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PA Bill Number: HR270

Title: A Concurrent Resolution recognizing November 23, 2023, as the "National Day of Mourning" in Pennsylvania.

Description: A Concurrent Resolution recognizing November 23, 2023, as the "National Day of Mourning" in Pennsylvania.

Last Action: Referred to STATE GOVERNMENT

Last Action Date: Nov 30, 2023

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Tennessee Self-Defense: Report: Morgan Co, father fatally shot by son defending caretaker :: 04/15/2022

LANCING, Tenn. (WATE) — A Morgan County man was shot and killed by his son on Thursday after the elder man allegedly threatened a caretaker with a large knife, according to District Attorney General Russell Johnson’s office. 

According to authorities, 92-year-old Lillard Daniel was fatally shot in his home by his son in defense of the elderly man’s caretaker, whom investigators believe was in danger of serious bodily injury or death. Daniel’s son Ted Daniel, a Texas resident, had been visiting his father when the incident occurred. 

A release states the elder Daniel had been arguing with his female caretaker and had taken up a long knife. The son pleaded with his father to put the knife down and to quit threatening her; the elder Daniel had been through other caretakers before and the son told his father it was his last opportunity before being placed in a nursing home. 

The 9th Judicial District Attorney’s Office said in a social media release on Thursday that its office has been in constant communication with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office about the incident, which occurred on Thursday. 

Authorities said statements indicate Lillard Daniel had the long knife in his hand, and was focused on the caretaker as he moved toward her. The son warned his father multiple times that he had a gun (a .380 pistol) and told him to put the knife down and to not approach the caretaker. Lillard Daniel refused. 

The report states the son shot two times, hitting his father in the leg and in the stomach area, possibly shooting him through vital organs. 911 was called. 

Video footage from the caretaker’s cell phone showed Daniel Lillard with the knife in his hand arguing from his recliner, where he fell backward into after being shot. The district attorney’s office says, “this video footage is useful to show the weapon in Lillard Daniel’s hand and his demeanor.”

The elderly man was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

Ten years ago, in 2012, Lillard Daniel had been charged with the murder of Calvin Howard, according to the district attorney. 

“Howard had done extensive agricultural spraying on Daniel’s farm in Morgan County. Lillard Daniel shot and killed Calvin Howard in a dispute over the spraying when Daniel refused to pay Howard. District Attorney Russell proceeded to prosecute Lillard Daniel, but a mental evaluation obtained by Daniel’s attorney determined that Daniel was incompetent to stand trial. Unable to proceed with the prosecution, the District Attorney was able to get the Court to have all firearms removed from Daniel and his home due to his incompetency.”

The district attorney concluded the Thursday news release on Lillard Daniel’s death that an autopsy was ordered and it had not yet been performed; a final determination will be made at the conclusion of the autopsy and the investigation.