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PA Bill Number: SB945

Title: Consolidating the act of August 9, 1955 (P.L.323, No.130), known as The County Code; and making repeals.

Description: Consolidating the act of August 9, 1955 (P.L.323, No.130), known as The County Code; and making repeals. ...

Last Action: Third consideration and final passage (199-0)

Last Action Date: Apr 17, 2024

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Weekly Newsletters

FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday December 29th 2019 :: 12/29/2019

As 2019 draws to a close, and we look ahead to 2020, I hope you have been closely following what's going on in Virginia! More than 100 Virginia cities and counties have declared themselves to be "Second Amendment Sanctuaries," and thousands of outraged gun owners have shown up at government meetings to demand this action. This is not organized. It's a true grassroots movement.

Pennsylvanians must realize that our neighbor to the South is ‘not’ the first state to go ‘full stupid’ (Washington, California, New Jersey, Maryland are a few) and that our state is surrounded on three sides with these same attitudes! All of us need to heed the words and capture the spirit of their two most distinguished founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. These resolutions referred to the federal government but are just as applicable to state governments in principle. They said: "Resolved, That the several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their General Government ... and whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force."


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday December 22nd 2019 :: 12/22/2019

This past week freedom loving Pennsylvanians and gunowners were treated to two spectacles. The first was Pennsylvania Atty. Gen. Josh Shapiro confirming, once again, his anti-gun credentials by taking the law into his own hands by declaring that 80% receivers are now to be considered as firearms for the purposes of the Pennsylvania uniform firearms act and firearms transfers!

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has issued a legal opinion that reportedly rules “80%” receivers and frames are now considered to be firearms.


FOAC's Top Weekly News Stories for the week of December 15, 2019 :: 12/15/2019

First, I want to bring to your attention a Pennsylvania House of Representatives Legislative Alert! On Monday, December 16, the State Government Committee will meet (time is yet to be determined) to conduct a voting meeting on HR 206. This legislation is intended to add Pennsylvania’s call for the convening of a “Convention of the States” for the purposes of engaging an Article V Constitutional Convention. This is a most dangerous concept and it does not spring from any particular defect in the Constitution but from a failure on the part of our current government to hold government officials accountable.

FOAC is, and has been, clear on this issue ever since 1994 (yes, that’s how long they have been trying to push this through) and we are completely and irrevocably opposed to a Constitutional Convention! Attached to this message is my testimony to the legislature and that testimony outlines many of the problems with buying into this misguided concept. Perhaps one of the most duplicitous aspects is that we somehow expect that those picked as delegates for the Constitutional convention will have the same altruistic outlook as did our founding fathers! When one factors in the former and then considers the influence that big-money financiers like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros would have on this process it is easy to fathom just how dangerous this course of action is. In fact, the Convention of the States issue IS being funded by billionaires (Koch Foundation) as well!


FOAC's The 'Blast' Newsletter & Dec. 8, 2019 Holiday Meeting Notice w-Agenda :: 12/07/2019

The December FOAC Membership Meeting (Dec. 8th) will be the final meeting of the 2019 and, as is our tradition, we will follow the meeting with our end of the year Christmas Party. Every two years FOAC elects @50% of the Board of Directors and the results of this biennial election will be announced at this meeting as well.

Since this meeting will be held at a different location we are hopeful that the Wi-Fi signal will allow us to connect to the internet so that FOAC members and gun owners can join us, through the Zoom Link, for the meeting portion from home or by cell phone, instead of in person, our internet meeting portal will be available to all at this link: which is open to not only FOAC members ‘but’ ALL gun owners interested in defending Freedom. (more meeting details below or at this link – ( We will make every effort to provide the meeting portal but the facility may not, in the long run, be up to allowing this option.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday December 1st 2019 :: 12/01/2019

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I was able to watch one of my favorite movies, The Last Samurai, which I highly recommend! In watching it again, I was struck by the similarity between the theme in the movie and our current struggles in our society; we are experiencing a clash of two cultures. In the movie, the Samurai are facing a movement to brush aside traditional values in favor of the new modern era and not only government but also military affairs. The concepts that the Samurai faced in this era, we now face today in America! We are at risk of losing our cultural heritage of basic freedoms, limited government, accountability for one’s actions, everything that has made America great and the most powerful nation in the world!

