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PA Bill Number: HB1472

Title: In primary and election expenses, further providing for reporting by candidate and political committees and other persons and for late contributions ...

Description: In primary and election expenses, further providing for reporting by candidate and political committees and other persons and for late contrib ...

Last Action: Referred to STATE GOVERNMENT

Last Action Date: Apr 22, 2024

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Hero Gets Fired for Using a Gun to Stop Robbery :: 05/28/2011

The police described it as an armed robbery and a hostage situation. Before dawn on Sunday, May, 8th, two robbers stormed into a Walgreens store wearing masks and gloves and carrying guns. Video cameras in the store on Napier Avenue in Benton Township, Michigan captured the whole event. Fortunately, though, Jeremy Hoven, a pharmacist and one of the employees in the store, had a permitted concealed handgun with him . Unfortunately, Walgreens fired Hoven for having a gun at work .


Opponents of Gun-Free Zones at Universities Find Unlikely Hero in Nevada Woman :: 05/27/2011

Across the country, lawmakers are debating whether universities should let students and faculty with permits carry their concealed weapon on campus. Those who want to put an end to such gun-free zones have found an unlikely hero in a petite, soft spoken, young woman who wonders why colleges protect most Constitutional rights, but not the one that matters most when staring into the face of a violent criminal.


Three Reasons Why Constitutional Carry (No CCW Permit) is Not Insane :: 05/27/2011

Gun control advocates have an extremely limited appreciation of personal liberty (if it's even on their radar). But they're not stupid. They know that the more barriers government places in the way of CCW permits, the less CCW permits the government will issue. More laws, less guns.


Project GunRunner (Overview) :: 05/27/2011

It was 11 days until Christmas and Detroit-born Brian Terry was looking forward to leaving the U.S.-Mexico border at the end of the week for a holiday visit with his family in his home state of Michigan. He had joined the Border Patrol three and one-half years before and had quickly excelled, becoming a member of the elite BORTAC (Border Tactical) Unit detailed out of the Naco, Arizona, station. A rugged, muscular, 6-foot-4 athlete, prior to the Border Patrol he had served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps - including a combat tour in Iraq during Desert Storm - had gone on to college, and then served nine years as a police officer in Lincoln Park, Michigan, a downriver suburb south of Detroit.


NRA Claims Rand Paul's Gun Amendment Would Have Hurt Gun Owners More Than PATRIOT Act :: 05/27/2011

[From NRA e-mails] If the Paul amendment were adopted, the FBI would have used other ways to access whatever firearms records it might need for intelligence or anti-terrorism investigations. This is especially troublesome for gun owners.


Jon Kyl and Mitch McConnell Are Whipping Colleagues to Oppose Gun Protections :: 05/27/2011

I just received an email that Senator Jon Kyl sent out the below email to colleagues urging them to oppose a Rand Paul amendment to the PATRIOT Act that would protect gun rights.


The Second Amendment for Troops? :: 05/27/2011

You read that correctly. The House voted 260 to 160 to approve an amendment to the bill that would revise the military's "rules of engagement" to ensure troops in conflict zones can defend themselves.


Ex-employees who disarmed customers sue Walmart for firing them :: 05/27/2011

LAYTON - They were fired after disarming a gunman in their store who said, "Don't make me do this."


Patriot Takes His Oath To Uphold and Defend The Constitution Seriously :: 05/27/2011

Liao's sense of honor and duty are a refreshing breath of fresh air in this day and age. With politicians publicly rejecting their Oaths of Office to uphold and defend the Constitution by leveraging their lawmaking efforts against common, law-abiding citizens who are doing nothing more than exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights, Liao's personal commitment to the Bill of Rights has now become the exception and not the rule.


U.S. Senator Rand Paul Pro-Gun Amendment Scuttled by Patriot Act Extension and NRA Backstabbing at Last Minute :: 05/27/2011

The Paul amendment that caused the most angst, which would impose strict judicial oversight on access to gun ownership records, will get a vote, but the threshold for passage is high. Supporters need 60 votes, but they are not likely to find anywhere near that many.


Civil rights group opposes Brady Center on concealed carry :: 05/27/2011

Today, May 25, 2011, the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) filed a friend-of-the-court amicus brief in the Peruta case. The CORE brief emphasizes how the right to "bear arms" does not stop at one's doorstep, and gives a historical analysis of the Fourteenth Amendment, discussing how discretionary firearms licensing laws were an incident of slavery.


The Changing Face of the Police and the Death of the Fourth Amendment :: 05/26/2011

In early America, citizens were considered equals with law enforcement officials. Authorities were rarely permitted to enter one's home without permission or in a deceitful manner. And it was not uncommon for police officers to be held personally liable for trespass when they wrongfully invaded a citizen's home.


Obama: We're working on gun control "under the radar :: 05/26/2011

On March 30, the 30th anniversary of the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, Jim Brady, who sustained a debilitating head wound in the attack, and his wife, Sarah, came to Capitol Hill to push for a ban on the controversial "large magazines." Brady, for whom the law requiring background checks on handgun purchasers is named, then met with White House press secretary Jay Carney . During the meeting, President Obama dropped in and, according to Sarah Brady, brought up the issue of gun control, "to fill us in that it was very much on his agenda," she said.


FBI Stats: More Guns, Less Crime? :: 05/26/2011

There's something strange going on in America. The FBI's 2010 Preliminary Annual Uniform Crime Report tells of a a 5.5 percent drop in violent crime and a 2.8 percent decline in property crime. [NSF bullet points after the jump.] With the economy in the tank, you'd think that crime would be on the upswing. Well, you might, if you were one of those Patrick Kennedy-types who blames bad behavior on society.


White House 'strategy' on Project Gunrunner documented :: 05/26/2011

Is THIS report the 'smoking gun' in controversy over guns-to-Mexico?


Criminal home invaders pretending to be cops, or the real thing? Does it matter? :: 05/26/2011

The slaughter in Tucson earlier this month of Marine veteran Jose Guerena, shot down by Tucson SWAT officers, should lead to some long, hard looks at the militarization of law enforcement, no-knock raids, and the "War on Drugs" in general. From the Arizona Daily Star :


Bucks County (PA) officials overturn gun ban in county parks :: 05/25/2011

Packing for a picnic has taken on added meaning in Bucks County.


Court expands police right to take guns from cars :: 05/25/2011

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) - Police can remove a gun from a car during a traffic stop to ensure their safety even when they have no specific suspicion that the occupants are dangerous and pose a threat, the state Supreme Court concluded in a ruling welcomed by law enforcement.


Bill To Allow Guns Inside Venues That Serve Alcohol, If Venue Agrees :: 05/24/2011

CINCINNATI -- An Ohio bill to allow concealed weapons in bars and other places that serve alcohol is close to becoming law.


Informant in raw video gives Fox News explosive details about Gunwalker :: 05/24/2011

Gun Rights Examiner has been so involved providing original investigative reporting on "Project Gunwalker"* developments that investigations conducted by others at times go unexplored. Such is the case with a raw video produced by Fox News on April 27, in which reporter William La Jeunesse interviewed an unidentified confidential informant.


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