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PA Bill Number: HB829

Title: In preliminary provisions, further providing for definitions;

Description: An Act amending the act of April 12, 1951 (P.L.90, No.21), known as the Liquor Code, in preliminary provisions, further providing for definitions;

Last Action: Act No. 57 of 2024

Last Action Date: Jul 15, 2024

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FOAC's Top Weekly News Stories for the week of October 3, 2021 :: 10/08/2021

This edition of the FOAC Newsletter will certainly look different than normal. FOAC President, Kim Stolfer was unable to write it this week as he is traveling all over the Commonwealth educating our fellow Pennsylvanians, Citizens and Elected Officials alike, about laws, legislation, and responsible gun ownership. I was tasked with taking the “mighty pen” and running with it!

This week is our “Return of The Gun Bash”. There are many officers and volunteers who have been working tirelessly to organize the Bash. The FOAC gun bash, we are proud to say, is one of the best bashes in the country and it is our biggest fund raising event of the year. Last year, with its barrage of governmental overreach, lockdown orders and house arrests, we were unable to do the bash in person. Our virtual bashes did very well but it wasn’t the same as the in-person event where we could fellowship with our fellow Liberty Loving Pennsylvanians.

Our organization has grown over the years since 1994 and we are proud to say we are taking a tremendous organizational step forward. With the creation of FOAC-ILLEA (Institute of Legal, Legislative, and Educational Action) we are gearing up to do big things to advance the cause of Liberty like never before.

FOAC remains an ALL-PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEER organization, and unlike the anti-gun / anti-liberty opposition, we do not have paid staff. We need the talents, time, and treasure of real people, real citizens who are concerned about the 2nd Amendment and Article 1 Section 21 of our US and PA Constitutions. With our new restructuring, FOAC-ILLEA can now take financial donations from companies and businesses. There are MANY 2A Businesses and Companies in our Commonwealth (large and small) that agree that Pennsylvania based pro-gun / pro-Liberty legal, legislative and educational action is worth supporting financially, especially TODAY. We call upon YOU to talk to them or any other like-minded business and invite them to take part in the fight for Liberty! We are fighting in the Courts, we are educating the Legislators, we are spreading the gospel of responsible gun ownership and civic duty in our towns and cities. Businesses can donate to FOAC-ILLEA by contacting us at


The Gun Owner’s Checklist

If you carry a gun or use one at home to defend your family (use doesn’t necessarily mean make it go “bang”), you likely have thoughtfully chosen an appropriate and efficient gun that suits your needs, points naturally and fits your lifestyle as well as your hand. You probably researched and found the most efficient defensive ammunition that is appropriate for your application and has sufficient stopping power but is also not prone to overpenetration. You likely have an apporiprate storage device and holster that you can use safely and efficiently. I am sure you have sought out proper defensive training, knowing how to use your defensive tool in a way that works well with what the body does naturally under stress. I’ll bet you have attended one of Kim’s seminars and learned about PA Firearms law. I am sure you have legal infrastructure in place and have selected a Pro-2A Defense Attorney that you can call upon (day or night) if you must defend yourself legally after defending yourself physically.

One part of our “everyday carry” that is often overlooked are the communication channels to those elected officials who are there to protect and defend the Constitution(s). These documents were written to restrict the government from limiting or infringing your natural born rights, including your ability to defend yourself and those that you love. Unfortunately, these “contracts” need to be defended too.

Do you know who “represents” you in in your locality, county seat, Harrisburg and Washington D.C.? Do they know you? If not… why not? Contact them, let them know who you are and what you are about. Let them know you are a voter and that you vote in EVERY election. Let them know if you voted for them or not and why. Make them aware that you are a proud member of FOAC.

If they are a friend of the 2A offer to help them. Ask what you can do to help advance pro-gun / pro-Liberty legislation, and what can you do to fight Anti-gun / Anti-Liberty efforts. If they are indifferent to your 2A Rights, or if they are against them, first try to educate them and explain why your Rights are important. Show them pictures of your family and those that you love and protect. If they are unwilling to listen, if they refuse to value your ability to defend yourself and loved ones, work to remove that person from office by supporting a candidate that DOES value your life and the lives of your family. Offer your time and or treasure and help THAT candidate beat your representative in the next election.

Make an email list and a phone list of your representatives. Put it in your cell phone so that you can reach out to them anytime. In about the same time it would take to clean your pistol, you can build this list and have instant communication at your fingertips.

  • Town or City Council Representative(s)
  • Mayor
  • County Council Representative(s)
  • State Assembly Representative
  • State Senator
  • Governor (yes even that guy too)
  • US Congressperson
  • US Senators
  • President (yes even that guy too)

Stop by their local office, drop off your business card or leave a note. Let them know you are their constituent and that you would like to sit down with them and meet them in person.

Representatives hear the loudest voices OR they confide with those that they trust. If you build a relationship with them they will likely listen to you and sometimes seek out your advice or opinion. This is not a quick process. It takes time and effort. How long did it take for you to learn to follow the safety rules? It was time well invested! You need to correspond with your elected officials and meet with them. Some elected officials (believe it or not) are actually good people… you will never know until you sit down and meet.

Quite often people will send me emails or call and say, “Klint, thank you for all that you do for our Rights”. My response is generally that there are many others, such as our President, Kim Stolfer that does much more than I, however, these kind of messages are very much appreciated…. Volunteering to fight for Liberty is often a thankless job and an “atta-boy” goes a very long way!

