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PA Bill Number: SB1018

Title: In practice and procedure, providing for child victims and witnesses.

Description: In practice and procedure, providing for child victims and witnesses. ...

Last Action: Re-referred to APPROPRIATIONS

Last Action Date: May 22, 2024

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FOAC's Weekly Message For Saturday August 21st 2021 :: 08/21/2021

I/we normally try to be as evenhanded and fair as possible but what we are seeing unfold in Afghanistan is not only despicable, in every sense of the word, but it is also deeply personal for me. As a young Marine, I experienced the fall of Vietnam firsthand watching all the brutality of a vengeful arming scorching earth and all humans in its’ path. Like today, I saw things that the media wouldn’t cover because it didn’t fit the narrative! But beyond all of that, knowing that there is a connection between the young Joe Biden in the policy positions he talked that facilitated the fall of Vietnam and the betrayal of our commitments to that fledgling country and the current tragedy with the same numbskull is almost beyond belief for me!

On the other hand, there is one shining spec in this sea of grief and regret and that is the collapse of Afghanistan demonstrates the importance of an armed citizenry! Before you say, say what? I want you to think about the fact that there was a 75,000-man pajama and sandal clad ragtag military carrying, basically, RPG’s and AK-47s against a, 300,000+, modern military force (if we are to believe Joe Biden) armed with tanks, artillery, and all manner of supporting equipment. Now if that doesn’t deflate the argument that the Second Amendment is irrelevant in the modern era nothing does! And to quote the euphemism from Joe Biden, the Taliban didn’t even have an F-15!

Clearly, Military superiority doesn't guarantee victory, and he should remember that American citizens are FAR better at military action than the Taliban and that the ONLY defeats the American Military has suffered is from self-inflicted wounds from within by politicians like Biden, Schemer and Pelosi! These lessons have been taught repeatedly throughout the years. Whether by the Viet Cong or our own Founding Fathers. Many didn't need a new teacher, let alone one composed of terrorist barbarians already imposing their own civilian gun-confiscation scheme, to learn this lesson. I'm pretty sure President Biden will only learn it this time ‘if’ it’s taught to him the hard way.

Biden Administration Rewriting the Rule of Law

The proposed rulemaking of the ATF is nothing short of a criminal act because they have no authority to arbitrarily alter a statute (Gun Control Act of 1968) without going through Congress first.

Every gun owner should know by now that the anti-freedom left is pulling out all the stops in trying to deprive you of your common-sense civil rights.  The gun grabbers are having their mindless minions post comments on the Pistol Support Brace and Privately Made Firearms [a.k.a. ‘ghost gun’ - scary sounding for sure] proposed rule sections.

It’s time to add your voice and encourage others to do the same.

Thankfully some in congress have begun to listen and they have sent a letter to the ATF [or AFT according to ‘president’ Biden] Republican lawmakers on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee warned federal gun regulators that a proposed new rule exceeds the agency's authority. 

Eight GOP members of the committee wrote Marvin Richardson, the acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, that the proposed new rule concerning the definition of a "frame" or "receiver" under federal law "is deeply flawed, beyond the scope of ATF’s authority, contrary to years of previous ATF opinions, and harmful to millions of law-abiding American firearm owners."

They have rightfully pointed out that the ATF is over stepping it’s bounds:

"ATF’s rule appears to be a deliberate attempt to usurp the authority of Congress," says the letter, urging the agency to abandon the proposed rule. "In so doing, ATF has also unconstitutionally infringed on American citizens’ fundamental Second Amendment rights and privacy rights under the Fourth Amendment."

Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker issued the following statement as part of an action by the American First Legal Foundation:

“The Biden Administration is committed to eroding the Second Amendment rights of all Americans, whether through its nomination of a radical anti-gun advocate to be the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or through other measures like the regulations at issue here. I am proud of America First Legal’s work to combat this executive overreach. We have put the Biden Administration on notice about its illegal, unconstitutional regulatory proposal, and will work tirelessly to ensure that it will never become the law of the land.” Read the Comment here.

