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PA Bill Number: HB2310

Title: In emergency COVID-19 response, further

Description: An Act amending the act of April 9, 1929 (P.L.343, No.176), known as The Fiscal Code, in emergency COVID-19 response, further

Last Action: Signed in Senate

Last Action Date: Jul 11, 2024

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FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday April 25th 2021 :: 04/25/2021

This past Monday we celebrated a day, Patriot’s Day, and it seems clear that too many in this country and far too many elected representatives have forgotten why we celebrate this day! Amidst all the media bluster and hot air coming out of DC and most of our nation’s capitals about Freedom issues is the lost sense of what it has cost, and what it might cost, to maintain that Freedom.

Media pundits always complain that gun owners and Republicans need to “cross the aisle and meet Democrats halfway” when it comes to legislation that restricts Freedoms for all. Rino Republicans like John McCain and Mitt Romney, Tom Ridge (PA), George Bush (41), etc. were happy to do that and there are others who still are. The great ruse is that meeting halfway meant compromising our values and beliefs and giving in to the Left’s agenda while getting ZERO in return. That is NOT compromise, it is orchestrated theft.

As part of our mission, FOAC surveys and interacts with all candidates from the county level up. Since this is the Municipal (off-year) Election cycle, this means we are focused on Judges, Special Elections and County races, specifically Commissioner, DA and Sheriff offices. This FOAC involvement covers not only questionnaires but also phone interviews, personal meetings ‘and’ e-mail interaction.

I say the above because I want you to know what it takes to compile our voters guides (coming out on 4/30) as well as to know our observations of the beliefs of these candidates that cannot be factored into our voter’s guides. First, very FEW candidates have any ‘real’ concept of ‘what Freedom means’. A polite term would be that they are victims of their surroundings (media, uninformed opinions, etc.) with very little ‘real’ time or consideration given to their own education on what their Oath of Office means, the barest coverage of the Constitution, the legal limitations of their authority in XYZ office.

IF you think that those running for office ‘know’ the Constitution then you would be 99% WRONG. What’s worse is the attitude that they think they know the law and that the ‘Ends Justify the Means’ when it comes to sacrificing rights for expediency! Let me relate one comment from a candidate who is running at the ‘county’ level on the issue of gun laws (he is a lawyer) on what needs done.

As a responsible gun owner, I'd be willing to trade some of my freedoms for some universal precautions if it reduced gun accidents and violence. But I also respect your right to disagree.

Just the sheer shallowness of this in his thinking that ‘trading freedoms’ is appropriate! Who is HE to decide even if what he is ‘trading’ for would work?? Notice he says, “But I also respect your right to disagree”, as if he is going to do it anyway and that he knows better.

I ask gun owners all the time to get involved as they feel comfortable. I know, from talking to them, that many are intimidated by the process and the aloof attitudes of candidates. DON’T BE! They are NOT better than you nor, in most cases, more well informed. This is local all the high school cliques we all groaned at!

The sad fact of the matter is that without gun owners stepping up and getting involved, the current crop of anti-gunners is more audacious and ignorant than at any time in the past. We are in danger of being swept aside and becoming nothing more than a historical anecdote!

Media Myths: Legally Registered Guns in PA???

A Pennsylvania self-defense article in February garnered our attention for a couple of reasons. First, a woman in Philadelphia defended herself against an intruder who illegally entered her home, bravo to her! Next, was the comment below from the article:

“Because if he was getting into my house, I probably would have done the same thing if I had a gun,” neighbor Robert Gonzalez said. “I’m just going to do things a lot safer, look out for myself. Make sure whoever comes, got a look, look at his face, see what’s going on. You know, probably scope him.”

Police say the gun the woman used was legally registered.

I can’t count how many of the battles I’ve had over the years with people in the media and even in the legislature over whether or not the law prohibits the registration of firearms here in Pennsylvania. This is another case where the media does not do its homework! (Yeah, I know big surprise!)

