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PA Bill Number: HB770

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, prohibiting certain assault weapons.

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, prohibiting certain assault weapons. ...

Last Action: Resolution to discharge committee from further consideration of this bill presented

Last Action Date: May 25, 2022

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Oregon Self-Defense: Police: No criminal charges filed in fatal shooting at Eugene apartment complex :: 10/21/2021

The Eugene Police Dept. has released new information on Monday's fatal shooting at a South Eugene apartment complex.

According to police, sometime after 10 p.m. on October 17, Skyler Weisberg, 28, left his home in Tillamook County and traveled to Eugene. While en route, Weisberg was pulled over in Polk County after committing a minor traffic violation and told the deputy he was traveling to Eugene to look for his wife.

Around 3:40 a.m., Weisberg arrived at the apartment he had previously shared with his wife in the complex at 5477 Donald Street. The current residents of the apartment, 21-year-old Daniel Ernst and his 20-year-old girlfriend, were asleep inside. Weisberg pounded on the door, waking them up. Ernst made contact with Weisberg through a window adjacent to the front door of the apartment. Weisberg began yelling and pounding on the windows demanding to see his wife loud enough to prompt multiple 911 calls from residents at the complex.

"Ernst told Weisberg his wife was not at the location and asked him to leave," EPD said. "Weisberg continued to bang on the window to the apartment, eventually breaking the window and making entry into apartment. The man was armed with a handgun and continued to tell Weisberg to leave."

According to police, Weisberg advanced toward Ernst making comments about death. Ernst shot at Weisberg twice causing Weisberg to temporarily stop advancing toward Ernst, but then began advancing again. Ernst shot at Weisberg a third time and Weisberg fell to the ground just feet away from the hallway leading to Ernst’s bedroom.

Ernst and his girlfriend followed instructions from the 911 call taker and arriving police officers, and were removed from the apartment. Responding officers provided medical care to Weisberg until the arrival of Eugene Springfield Fire personnel who pronounced Weisberg deceased.

"Weisberg’s family, including his estranged wife have been contacted," EPD said. "Weisberg had a history of mental illness and at least one prior psychotic episode. After consulting with the Lane County District Attorney’s Office, there will be no criminal charges filed in this case."