Now, why aren’t any of our other illustrious Senators and Representatives signed on to that letter or penned a similar missive?  

We would like everyone to ask them what they are doing to protect liberty and individual human rights, as they are sworn to do?

Why should we vote for them in the future if they are going to fail to protect our Constitution ‘and’ represent our interests?

CeaseFire PA Activist Writes Horribly Deceptive and False Op-Ed

On August 14th a CeaseFire PA Representative wrote an error-filled Op-Ed in the Morning Call Newspaper.

The FOAC Response Op-Ed is below:

Since 1968, the push for gun control; limiting the ownership of firearms and restricting the Second Amendment, has been done under the guise of making society “safe”. However, the accountability of exactly how these measures achieve that is lacking. The human cost of gun control is often swept under the rug.

The naked essence of gun control truly places Pennsylvanians and all Americans in harm’s way.

Let’s clear the air as to how heavily regulated Pennsylvanians are when it comes to purchase, possession and carry of a firearm (concealed or openly). Anti-gun groups rate Pennsylvania as the 11th most restrictive state in the nation. Yet they demand and support even more gun control laws, 59 introduced this session, that prosecutors too frequently plea bargain away.

In any discussion of public policy and constitutional rights, one must deal in facts!

In 1988, I was involved with the passage of Act 158 (SB 245), Pennsylvania’s current License To Carry a Concealed Firearm (LTCF) law. I will provide some clarity as to why Constitutional Carry (HB 659 / SB 565) and the elimination of the ‘requirement’ of a LTCF is an important upgrade to the safety of all citizens!

Pennsylvania law, Title 18-Section 6109, provides specific requirements for government to follow in issuing an LTCF. However, during the 2020 COVID crisis many issuing authorities stopped or severely limited the issuance of LTCF’s to citizens both for new and renewal licenses. It is a crime for government not to follow the law (section 6119) yet our anti-gun Atty. Gen. failed to enforce the law. Pennsylvania has 1.9 million citizens with a LTCF and tens of thousands were at risk from not being able to legally renew or obtain their LTCF! Polls show that many citizens had and have concerns about out-of-control crime across the country, just look at how many first-time gun owners purchased firearms last year (8,400,000 new 2020-gun owners), however, during 2020 many were prevented from getting an LTCF because government shut down.

You can still open carry, right? This is where the anti-gun groups either lack understanding of the law OR they are intentionally avoiding any mention of Title 18 Section 6106, which is Pennsylvania’s draconian firearm transportation law. Also, Pennsylvania, under the emergency declarations for opioids and COVID experienced a complete ban (Section 6107) on the ability of citizens to possess a firearm off their own property, on the public streets, unless they have an LTCF.

This is where Constitutional Carry comes into play.

Constitutional Carry removes restrictions for law abiding citizens to possess and carry loaded firearms whether concealed or openly, within PA. This measure also repeals Pennsylvania’s restrictive and complicated firearm transportation laws (Title 18, Section 6106). This legislation would retain the LTCF as a voluntary process so that citizens could take advantage of reciprocity with other states that provide for citizens to carry firearms.

Four of the top 5 safest states in America (Vermont, Maine, Utah and Wyoming) all provide for Constitutional or permitless carry. 2020’s top 10 safest states included, SIX with Constitutional Carry and all 21 states that have Constitutional Carry have seen their violent crime rates go down. The study below demonstrates an ‘inconvenient truth’ on the efficacy of self-defense and the gaps in research by ‘some’ academics on the gun-control side:

Anti-gunners often ‘claim’ there is a “Pennsylvania loophole” in the sales of firearms. I debated the previous Executive Director of Cease-Fire PA on NPR radio and she even admitted that there is no such thing as a Pennsylvania loophole. Hmmm….. What they are sensationalizing is the ability of Pennsylvanians to privately sell a rifle or shotgun.