Just like the characters in this movie, we, gunowners, face enormous challenges that will test our resolve in defending the very basic freedoms that all of us hold dear. Throughout the history of our world every culture and nation has faced challenges similar to what is before us today, many have succumbed to the pressures of that time. It will be up to each of us to rise to this challenge for if we falter in our determination to protect who we are then time will judge us harshly! I’m reminded of the comment by Benjamin Franklin at the conclusion of the deliberations for our Constitution wherein he said on September 18, 1787, to Mrs. Powel, who anxiously awaited the results, wherein she asked him directly: "Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" "A republic if you can keep it" responded Ben Franklin. So many amongst us do not even seem to understand the differences between a democracy and a Republic that, after watching the last samurai, I feel concerned as to whether or not we have enough true Americans who believe in Freedom left!


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday November 24th 2019 :: 11/24/2019

Does the hypocrisy of the Anti-Gun crowd make you wonder if they're actually capable of rational thought? Even the former President of the anti-gun group The Brady Campaign has spoken about this!  As an example, I’m sure you have heard some anti-gunner ‘or’ oblivious individual say, “Nobody needs an AR-15,” or “Nobody needs a gun in their home,” or “Nobody needs to carry a gun in public.”

The implication is that if you don't “need” a gun, you shouldn't have one.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday November 17th 2019 :: 11/17/2019

Gov. Wolf’s ‘holiday treat’ for gun owners comes wrapped up in his ‘special’, executive order inspired, Council on Gun Violence which is beginning a series of five hearings to discuss how to “make all Pennsylvanians safer whether they live in a city or rural area”. Interestingly enough it is also occurring just as the end of the first half of the legislative session for the Pennsylvania house and Senate which is known as Sine Die, will occur in November and December (see the schedule below).

PA Legislature -Sine Die - Upcoming Session Days:


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday November 3rd 2019 :: 11/03/2019

This past week has been a bad one for the City of Pittsburgh! Thanks to your donations and hard work, that has kept us in the legal preemption battle, Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge James ruled ‘against’ ALL the gun control ordinances signed into law by Pgh. Mayor Peduto! THANK YOU!

It didn’t take long for several things to happen; the first was Mayor Peduto and council members to proclaim their intent to ‘appeal’ this ‘unfortunate’ ruling against them. Considering this is what the mercenary lawyers from the anti-gun group Everytown, who were/are representing Pgh., said in oral arguments before Judge James "we expected this and intend to appeal the decision".  This demonstrated that the City of Pittsburgh 'knew' that they would lose but chose to pursue this intentionally!


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday October 20th 2019 :: 10/20/2019

Democrat Presidental Debates appear to be ‘all’ about Trashing the Constitution (so much for their ‘Oath of Office’) and this was on full display in Tuesday night’s Democrat presidential debate in Westerville, Ohio, featured 12 candidates. That’s the most crowded debate stage in presidential primary history, but one designed to complete their collective constituency voter strategy in the general campaign. The three-hour spectacle was full of lies, divisive politics, and unconstitutional proposals. As is our custom, we’ll digest a few of the lowlights.  (Full transcript here.)

Political Feeding Frenzy Shifts Focus to the new frontrunner


FOAC's The 'Blast' Newsletter & October 13, 2019 Meeting Notice w-Agenda :: 10/12/2019

The October FOAC Membership Meeting (Oct. 13th) is going to follow the Fall FOAC Gun Bash (Saturday) and we will cover in detail the hearings in the PA Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 24 & 25 as well as the final preparations for the 2019 General Election. It is clear that with the legislature coming back into session this month that gun owners will have to be especially alert for developments in the House and Senate at the state and federal levels. Furthermore, there is a continuing effort to push an Article V Constitutional Convention through a state call for a Convention of the States – HR 206. On October 22nd the PA House State Government Committee will be holding a hearing that FOAC has been invited to testify at. This upcoming hearing and issue will be a focus of the FOAC October Membership Meeting.