Readers of the article ‘should’ have been informed that registration of firearms is illegal in Pennsylvania:

§ 6111.4.  Registration of firearms.

Notwithstanding any section of this chapter to the contrary, nothing in this chapter shall be construed to allow any government or law enforcement agency or any agent thereof to create, maintain or operate any registry of firearm ownership within this Commonwealth. For the purposes of this section only, the term “firearm” shall include any weapon that is designed to or may readily be converted to expel any projectile by the action of an explosive or the frame or receiver of any such weapon.

FOAC has long been an opponent of the registration of firearms and firearms owners! Our organization involved in the writing of this section of law nearly 25 years ago.

The history of gun registries and the incessant pushed by government to register firearms owners goes back nearly 100 years ago into the FDR administration. There are only two states that require the registration of all guns and that is California and Hawaii!

New York requires the registration of all handguns and three more states, (Maryland, New Jersey, and Connecticut), besides California, Hawaii, and New York, require registration of very specific firearms such as “assault pistols”, “assault weapons”, and .50 caliber rifles.

There are nine states which ban the registration of firearms, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and South Dakota. Federal gun registration (except NFA items) is banned by federal statute.

We believe this is a conscious effort on the part of the media to indoctrinate citizens into believing that firearms may only be owned with the permission of government and that this ownership can be removed at any time easily because that ownership is a suspicious activity that must be highly regulated, overseen, and controlled! The term “legally registered” thus must be advanced to indoctrinate the population into accepting the registration of firearms as ordinary, well-established, and desirable. So far, the indoctrination has not been successful.

FOAC Member Feedback on Website: Legislative Alerts and Contacting Legislators

by John DeLallo

“I often use our web page, and the legislative alerts that I’m signed up for, to send a message of support for a particular pro-gun, pro freedom, bill. Of course, I also encourage legislators to kill anti-gun bills before they even hit the Judiciary committee.

If it’s a bill with a particular impact, I’ll read the offending portion of it, and copy and paste it into my response. I find it very easy to customize the FOAC template to suit my writing style.

Whenever I find that a particular legislator is already a co-sponsor, I make every effort to thank them in my response. Our web page allows you to simply click on a bill and read it in its entirety. I encourage every one of you to use the web page to contact your representative. I also encourage you to add bills to your tracking list. That’s easily done once you’ve signed in.

FOAC put a lot of effort into the web page, and I’m happy to say that I helped in some small way. Our web page is robust, packed with information, and a very easy tool to use when contacting your State Rep, State Senator, or your member of the US House or Senate.”

Firearms Training Tips

Safe Carry

Part 4 in a multiple part series on the Safe and Proper use of your defensive tool

By Klint Macro

The cornerstone of all firearms training, no matter the context is safety. All Americans who exercise their 2A Rights must also exercise them responsibly; this begins with safe gun handling, responsible storage, and continues with safe and proper carry.

It is vitally important that gun owners accept the responsibility of being a responsible gun owner.

Carry options are vast and are often dictated by lifestyle and context. I generally advise anyone who chooses to carry a gun to do so on the body, if possible. Although other options may be viable, a firearm that is holstered and secured on the body is the safest it can be.

The most popular modes of carry that allows for maximum control, accessibility and efficient presentation is either strong side hip or centerline carry. This can be done inside the waist band (IWB) or outside the waist band (OWB). Generally IWB is better for deeper concealment and OWB is often slightly more comfortable. This is of course affected by your clothing choices, body shape, lifestyle, and physical routines.

Generally, holster construction options are leather, kydex, or a hybrid of the two. Kydex is a polymer that is extremely durable and will not collapse when the gun is removed from the holster. Leather, on the other hand, is often more comfortable but leather IWB holsters often collapse when the gun is removed from the holster and may loosen and stretch over time. The hybrids are typically a leather panel that goes against the body with a kydex shell that is fastened onto the panel. Hybrids are often comfortable and are NOT prone to collapse but they are sometime difficult put on or take off. Whatever you choose, be sure that the holster COMPLETELY covers the trigger guard when the gun is in it.