What the FBI UCR data shows.

In 2019, Pennsylvania had 11 rifles and 11 shotguns used in murders. In the same year there were 46 murders committed with cutting instruments. Of the long guns used in murders in Pennsylvania, nearly all of them were stolen and NOT purchased privately. Simply put, you must be a law-abiding citizen to legally ‘possess’ and own a firearm. Criminals already disobey the law with impunity, just ask any cop! In addition, criminals do not apply for LTCF’s. Former Philadelphia District Attorney Williams reinforces that reality saying:

  • “85% of the homicides in Philadelphia are caused by handguns, with 99% of those being committed by individuals not licensed to carry and after having obtained the handgun illegally.” (1/2/2012-DA’s Social Media Blog)

By all legitimate accounts, this Constitutional Carry legislation recognizes that Pennsylvanians have a fundamental Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms (Article 1, Section 21-PA Constitution). It is morally, ethically, and constitutionally questionable to continue to maintain or add layers of bureaucratic regulations on those who are least likely to commit a crime: law abiding citizens who prefer to carry their firearm concealed.

After 53 years of many failed gun control experiments, it’s time to restore citizen’s freedoms and give them the right to make a choice on how they defend themselves without Government restrictions. Constitutional Carry empowers self-defense and individual freedom and is long overdue!

Kim Stolfer, FOAC, President


Breaking: Biden Administration Bans the Import of Russian Weapons and Ammunition

In what many view as a thinly veiled attack, by this administration, on American gunowners and the Second Amendment, the Biden administration, through the State Department, announcing that firearms and ammunition importation will be banned for a minimum of 12 months starting on September 7, 2021.


New sanctions imposed today under the CBW Act include:

  1. Restrictions on the permanent imports of certain Russian firearms. New and pending permit applications for the permanent importation of firearms and ammunition manufactured or located in Russia will be subject to a policy of denial

The justification for this is supposedly the poisoning of Aleksey Navainy through the use of the Novichok chemical agent. It is widely believed that the reason this happened was because he was very critical of the Putin regime in Russia.

The Department of State announcement says “New and pending permit applications” … “will be subject to a policy of denial”. The implication is applications that have already been approved will not be revoked.

If that is correct, shipments of ammunition and firearms from Russia which have already been approved will be allowed to enter the United States and be sold.

It is unclear how long supplies in the pipeline will last.

The announcement is likely to rekindle the ammunition bubble for calibers commonly imported from Russia, such as 7.62×54, 7.62×39, 5.45×39, 5.56×45, and even match grade .22 ammunition.

Your Tax Dollars Funneled into Anti-Gun Advocacy and Attacks on The Second Amendment

There is a full court press of private and public money that is focused on pushing gun control and limiting Second Amendment rights that has been in place for over five decades. It is a well-known fact, that a sizable portion of the academic field who are willing to put their names to junk science as long as there funding source remains constant!

One of the examples of this is the manipulation of research by the CDC that was exposed in the early 90s. This research was most prominently supported by its director Dr. Mark Rosenberg wherein he famously stated that guns needed to be just like cigarettes: “dirty, deadly, and banned” in an article in the Washington Post in 1994.

This naked prejudice and bias because Congress in 1996 to pass what was called the “Dickey amendment”. The Dickey amendment prohibited the CDC from doing research to “advocate or promote gun control” and stripped the CDC of $2.6 million in funding that it had set aside for gun control research.

In the 22 years since the passage of the Dickey amendment, many mercenary academics have decried the fact that they can’t advance their own biased agenda through the taxpayers feeding trough. This hasn’t stopped the biased and prejudiced research into gun control but it has just had to be funded through private sources like billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, the Joyce foundation and others.

Just to be clear, in the intervening 22 years there were nearly thirteen thousand papers published after the Dickey Amendment was enacted. Many of those published papers were not only criticized by their peers but also came from a consistent group of mercenary academics some of whom are shown below.

