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PA Bill Number: HR206

Title: A Concurrent Resolution petitioning the Congress of the United States to call a Convention for proposing amendments pursuant to Article V of the ...

Description: A Concurrent Resolution petitioning the Congress of the United States to call a Convention for proposing amendments pursuant to Article V of the ...

Last Action: Removed from table

Last Action Date: Mar 25, 2020

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Legal News

Kamala Harris's Conveniently Selective Arguments in Peruta :: 12/01/2014

Reader Mark N. writes: California Attorney General Kamala Harris has moved for an en banc reconsideration/rehearing of the denial of her motion to intervene in the Peruta case (the petition may be found here). The guts of it run about seven pages.


Homeless Woman's Stun Gun Spurs 2nd Amendment Case :: 11/30/2014

Jaime Caetano was beaten so badly by her ex-boyfriend that she ended up in the hospital. So when a friend offered her a stun gun to protect herself, she took it.


Calif. judge won't continue to delay gun decision :: 11/29/2014

FRESNO, Calif. - A federal judge has rejected a request by the California attorney general to further delay his order overturning the 10-day waiting period for gun owners who want to buy more firearms.


Is concealed carry a privilege or a right? :: 11/28/2014

California files appeal to court's latest pro-gun-rights decision


CHARLESTON - Attorney General Patrick Morrisey continues the fight for firearm rights in the U.S. Court of Appeals. :: 11/25/2014

On Tuesday the [South Carolina] AG’s office announced that Morrisey led a bipartisan coalition of 21 state attorneys general in an amicus, or friend of the court, brief urging the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit to declare unconstitutional a Maryland law that forbids the possession, sale, transfer or receipt of certain firearms.


Showdown over concealed gun law as D.C. inches closer to contempt ruling :: 11/25/2014

The D.C. Council plans, with a few modifications, to make permanent the same concealed carry regulations lawmakers passed on a temporary basis — despite the fact a federal judge is considering whether to hold the city in contempt over the law.


GOA Aims to Torpedo the Maryland "Assault Weapons" Law :: 11/24/2014

“[The District Court] brazenly has ruled that Maryland may ‘infringe’ a right that the Constitution plainly states ‘shall not be infringed.’ Such a ruling cannot stand.” -- from GOA’s brief in Kolbe v. O’Malley


Will DC be held in contempt for gun carry law? :: 11/22/2014

All Americans can now apply to carry a gun in the nation's capital, but few will be granted a permit. That's why those who sued the city over the total ban on carry rights were back in a federal district court on Thursday to ask Judge Frederick Scullin to intervene.


Federal Judge Rules Against California's Bid to Delay End of Gun Waiting Periods for Some :: 11/21/2014

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Nov. 20, 2014 /NEWS.GNOM.ES/ — California’s laws requiring gun purchasers to wait at least ten days before taking possession of their lawfully-acquired firearms are one step closer to being history, reports The Calguns Foundation, a gun rights group headquartered in the Sacramento suburb of Roseville.


PA Governments File Lawsuit to Avoid Accountability on Gun Laws :: 11/20/2014

Arizona - -( In Pennsylvania, second amendment advocates have been fighting for years to reform Pennsylvania preemption law.


9th Circuit Hears Arguments on Ammo Law :: 11/18/2014

 SAN FRANCISCO (CN) - Gun owners fighting a Silicon Valley suburb's ban on high-capacity ammo magazines told the 9th Circuit Monday that they are being deprived of their rights to protect themselves.


California Town's Unusual Gun Law to Get Federal Appeals Court Ruling :: 11/18/2014

On Monday, the long-running debate over gun laws is moving to center stage, out in San Francisco.


Attorney General joins fight against Maryland's gun restrictions :: 11/17/2014

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has joined 20 other state attorneys general in filing a brief opposing Maryland laws restricting Second Amendment gun rights.


Gun rights showdown over Sunnyvale law reaches appeals court :: 11/17/2014

The gun rights lobby is about to take aim again at a Sunnyvale law banning possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines, the latest standoff proliferating in courts around the country over the boundaries of the constitutional right to bear arms.


Second lawsuit filed challenging federal ban on new machine guns :: 11/17/2014

A complaint for declarative and injunctive relief was filed Friday in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Plaintiff Ryan S. Watson, acting individually and as trustee of the Watson Family Gun Trust, is suing Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Director B. Todd Jones in their official capacities for administering, executing and enforcing “statutory and regulatory provisions [that] generally act as an unlawful de facto ban on the transfer or possession of a machine gun manufactured after May 19, 1986.”


Texas A&M Law School Professor Says Repeal the Second Amendment at Recent Event :: 11/16/2014

A Texas A&M University Law Professor, Mary Margaret Penrose, said at a recent event that she essentially supports repealing the Second Amendment and making guns a state’s rights issue.


Two different straw buyers face hefty sentences under new [PA] law :: 11/15/2014

In Pennsylvania this week two women found themselves looking at five years or more in jail following convictions for making illegal straw purchases of guns for people not eligible to possess them.


11th Circuit Upholds Florida's Patient Privacy Law :: 11/14/2014

In a victory for gun owners who simply seek medical care, not political philosophy, from their doctors, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has upheld the NRA-supported Florida’s Firearm Owner’s Privacy Act.


How Police Officers Are Trained to Know Which of Your Belongings Are Most Worth Seizing :: 11/14/2014

Police officers are trained to know what property of yours makes the most sense to seize.  The Heritage Foundation has written much about a law enforcement tool known as civil asset forfeiture, which allows police departments to generate revenue from the seizure of money, cars, homes or anything else of value which they allege is connected to criminal activity.


Ready for Concealed Weapons Permits? :: 11/14/2014

So what happens now after this week’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling clearing the way for more Californians to be able to get concealed weapons permits.


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