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PA Bill Number: HB2060

Title: In electronic voting systems, further providing for election day procedures and the process of voting.

Description: In electronic voting systems, further providing for election day procedures and the process of voting. ...

Last Action: Referred to STATE GOVERNMENT

Last Action Date: Feb 23, 2024

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FOAC's July 2021 Newsletter and Meeting Notice w-Linked Agenda :: 07/10/2021

The general membership meeting of FOAC will be held this weekend, July 11th, at 10 AM through the Zoom Conferencing option (details below).

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As I’m writing this, I am still seething over six months of hard legislative work being brought to a halt by a small group of screeching Philadelphia community knuckleheads with blinders on to the violence around them. I’m speaking of the mandatory sentencing legislation by Representative Amen Brown, HB 1587, that is a targeted incarceration bill that is focused on the core, elemental, violent career criminals who are ravaging the streets of Philadelphia along with many major cities across our nation.

This small group of knuckleheads went to the extent of openly protesting at Representative Brown’s district office and went so far as to even call him a racist! All because he is choosing to target the revolving door of Krasner’s justice system and the criminals who are put back on the street seemingly at the speed of light! See this link: and consider that when asked they had no answer for how to stop the violence on their streets except to say they need more money! Nothing about upholding the laws we have now and nothing, whatsoever, about dealing with the revolving door justice system!

At the press conference on this protest, FOAC was even brought into the mix and we were called, among other things, a white supremacist, racist organization just because we support holding criminals accountable and are supporting HB 1587!

There is an inseparable link between violent crime in the attacks on the Second Amendment! As an example, last month, on June 15, Biden’s White House released a first-of-its-kind report entitled "National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism."

The 32-page report was accompanied by a fact sheet that gave a few concise bullet points for those who wanted the CliffsNotes version. In short, if you are a white, heterosexual, Christian male who owned guns, they're coming after you. That such a category of American citizen has long been viewed with intense antipathy by the Marxists is nothing new. What IS new is that the Office of the President of the United States has now developed a national and comprehensive policy for "dealing with you".

The domestic terrorism strategy, outlined above, is directly connected to the violent crime rate, at least in theory. It seems like the Jihad against the Second Amendment is directly connected to the suppose it increase in private firearms ownership that has occurred through 2020 and even increased under the current administration. It’s All a Lie!

While violent firearms related homicides did surge across the United States during the coronavirus pandemic, and in the same year that Americans bought a record-breaking number of guns, a brand-new study refuted any connection between the two.

Even some of America’s leading gun violence researchers (researchers who favor gun control) have concluded that what might seem like an obvious cause-and-effect – a surge in gun buying leads to a surge in gun violence – is not supported by the data.

Through July of last year, there was no clear association between the increase in firearm purchases and the increase in most interpersonal gun violence at the state level, according to a new study published in Injury Epidemiology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The Biden administration response to violent firearms related crimes was to rule out a plan on 23 June that would incredulously “crack down on rogue gun dealers” without any recognition of the failure of current gun laws to be enforced against criminals and the revolving door justice system.

While ALL of this is unfolding, right before our eyes it seems that many gun owners are in a state of denial that this will impact them in any way.

Take for example the Biden administration recommended tweaks to the ATF regulation of pistol stabilizing braces. This rule would put between 10-40 million Americans in legal jeopardy. There is no grandfather clause. All firearms targeted with this new regulation must either be registered or turned over. it’s the largest gun confiscation and registration effort ever. It’s the groundwork for the mass confiscation effort anti-Gun Democrat lust for, they’re just waiting for expanded background checks to build a national database.

With the support of the Biden Administration, on June 7th, ATF published a notice of proposed rulemaking on its website entitled Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached “Stabilizing Braces”The proposed rule was published in the Federal Register on June 10th, 2021, giving interested parties until September 8th, 2021 to file comments.

The rule will make nearly all configurations of ‘every’ firearm equipped with stabilizing braces subject to the taxation and registration requirements of the National Firearms Act, just like machine guns.

Since 2012, ATF has recognized that stabilizing braces serve a legitimate function and the inclusion of a stabilizing brace on a pistol or other firearm does not automatically subject that firearm to the provisions of the NFA. That’s because stabilizing braces were first designed and intended to help disabled veterans fire large-format pistols.