As an example of some of the biased research, the RAND Corporation put together a report called “the Science of Gun Policy”. Interestingly enough, the RAND Corporation, as part of its research, found that the most popular gun control laws (with the anti-gun community) were surprisingly ineffective. Interestingly, the RAND Corporation went on to recommend more gun control even though the report couldn’t find it to be effective which is status quo with most of the other researcher’s conclusions.

Researchers with biased agendas to keep an eye on:

  • Doctor Garen Wintemute
  • Doctor Megan Ranney of Brown University
  • National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research led by Doctor Andrew Morral of the Rand Corporation
  • Doctor Mark Rosenberg (Board Member - Conrad N. Hilton Foundation)
  • Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

In 2019, Congress authorized federal funding for “gun violence” research and President Joe Biden has proposed doubling the appropriation to $50 million dollars for the fiscal year 2022. The initial funding and the promise of even more have been celebrated by gun control researchers. Sensing the rich paydays to come, the Journal of the American Medical Association ran a piece about funding and gun researchers “making up for lost time” that included comments from many prominent researchers.

Considering who is in control of Congress, it is likely the spigot will fully open to fund biased papers that will be used by the media to try and shape the mindset of many Americans against the Second Amendment!

Say It Isn’t So, Could the Common British Vulgarity-Bloody-Actually Be Reality and Not a Curse Word?

Every time there is a mass murder in America some media pundits will invariably suggest that what is needed is the draconian gun control laws of “merry old England”! While mass murders are rare in England they do happen as for instance the 1996 Dunblane massacre and there have been others here and there such as the one in 2010 where a taxi driver killed 12 people. What is more commonly ignored is the increasing level of violent crime with firearms which even the home office tends to keep a double set of books, on violent crime statistics, like a good mafia accountant!

Well, it seems that England now has a mass murder problem that is current. On August 12 six people counting the killer were shot. It appears the killer used a shotgun and was all dressed in black. Right now, there are still a ton of questions about just what happened, such as where the weapon came from. However, we do have some potential inklings as to a motive, according to Sky News:

The gunman suspected of killing five people, including a child, before shooting himself dead in Plymouth has been named as 22-year-old [name redacted].

In videos shared online just weeks before the massacre, he spoke of being “beaten down” and “defeated by life”.

Davison, who posted on a YouTube channel under the name Professor Waffle, said he did not have “any willpower to do anything anymore” in a recording dated July 28.

In several clips, he referred to the “incels” – an abbreviation online for “involutory celibacy”, the online subculture that involves men who are unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, often expressing hostility and extreme resentment towards those who are sexually active, particularly women.

Although saying he did not “clarify” himself as an “incel”, Davison talked about “people similar to me have had nothing but themselves”.

News reports are saying that the killer was a big fan of watching gun videos which contain the inevitable inference of compulsory evil just by watching them. After all this is England and they have to find something to blame, outside of their problematic society, and since he didn’t use a pointed knife some in the media have taken it upon themselves to blame the digital gun disease!

More information will be coming out soon and will be interesting to see how exactly the perpetrator got a hold of the shotgun that he used and how the British government is going to explain away their culpability in creating a society that’s dependent on the government for protection!

In The Crosshairs, Rare Breed Triggers; BATF Exceeds Its Authority Again

The determination that a bump stock was considered to be a machine gun and regulated and banned, after the Vegas mass murder, as allowed the BATF to act arbitrarily against anything it seems to believe “could be” a machine gun. Despite the fact that the Gun Owners of America has successfully sued the BATF (thus far at least) the attitude within the agency continues to exist were it thinks it can act outside the law and force legitimate businesses to expend enormous resources defending itself without probable cause.

The essence of the issue the BATF is maintaining that the FRT-15 is a machine gun while the company is saying that it is not. The FRT-15 is what is called a forced reset trigger requiring a separate function of the trigger for each shot fired. The patent for this device clearly indicates that a separate function of the trigger is necessary to fire each shot.