If you are training often (as you should always try to do) you don’t want to have to pry the holster apart with your thumb to re-holster your pistol because it collapsed. Remember that safe direction concept we spoke of in the first article? In the context of a dynamic critical incident, we don’t want to make life harder by having to deal with stress, adrenaline, shaking, AND a collapsed holster when law enforcement is on the way.

With IWB, the retention, or the amount of friction holding the gun inside the holster is generally determined by the tightness of the belt. Kydex and hybrid holsters often have some kind of adjustment to hold the pistol tighter and are usually molded for the specific model of firearm allowing for a precise fit. This friction, from belt or mechanical tightness, combined with the gun being under a layer or layers of clothing helps to secure the gun.

If you are carrying OWB, I recommend using a holster with some type of manual retention. If you happen to be “open carrying” then I INSIST on using a holster with a manual retention device. Be advised… under the current “state(s) of emergency” in Pennsylvania, open carry is ILLEGAL without a PA License To Carry. Many leather holsters will have thumb snaps, many kydex models, such as the Safariland ALS or GLS series, have a thumb release that defeats a lever that locks the gun inside the holster. Although they CAN be used safely, I generally do NOT recommend holsters that have a retention release that is actuated by the trigger finger. If the gun is not lifted completely clear of the holster before orienting the gun towards the threat, trigger fingers can easily find their way into the trigger guard area and potentially induce a negligent discharge. Whatever you choice, remember that defeating a retention device will require one more step to getting your gun out of the holster…. so…. practice, practice, practice.

One of the benefits of many Kydex designs are that you can put the holster on or remove it without taking your belt off or taking the gun out of the holster. The less “handling” we do with the gun the less likely we are to “mishandle” it. Secondly, being able to efficiently remove the holster with the gun inside the holster allows you to place it in your staging device at home or the lock box in the car while keeping the trigger guard covered. If you have to run into the Post Office removing your belt and undressing in a parking lot or leaving an unsecured un-holstered gun in a vehicle are not good ideas.

Whether it be IWB or OWB, “strong side hip” carry is considered (if you visualize your belt buckle as noon and your tailbone as 6 o’clock) from 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock for right handers, and 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock for left handers. This is a good option for most folks.

Another option, and how I carry, is centerline carry. This would be considered carrying the holster from Noon to 2 o’clock for right handed or 10 o’clock to Noon for left-handers. This is NOT to be confused with cross draw. I do not advocate drawing the gun ACROSS your pelvis or abdomen when presenting from the holster. Centerline often allows for great concealment, a very efficient presentation and the gun, being in your front, is much more readily controlled and protected. Also, I have personally experienced less back pain issues since moving to centerline from strong side hip.

I mentioned lifestyle as being a factor. If you are a lifeguard and wear a bikini everyday, you will be very limited as to your concealed carry options or may have no “on body” options at all. If you wear a sport coat or suit everyday, you may find that strong side OWB may work well. If you wear t-shirts everyday then IWB will likely be your answer. If you are bending over at work picking up boxes all the day then centerline may not be the most comfortable option, however, if you stand all day or are getting in and out of a vehicle all day long the centerline may be more comfortable and more accessible while wearing a seatbelt.

Once you choose a mode of carry and purchase the appropriate holster, be sure to check (with an unloaded gun) that the retention is going to be adequate. Wear the gun in the holster, get in and out of your car, roll around on the floor with the kids, and get up and down from your favorite comfy chair and make sure the gun stays in the holster and that the holster does not shift on your body.

Safe and Efficient Presentation from the holster is a complex task and requires some consideration. “Lead puncture wounds” on the range are very rare, but when they do happen OFTEN they happen in the context of holster work. I talk about this in detail in one of my articles on Personal Defense Network. How we take the gun out of the holster and put it back in must be done with care.

To get an idea of how I teach presentation from the holster in the USCCA AND I.C.E. Training classes, check out this instructional video. Be sure when you re-holster the gun you do it SLOWLY and DELIBERATELY, with your finger somewhere other than the trigger and look at your holster while you re-holster the gun. Be careful that NO clothing is in the way of the holster.

