend his home against two intruders.  Shooting and killing one, while the second is still outstanding.  The homeowner initially heard them break in and grabbed his shotgun and called the police.  When the intruders kicked in a hall door and came towards the homeowner and his wife, the homeowner he fired one shot, striking one of the intruders in the chest, killing him.  The second subject fled the home and is still out standing.


Idaho Self-Defense: Homeowner shoots and wounds man who escaped jail through ceiling :: 02/22/2015

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) - An Idaho homeowner shot and wounded an escaped inmate who had made his getaway by slithering across crawl space above the jail ceiling and then fleeing on foot through the facility's front door, authorities said on Friday.


Oklahoma Self-Defense: Tulsa Residents Are Lawfully Killing Bad Guys At A Rate Of 1 Every 10 Days :: 02/20/2015

We’re only 50 days into 2015, but those 50 days have been wild ones in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a bad one for criminals.


Researcher Reaffirms: At Least 760,000 Defensive Gun Uses a Year :: 02/20/2015

On February 17 Florida State University criminology professor Gary Kleck responded to recent criticism of his past studies on defensive gun uses (DGUs) by showing why the criticism is wrong and why a minimum of 760,000 DGUs each year is still a viable claim.


Women, Rape, and Self-Defense :: 02/20/2015

Campus rape rightly has been described as one of the most pressing problems facing colleges and universities. But when someone tries to do something concrete about the problem—such as allowing  female students the option of carrying concealed weapons to protect themselves against rapists--then some sexual assault-activists…suddenly start downplaying the issue of safety and self-protection.


Ohio Self-Defense: THANKS, SON: Widow Dispatches Ohio Home Invader With Gifted Gun :: 02/19/2015

An Ohio man worried about his widowed mother living alone in a crime-plagued Columbus neighborhood bought her a gun just last week, hoping that she’d never have to use it.


West Virginia Self-Defense: Concealed Carrying Pharmacist Saves Multiple Lives :: 02/19/2015

A pharmacist in West Virginia reacted to an armed robber threatening his staff this morning by pulling his concealed handgun and firing “several” shots at the gun-toting robber, dropping the violent suspect in his tracks.


Michigan Self-Defense: Don't Invade The Wrong Home In Kalamazoo :: 02/17/2015

A pair of failed home invaders—one with more holes in his body than he was originally issued—are cooling their heels in jail after targeting the wrong homeowner in Schoolcraft Township, Michigan.


Alabama Self-Defense: Woman fatally shoots 1 of 4 suspects in home invasion; 3 others charged with murder :: 02/15/2015

One suspect is dead and three others are facing a slew of charges, including murder, after a female homeowner fought back during a home invasion in Owens Cross Roads, Alabama, Monday night.


Domino's Gun Ban Update: At Least 8 Drivers Shot, 3 Killed Since Start of 2012 :: 02/12/2015

On February 9 Breitbart News reported on the horrific armed attack that resulted in the rape and robbery of a 22-year-old Domino’s Pizza’ delivery woman in Antioch, California. At that time we also reminded readers that Domino’s Pizza bars their drivers from keeping a gun with them for self-defense.


Georgia Self-Defense: Man Fights Off Three Would-Be Robbers by Ignoring Sonic's Gun-Free Request :: 02/12/2015

On February 8, a customer who ignored Sonic’s request that “customers refrain from bringing guns to the restaurant” was able to pull his gun and shoot one of three alleged armed robbers, killing him and stopping the would-be robbery.


Tale of Two Pizza Delivery Girls: One had a gun, the other was raped :: 02/12/2015

For those of you who may have forgotten I recently covered a story concerning a female pizza delivery driver from Papa John’s who fought off two would be thieves/rapists by SHOOTING one of them in the face.


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