There are several controversies surrounding this effort by the BATF including whether or not they actually examined the FRT-15 prior to sending the cease-and-desist letter to the company. There are records indicating this decision was made prior to the examination which would mean the “fix was in” it would seem. The company has filed for a Temporary Restraining Order against the BATF but the courts rejected that effort.

To make the situation even worse, it appears that there is a controversy over the BATF Firearms Technology Industry Services Branch (FTISB) had to who is retiring and how his anointed replacement has been selected. The current head of the FTISB is Michael Curtis, who is retiring, and his replacement is a man named Daniel Hoffman. They both share a similar prejudice regarding firearms products and are testing but Daniel Hoffman has a remarkably weak resume when it comes to dealing with the firearms industry and these issues of testing.

In a move similar to Pres. Biden’s choice to lead BATF, David Chipman, Daniel Hoffman appears to be an individual with significant complaints against him and this is causing an uproar in the BATF which sources within the BATF report that Hoffman’s toxic personality and his bad reputation is even causing BATF leadership to consider removing him from consideration as a candidate to replace the retiring director of FTISB.

One has to wonder what is next for this troubled agency which has a checkered history of acting politically and disregarding the protections built into the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

Anti-Hunting Groups Using COVID-19 As A Cover for Their Efforts to And Hunting as We Know It

The Center for Biological Diversity and the Natural Resources Defense Council are co-opting COVID-19 fears to push their radical anti-hunting agenda in a petition to the USFWS and DOI. They are ignoring reports of China’s potential complicity on the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, they are faulting hunters as potential pathogen pathways and attempting to end hunting even in neighboring states.

The petition claims, “Pandemics caused by zoonoses – infectious diseases that jump from animals to people – are entirely preventable.” The mechanisms they would impose include a complete ban on interstate transport of not just live animals, but also the meat, hide, horns, antlers and skulls of harvested animals. The petition doesn’t discriminate between a ban on species harvested internationally. It also targets hunters who take animals in other states and transport them home, even if they’ve been professionally prepared by a butcher or taxidermist to safeguard against the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease.

The groups’ petition would amend the Lacey Act regulations to prohibit the importation, transportation or acquisition of wild animals. Since the USFWS regulates interstate transportation and importation of wild animals, that’s a death knell to hunting in the United States. That means the trophy Texas buck wouldn’t be able to be brought home to Virginia, or South Dakota pheasants to South Carolina. A lifetime dream hunt of a Rocky Mountain elk would never fill a Florida freezer and an Alaska bear rug would never be able to come home to Oklahoma.

Excise taxes collected from firearm and ammunition manufacturers are responsible for the recovery of America’s wildlife through the Pittman-Robertson Act, which has contributed over $14.1 billion since its inception in 1937.

The petition to halt hunting in its tracks is beyond irresponsible. It is dangerous and potentially harmful to America’s wild scenes. This is a moment not just for USFWS and DOI to reject political special interests, but for every hunter, outdoorsman and woman to recognize how extremist organizations are weaponizing government bureaucracies against them.

Mexican government and American anti-gun group, the Brady campaign target American gun manufacturers

The Brady campaign is proving that there are no depths to which they will not sink by colluding with the Mexican government to attack the American firearms manufacturers! The contempt for the Second Amendment and the rights and lives of American citizens has just gone beyond the pale!

How they can perceive that the legitimate manufacture of firearms is somehow connected to the actions of the violent cartels and Mexican gangs is a stretch that is worthy of a stint in a mental health commitment center!

What the Mexican government is going to do with the large number of foreign weapons that come from China and other nations that end up in the cartel hands should be interesting to watch.

America is not that different from how the Mexican government treats its criminals because in the large US cities it is commonplace for criminals to be allowed to flourish and operate with little to any accountability or interdiction from the so-called justice system.

