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PA Bill Number: HB1188

Title: In hunting and furtaking, further providing for unlawful devices and methods.

Description: In hunting and furtaking, further providing for unlawful devices and methods. ...

Last Action: Act No. 41

Last Action Date: Jul 1, 2020

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Weekly Newsletters

FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday May 19th 2019 :: 05/19/2019


Just Imagine if the Media Treated 2nd Amendment Advocates and the Gun Issue Honestly

In a recent Op-ed for Fox News, discussing the recent walkout of students and parents at a vigil-turned-gun-control-event, writer and author Frank Miniter drives a wooden stake deep into the heart of the media’s bias against the 2nd Amendment, guns and the people who own them.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday May 5th 2019 :: 05/05/2019

Tomorrow the 2019 2nd Amendment Freedom Rally begins at 10 a.m. in Harrisburg. Hopefully PA gun owners will turn out in huge numbers to make a statement to PA Legislators that we will NOT tolerate more violations of our Rights under the PA Constitution!

Two more important pieces of legislation have been introduced in advance of the Rally; one by Rep. Bernstine – Constitutional Carry (HB 1412) – and another by Rep. Jim Marshall – Eliminate PA Gun Owner Registry (HB 1416). Please take a moment to thank ‘both’ of these courageous legislators!


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday April 21st 2019 :: 04/21/2019

When debating/discussing the issues surrounding the 2nd Amendment and firearms in general, it is inevitable that ‘someone’ will begin to criticize us in a self-righteous and indignant tone as if they have the moral duty to demonize you/me and gun ownership. In dealing with these individuals there seems to be two-dimensional mindset at work that refuses to consider the possibility of another perspective that ‘they’ have not considered.

A truly honest answer to these individuals must begin with questions regarding their assumptions behind their positions.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday April 7th 2019 :: 04/07/2019

On April 2nd the Pittsburgh City Council voted to formally and officially pass and adopt the amended legislation that was initially approved the week before by the very same vote 6-3. This puts Pittsburgh on a collision course with inevitably being dragged into court for violating Pennsylvania Preemption law and, hopefully, jail cells for the crimes they have intentionally and defiantly committed.

We are now just waiting for either the Misfit Mayor, Peduto, to sign the ordinances or 10 days to elapse and they will automatically become law. Either way we are prepared to challenge the crimes of the City of Pittsburgh legally and to force the hand of the District Attorney to take the necessary action against City Council and, potentially, the Mayor if he signs the bills.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday March 31st 2019 :: 03/31/2019

Well, it’s now official. They’ve gone and done it. Pittsburgh City Council, by a 6-3 vote, has gone and passed a gun control bill despite, or in spite of, the Pennsylvania Preemption law (18 P.S. 6120) on the books.

Pittsburgh City Council on Wednesday (3/27) tentatively approved three gun-control bills that would ban the USE of ‘so-called’ assault-style weapons and accessories in public places in the wake of October’s Tree of Life massacre in Squirrel Hill. These bills also included the much despised ‘Extreme Risk Protection Order’ concept which also would allow the courts to remove firearms from those who pose an “extreme risk” to themselves or others without ‘due process’.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday March 24th 2019 :: 03/24/2019

This past week has seen the City of Pittsburgh continue to try and evade the prohibitions of Pennsylvania’s Preemption law by amending the previous legislation with supposedly more narrow language. This ‘underhanded ploy’ is meant to distract the public and the media into thinking that Pittsburgh Council is acting responsibly when in fact this is another example of lawlessness and arrogance!

For instance, and as a reminder, the PA Preemption law (18 P.S. 6120) says:


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday March 17th 2019 :: 03/17/2019

The last week has seen so many stupid, underhanded occurrences related to gun control that it is hard to pick one so we went with the top three winners but once again the city of Pittsburgh manages to rise to the top.

On Wednesday, March 13 there was a committee meeting to discuss adding research and an amendment to the three illegal gun laws the city is pursuing. Interestingly there was no public notice of this meeting agenda but somehow Councilman O’Connor found a way to notify the anti-gun groups and even a couple of doctors from UPMC to attend. Then the media portrayed it as there was no opposition to testify against these developments yet they failed to make a mention of the fact that no public notice was given. Bias?


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday March 3rd 2019 :: 03/03/2019

Pennsylvania gun owners have, what appears to be, a seriously mistaken belief that PA gun laws are better than most. At presentation after presentation we, FOAC, try to dispel this misguided notion that continuously comes up as if to dismiss gun law concerns and to derail ‘any’ thoughts of a need to get involved.