While ATF estimates that there are approximately 3 million pistol stabilizing braces, a report by the Congressional Research Service puts the estimate much higher at 10 to 40 million pistol stabilizing braces. With so many in circulation, effectively banning firearms with these devices attached would be the largest confiscatory firearm regulation in the history of the United States.

Another dimension to the expanded attack on the Second Amendment is the focus of the BATF on what is and is not a firearm under federal law (Read the draft proposal here). The BATF has established a comment opportunity for gun owners that we would highly recommend every gun owner take advantage of! You have up until August 19th to add your thoughts and opposition to these draconian changes that will ripple through the gun industry and gun ownership for decades. The 90-day public comment period is still open, and gun owners (along with their anti-gun counterparts) can weigh in, as we already mentioned, on the proposed changes until August 19th in the Federal Register.

It’s important to remember that for those of us who carry guns, we don’t push our belief on others; we simply want the right preserved for all Americans! Those who oppose private gun ownership want them outlawed for everyone! THAT’S the difference between freedom and tyranny! It is the defining and distinguishing characteristic between conservative and liberal beliefs!

Public Understanding of The Second Amendment at An All-Time Low

The 2nd Amendment is a litmus test, in our opinion, of one’s understanding of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the relevance (or lack thereof) of gun control to law abiding citizens. TOO many of our fellow citizens utterly fail in their understanding of why the 2nd Amendment exists! It ain’t about ‘duck hunting’!

Anti-gunners routinely push polls of Americans supposedly supporting gun control BUT the attitudes appear to be changing and this latest one from Rasmussen is sure to set their hair on fire.

When asked “Addressing the problem of violent crime this week, President Joe Biden called on Congress to pass new gun-control laws. How likely is it that Congress will approve new gun-control laws?”

  • 34% said it’s likely Congress will pass new gun control laws.
  • 57% said it’s likely Congress will not pass gun control laws.
  • 11% said new gun control laws are very likely to pass.
  • 21% said it’s not at all likely that new gun control laws will pass.

When asked, “Do you agree or disagree with this statement: America’s “founders explicitly wanted an armed citizenry to keep potentially tyrannical governments in check?”

  • 32% strongly agree.
  • 22% somewhat agree.
  • 11% somewhat disagree.
  • 15% strongly disagree.
  • 20% aren’t sure.

In addition, 52 percent said that the key to combating gun violence was stricter enforcement of current gun control laws.

In this last question 46% disagree with the premise that the 2nd Amendment is meant to “keep potentially tyrannical governments in check”?? This demonstrates a failure of our education and media systems to ‘properly’ explain the Constitution and the responsibility of citizens!

So, what are YOUR kids being taught in school about the Constitution?? It is up to all of us to make sure our kids are aware of the precious right that they were born into!

Are The American Elite Underwriting the Destruction of the American Constitution?

An article was written with the title of ‘The Thirty Tyrants’ that exposes the American elite’s decision that democracy wasn’t working for them. Having assessed blame on the Republican Party for preventing them from running roughshod over the American public, they migrated to the Democratic Party in the hopes of strengthening the relationships that were making them rich.

From the article: A trade consultant told Friedman: “The need to compete in a globalized world has forced the meritocracy, the multinational corporate manager, the Eastern financier and the technology entrepreneur to reconsider what the Republican Party has to offer. In principle, they have left the party, leaving behind not a pragmatic coalition but a group of ideological naysayers.”

In the more than 10 years since Friedman’s column was published, the disenchanted elite that the Times columnist identified has further impoverished American workers while enriching themselves. The one-word motto they came to live by was globalism—that is, the freedom to structure commercial relationships and social enterprises without reference to the well-being of the particular society in which they happened to make their livings and raise their children.

This very same group of elites have concluded that our Constitution is an obstacle and are supporting the Convention of the States effort that would rewrite the document that is being ignored today. Many are being fooled by this effort in thinking this is a quick fix for the problems we see around us yet those very same problems are the result of those supporting China ‘and’ the destruction of the US Constitution.

The 2nd Amendment is a clear obstacle to the designs of these American Tyrants and we heartily recommend that you take a moment and read this article. The insights contained within should be shared with everyone!

Democrats Engage in Revisionist History About Pulse Nightclub Tragedy

Journalist Glenn Greenwald called out Democrat senators on Saturday who he said were spreading an "absolute lie" about the tragic Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida, that killed 49 people in June 2016.