When I get these messages I often ask “have you contacted your representative about 2A or Liberty issues?” May times the answer implies that folks “don’t have time”, or they are “so busy”. I will point out to them that they had time and weren’t to busy to email or call me….. Why not take that time to get involved directly! Email or call your elected official instead!

As I have been traveling even more this year than in past years, training folks from around our amazing Country and I have learned that SO MANY of our fellow law-abiding American gun owners are completely cut off from anyone in elected office and generally unwilling to get involved. This is a huge problem and needs to be remedied!

I train a lot of Instructors. Educators (at least in the firearms community) often try to go out of their way to avoid politics. This CAN be a missed opportunity. As educators we should not involve “party” politics in our classes, however, educating our students on the importance of exercising our “other” Rights is just good civic duty! While we exercise our 1A rights to speak and assemble in class, we empower them to exercise their 2A, teach them to invoke their 4A and 5A Rights to protect themselves legally, so it is completely reasonable that we also encourage them to VOTE for candidates that will support and protect their ability to exercise ALL of their Rights as Americans!

Being civic-ly active is just one more box on the gun owner’s checklist!



Recently we remembered that fateful day that took place 20 years ago. I am not unique in saying that that day changed my life. I would like to share a post that I put on social media on a few years ago that I believe has as much value as it did then.

9-11 changed all of our lives.

The world and this country was very different before 9-11, attitude, travel, banking, commerce, communications, patriotism, community........A lot of things changed since 2001 and they continue to change... such is life. We must ALWAYS REMEMBER what happened that day. All geo-politics aside... Men and Women willingly gave of themselves and gave their lives in the pursuit to help others who needed it.

The sound of jet engines, the pictures of people jumping from buildings, citizens covered with white dust as they emerge from the clouds after the buildings dropped. The DEAFENING sound of PASS devices (alarms that sound when a firefighter is motionless) coming from beneath wreckage and rubble........................... knowing that each one was a Brother down.

I have not been in the fire service for sometime. I was not that great of a fireman anyhow, but it was such an honor to serve my community along with the real firefighters and first responders at my department. I remember the 10 year anniversary of 9-11 in 2011. We all hung out at the old firehouse, in dress uniform. We had our bunker gear staged just in case. I brought (my son) Augie with me. He was only 3. We listened to the tones as county dispatch marked each time with a memorial alert; when the first plane hit... when the 2nd plane hit, when the buildings dropped. Grown men sat listening to the radios with tears in their eyes. Remembering where they were and what they were doing on that day.

During the day, we were all very quiet, solemn, and pensive. Then Augie found the big mud puddle (in front of the firehouse).... His zeal for jumping into it sparked a laugh and a smile on our faces reminding us that time marches on and sometimes you gotta jump into the puddle to get rid of the water.

Augie and his generation will no doubt have their own "9-11", but I for one will be sure that he understands what happened on that day so that when his comes, he'll be better equipped to respond to it.

Never Forget... Always Remember


Sometimes you gotta jump into the puddle to get rid of the water.”

The failings of our government are due to many factors. One could argue that Federal overreach began when President Washington marched troops to Western PA during the whiskey rebellion. Controversial elections are not unique to our current times. Some might say there were a lot of dead people that voted for Kennedy.

In Washington we can see a culture of the “Elected Class” protecting the “Elected Class”. Now, it would seem that our government is emboldened to spend and control like never before. Good people fear the government today more so than I have ever seen during my lifetime.

The solutions to today’s problems are not simple, easy, quick, or even pleasant.

Good people like to be left alone to live their lives and stay out of each other’s business and politics. Perhaps this inactivity on the part of “good people” has left a void that has been flooded by others who wish to do harm to our Republic. Get involved! Everyone can do something to help the cause of Liberty. We all need to jump into the puddle to get rid of the water.


Closing Thoughts:

As we are threatened by more Federal restrictions, we must not lose momentum in our State-level fights. Constitutional Carry is sweeping the Country and we are incrementally gaining ground in the fight for Liberty all across our great Nation.

We have an opportunity to bring MILLIONS of former indifferent or even anti-gun Americans over to the light of Liberty because they have recently purchased their first firearm.

Be not mislead party politics. There are Republican Legislators among us that are not upholding the Constitution. There are Democrat Legislators… although very few in numbers, who are actually NOT anti-gun.

Educate yourself on our governmental processes. Know your Legislators.

Educate your elected officials on Liberty and our 2nd Amendment.

Be your own family first responder.

Be not only armed but also well regulated.

An armed and educated Citizenry IS the TRUE fourth check and balance in our Constitutional Republic and our BEST Homeland Security.


Yours in Liberty!

Klint Macro, 2nd Vice President


FOAC Upcoming Events:


2021 – Updated FOAC Events – (by Date)

10/12/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Bud Cook

Location: TBD

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

10/16/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Ambridge District Sportsmen’s Assoc.

Location – ADSA Clubhouse, 2900 Ridge Road Extension, Baden PA, 15005

Time: 10 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

10/19/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Stephanie Borowicz

Location: Liberty Township Sportsman’s Club, 1140 Marsh Creek Road, Howard PA 16841

Time: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

10/28/2021: Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Matt Dowling

Location – TBD

Time: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

11/4/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Tim O’Neal (Tentative)

Location: TBD

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8 p.m.

11/5/2021 – Concealed Carry Seminar – Rep. Bud Cook

Location: TBD

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8 p.m.


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