The continuing debate over Gun-Control is, at its’ heart, the belief that disarming honest people will somehow stop criminals. That may be, at a superficial level, an emotionally appealing theory, BUT does gun-control work in practice? Now that we have new FBI crime data at hand, we don’t have to guess if gun-control reduces violent crime. The answers might surprise you as we look from coast to coast. So, DOES gun control save lives or cost them?


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday October 6th 2019 :: 10/06/2019

On Friday, September 4, the lawsuit against the city of Pittsburgh was once again center focus of the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas in front of Judge James with oral arguments being held. Considering the outcome of the FOAC lawsuit against Harrisburg for the preemption violations there and the fact that the Commonwealth Court, En Banc, found that we (FOAC and the plaintiffs) did have standing to bring that lawsuit, Pittsburgh conceded that we had standing for the Pittsburgh preemption lawsuit.

Furthermore, it appears that the antigun lawyers representing the city of Pittsburgh from the Everytown organization are accepting the fact that it is very likely for Judge James to rule against the city of Pittsburgh by their comments regarding their intent to appeal which they would not say if they felt the they will be victorious at the Court of Common Pleas level!


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday September 29th 2019 :: 09/29/2019

With the Senate hearings behind us, it seems appropriate to do a review of this entire spectacle! First, I want to praise and thank every one of the gun owners who showed up, ESPECIALLY all of the FOAC members who turned out in incredible numbers! A significant number of FOAC officers were at the hearings, both days, and all of us were smiling ear to ear at the sight of so many dedicated Second Amendment advocates! From the bottom of my heart thank you!!

From the moment we hit the Capitol steps it was apparent that the anti-gun groups felt that they were going to control this entire effort and that Extreme Risk Protection Orders and Universal Background Checks were nothing more than a stone’s throw from passage! Little did they expect to see so many terrific volunteers show up to express their opposition!


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday September 22nd 2019 :: 09/22/2019

This is the last weekend before the critically important hearings in the PA Senate on the 24th and 25th this coming week. Hopefully you have made the necessary arrangements to be there in support of some common sense in dealing with the issues involving crime and violence and protecting our rights at the same time.

In preparation for these hearings, Senator Baker, Chairwoman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, posted on her website the written testimony submitted for the upcoming Judiciary Committee hearings on September 24th and 25th regarding Mental and Behavioral Health, Second Amendment and Other Gun Related Issues. The testimony for September 24th can be found here and the testimony for September 25th can be found here - simply click the name of the person to download their testimony. If there is no hyperlink relative to their name, they have not yet submitted testimony and you should check back for new submissions.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday September 15th 2019 :: 09/15/2019

Well, the floodgates are about to open and the right to bear arms, the Second Amendment, and gunowners are about to take center stage! With Congress back in session, the Pennsylvania legislature coming back into session, and the upcoming municipal elections, the multiple political dilemmas facing us are enormous challenges that we either face or watch our freedoms be swept away!

The hearings coming up on September 24th and 25th in Harrisburg are an incredibly important opportunity to defend our rights but it can also be very dangerous if gunowners choose to sit back and ignore the efforts of the anti-gun groups to manipulate politicians!


FOAC's The 'Blast' Newsletter & September 8, 2019 Meeting Notice w-Agenda :: 09/07/2019

The September FOAC Membership Meeting (Sept. 8th) is upon us and as we move into the fall legislative session and prepare for the 2019 general election we will be focusing on the rapidly changing landscape on the advancement of Gun Control, the gun control movement and the upcoming hearings in Harrisburg.

The hearings in Harrisburg, in Senate Hearing Room 1, before the full Senate Judiciary Committee hold great concern for gun owners who feel that we are being scapegoated to appease a public that is being misled by anti-gun groups and opportunistic, self-serving politicians.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday September 1st 2019 :: 09/01/2019

Special FOAC Report on Mental Health and Violence by Dr. Charles Gallo, FOAC 1st V.P.