Lastly, as I wrap up this installment, I remind you of “The Big Picture Rule”. Every time you take a gun from or put it back into a holster consider this:

Recognize that YOU are in control of a firearm, if YOU use this firearm carelessly, ignorantly, or with malice, YOU have the potential to harm or kill yourself or someone else.

Act accordingly. Don’t just be an armed American, be a ‘responsibly armed’ American!

Stay armed, alert, safe, and be well regulated!

Anti-Gun University Professor Rails that Gun Control is a ‘Lost Cause’

Rutgers University (distinguished?) professor Ross Baker seems to be in a deep funk over the fact that gun control has not been enacted according to his desires. His level of desperation seems to be advanced to the point that he is seriously considering giving up on the idea that Americans are ever going to wholeheartedly embrace a gun ban agenda/eviscerate the Second Amendment!

In an article published, April 23 in the USA Today newspaper, he bemoans fact that Congress has chosen to protect the firearms industry from the attacks of the anti-gun groups in trying to destroy the entire industry. He said, “so strong is the constituency for firearms ownership in Congress that a law is on the books immunizing gun manufacturers from lawsuits arising out of the use of their products for mass shootings”!

How a person can be a (distinguished?) professor at a prestigious university and not realize the connection between the firearms industry and the ability of citizens to exercise a constitutional right is beyond me!

Even more interesting is the little sidebar comment wherein he seems to be taken aback by the fact that gun control efforts like red flag laws have failed, noting the tragedy in Indiana. He said, “on top of that is the fact that even such modest efforts at the state level to limiting access to guns to people deemed dangerous to themselves have proved ineffective”. Why he is incredulous that the red flag laws have failed along with other gun control is more of an indictment of his lack of willingness to research these issues for himself. If he had done his own due diligence, he would’ve realized that red flag laws, like most gun control laws, were doomed to failure from the start!

To prove how inane and uninformed Baker is, he seems to laud the gun laws in New Jersey (which happened on a damn thing except victimize the law-abiding citizen) and then criticize Pennsylvania wherein he calls Pennsylvania “a state with few limits on who can get access to a gun”! Even the anti-gun Brady campaign has rated Pennsylvania as the 11th most restrictive state in the nation!

Baker may be clear-eyed about the failure of the gun control movement, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t swallowed line and sinker the propaganda of the anti-gun crowd when it comes to their lying ideology.

“What kills such efforts in Congress, even in the wake of the unspeakable slaughter of the innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, is the recognition in the minds of politicians that there are voters in their states and districts who are Second Amendment absolutists, whether they be the kind of people who shoot at targets for practice or those who might shoot at people because of malice or derangement.”

Baker’s elitist mindset is on full display in his conclusion as well.

“Unbalanced, vengeful or politically motivated assailants armed, in many cases, with charismatic weapons patterned on those used by the military will continue to inflict death and grievous injury on innocent people. There is, effectively, no way to stop it.”

If you read the article, you will see that he even goes on to embrace expanding the court to try and force the activist court to undermine the Second Amendment which seems to be a primary focus of not only the anti-gun crowd but the elitists in our country.

If he wants to regain his lost hope, all he has to do is acknowledge that history has shown us there’s no way to ban our way to safety ‘and’ focus his efforts and attention on those types of programs that actually address violence instead of trying to undermine the Second Amendment of all citizens.

Groundbreaking Settlement with the City of Philadelphia in Relation to License to Carry Firearm Delays

As one of the attorneys involved in Firearm Policy Coalition’s (FPC) Fetsurka, et al v. City of Philadelphia, et al, litigation in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, I am honored to announce a settlement – entered into by the City of Philadelphia and approved by District Court Judge Michael Baylson – regarding the City of Philadelphia’s initial refusal to accept license to carry firearm (LTCF) applications due to COVID and after the filing of FPC’s Fetsurka litigation and the City’s accepting LTCF applications, substantial delays in processing of LTCFs. A copy of the approved settlement can be obtained here.