Mexico, likewise, is hardly a model of law and order either. The U.S. Justice Department publishes an annual Mexico Human Rights Report, the most recent edition of which, published in 2019, paints a similarly bleak picture:

Significant human rights issues included reports of the involvement by police, military, and other government officials and illegal armed groups in unlawful or arbitrary killings, forced disappearance, and torture; harsh and life-threatening prison conditions in some prisons; impunity for violence against human rights defenders and journalists; violence targeting persons with disabilities and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex persons.

Impunity for human rights abuses remained a problem, with extremely low rates of prosecution for all crimes. The government’s federal statistics agency (INEGI) estimated 94 percent of crimes were either unreported or not investigated.

Trafficking in weapons, especially internationally, violates various provisions of 18 USC 922 and can also trigger versions of 18 USC 924.  If there is blame to be assessed in America for Mexico’s problem, not prosecuting those violations is a place to look.

This lawsuit is targeting 6 specific gun manufacturers: Glock, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Colt, Beretta, and Century Arms. This is an effort on the part of the Brady campaign to resuscitate past history wherein cities were suing gun manufacturers carte blanche to, in essence, put them out of business by weaponizing the courts.

Are Gun Owners Sitting Out Elections?

One of the outcomes of the past election (2020) is a greater scrutiny as to who amongst us is sitting out the elections or not even registered to vote. Some may brush this off as fear mongering but the former acting DNI, Ric Grenell, revealed that it has been discovered that in California over 1.3 million conservatives are not even registered to vote and that should shock and dismay all of us!

Just imagine if 20,000 more Second Amendment supporters had been registered to vote in each of Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona and if another 120,000 had been registered in Pennsylvania (we have 5 million+ gun owners in PA). So, voter registration is perhaps one of the most urgent tasks that Second Amendment supporters have over the next three years.

Our enemies have worked voter registration with a religious fervor, particularly since 2016. The term “enemies” may sound harsh, but when they seek to take away our rights over horrific acts we did not commit when they label us “child killers” and “terrorists,” and when they work to deprive us of things like financial services, it is the truth.

So, right now, it is time to get gun owners and others who support the Second Amendment registered to vote, and to get involved with the legislative process via FOAC-ILLEA and your local county pro-Second Amendment organization. We need to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists in federal, state, and local elected offices at the ballot box as soon as possible.

Interesting Videos: GunFreedomRadio Guest Michael Peroutka – Institute on the Constitution

Our guest (May 21, 2021) is Michael Peroutka. Michael is a Maryland lawyer, the founder of the Institute on the Constitution. Michael once held a position in the United States Department of Health and Human Services and was the Constitution Party candidate for president in 2004. He is also the co-host of The American View radio program.

Joe Biden 'gets lost in bushes' as President walks back to White House

Joe Biden was filmed returning to the White House after spending time in Wilmington, Delaware. Footage shows an agent gesture at the path into the home of the US President as he made his way onto the lawn and through bushes.

FOAC Upcoming Events:

2021 – Updated FOAC Events – (by Date)

8/22/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Mike Puskaric

Location: Carrick Sportsmen’s Club, 3301 Ridge Rd., South Park Township, PA

Time: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

8/28/2021 – 2nd Amendment Local Rally

Location: Langehorne Rod & Gun Club, 251 Stoneyford Road, Holland, PA 18966

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

9/16/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Barb Gleim

Location: Carlisle Fire and Rescue, 177 Carlisle Spring Road Carlisle, PA 17013

Time: 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

9/23/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Lou Schmitt

Location – Bavarian Aid Society, 112 S. 13th St., Altoona, PA

Time: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

10/9-10/2021 – Rod of Iron Freedom Fest – Kahr Firearms

Kahr Arms/Tommy Gun Warehouse, 105 Kahr Ave, Greeley, PA 18425

Time: 2 days – October 9th through October 10th

10/12/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Bud Cook

Location: TBD

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

10/14/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Eric Nelson

Location – Word of Life Church, 4497 State Route 136 Greensburg, PA 15601

Time: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

10/16/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Ambridge District Sportsmen’s Assoc.

