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PA Bill Number: HB55

Title: A Joint Resolution proposing separate and distinct amendments to the Constitution of Pennsylvania, in declaration of rights, providing for ...

Description: A Joint Resolution proposing separate and distinct amendments to the Constitution of Pennsylvania, in declaration of rights, providing for ...

Last Action: Laid on the table

Last Action Date: Jan 13, 2021

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Legal News

CA Man Found Factually Innocent Of Violating Mag Ban :: 08/31/2020

For a very tiny window of time in recent history, larger-capacity magazines were perfectly legal in California. It wasn’t long, unfortunately, but it was there. While I expect that time to come again, until it does, it was a beautiful time for Californians who could take advantage of the situation.


Judge Declines to Block California Open-Carry Gun Restrictions :: 08/31/2020

(CN) - Two California men fighting California’s longstanding open-carry gun laws failed in their bid to have the rules preliminarily overturned — though a federal judge did say Monday that they made a good case his Second Amendment rights might be violated.


Democrat Gun Ban In NH State House Will Be Challenged In Court :: 08/28/2020

Good news from the Live Free or Die State, where the New Hampshire Supreme Court on Friday ruled that a state lawmaker hoping to sue over a ban on guns at the State House imposed by Democrat lawmakers can bring a legal challenge against the prohibition.


Phoenix Family Paid After Cops Pointed Guns At Them :: 08/28/2020

While tensions are extremely high and have been for quite some time, especially with regard to police and the black community, it’s important to recognize that no side is pure as snow. Each has bad actors that do things no one should be doing. While we may lack the hard numbers on just what percentage of which group are really bad actors, we know there are some in both.


Anti-Gun Mayors, Everytown Sue ATF Over Ghost Gun Regulations :: 08/26/2020

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has blamed everyone and everything but her own failed leadership for the rise in violent crime. First it was Indiana’s gun laws that were to blame. Then it was Mississippi. Now Lightfoot, along with Everytown for Gun Safety and the mayors of Syracuse, New York and Columbia, South Carolina, are blaming the ATF, alleging that the federal agency isn’t following the law when it comes to regulating so-called ghost guns; homemade firearms that don’t have a serial number or other identifying markers.


3D Gun Printing Lawsuit Racks Early Win For First & Second Amendments :: 08/21/2020

Get your detergent out! This court decision on “ghost guns” is making anti-gunners sheet themselves.


Hawaii Firearms Coalition File Lawsuit Over Mag Capacity :: 08/21/2020

The Ninth Circuit made a decision on magazine capacity that floored a lot of us. While President Trump has put more pro-gun judges on the bench, the truth is that the Ninth Circuit is still in the Ninth Circuit, suggesting that it may well continue as the most anti-gun circuit in the country. However, the ruling on magazine limits was…well…not anti-gun.


Appeal by gun owners over city ordinances moved to Commonwealth Court :: 08/20/2020

The Pennsylvania Superior Court on Wednesday moved an appeal from four gun owners pursuing criminal complaints against Pittsburgh leaders who last year passed gun control ordinances to the Commonwealth Court.


Federal Judge Hears Challenge To Gun Ban For 18-20 Year Olds :: 08/19/2020

A lawsuit challenging a Washington State law that forbids 18-20 year olds from purchasing a semi-automatic rifle had its day in court on Tuesday, though the judge who heard oral arguments seemed pretty dismissive of the idea that the law violates the constitutional rights of younger Americans. U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton told attorneys for the plaintiffs challenging the law that they were facing “a stiff headwind” in their quest to have the law struck down.


U.S. judge dismisses NRA lawsuit challenging gun shop closures in New York state :: 08/15/2020

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A federal judge on Friday dismissed the National Rifle Association's lawsuit challenging New York's decision to close gun stores in the state in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.


D.C. Files Suit Against NRA Foundation :: 08/07/2020

The lawsuit against the NRA is probably the biggest gun rights story we have going on right now. There’s a lot going on with that and there will be a lot of attention directed toward that story.


NRA Files Lawsuit Against NY In Retaliation :: 08/07/2020

The state of New York is trying to kill the National Rifle Association. While the state may claim all sorts of things in their legal action against the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, the truth of the matter is that all they’re doing is in an effort to destroy an ideological opponent. Oh, they might say the NRA isn’t spending money appropriately, but do you think they really give a damn what happens to the money folks like us donate to the NRA? Do you think the state of New York actually cares about us and our efforts to protect our Second Amendment rights?


Federal Court Revives Second Amendment Lawsuit :: 08/06/2020

The state of Maryland passed some pretty hinky gun control in the wake of Sandy Hook. There’s no doubt about it, to be sure.


Wyoming State Supreme Court Won't Hear Preemption Case :: 08/05/2020

Preemption is something we’ve spent a fair bit of time talking about here. After all, it’s an important bit of legislation that prevents a patchwork of gun control laws that no one can keep track of.


IL FOID Card Fiasco: SAF, ISRA Sue Over Delay of Government Permission Slip Approvals :: 07/25/2020

USA – -( For the second time this year, the Second Amendment Foundation and Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) have joined forces in a federal lawsuit against the Illinois State Police over firearms issues, this time asking the court to force the agency to comply with state law on delivering Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) cards within the state-required 30-day period.


Virginia Man Sues Over New Red Flag Law :: 07/25/2020

Virginia’s version of the Extreme Risk Protection Order, or “red flag” law that allows for the seizure of firearms from individuals deemed by a judge to be a danger to themselves or others, has its first legal challenge, though it might not go very far.


D.C. May Be Facing ANOTHER Heller Lawsuit :: 07/21/2020

Heller vs. District of Columbia is easily one of the most important Supreme Court decisions ever. Even if the lower courts aren’t paying much attention to it, it definitively protects the right to keep and bear arms as an individual right and bars state and local governments from banning classes of firearms.


Judge Deals Remington A Setback In Sandy Hook Case :: 07/16/2020

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act is fairly clear. It’s illegal to sue a firearm manufacturer because of what a third party does with one of their products.


Georgia murder case tests whether a Black man can stand his ground against whites :: 07/15/2020

William Marcus Wilson believed he was standing his ground when he fired at a pickup truck he says was trying to run his car off the road as he drove home with his girlfriend one night last month. But Wilson, 21, who goes by Marc, is a Black man from a small city in Georgia, and the girlfriend in the car with him was white, and, according to his family and attorneys, that fact has complicated matters.


VA Judge Grants Partial Injunction Against New Background Check Law :: 07/14/2020

Virginia’s new “universal background check” law violates the constitutional rights of state residents between the ages of 18-20, according to a decision by a circuit court judge Monday afternoon granting a partial injunction against the law that took effect on July 1st. That means that at the moment, only 18, 19, and 20-year olds are exempt from the requirement to undergo a background check before a private or commercial gun sale.


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