It is a distinct honor and privilege to once again represent the residents of Philadelphia in forcing the City’s compliance with the law, as enacted by our General Assembly, which preempts issuing authorities from regulating, in any manner, the application for and the process to obtain a LTCFs. As declared during the 1995 debate in enacting Act 17, which made the process to obtain an LTCF uniform across the entire Commonwealth,

Philadelphia gun owners should not be treated as second class citizens. They should have the same right to self-defense as other citizens of the Commonwealth. They are entitled to equal protection under our Constitution.

FPC’s support in this litigation has allowed us to challenge the City’s treatment of residents as second class citizens and afforded us the opportunity to work with the City in implementing an electronic submission system that provides for a faster and more streamlined application process; thereby resulting in the Gun Permit Unit being able to quickly and efficiently process the 6500+ applicant backlog. While virtually everyone said sub-month LTCF approvals would never happen in Philadelphia, through the support of FPC, we’ve been able to obtain sub-120 hour approvals. While there is still work to be done in relation to a number of the City’s policies, the instituted changes, and the City’s agreement to pay FPC’s attorney fees, are nothing less than monumental and groundbreaking.

If you or someone you know has had their constitutional or statutory rights violated, including in relation to obtaining an LTCF, contact Firearms Industry Consulting Group today to discuss YOUR rights and legal options

Firearms Industry Consulting Group® (FICG®) is a registered trademark and division of Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C., with rights and permissions granted to Prince Law Offices, P.C. to use in this article.

Dr. Fauci Changes Hats and Now Thinks he is an Expert on Violent Firearms Crime

Last weekend, Dr. Fauci (yes, that one who couldn’t figure out whether masks should be or should not be worn) took to the CNN airwaves to bombastically claim that he believes that “gun violence” is a public health emergency.

The hypocrisy of this man to focus on crime with firearms as a public health emergency when he ignores the 250,000+ victims of medical misadventures, death by Dr. mistakes, is beyond the pale!

When asked if he believes that “gun violence” is a public health emergency, Fauci answered, “Myself, as a public health person, I think you can’t run away from that. I mean, when you see people getting killed — I mean, in this last month it’s just been horrifying what’s happened. How can you say that’s not a public health issue?” Just like celebrity athletes, Fauci to advance a political agenda that has no roots in fact, which calls in the question whether or not he is truly the scientist he portrays himself to be.

Frankly, I would like to look him in the eyes in front of a large group of cameras and tell him to stop expanding the term of health beyond its current definition.

Shouldn’t We Be Allowed to Buy A Firearm Anywhere in America? If Not Why Not? Ask Democrat Congressman Jason Crow

What is the purpose of a background check system? Ever sit down and ask yourself that question or perhaps, another one, whether or not background checks even work?

Having been involved in the Second Amendment fight for a long time, it was clear from congressional testimony in the late 80s and early 90s that the purpose of the “instant background check system” was to not only check the background of purchasers but to also normalize and stabilize the sale of firearms so that the Balkanization of the sales could be done away with. This means that anywhere American citizen went they should be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights!

However, over the years it has been clear that the anti-gun forces have consistently fought that concept of the interstate sales of firearms. No finer example of that exists than the recent introduction of HR 647 at the federal level by Democrat Congressman Jason Crow. He managed to bring along his own little crew of misfits with nine cosponsors joining him in this concept.

Let’s review current law at the federal level on the interstate sale of firearms. Under current law in 18 USC 922(b), it is legal for a resident of one state to buy a long gun from a federal firearms licensee in another state provided that the laws of both states are followed. With NICS, there is no logic to restricting the sale of any firearm across state lines (not to mention the various waiting period and licensing schemes some states have).

Democrat Congressman Jason Crow considers this as a “loophole.” And in a press release, he panics because of one sale that already violated the existing provisions of the law. This is one of the core philosophies of the Democrat approach to gun control, when the law fails, they moved to enact laws that punish everyone instead of the individuals involved in the previous failure of law.

