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PA Bill Number: HB2310

Title: In emergency COVID-19 response, further

Description: An Act amending the act of April 9, 1929 (P.L.343, No.176), known as The Fiscal Code, in emergency COVID-19 response, further

Last Action: Signed in Senate

Last Action Date: Jul 11, 2024

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FOAC's February 2021 Newsletter and Meeting Notice w-Linked Agenda :: 02/13/2021

The general membership meeting of FOAC will be held this weekend, February 14, at 10 AM through the Zoom Conferencing option (details below).  Online Meeting Connection Details (also available at the end of the newsletter) are as follows:

Joining the FOAC Meeting is easy, just CLICK this Link: and then e-mail ( us for the password.

**Please Note: To join this FOAC meeting you must RSVP by sending an e-mail and the Meeting Password will then be e-mailed to you by one of the officers. (Time: 10:00 a.m.)

You can view or download a copy of the Meeting Agenda at this Link: Meeting Agenda!

When I first got into politics, nearly 4 decades ago, I assumed there was a level of dedication to seeking the truth and respecting our traditions and freedoms. I believe(d) that if I was to present factual documentation to prove that a certain position should be taken that there was a duty on the part of elected officials to follow that wherever it leads for the best interests of their constituents. As I reflect back on those thoughts I feel now that I was more than a little naïve and that while responsible actions in government by elected officials were, to a degree, the rule of the day-that approach in government has been slipping ever since in my opinion.

One of the most difficult tasks for me is to explain to gun owners and freedom loving patriots is why they ‘must’ be involved on a daily basis just like making sure they feed themselves. Some have told me that I eat, breathe, and sleep these issues and I readily agree that I do! That’s because I’ve learned the importance of staying engaged and on top of the political process because that is the only thing keeping out those who would destroy the very essence of America, freedom! I know to some that may sound corny but the fact of the matter is that there has been a dwindling number of Americans willing to stand on the wall to keep the barbarians at bay.

No truer example of that can be found than in the outcome of the last election, the ramifications of which we are just now seeing with the turnover in power between all of the legislative committees and agencies and policies and the purge that is coming with it. Some say this is a natural order of things but the philosophy behind the Democrat Party has changed from being one of the people to one of manipulation and power. If you think these conclusions are based on nothing but the ramblings of a partisan player in politics, you’re wrong. When I first got into the political arena there were more Democrats who believed ‘strongly’ in the Second Amendment than Republicans! I can prove that because we have the voting records.

My point in going over the above is because it seems like the more, I talk to gun owners about the importance of being involved in politics the more it seems they want to, in general, retreat into their own little safe space and hide thinking that the Socialist horde will pass them by.

Politics is a lot like the rapid pace of technology and human beings are wary of change and uncomfortable with things that confuse their daily life. We get a new cell phone or a new computer with a different operating system and many of us refuse to take advantage of the opportunities and advantages of these new devices because we are not skilled in their use. Politics is a lot like that and as I personally have grown into understanding what it takes to navigate politics, I have found a ever widening gulf between being able to explain that to the gun owners around me and what is needed to defend our freedoms. Many times, an average gun owner’s eyes will glaze over after the first five minutes and I get responses like, “I’m not going to do all that”! We can no longer waive the Constitution and hope that that is enough to stave off the threats to freedom and even our basic survival! Politics is a field of battle, much like combat, that must be navigated whether we like it or not. In the military there is an old term called; improvise, adapt and overcome. We have the tools available to us but like new technology we don’t pick them up or use them because we are not comfortable or feel we are skillful enough in their use but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s time for all of us to step outside our comfort zone and embrace the fact that if we do not master politics there are those with money and power who will wash away everything we believe in and all of our rights! The answer to the dangers and threats that we see around us stares back at us in any mirror we look at. Our founding fathers found that to be true over two centuries ago and it is time for us to reignite that passion!

BREAKING NEWS: Utah Governor Signs Constitutional Carry Legislation Into Law

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed a bill Friday that will allow Utah residents to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

The law, which will go into effect in May, allows anyone 21-and-older to carry a concealed weapon.

"With the passage of this bill, Utah joins 17 other states with some form of permitless concealed carry," Cox said Friday. "This bill protects Second Amendment rights, reduces permitless open carry (which is already legal), and includes significant funding for suicide prevention.”

Where Are Biden’s Executive Orders on Gun Control; Gun Owners Holding Their Collective Breath!

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is concerns regarding the promised deluge of gun control by Joe Biden as he panders to anti-gun groups who are licking their chops! It appears that moment is drawing near as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Thursday that the Biden Administration is moving forward with fulfilling its “ambitious plan” of increasing gun control in the near future.