What are Democrats saying?

To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the tragedy, Democrat senators posted messages to social media claiming the victims of the Pulse Nightclub massacre were targeted because of their sexual orientation.

  • Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.): "5 years ago, we lost 49 people in a deadly, hate-filled shooting at the Pulse nightclub. The LGBTQ+ community was targeted and killed—all because they dared to live their lives. Once again I say: hate has no place here. And we must end the gun violence epidemic."
  • Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.): "Today we #RememberPulse. 49 lives lost to senseless gun violence and anti-LGBTQ hate. A tragedy that is still hard to comprehend. But tomorrow, with Pulse always in our minds, we continue the fight to end gun violence and hatred. We will not rest until we do."
  • Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.): "5 years ago we lost 49 beautiful souls at Pulse nightclub. I continue to hold in my heart those who were killed, their loved ones & the survivors of this unspeakable act of hate toward the #LGBTQ+ community. We must #EndGunViolence & build a nation based on love for each other."

What did Greenwald say?

Greenwald called out the senators for misrepresenting the motive behind the Pulse Nightclub massacre. It was not, in fact, anti-LGBT animus, but the perpetrator was a terrorist who sworn allegiance to the Islamic State and chosen Pulse Nightclub at random.

"Democrat Senators and activist groups promoting a false, conclusively disproven narrative about the Pulse shootings for their own benefits. Anti-LGBT animus was not part of that massacre. It dishonors the memory of the victims — & the LGBT cause — to lie about what happened," Greenwald said.

He then called out Duckworth, specifically.

"This tweet is an absolute lie. Every journalist who covered the PULSE shootings and trial will tell you this. It's infuriating to watch Senators blatantly lie this way," Greenwald said. "[The killer] had no idea PULSE was a gay club. He spent the prior day looking at Disney locations, but they were too secured. He entered 'Club, Orlando' in Google — not 'gay club' — to find it. He never uttered an anti-LGBT syllable, saying his motive was US bombing in Iraq/Syria."

"Even NBC News has acknowledged that the PULSE massacre was not motivated by anti-LGBT sentiment. Their article is definitive as it should be. The evidence leaves no doubt. There's no excuse for Senators and LGBT groups perpetuating this lie," Greenwald continued, linking to NBC News' story about the massacre.

The NBC News story explained:

[D]uring the trial of [the killer's] widow, Noor Salman, all forensic evidence suggested that up until the moment he turned into the Pulse parking lot, [the killer] had been considering other venues, rejecting them because they were more heavily guarded. In their closing statement, government prosecutors admitted that there was no evidence to suggest that [the killer] knew that Pulse was a gay club.

Indeed, during the massacre, the killer phoned 911 and pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, solidifying what prosecutors said was the real motive behind the crime.

BATF and NFA Device Repairs – Government Guidance at its’ WORST

with the hundreds of thousands NFA items (machine guns, silencers, short barreled rifles and shotguns, etc.) in private hands and use, you would think that the BATF has clear guidance on the procedures necessary to relinquish their device for repair. You would be wrong! Being wrong with the BATF is not a good position to be in especially if you are a dealer who depends on that for your livelihood!

If you want to completely boggle your mind at how difficult it is to navigate the waters of regulations regarding NFA items, read this article below:

BATF Director Nominee, David Chipman – A History of Ignorance of Law and the 2nd Amendment

Following a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing (6/24) in which several senators exposed Chipman as the puppet of radical gun control organizations, the committee deadlocked 11-11 on whether to advance his hyper-partisan nomination to the full Senate. Therefore, in order to advance Chipman’s nomination, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) would be forced to hold two full-senate votes – one to discharge the nomination from the Senate Judiciary Committee and another on whether to confirm the paid anti-gun advocate nominee.

At the Senate Committee hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., Thursday accused Chipman of having an "agenda… to take away Second Amendment rights from law-abiding citizens while violent criminals are loose on our streets."

Regarding a Reddit post in which Chipman apparently advocated for the arrest of people who try to buy guns but fail background checks as a way to prevent future crime, Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, said Thursday that Chipman has a "lack of respect for the most fundamental notions of due process." 