I’m pretty sure that a strong case could be made that that was the reason for a Bill of Rights in the first place. Perhaps that’s an antiquated viewpoint these days.

What Part Does Government, Restrictive Laws Anti-Gun Group Lies Play in Mass Murders?

The recent mass murders in Colorado and elsewhere have driven home the point too many, who may have been on the fence with the idea of carrying/possessing a firearm for self-defense, that the responsibility for the safety of American citizens lies in their own hands.

More to that point, is the question that is rarely asked which should be; do laws and policies that disarm citizens put those citizens at risk and who should be held responsible when those citizens are killed because they were left defenseless?

While it should be obvious to legislators that they will never be able to stop the hatred that harbors itself away in the hearts of killers. One has to wonder whether they even want to stop it or have the collective will to implement measures that have a proven track record of results. Frankly, they appear to be more focused on eliminating the rights of law-abiding Americans and the ability of good people to defend themselves through the implementation of unconstitutional and ill-considered gun laws.

It makes one wonder at just what point will all American citizens begin to realize, that it is up to them to protect and defend themselves and their families?

While anti-gun legislators continue to push for more Gun-Free Zones and gun laws that inhibit self-defense; savvy American citizens appear to be realizing that it’s time to take the responsibility of their own lives into their own hands. The blame for mass killings lies, not with a gun rather with the killer, but the naked truth is that the responsibility lies with all of us. It is time for responsible adults to put aside the anti-gun rhetoric, ignore the left-wing propaganda, and own the responsibility of self-defense because we know the cops can’t be there in time to do it for us, no matter how hard they try.

It is a fact that anti-gun groups recoil at the thought of people defending themselves, they ignore the fact that through their rhetoric, anti-gun propaganda, support of senseless gun-legislation, and defunding of police departments, they have been putting people at risk and contributing to the senseless loss of life. On average, gun owners are able to deter violent attacks, depending on the study, from 1 million to over 2.5 million times per year in America simply by having a gun in their possession. Most often just the mere presence of a gun will stop an attack. The over 2.5 million times figure came from a study done by Gary Kleck, a Florida Criminologist and backed by data from the CDC. It’s time for people to wake up, put their fears aside and become responsible citizens.

Killers will not be stopped by gun laws and unarmed citizens. As a matter of fact, they pay no attention to gun laws and seek out unarmed citizens. This was confirmed in a study by researchers, Wright and Rossi, among numerous other studies.

The large spike in gun sales in 2020 was primarily due to millions of new gun owning citizens realizing that their lives could be at risk after witnessing the left-wing riots that occurred across America. Now is the time for the anti-gun crowd and non-gun-owners to take a long hard look at what their legislators and left-wing politicians have done to create this deadly environment, recognize how the anti-gun propaganda machine has been grinding away at the fears around guns, understand that anti-gun law-makers use killings to justify more dangerous gun laws and wake up to the cold hard reality that your life is your own responsibility.

So, to the anti-gun crowd, it’s time for you to grow up and wake up to the fact that your vision of a World without violence doesn’t exist in real life, and as long as you continue to live that delusion, you are putting good people in danger. Your life and the lives of your family are your responsibility. Stop making others responsible for your bad decisions, irrational fears, and Utopian fantasies.

Interesting Videos:

  • Robin Williams on tour in the Middle East with the USO. This video (language alert) was from December 2004 in Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. (Robin Williams is a talented comedian!)
  • You want to see WHY you should fight bad Government laws and policies? This video is dripping with passion for Freedom by Leigh Dundas, Esq. from Orange County at a Conference on Freedom!
  • Couple Attacked by Rabid Bobcat were Bitten 3 Times Each: Husband draws his concealed pistol, pursues the cat, and shoots it to prevent it from attacking another neighbor.

