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PA Bill Number: SB531

Title: In general provisions, providing for findings regarding firearms and ammunition; and, in preemptions, providing for regulation of firearms and ...

Description: In general provisions, providing for findings regarding firearms and ammunition; and, in preemptions, providing for regulation of firearms a ...

Last Action: Removed from table

Last Action Date: Jun 12, 2019

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FOAC Monthly Meeting - 08/11/2019
South Fayette Township Municipal Building 515 Millers Run Road, Morgan, PA

Senator Jim Brewster's Annual 45th District Golf Classic - 08/19/2019
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Latest News

Would the BATFE use the Sandy Hook murders as a "media opportunity"? :: 09/04/2013

At least one pro gun source certainly thinks the BATFE used the Sandy Hook massacre as a convenient media event. What do you think?


Gun Buy Backs? Not in North Carolina anymore! :: 09/03/2013

'Save the gun' law bars North Carolina cops from destroying guns By Matt Pearce 7:00 AM PDT, September 2, 2013 You know those gun-buyback programs where police purchase weapons in order to destroy them? This week, a North Carolina law goes into effect that blocks police from destroying confiscated or unclaimed firearms.


Cops don't recommend you defend yourself? Ask two Virginia hoodlums, and they might agree! :: 09/01/2013

The photo's of the would be bad guys, one armed with a gun are priceless. Enjoy one of those stories with a happy ending.


Mississippi Residents get a Pro-Gun ruling! :: 09/01/2013

In a total rebuke of multiple judicial errors, the Mississippi State Supreme Court today, in a 9 - 0 vote, overturned Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Winston Kidd's injunction that had halted implementation of House Bill 2, a...


Los Angeles County Community College bans firearms--you won't believe this! :: 08/31/2013

The video is 1:31 long. Its going to take you much longer to wrap your arms around the concept that ignorance is good, fear is better, and knowledge is very, very, bad. We're still in shock, and still mindful of the evil forces who would rip the Bill of Rights out of the history books.


Texas makes pro gun gains--with a part time legislature. What's going on in Harrisburg??? :: 08/30/2013

Click on the hyperlink for details. And the guys in Texas only work part time! Its time for the Republican Governor, House, and Senate here in the Keystone State to get their collective act together.


Bloomberg shows his ignorance about firearms--again! :: 08/29/2013

You just have to listen to this phone call to a radio talk show. Gun safety? Apparently daffy Bloomberg wouldn't know it if it bit him in his arse.


On hate crimes, racial strife, right here in the 'Burgh :: 08/29/2013

Woman brutally beaten by group of teens in North Side says attack was 'racially motivated'


Obama tramples on Constitution again! :: 08/29/2013

The President of the United States holds a high office, and takes an oath before We the People and God Almighty to preserve, defend, and protect the Constitution " the best of my ability..." We guess he's pretty much NOT able to get his arms around the idea that this is a Republic, not a dictatorship. Again, he has decided to fly in the face of Congress, and rule by fiat. Didn't we pretty much kick Mad King George's butt in order to establish a Republic? Who is this man, who derives his power from us, not vice versa, to ignore his oath of office?


Never Again! Never, not Ever. :: 08/25/2013

This video from 60 minutes dates back to 2007, but its important to watch it, and share with our brothers and sisters at JPFO the refrain--"Never Again" It's 15 minutes that should make you think back to the 1940's. What does Freedom mean to you?


Dead Souls of a Cultural Revolution :: 08/25/2013

Last Friday, Christopher Lane, a 22-year-old Australian here on a baseball scholarship, was shot and killed while jogging in Duncan, Okla., population 23,000. He died where he fell.


Now here's a real defense against mass murderers in our Gun Free School Zones! :: 08/23/2013

We couldn't make this up, so we borrowed it from a trusted source. You simply have to read the commentary, and some of the questions posed by the half wits who are going to spend 60 grand for these anti-shooter devices. Good Lord, even at a grand a pop you could arm and train 60 teachers would could put up a REAL defense of our children. We don't think we really understood the words "in denial" until we read this gem.


WVCDL-Our brothers and sisters in West Virginia :: 08/22/2013

WVCDL has similar issues, but they also have Manchin :( Please support them if your schedule allows.


Not Backing Down anti gun rally-Part 2 :: 08/22/2013

Not Backing Down Counter RallyFrom our folks on scene. There appeared to be something on the order of 25 or less Obama supporters in front of Rep. Murphy's office yesterday, ranting about gun control, but offering little in the way of facts.Here is a report from Mt. Lebanon from one our members:"Several FOAC activists went to US Rep Murphy's office on Washington Rd in Mt. Lebanon and discussed the 2nd Amendment with "gun control" activists, most of which were polite except for a raving nut who was from Australia( claimed to be an American citizen) and had BS talking points. To our amazement, they also appeared to actually support Obama (see signs) !!!! A young Cease Fire Pa. woman, who admitted to being paid to be there, had a discussion with me, but had to leave abruptly once I showed her a copy of Article 1 Section 21 of the Pa Constitution ! :-)


Bloomberg vs. Free at :: 08/22/2013

We've often opined that gun control is racism in its worst and most evil form. Please watch this video. It shows the rantings of new Napoleon, bent on destroying the Constitution, quickly followed by a man of color who admonishes all of us to rise up to the challenges of the Nanny State. Its absolutely worth a look.


Gun Crime 'Out of Control' Despite Strict Australia Laws :: 08/21/2013

As former Australian politician Tim Fischer turns the shooting of Christopher Lane into an opportunity to push a travel boycott until the U.S. changes its gun laws, police in Sydney launched “a new plan to tackle out-of-control gun violence” there.


Not Backing Down Counter Protest :: 08/20/2013

A demonstration is being held at Congressman Tim Murphy's office in Mt. Lebanon tomorrow (Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 12:00pm). This demonstration is being called the 'Not Backing Down -- Action Event'. The intent is to support comprehensive gun reforms which they believe will reduce gun violence.


First (?) successful use of Castle Doctrine :: 08/20/2013

Of course we all know that a case in Westmoreland County never made it past the magistrate. DA Peck would have had his arse handed to him. The article we found says that Fisher's case is the first one supported by Castle.


The "debate" continues! :: 08/19/2013

This article was published over 3 years ago. Its worth a look to see that the same arguments against private ownership of firearms, and against concealed carry are still being presented by the same dullards who refuse to acknowledge that more guns in the hands of more honest citizens equals less crime. Click on the hyperlink. What do you think about more armed citizens?


Keep an eye on New Jersey. :: 08/19/2013

On the surface, Governor Christie's actions in exercising his veto power appear to be remarkable, given New Jersey's penchant for draconian gun control. What the article doesn't address is incremental gun control, as he did not veto the ENTIRE bill. Nor did Christie put any pressure on lawmakers to do away with schemes introduced by Lautenberg, Corzine, and others before them. While there is good news in this article, there are still dark clouds hanging over New Jersey residents, and visitors to New Jersey. You read it, you decide. Until New Jersey recognizes that good people have an unfettered right to defend themselves, posturing like this is practically meaningless.


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