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PA Bill Number: HR604

Title: Declaring gun violence a social epidemic that requires immediate action and condemning the National Rifle Association's increasingly extreme and ...

Description: Declaring gun violence a social epidemic that requires immediate action and condemning the National Rifle Association's increasingly extreme and ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Nov 14, 2019

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Legal News

Injunction To Be Filed In Lawsuit Challenging California Ammo-Law Train-Wreck :: 07/06/2019

California – -( The problems encountered since the new ammunition background check system was put into effect on July 1st 2019, have far surpassed what we predicted, and we predicted a train wreck.


Las Vegas shooting victim's parents sue gunmaker over daughter's death :: 07/04/2019

The parents of a woman killed in the 2017 Las Vegas shooting said Wednesday they would sue the gun manufacturers who advertised their products as easy to modify into semi-automatic weapons, similar to what was used by the shooter in a calamity that left 58 people dead and several hundred wounded.


Lawsuit Filed Over California's Ban On Gun Sales To People Under 21 :: 07/03/2019

California is one of a handful of states that decided to make it illegal for an 18-year-old to exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms in the wake of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The thinking, if you can call it that, is that by banning people under 21 from buying a gun, we will be able to prevent some percentage of mass shootings.


Challenge to NJ's May Issue Handgun Rule Filed with Supreme Court :: 07/02/2019

Glassboro, NJ –  -( Through a series of events that were not necessarily unpredictable, another case challenging the Right to Keep and Bear arms in New Jersey has been denied review. Cheeseman v Pollillo is one of the latest cases that has worked its way through the system, only to be denied review by the New Jersey Supreme Court.


Seeking gun rights back, Iowa farmer gets arrested instead :: 07/02/2019

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Retired farmer Allan Phillips had been out of legal trouble for 40 years when he asked Iowa's governor to restore the gun rights he lost in 1978.


Federal Judge Moves Forward Suit Over California Gun Registration :: 06/28/2019

A federal judge on Thursday refused to dismiss a lawsuit by California gun owners who claim they were unable to comply with the state’s latest registration law because the state’s internet-based registration system does not work properly.


U.S. District Court Rules In Favor Of Del Mar Gun Shows In CA :: 06/21/2019

The anti-gun sentiment in California is so strong that gun shows are actively opposed. Nevermind that licensed gun dealers who man the majority of the booths at gun shows are required by federal law to conduct background checks, making them little different from a gun store. Anti-gunners don’t care.


Illinois Supreme Court to hear gun owner identification law challenge :: 06/13/2019

A case challenging Illinois’ Firearm Owners Identification card law is headed to the Illinois Supreme Court, but a gun rights group said it could end up in the nation's highest court.


Supreme Court refuses to consider whether Second Amendment protects gun silencers :: 06/11/2019

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court refused Monday to decide if the Second Amendment protects gun silencers such as the one used in last month's Virginia Beach shooting that killed 12 people.


Guns Can Be Taken From Nonviolent Felons Under Second Amendment :: 06/08/2019

The Second Amendment doesn’t prevent the government from taking guns away from nonviolent felons, the Seventh Circuit said June 6.


30 Colorado sheriffs join opposition to gun magazine ban facing challenge in state Supreme Court :: 06/07/2019

About half of the state’s county sheriffs this week joined the battle against Colorado’s ban on gun magazines that hold more than 15 rounds, arguing that the law hinders peoples’ ability to defend themselves.


Mother says college suspended her indefinitely over gun photo - and now she's suing :: 06/04/2019

A mother who's a student at a Florida college said the school suspended her indefinitely over a photo of her and her fiance posing with guns, WJAX-TV reported.


Castle Doctrine: DA: Pittsburgh tow truck driver who shot rival acted in self-defense :: 05/31/2019

Prosecutors will not pursue criminal charges against a tow truck driver who shot and paralyzed a rival during a fight over territory earlier this year in Pittsburgh’s Highland Park.


Federal Judge Orders Permanent Injunction Against Riverside County :: 05/25/2019

LOS ANGELES-( Today, plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit filed last fall announced that Senior United States District Judge Dean D. Pregerson entered an order permanently enjoining Riverside County, California from having a policy and practice of preventing legal U.S. residents from exercising their right to apply for a carry license in Van Nieuwenhuyzen, et al. v. Riverside, CA Sheriff Stanley Sniff, et al. A copy of the court filings can be viewed at


Commonwealth Court Affirms That Pardoned Individuals Are NOT Prohibited From Purchasing and Possessing Firearms :: 05/23/2019

Today, Chief Counsel Joshua Prince, of the Firearms Industry Consulting Group®, was successful in securing a 12 page decision by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, wherein it affirmed that an individual who receives a full pardon is neither prohibited from purchasing and possessing a firearms and ammunition nor prohibited from obtaining a license to carry firearms.


California City Sued Over Mandatory Reporting Law :: 05/22/2019

The state of California doesn’t like to make it easy for gun owners. It’s not like the state is known for supporting the right to keep and bear arms in any way, shape, or form. There seems to be a certain pride in restricting firearms, even when there’s no reason for a law to exist. It doesn’t matter one way or another, the state’s going to create more gun control laws.


Judge Refuses to Dismiss NRA/SAF Suit Against Washington Gun Control :: 05/22/2019

On Tuesday a federal judge rejected a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against Washington’s gun control Initiative 1639.


Lawyers for Hawaii Gun Carry Lawsuit File Supreme Court Brief in New York Case :: 05/16/2019

U.S.A. – -( “There is no question that the right to keep and bear arms extends outside the home,” attorneys Alan Beck and Stephen Stamboulieh argue in a friend of the court brief filed Tuesday in the Supreme Court. “To argue otherwise is to render the phrase ‘bear arms’ superfluous within the Second Amendment.”


Florida Carry Sues FDLE For Violations Of Gun Background Check Laws :: 05/14/2019

Tallahassee, FL – -( A class action lawsuit for ongoing violations of Florida’s firearms background check and preemption laws was filed today on behalf of all Floridians whose right to acquire firearms have been illegally interfered with by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).


WA State Supreme Court Overturns Ruling On Felon Pistol License :: 05/10/2019

There’s a reason why we have a separate justice system for juveniles. Mostly it’s because kids don’t have all the same tools that adults are supposed to have, so they do colossally dumb things for colossally dumb reasons, but rarely out of any malicious intent. We have to punish them, of course, because it’s vital they learn there are ramifications to their actions. However, in many cases, those juvenile offenders take the hit, shape up, and we never have to worry about them again.


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