"We don't arrest people before they commit crimes. That's the sort of thing that's reserved for bad post-apocalyptic dystopian novels and movies," Lee said. 

Showing the utter disrespect of the Constitutional Rights they swore an Oath to protect, Democrats are nearly universally behind Chipman! "He's the leader that ATF needs," Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said. "Mr. Chipman's support for the enforcement of common-sense gun restrictions, his dedication to ensuring that the ATF fulfills its mission of protecting our country, make him the candidate we need in this role at this time… He's a former ATF agent, he knows what it's like on the streets." 

But at least one prominent moderate – Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. — has not taken a public stance on the Chipman nomination. He said that he is "undecided" on Chipman, according to Politico.

Call PA US Senator Pat Toomey and register your objections to David Chipman and ask him to oppose him in the full Senate Vote: (202) 224-4254

Ammunition Recall Notice: Olin Winchester, LLC is recalling the following lots of 9mm Luger 115 grain Full Metal Jacket and 115-grain Jacketed Hollow Point pistol ammunition.

Symbols: Q4172, RED9, USA9JHP, USA9MMVP, USA9W, WW9B

Lot Numbers:

SC03LD44, SC03LD45, SC03LD46, SC03LD47
SC13LD1, SC13LD6, SC13LD18, SC13LD44, SC13LD45, SC13LD46, SC13LD47
SC52LD44, SC52LD45, SC52LD46, SC52LD47
SC62LD44, SC62LD45, SC62LD46, SC62LD47
SC72LD44, SC72LD45, SC72LD46, SC72LD47
SC92LD44, SC92LD45, SC92LD46, SC92LD47
SD10LD1, SD10LD3, SD10LD6, SC10LD12, SD10LD18, SD10LD46, SD10LD47
SD50LD1, SD50LD3, SD50LD6, SD50LD11, SD50LD12, SD50LD18, SD50LD46, SD50LD47
SD60LD1, SD60LD3, SD60LD6, SD60LD11, SD60LD12, SD60LD18
SD70LD1, SD70LD3, SD70LD6, SD70LD11, SD70LD12, SD70LD18
SD80LD1, SD80LD3, SD80LD6, SD80LD11, SD80LD12, SD80LD18

The Symbol designations and locations of the Lot Numbers are depicted in the photographs available at the article in the link below.

NOTE: If ammunition of the above Symbols was purchased before March 25, 2021, it is NOT subject to the recall.

Want A Safer Society? John Stossel Suggests That We Should Promote Gun Ownership!

John Stossel has long admitted that when he went to college that they were not only liberal in philosophy, but so were the newsrooms that he worked in. This comment perfectly describes exactly how his mind was shaped by these liberal professors:

As a reporter who attended only liberal schools and worked in liberal newsrooms, I’d been taught that more guns means more violence. Even after interviewing violent criminals in prison and hearing many say that what they feared most was “not the police,” but that the person being robbed “might be armed,” I still believed that more guns meant more crime.

Only when I started researching gun crime and studying the data did it become clear that most of my anti-gun assumptions were wrong.

Read more about these conclusions on the part of John Stossel at the link below:

Mass Murder’s Media Darling: The Gun Violence Archive

We have often been interviewed by the media where they bring up this entity called the Gun Violence Archive. In every single case, the media person has acted with incredulity at our criticisms of the veracity of the claims of this entity.

The Gun Violence Archive, or GVA, was founded in 2013 by Michael Klein, a left-leaning philanthropist and open-government advocate, and Mark Bryant, a retired computer analyst and GVA’s current executive director.

According to Bryant’s all-inclusive definition, there were 417 mass shootings in 2019. The FBI says there were 30, because it uses a much narrower definition.

The FBI found that while active shootings are increasing, they are not nearly the threat the Gun Violence Archive and the media would have you believe.

Here’s a breakdown of the FBI’s data for “active” shootings over the past five years:

  • 2016: 20
  • 2017: 31
  • 2018: 30
  • 2019: 30
  • 2020: 40

Here’s the number of “mass” shootings for the same timeframe from the Gun Violence Archive:

  • 2016: 382
  • 2017: 346
  • 2018: 337
  • 2019: 417
  • 2020: No data posted

Wait What? Are you Kidding Me?

The difference lies in the definitions used by GVA.

