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PA Bill Number: HR206

Title: A Concurrent Resolution petitioning the Congress of the United States to call a Convention for proposing amendments pursuant to Article V of the ...

Description: A Concurrent Resolution petitioning the Congress of the United States to call a Convention for proposing amendments pursuant to Article V of the ...

Last Action: Removed from table

Last Action Date: Mar 25, 2020

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CANCELLED - Town Hall on the Convention of the States - 04/9/2020
The Frederick House 219 N. Hanover St., Carlisle, PA

CANCELLED: Concealed Carry Seminar Sponsored by PA Rep. Puskaric - 04/18/2020
Blaine Hill Fire Dept. 409 Oxford Ave., Elizabeth, PA

FOAC Monthly Meeting - 04/19/2020
South Fayette Township Municipal Bldg. 515 Millers Run Road, Morgan, PA

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Legal News

Can a DUI conviction in Pa. prevent you from having a gun? Yes, divided U.S. court says :: 01/22/2020

Can a drunken driving conviction in Pennsylvania trigger a lifelong federal ban on possessing a gun?


Over 30 Florida local governments sue state, seek ability to regulate firearms :: 01/20/2020

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- In a state well-known for its competitive political races and heated debates, one issue that continues to be fiercely discussed in Florida is that of gun control and 2nd Amendment rights.


N.J. pays Second Amendment group (NJ2AS) another $87,500 totaling $230,000 in legal victories! :: 01/19/2020

For the third time, NJ paid our legal fees for another Second Amendment legal victory. This brings the total that New Jersey paid to NJ2AS $230,000 in legal awards.


Virginia's highest court upholds weapons ban at gun rally :: 01/18/2020

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia's highest court on Friday upheld a ban on firearms at an upcoming pro-gun rally in the state's capital, an event that authorities feared could erupt in violence at the hands of armed extremists.


Judge Slaps Broward County Down Over Gun Control Ordinances :: 01/16/2020

The people of Broward County, Florida have made some questionable choices through the years. Not only have they not told David Hogg to sit down and shut up, but they also elected Scott Israel as sheriff. Were that the extent of their sins, that would be enough, but I’m afraid it’s not.


Northam's Capitol Square Gun Ban Upheld, Will Be Appealed :: 01/16/2020

A Virginia judge Thursday afternoon denied a request by the Virginia Citizens Defense League and the Gun Owners of America to block Governor Ralph Northam’s ban on firearms in Capitol Square during Monday’s Lobby Day activities and rally that’s expected to bring tens of thousands of gun owners to the capitol.


Progressive Governments' Economic War on the NRA Fails in Court :: 01/08/2020

In California and New York, efforts to target the gun-rights group’s business relationships are failing on First Amendment grounds.


Judge Puts Hawaii Taser Case On Hold :: 01/03/2020

A federal judge has delayed a case involving a Honolulu man who sued the police, city and state in 2018 over the ban on stun guns for personal protection in Hawaii.


Massachusetts Veteran, Crossing Guard Suing To Get His Gun Rights Restored :: 12/23/2019

A Massachusetts man who was stripped of his gun license by his local police chief over a comment made at a local diner is now suing to get his guns and his firearms license returned to him. 84-year old Stephen Nichols was concerned about safety at a local school when he told a fellow diner at Linda Jean’s restaurant that someone could “shoot up the school” because the school safety officer was leaving campus while students were in class.


Man Who Lost Gun Rights Over DUIs Sues To Get Them Restored :: 12/19/2019

No one is going to defend drunk driving.


Why the Courts Aren't All They're Supposed to Be - Lee Friday :: 12/16/2019

In the United States, law courts routinely hand out court order mandating payments to victims. And then do little to enforce them.


Supreme Court Turns Away Appeal In Concealed Carry Case :: 12/13/2019

We’re still waiting to learn what the Supreme Court will do with the challenge to a New York City gun law that it heard earlier this month, but we do know that the Court has now rejected an appeal in a Fourth Amendment case brought by a Pennsylvania county that challenged a state Supreme Court ruling involving police stops and concealed firearms.


Man Wounded in California Synagogue Shooting Sues for Breaching Duty of Reasonable Care :: 12/09/2019

In this Monday, April 29, 2019, file photo, Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, right, comforts Almog Peretz, center, as they attend the funeral for Lori Kaye, who was killed Saturday when a gunman opened fire inside the Chabad of Poway synagogue in Poway, Calif.


New Lawsuit Seeks To Stop Nevada's Red Flag Law From Taking Effect :: 12/06/2019

Conservative activists in Nevada have filed a legal challenged to the state’s “red flag” firearms seizure law, which is set to take effect on January 1st. NevadaCAN, a “citizens action network” in the state, says the new law is unconstitutional, violating both the Second and Fourth Amendment rights of gun owners in the state.


Supreme Court Decision Blocks Lawsuit Against Armslist :: 11/27/2019

The Supreme Court turned away an appeal by the daughter of a woman killed in a shooting at a Wisconsin spa in 2012, who was hoping to sue the website by claiming the site was liable for the suspect in the shooting acquiring his firearms.


Court won't revive suit against gun site over spa shooting :: 11/25/2019

WASHINGTON (November 25, 2019) — The Supreme Court won’t revive a lawsuit against a firearms website over a suburban Milwaukee spa shooting.


Democrat Judge Upholds University Of Missouri's Campus Gun Ban :: 11/21/2019

A former Democrat state lawmaker turned circuit court judge has upheld the University of Missouri’s ban on firearms in a case brought by a university professor who sought the ability to leave a firearm locked in the trunk of his car while at work.


Anti-Gunners: Symposium: Disrupting the consensus on Second Amendment doctrine would be a mistake :: 11/20/2019

In one sense, the stakes in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York couldn’t be lower: The challenged regulation, a one-of-a-kind New York City restriction on transporting licensed handguns outside city limits, has already been repealed, arguably rendering the case moot. But when it comes to Second Amendment doctrine and methodology, the stakes are higher than they’ve been in a decade.


Ohio Supreme Court To Decide Whether Gun Owners Can Drink At Home :: 11/18/2019

The idea of alcohol prohibition was settled almost a century ago when the Volstead Act was repealed by yet another constitutional amendment. It’s the only amendment that’s been passed, then repealed a short time later. In truth, prohibition was a complete and total disaster.


Gun Owners Seek Injunction Against California's Age-Based Ban :: 11/14/2019

SAN DIEGO, CA-( Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced the filing of an amended complaint and new motion for a preliminary injunction in the case of Matthew Jones, et al. v. Attorney General Xavier Becerra, et al., a federal Second Amendment challenge to California’s ban on gun purchases by legal adults under age 21. The court filings are available online at


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