FOAC in the News: FOAC Interviews: Biden’s ‘Opening Salvo’ in His Attack on the 2nd Amendment

Overall Status of 2nd Amendment Legislation Filed to Date in PA and the US:

2021-2022 Session PA State Bills (updated)

  • Pro-Gun Bills: 15
  • Anti-Gun Bills: 47
  • Unrated (Watching): 6
  • Legislative Memos: 101

2021-2022 Session Federal Bills (updated)

  • Pro-Gun Bills: 26
  • Anti-Gun Bills: 55
  • Unrated (Watching): 19

1st Point to Ponder:

Australia’s National Firearms Act appears to have had little effect on suicide and homicide rates, which were falling before the law was enacted and continued to decline at a statistically unremarkable rate compared to worldwide trends.

2nd Point to Ponder:

Great Britain has some of the strictest gun control laws in the developed world, but the violent crime rate for homicide, rape, burglary, and aggravated assault is much higher than that in the U.S. Further, approximately 60 percent of burglaries in Great Britain occur while residents are home, compared to just 13 percent in the U.S., and British burglars admit to targeting occupied residences because they are more likely to find wallets and purses.

Media Corruption and Lies: Who REALLY Owns the Media in America?

Let’s name names. The big media parent companies, that’s where the action is. CNN, which is owned by Warner Media, is owned by AT&T. MSNBC, NBC News, owned by Comcast. CBS owned by Viacom and they’re owned by National Amusements. ABC, as everybody knows, is owned by Disney. New York Times is half a family business with large outside investors. And, the Washington Post, owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man.

These big media companies, and their parent companies, control nearly 100% of American news coverage and content. They control the narrative. If they don’t cover something, it doesn’t exist. They create the scandals, or they cover them up. They employ thousands of producers, executives, anchors, writers, and reporters. Most every news element you consume, they have their hands all over it. And they have their hands in politics too.

See Fox’s Jesse Waters talk about this and more at this link:

Upcoming Events: The event situation continues to be fluid. Please check the FOAC website for updates

Allegheny County Sheriff's Office - 2675 Brownsville Rd, South Park, PA 15129-8525, United States – More Info:

Law Enforcement Officers Speak Their Minds:

BBC interview black police officer to discuss Chauvin's convictions with truth bombs at the end.

  • In this interview, the BBC got a black police officer on to discuss Chauvin's convictions; they clearly weren't expecting the truth bombs and ended the interview prematurely. shou H

More sanity from wear the badge: These comments are by Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey and come as a breath of fresh air for believers in the Second Amendment.

“Tell me I’m wrong for thinking that gun control advocates should wake up and realize that law-abiding citizens aren’t the ones killing people every day in places like Chicago and New York,” Ivey said, naming two cities with some of the most onerous restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms.

He then goes on to take down the talking points of many anti-gun groups and politicians.

“Violent criminals don’t care anything about background checks or buying a gun at the gun show. You know why? Because they don’t legally buy guns in the first place,” Ivey says, taking aim at calls for “universal” background checks. Ivey instead pointed out that many criminals either steal guns or buy stolen guns (18 USC 922 and 18 USC 924 show that strong penalties are in place for stealing guns – or even being in possession of a stolen gun). Ivey also called for bringing back provisions like “10-20-Life” that targeted the misuse of firearms in violent crimes.

“I know it’s perplexing, but my guns never shoot without the trigger being pulled by a human,” Ivey said. “So, it’s not the gun that commits an act of violence,” he added. “It’s the person with the gun who makes it do harm to others.”

(ed. Note: This shouldn’t be a difficult issue to comprehend should it?)

Why We Carry a Round in the Chamber: CA Motorcycle Officer Attacked by Armed Felon

Authorities in California released police body camera footage Friday showing an attempted homicide suspect firing on an officer before he was fatally shot.

Joshua James Gloria, 34, an Oakland resident, was killed March 24 after he opened fired on Fremont police officer Brian Burch after a short car chase, police said. 

This video was developed by the Fremont Police Department’s Digital Media Team in cooperation with the California Highway Patrol, who is the lead investigating agency of the March 24, 2021, Officer Involved Shooting that occurred on State Route Hwy 84.

