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PA Bill Number: SB1018

Title: In practice and procedure, providing for child victims and witnesses.

Description: In practice and procedure, providing for child victims and witnesses. ...

Last Action: Re-referred to APPROPRIATIONS

Last Action Date: May 22, 2024

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Firearms Owners Against Crime Videos

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Nancy Pelosi Exposes Democrat Smear Tactics

This video shows a candid and open side of arrogant Nancy Pelosi talking about how the Democrats smear their opponents without regard for the facts or truth with the willing cooperation of the MSM.

Added: November 24, 2018

Rep. Aaron Bernstine EXPOSES How YOUR Tax Money is Used to Lobby for GUN CONTROL

Rep. Bernstine exposes the insidious usage of Pennsylvania Tax Payer money to fund local governments lobbying for gun control in defiance of PA Law 'and' the PA Constitution!

Added: September 21, 2018

FOAC Website Navigation Assistance Video-Membership

This video is intended to assist members and prospective members in finding the proper way to navigate the membership options on the FOAC website.

Added: September 21, 2018

Transporting Firearms Thru Anti-Gun States-Victimizing the Innocent

Lost in all of the rhetoric from anti-gun groups and power hungry politicians are the victims of gun control. Ordinary people are victimized by their own government for 'trying' to comply with the law!

Added: December 29, 2017

Post Office and Lawfully Carried Firearms - Legal or Not?

Can you carry a firearm to the post office, park in the post office parking lot and leave your firearm in the car while you retrieve your mail or ship something? The answer which may surprise some of you, is no.

Added: June 23, 2017

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