According to the FBI’s new report titled: “Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2020,” the FBI defines active shootings as:

  • Shootings in public places
  • Shootings occurring at more than one location
  • Shootings where the shooter’s actions were not the result of another criminal act
  • Shootings resulting in a mass killing
  • Shootings indicating apparent spontaneity by the shooter
  • Shootings where the shooter appeared to methodically search for potential victims
  • Shootings that appeared focused on injury to people, not buildings or objects

Shootings were excluded from the FBI’s list if they were the result of:

  •  Self-defense
  • Gang violence
  • Drug violence
  • Contained residential or domestic disputes
  • Controlled barricade/hostage situations
  • Crossfire as a byproduct of another ongoing criminal act
  • An action that appeared not to have put other people in peril

By comparison, the Gun Violence Archive, ( GVA, excludes nothing, even if the shooting is gang or drug-related – the two main causes of most violence in the country today.

While the GVA collects and publishes several different types of shooting data – mass murders, number of children and teens killed or injured, officer-involved shootings, defenses gun usages and more – it is their inflated mass shooting numbers that are cited most often by the mainstream media, given its penchant for sensational headlines.

Bryant deflects blame for the media’s overhyping and misuse of his data.

If the numbers are misleading, the journalist didn’t do their homework, you could make that argument,” he has said in past interviews.

In a guest column for the Lexington Herald Leader three years ago – without a coauthor – Bryant spoke out against Senate Resolution 172, which encouraged teachers to carry firearms in the classroom.

It is a fatally flawed solution from folks who learned another lesson about tools: ‘If all you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail’ – the National Rifle Association solution,” he wrote.

Keep in mind the media is citing GVA’s data as proof that our rights need some infringing. So, with that in mind, if Bryant and his partner had any integrity and respect for the Second Amendment, they would shutter this manipulative effort tomorrow!

National Reciprocity/Recognition Update: HR 38

Congressman Hudson’s Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act with 185 Republicans and only three Democrats currently being listed as sponsors. Only 8 of Pennsylvania’s 18 congressional members in the US House of Representatives are sponsors. Not one of them is a Democrat!

2 New Constitutional Carry States Laws (Iowa and Tennessee) Come into Effect July 1st

Iowa and Tennessee are two of the five states which have restored Constitutional Carry so far in 2021. In both states the Constitutional Carry (permitless carry) bills took effect on Thursday, 1 July, just ahead of Independence Day, July 4th.

Constitutional Carry is a reasonable facsimile of the state of the law when the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791. At the time, no state or federal law required government permission in order to carry personal weapons, either openly or concealed.

The 21 current Constitutional carry states cover 56% of the land area of the United States of America.

FPC Files Opening Brief in Federal 2A Lawsuit Challenging PA Law Prohibiting Firearm Carry for Young Adults Under 21

On June 30th the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced the filing of an opening brief in the appeal of its federal Second Amendment lawsuit challenging the State of Pennsylvania’s laws that prevent young adults under age 21 from carrying a loaded firearm outside of the home for self-defense. The brief in Lara v. Evanchick can be viewed at

The brief, filed in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, argues that “[t]he text of the Second Amendment leaves no doubt that it applies outside the home” and that the “right to keep and bear arms belongs to ‘the people as a whole,” “not [just] the subset of the people who have attained the age of 21.” The brief also notes that “just months after the ratification of the Second Amendment, Congress enacted the Militia Act of 1792, which required all able-bodied men to enroll in the militia and to arm themselves upon turning 18.”

Additionally, the brief says that the state has no public safety justification for the ban. “FBI statistics indicate that 18-to-20-year-olds are arrested for violent crimes no more frequently than, say, 21-year-olds—and the percentage of wrongdoers in this age bracket who do commit violent crimes is an infinitesimal fraction of the age group as a whole,” the plaintiffs argue.

Federal District Court Judge William S. Stickman IV, a Donald Trump appointee, previously dismissed the case, holding that adults between the age of 18 and 21 do not have Second Amendment rights. “This Court [of Appeals] should reverse the decision of the district court and remand with instructions to enter an injunction forbidding Pennsylvania from continuing to ban 18-to-20-year-olds from carrying firearms in public for lawful purposes,” the brief concludes.