Location – ADSA Clubhouse, 2900 Ridge Road Extension, Baden PA, 15005

Time: 10 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

10/19/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Stephanie Borowicz

Location: Liberty Township Sportsman’s Club, 1140 Marsh Creek Road, Howard PA 16841

Time: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

10/28/2021: Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Matt Dowling

Location – TBD

Time: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

11/4/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Tim O’Neal (Tentative)

Location: TBD

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8 p.m.

11/5/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Bud Cook

Location: TBD

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Recent Op-Eds of Interest: Anti-Gunners: A dangerous Pennsylvania bill would allow more concealed weapons

Overall Status of 2nd Amendment Legislation Filed to Date in PA and the US:

2021-2022 Session PA State Bills (updated)

  • Pro-Gun Bills: 25
  • Anti-Gun Bills: 59
  • Unrated (Watching): 11
  • Legislative (gun related) Memos: 119

2021-2022 Session Federal Bills (updated)

  • Pro-Gun Bills: 42
  • Anti-Gun Bills: 89
  • Unrated (Watching): 34

Armed Citizen Report: Go Here to FOAC Self-Defense Stories to See More

About a third of aggravated assaults occur at home, both inside the building and on the property. That is why we want to carry concealed when we’re at home. Unlike how the media will portray it, carrying around the home is not paranoia! This is why it is incredibly important to have a quality holster that lets us safely carry a gun when it is not in our hands.

Imagine, you’re sitting in your home on a Saturday afternoon. You notice movement outside and you watch someone walk into your screened-in porch. You go outside and ask the stranger what he is doing. He says the police are after him. You tell him to leave.

Instead, the stranger tears a hole in your screen porch and then jumps into your swimming pool.

Here’s what one gun owner did to have a successful outcome:

Medical Community Issues: Doctor's Unrealistic Advice On Guns

Sometimes, well-meaning doctors dispense advice on guns that seems problematic.

In our imperfect world, it’s impossible to protect every person from every lurking danger. So we focus on risk reduction.

People get killed in car crashes, but we can reduce those risks by putting children in car seats, wearing seat belts, following traffic signals, avoiding speeding, and not driving while impaired. People die of heart disease and cancer, but we can reduce those risks by eating healthy, exercising and not smoking. People die of COVID-19, but we can reduce those risks by getting vaccinated, wearing masks and avoiding crowds.

When it comes to gun violence, we can reduce those risks, too, says a recent Voices of Child Health in Chicago survey administered by Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

“Having a gun in the house is dangerous,” says Dr. Karen Sheehan, associate chair for advocacy in pediatrics at Lurie Children’s Hospital and medical director of the Patrick M. Magoon Institute for Healthy Communities. The survey found 22% of homes in Chicago have guns, with higher gun-ownership rates in more affluent communities, and that 46% of those guns are stored loaded, which increases risks.

“The reality is that having firearms in the home increases the risk of unintentional shootings, suicide, and homicide,” concludes an accompanying report by the American Academy of Pediatrics, based in Itasca. Having guns increases the likelihood of an accidental shooting death by 400%.

The problematic Kellerman, which raised similar issues, has been roundly discredited and yet the same kind of myopathy exists in the medical community. For individuals relying on science, one would think they would do a better job of applying it elsewhere!

Stupid Politician’s Quote to Remember: Former NY Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington

(Patty seems to believe the anti-gun hype) “Some of these bullets, as you saw, have an incendiary device on the tip of it, which is a heat seeking device. So, you don’t shoot deer with a bullet that size. If you do you could cook it at the same time.”

Founding Father’s Statement on Freedom:

"[America's] glory is not dominion, but liberty. Her march is the march of the mind. She has a spear and a shield: but the motto upon her shield is Freedom, Independence, Peace. This has been her declaration: this has been, as far as her necessary intercourse with the rest of mankind would permit, her practice." - John Quincy Adams, Speech to the House of Representatives, 1821

Stay Free!

Kim Stolfer, President

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