Having been involved in the field of Psychology for almost 50 years and in private practice for 40 years I have seen many positive changes over these years in mental health treatment and resources that are available to all individuals and families. I have seen the development of effective therapy techniques which successfully help people to positively manage problems in living, stress, trauma, symptoms of anxiety and depression, relationship conflicts, parenting difficulties, child behavior problems and so forth. So many people are able to make qualitative changes in their lives as a result of the mental health tools available. In addition, I have witnessed a significant change in individual’s education and awareness of psychological therapy as an effective help and an absolutely drastic reduction of the stigma previously involved in seeking help – thereby encouraging individuals to feel free to actively access mental health resources. Seeking therapy has become common place and accepted and no longer has to be kept as a hidden shameful secret. I have also seen the development of community programs which essentially make mental health resources available to all regardless of their financial situation. While I acknowledge that there exist some individual situations in which appropriate care has been problematic – and these need to be addressed and are best addressed at as local a level as possible – from my vantage point I see a positive and effective mental health system – and I am grateful to have been involved in a profession that has proved to have such a positive impact on so many individual’s and families’ lives.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday August 25th 2019 :: 08/25/2019

In the aftermath of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton earlier this month, calls from Democrats to ban firearms or severely restrict their use have hit a fever pitch. But one huge question is that is part of this effort to cover up for the failure of government to do their job? Let’s look at the mass murders in Parkland where 17 people were killed by an individual who, by some accounts, had at least 39 visits from local law enforcement prior to his heinous acts. NOW, everyone is calling for ‘more’ gun control laws yet lost in all this furor is the question of why didn’t law enforcement use current laws?

Could they have AND, if so, then WHY the big LIE??


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday August 18th 2019 :: 08/18/2019

In the aftermath of another near tragedy by a career recidivist violent armed felon in Philadelphia trying to kill law enforcement officers, the anti-gun groups have continued their self-serving socialist crusade against the Freedoms and Rights of law-abiding citizens. Let’s remember that ALL of this is predicated on deranged killers, who ‘should have been stopped’ by current state and federal laws, using guns to commit their homicidal and suicidal acts of violence! The anti-second amendment gun control groups are using the blood of innocents to further their political agenda!

The hand-wringing gun grabbers, and most news outlets, are wasting no time in exploiting the deaths of innocent people by pointing their collective fingers at GUNS as the cause of the carnage and demanding they be banned ‘or’ heavily restricted.


FOAC's Monthly Newsletter - Meeting Notice :: 08/10/2019

August FOAC Membership Meeting (August 11th) brings a sense of urgency we all need to share related to the tragic events that have transpired over the last few weeks! The public debate has degenerated to the point that logic seems to escape even normally rational people. In this meeting we will try to share as much as possible of the unfolding national and statewide efforts that have a 'very' real possibility to radically alter our rights and unravel, potentially, the very fabric of our nation.

The public debate on 'DOING SOMETHING' about 'guns' is exhibiting a level of incomprehension that is most pronounced and, at the same time, disturbing. The cable news anchors, even on FOX News, are now expressing frustration and disbelief that the latest shooting may not result in tighter regulation of firearms, as if that is the ONLY answer for them and to the exclusion of all else in many cases. These pundits live safe and satisfying lives without guns; so why can't the rest of the country do the same? Yet the spokesmen and women for "doing something" do not appreciate, and often times deride, the equal sincerity of gun owners, whose weapons are not just possessions but also, on some level, part of their identity as a 'free' American.<


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday August 4th 2019 :: 08/04/2019

The tragedies unfolding this weekend, first in El Paso Texas and, today, in Dayton Ohio, are despicable acts of cowardice and domestic terrorism! The first responders did an absolutely magnificent job in responding to both of these tragedies which would have been far worse without their actions! Considering that Dayton Ohio follows the Texas incident by less than 24 hours we are sure to face a massive number of pundits who focus on gun control and limitations on the Second Amendment instead of real solutions or, even, the facts!

So instead of following the path that most of the mainstream media is certain to pursue let’s take a look at what is very unlikely to be focused on; the contributing factors to these incidents.


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