“The District Court erred in holding that age-based restriction on the right to keep and bear arms fall outside the scope of the Second Amendment,” said Adam Kraut, FPC’s Senior Director of Legal Operations. “Worse, the Court ignored the historical evidence that shows that the right applies to adults under 21 years of age. Moreover, the Court’s reliance on a flawed Fifth Circuit opinion to arrive at its conclusion underscores the need for the Third Circuit to conduct an appropriate analysis, in this case, using the text of the Constitution as it is informed by history and tradition to guide its decision, as required by the Supreme Court’s precedents. And the faithful application of the Heller decision requires that Pennsylvania’s laws banning carry by adults under 21 must be declared unconstitutional and enjoined. We will continue our litigation to restore the right to carry in this and other cases.”

Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Evanchick must file his opposition brief by July 23; the plaintiffs will file their final reply brief on or before August 13.

Interesting Videos:

NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson on Independence Day with a Rousing Trump-like Speech and tears apart some of the hot topic social issues of today.

When the Biden Administration Knocks On Your Door…

Gen. Mark Milley Defends Teaching Of 'Critical Race Theory' At West Point During House Hearing

Critical Race Theory: Coming to a School Near You?

Toby Keith - Happy Birthday America

Overall Status of 2nd Amendment Legislation Filed to Date in PA and the US:

2021-2022 Session PA State Bills (updated)

  • Pro-Gun Bills: 23
  • Anti-Gun Bills: 56
  • Unrated (Watching): 13
  • Legislative (gun related) Memos: 117

2021-2022 Session Federal Bills (updated)

  • Pro-Gun Bills: 41
  • Anti-Gun Bills: 79
  • Unrated (Watching): 33

1st Point to Ponder:

From 2014-2020 the US has averaged 14,000-gun homicides. And in 2021 we are tracking at about 2,000 fewer deaths (behind pace) than in 2020. Nearing the midway point of the year we are just a tad over 7,000 homicides.

By comparison to homicides, automobiles take 35-45k lives each year. And more than 200k people die each year in hospitals due to mistakes and malfeasance—in other words: not for the reasons they were admitted.

CPRC Update from Dr. John Lott:

Dr. Lott was a guest on the C-Span Washington Journal Show (7/10/2021) to discuss Gun Violence in the U.S.

This is a highly recommended video for all to watch (41:44 Minutes) to see how 2A Issues are discussed and presented to the Washington Elite.

Law Enforcement Officers Speak Their Minds: Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown

Over the weekend, officers recovered 244 illegal guns and cleared 10 murder cases, police Superintendent David Brown said during a news conference to announce the weekend crime figures. He also blasted the local court system for releasing suspected violent criminals with electronic monitoring devices instead of keeping them jailed.

"It creates this idea of lawlessness for people in the community who know someone who murdered someone and yet they see him again the following days and as if nothing happened," he said. "The courts have created an unsafe environment for large crowd gatherings because you've released people charged with murder back into these same communities where they committed this heinous crime."

Gun Law Myths: Dana Loesch Busts Leftist Myths On Gun Control

Academics on Guns: Media Hype Questionable Gun Control Study

CNN claimed that "the U.S. has the most mass shootings". The WSJ reported that "U.S. leads the world in mass shootings." Nearly every major media outlet and former President Obama said the same. But the claim is based on just one study, and the author of that study, Adam Lankford, would not release his data to other gun researchers in the field. Economist John Lott argues that Lankford's study has many flaws.

Founding Father’s Statement on Freedom:

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it." Thomas Paine (1777)

A Celebration of the Heart of America: The Story of Old Glory

The history of our country’s flag is rooted in the Flag Resolution of June 14, 1777. Officially, the resolution states: “Resolved: that the flag of the United States be made of thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation.”

Read More Here:

Closing Thoughts:

Frankly, I’m outraged by athletes who qualify to represent the United States in the Olympics but then use the platform to show their personal hate and disrespect for our flag and national anthem.

Athletes who represent the United States in Olympic competition owe their success to the fact that they live in a country that offered them the opportunity to be an athlete in the first place. More than that, they owe their country and their fellow Americans the common decency to show respect to the flag and national anthem.
Competing in the Olympics for the United States is a privilege and an honor. It should not be a platform for disrespecting our nation. Many believe, as do I, that athletes who refuse to honor our flag and national anthem should not be allowed on the US Olympic Team.
What say you?

Stay Free!

Kim Stolfer, President

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