Well, another so-called ‘gun safety organization’ (code for your rights are unimportant) has given Pennsylvania a higher grade on its “gun law scorecard” compared with last year, ranking the state 12th on the strength of its gun laws and other factors.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday February 24th 2019 :: 02/24/2019

With their newly acquired Majority power, Congressional House Democrats seem to have dropped all pretense of standing for the Constitution and their Oath of Office and are forcing dangerous gun control bills to be acted on. Do not accept acquiescence from your Republican representative…
Having assumed ‘control’ in the US House, the anti-Second Amendment party has gone right to work pushing dangerous gun control bills, three bills particularly which are slated to run ‘THIS’ week in the full US House of representatives. In short, H.R. 8 (Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019) makes private firearms transfers a crime, while H.R. 1112 (Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019) establishes a nationwide waiting period for gun purchases and H.R. 1263 (Amends IRS Code to Subject Any Semi-Automatic Rifle that Accepts Detachable Magazines to National Firearms Act) this would force every owner/purchaser of any Semi-Auto rifle to register, and pay $200, as machine gun.
Although bills such as these seem like “Democrat” bills that would never make it through the Republican-held Senate, don’t be so sure. As it stands, these bills are labeled “bi-partisan” because some less reliable Republican lawmakers (read: RINOs), have co-sponsored them. This allows for the following scenario:

  1. If these bills have bi-partisan support, they’ll likely pass the House easily, even if a few conservative Democrats vote against them. As it stands, no less than five Republicans have signed on to H.R. 8. So far, H.R. 1112 has only one Republican co-sponsor, but it can still be labeled bi-partisan, and is quite likely to pass the House. Other than the co-sponsors, it’s anyone’s guess how many other unreliable Republicans will vote for one or both of these bills. While H.R. 1263 has no Republican Sponsors as of yet.
  2. If there are Republicans in the House who sign on to these oppressive gun control laws, who’s to say that certain “moderate” Republicans in the Senate won’t do the same?
  3. While it’s true that we have a Republican president, it’s also true that President Trump has dithered on questions of ‘Beltway Style’ Gun Control. He has supported so-called “red flag” laws, which arbitrarily deny due process and strip citizens of their Second Amendment rights by bureaucratic whim. Also, by executive fiat the president recently banned bump stock devices. By these examples, you can see there is no guarantee that the president would veto a gun control bill, and there is even reason to believe that he would happily sign into law certain gun control measures.

In the very possible scenario highlighted above, one can see that there is real risk here. Clearly, it’s up to us, the people, to stop this. Please contact your representative and demand that he or she continue to recognize and vigorously defend guaranteed human rights. Below, see how you can easily email and phone your Republican US House Representative and demand these very things. 


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday February 17th 2019 :: 02/17/2019

Yesterday, February 16, I participated in a second amendment rally and information day at the Langhorne Sportsmen’s Club in Langhorne Pennsylvania, which is just a stone’s throw from Philadelphia and New Jersey. I was joined by Joshua Prince, our attorney against the city of Pittsburgh and long time defender of our constitutional right to bear arms.

First I would like to complement and commend Dave Esposito and the officers and members of the Langhorne sportsmen’s club for their tremendous courtesy and accommodation in holding this event! In my opinion, there is no finer or more supportive gun club in Pennsylvania! They have a tremendous facility and they put out a tremendous newsletter and their service to the members and our constitutional freedoms is absolutely stunning and tremendous!


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday February 3rd 2019 :: 02/03/2019

In this week’s newsletter we're going to try to get into the absolute deluge of things that have been happening that will affect your right to bear arms and self-defense!

The last week has seen a ratcheting up of rhetoric in the fight against the city of Pittsburgh preemption law violations that are being planned. The mayor has openly stated that this illegal effort is not going to cost taxpayers any money which may be the biggest lie of the week! From the public rally to the public hearing it is clear the city has spent thousands of dollars if not more just on police protection alone. The mayor was trying to refer to the fact that apparently several attorneys are going to offer their services pro bono to try and protect the constitutional rapists (Mayor Peduto and city Council) from being held accountable in court. Time will tell how far this particular lie will get them!


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday January 27th 2019 :: 01/27/2019

First, I want to apologize to everyone for not getting out our weekly newsletter last weekend. The reason for this was because of the Internet cabal of Verizon, Yahoo, and AOL which a few days before bounced thousands of our messages without any warning with a lame excuse of spam or volume for conduct we have engaged in for years in the same way. It has taken weeks to try to sort out the reasoning behind this and I want to take this opportunity to explain to you what’s going on with these three entities.

For those who don’t know, Verizon owns AOL and Yahoo. It seems, from what we experienced, that Yahoo is managing the email for all three entities. There has been turmoil behind the scenes with layoffs and restructuring going on.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday January 6th 2019 :: 01/06/2019

Tomorrow, January 7th, at noon there will be a Rally in the City of Pittsburgh at the City/County building by gunowners to openly decry the proposed clearly illegal efforts to enact local gun control. Normally, I would be overjoyed at seeing Pennsylvania gunowners stand up and be outspoken in their opposition to gun control and violations of rights but I have deep reservations about this particular Rally.