Gun Law Myths: FIVE Gun Law Myths That Can Land You in Jail – Evan Nappen, Esq.

In gun Lawyer, Evan Nappen’s most recent podcast he breaks down five gun law Myths that if you fall victim to can land you in jail. Listen now!

Self-Defense with a Twist:

According to the CDC, “self-defense can be an important crime deterrent.” Recent CDC reports acknowledge that studies directly assessing the effect of actual defensive uses of guns have found “consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies.”

Academics on Guns:

Homicide and firearm homicide rates in Great Britain spiked in the years immediately following the imposition of severe gun control measures, despite the fact that most developed countries continued to experience a downward trend in these rates. This is also pointed out by noted criminologist John Lott in his book “The War on Guns.”

Celebrities/Hollywood on Guns: Madonna-“There’s a New Vaccination! It’s Called Gun Control! Should be Mandatory!”

To make her case for a monopoly of violence and that enforcers be the “Only Ones” who are armed, she cites cases where police have shot unarmed black males in a rant so full of contradictions and demands for naked tyranny that only the terminally ignorant and stupid could miss them:

“Adam Toledo was 13 years old, Daunte Wright was 20! The Officers who killed them are only being charged with manslaughter. This is insanity. Horrific. And yet it has become normalized in our society. Yes-people kill people, not guns. But the vast majority of people are not enlightened and guns are too easy to own. If they were outlawed then no one would feel the need to own a gun to protect themselves from those who have guns. As for Police killing innocent children. Shooting and suffocating and brutalizing innocent children……….They should go immediately to jail for the rest of their lives. No trial, no corrupt justice system.”

You got that, LEO’s? No trials for you! ALL in the name of the Revolution!

Gun Control Group’s Lies to Remember: Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts tweeted Friday.

“This is the last gasp of white gun extremists losing power and you’ll all soon to be replaced by women and people of color who will ensure you’re spotlighted in history books as the buffoons you are. And also will undo all of the dangerous things you’ve done”.

Politician’s Quote to Remember: Congressman Conor Lamb, Betrayer of his Oath and the Legacy of the US Marines (Lamb was a Marine) Who Died for the Constitution and our Nation!

On April 8th Conor Lamb came out full bore for the anti-gun agenda even though he promised his constituents that he supported the 2nd Amendment! NEVER FORGET!

Founding Father’s Statement on Freedom:

"The defense of one's self, justly called the primary law of nature, is not, nor can it be abrogated by any regulation of municipal law. This principle of defense is not confined merely to the person; it extends to the liberty and the property of a man . . . it extends to the person of every one, who is in danger; perhaps, to the liberty of every one, whose liberty is unjustly and forcibly attacked." James Wilson (1791)

A Celebration of the Heart of America:

On the evening of April 18, 1775, General Thomas Gage, acting as the Crown’s military governor of Massachusetts, dispatched a force of 700 British Army regulars with secret orders. These troops, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith, were to arrest 53-year-old Boston Tea Party leader Samuel Adams, Massachusetts Provincial Congress President John Hancock, and merchant fleet owner Jeremiah Lee.

But what directly tied Gage’s orders to the later enumeration in our Constitution’s Second Amendment assurance of the innate “right to keep and bear arms” was the primary mission of his Redcoat brigades. They were charged with undertaking a preemptive raid to confiscate arms and ammunition stored by Massachusetts Patriots in the town of Concord.

Patriot militia and minutemen, under the leadership of the “radical” Sons of Liberty, anticipated this raid, and the confrontations with British regulars at Lexington and Concord proved to be the fuse that ignited the American Revolution.

Closing Thoughts:

The Constitution was a masterpiece in establishing a form of government unlike any nation on the face of the earth — a “Republican” form of government established on Judeo/Christian principles. Today, there is no right or wrong, no good or evil. Every man is right in their own eyes! Once the “foundation” begins to crumble, the house (nation) will fall.

Stay Free!

Kim Stolfer, President

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