First, it’s important to understand that the focus of this Rally is rooted in the firearms preemption issue and the accountability of local governments to the law, which the City of Pittsburgh is clearly flaunting! I believe that the organizers of this Rally have allowed the passions of a few gunowners over open carry to hijack the true mission and purpose of this Rally in demonstrating public opposition to what Mayor Peduto and city Council are doing. I want to be perfectly clear that the mission of this Rally should be laser focused on Title 18 section 6120, preemption of firearms laws reserved to the state and not open carry.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday December 30th 2018 :: 12/30/2018

As we welcome in the new year, 2019, I would ask all of you to consider what we experienced in 2018 and use that as a benchmark for what is to come in the next two-year session of Congress and the state legislature!

Within the path ahead lie both challenges and opportunities.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday December 23rd 2018 :: 12/23/2018

On December 14th the City of Pittsburgh held a press conference announcing their intent to introduce laws that would ban commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, a ban on common firearms accessories and standard capacity magazines, and a procedure to confiscate firearms without due process. This would place the City of Pittsburgh in open defiance of Pennsylvania state preemption law-title 18 section 6120. Attending this announcement of criminal intent was none other than cease-fire PA supported and endorsed Gov. Wolf, members of city and County Council as well as the anti-gun organizations Moms Demand Action and Cease-Fire PA. It’s important to remember that not only is this an illegal act but that Gov. Wolf, Mayor Peduto, and selected members of Pittsburgh city Council all received significant campaign donations from the anti-gun group Every Town.

On the prior day, a letter from the Firearms Industry Consulting Group, signed by Josh Prince, was delivered to city Council stating the illegality of the gun control ordinances and our intent to seek legal action should the city pursue these clearly illegal laws!


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday December 2nd 2018 :: 12/02/2018

The City of Pittsburgh Mayor and Council Are Continuing to Pursue Crimes Against the State and The People’s Rights. Recently, an online publication published this article showing that we are facing an anti-gun juggernaut of coercive and illegal behavior sponsored by the city of Pittsburgh and abetted by the anti-gun group cease-fire PA! Pittsburgh mayor Peduto and city Council city officials are conspiring to violate our Preemption Law (Title 18, Section 6120). This effort is clearly in violation of the law, to which city officials are giving the middle finger salute, as well as a consent decree that was signed in 1995 by the city of Pittsburgh to abide by all Pennsylvania gun laws.

If it’s not already, it will soon become apparent that we are facing an anti-Constitutional onslaught the likes of which many of today’s gunowners have NEVER seen! Just as a historical reminder FOAC was at the forefront of the fight against ACT 17 (S.S.H.B. 110-1995) when many other Pennsylvania gun groups acquiesced to the items below and much more:


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday November 25th 2018 :: 11/25/2018

FAKE News! What is ‘Fake News’? Why is the media so fixated on President Trump calling the Main Stream Media the enemy of the people?

Let’s take a look at what just ‘one’ gun owner experienced in trying to 'deal with' the media to combat lies about gun ownership through his letter to the editor to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This is a Tale of Media Repression and Censorship Over the 2nd Amendment and one gun owners determination to stand up to the abuse and prejudice! It’s important to remember that this is but one of tens of thousands, if not millions, of examples of how the biased media has forged ahead in silencing gun owners to advance their gun control agenda.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday November 18th 2018 :: 11/18/2018

After the tragic mass shooting at the Squirrel Hill Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto and City Councilman Corey O’Connor have conspired to violate Pennsylvania Criminal law. Make NO mistake about it, violating Pennsylvania Preemption Law is a crime, a Misdemeanor 1. The fact that the Allegheny County District Attorney (Zappala) is ignoring this speaks to ‘his’ lack of ethics as well.

This conspiratorial act is one where Peduto and O’Connor along with the rest of City Council (purportedly) are considering passing their own gun laws in direct violation of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Section 6120 (Preemption). This law says, in pertinent part, the following:


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday November 4th 2018 :: 11/04/2018

With the elections coming up on Tuesday we are in what can be called the 'calm before the storm'. We HOPE you intend to VOTE as do your friends!  Remember our Voter's Guides can be found at this link:  Many of us will be happy to put the election behind us while at the same time harboring a deep concern for the outcome! That nagging little voice in our heads is warning us that a 'great deal' is riding on the outcome and that is what should scare all of us!

The polarization of our country, along with the rampant lies about issues such as gun control, have led us into an uncertain future. Supporters of the Second Amendment seem to, more and more, be looking for someone else to do the work of defending the Constitution. The polarization has resulted in many conventional forms of political activism coming under attack such as the NRA legal difficulties as well as their drop in support from political circles and in the public’s eye.


FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday October 28th 2018 :: 10/28/2018

We are truly saddened by Saturday’s tragedy and ask everyone to keep the victims of the horrific shooting yesterday at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood in your prayers. There will be more to say and discuss later, but right now is not the time. Let the police do their work and the victims, and their families, try to seek out some solace and comfort as best they can.

Crucial November Election; We stand at the edge of the precipice of one of the most important elections of our lives. That is the reality we face … just days from now.

All the freedoms we hold dear are, quite literally, at stake in this election. The enemies of our freedom are highly organized and VERY well-funded … thanks to a group of super-rich political elites hell-bent on “buying” this election to serve their own agenda.


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