The main part of Biden’s gun control agenda includes banning the manufacture and sale of “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines, regulating possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act, buying back these weapons and high-capacity magazines from citizens, requiring background checks for all gun sales, ending the online sale of firearms and ammunition, and providing more funds to enforce these laws.

As Townhall’s Katie Pavlich reports, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t delve into the specifics of the conversation, but made it clear that gun control is coming.

“Yesterday, senior members of his [Biden’s] team, Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice [and] White House Public Engagement Director Cedric Richmond hosted a virtual discussion with leaders of gun violence prevention groups to discuss our shared goals. The very gun violence prevention organization named for James Brady was part of that discussion, along with Giffords, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. These organizations all have a critical role to play,” Psaki said, saying more information about next steps will be provided soon. “Last year we saw a historic spike in homicides across America and we know gun violence in our cities disproportionately affects black and brown individuals. Last month we also saw a near record increase in gun sales.”

Of course, even the New York Times acknowledged in a December story that the vast majority of Biden’s executive orders on firearms will likely be challenged in court.

The 117th U.S. Congress has filed a half dozen gun control measures with the House Judiciary Committee and includes Rep. Bobby Rush’s (D-Ill.) H.R.30, which would punish and deter firearms trafficking and Rep. Al Green’s (D-Texas) H.R.167, which would prohibit the transfer of a firearm at a gun show by a person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) has filed four gun control bills including H.R.127, which would require the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.

Many, FOAC included, consider H.R. 127 “The Gun Apocalypse” because the bill would require expensive psychological evaluations for multiple family members before being able to purchase a gun among other even more draconian restrictions.

“During the campaign, President Biden laid out an ambitious plan to make our community safer. And that’s why in part, yesterday, senior members of his team … hosted a virtual discussion with leaders of gun violence prevention groups to discuss our shared goals,” said Psaki. We believe Biden, and his administration, are serious about violating the 2nd Amendment and bypassing Congress to do it; do YOU?

Anti-Gunners Salivating Over Biden’s Election

A top official with the billionaire-backed Everytown for Gun Safety lobbying group admitted to The Hill that Joe Biden’s presidency is a “dream come true” for gun prohibitionists while it will be “the worst nightmare” for gun owners and organizations representing their interests.

Rob Wilcox, deputy director of policy and strategy at Everytown—the anti-gun-rights group set up by Michael Bloomberg—is quoted by The Hill stating, “Simply put, a Biden presidency is the gun lobby’s worst nightmare. But it’s a dream come true for anyone who cares about gun safety in America.”

The Hill article also said Nico Bocour, government affairs director for the Giffords gun control group “predicted that America will see some gun reform measures within Biden’s first 100 days in office.”

But the Hill story perpetuates the misconception that these groups are about “safety” and “reform,” when those two terms ‘really’ translate to “control” if not outright “prohibition.”

Shhhhh: Don't Tell Anyone But Election Lawsuits Are Continuing to Wind Their Way Through the Courts, Media All but Ignoring Outcomes!

Is the rhetoric over the outcome of election lawsuits really true? Well not to beat a dead horse, but the reality is there are dozens of election lawsuits continuing to wind their way through the courts. One of the most recent ones came out of Virginia and involves the “emergency rules” passed by Democrats that allowed great numbers of mail-in ballots to be counted during the last election. The only problem with this is that it violated Virginia law because they continued to count ballots that arrived after election day and without a postmark!

So now, the hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, media have all but ignored the outcome where a circuit judge ruled that these emergency rules on counting ballots after election day violated state statutes and determined that this practice will be banned in the future. See the link below for more information on this case:

You may want to have some fun with social media and your contacts should they be unwilling to comprehend the importance of this decision.

At this point, there are over 60 Additional Lawsuits Winding Their Way through the courts and that includes the Pennsylvania case that the United States Supreme Court seems to be doing everything in their power to duck this as if it is a scalding hot potato.

One final thing: A GREAT review of how the Democrat 2nd Impeachment Trial was destroyed in just one hour of the Trump Defense Team Presentation click on this link:

Mercenary Academics Lying and Manipulating Statistics to Alter the 2nd Amendment Debate

Many of the arguments justifying gun control are remote and distant from the average gunowner because they happen behind closed doors in legislative offices in various districts and in Harrisburg. There is an unholy relationship between billionaire funded anti-gun groups and billionaire funded anti-gun mercenary academics. These entities work hand in glove to promote neutered statistics as being authoritative while all at the same time failing to reveal their third-party connections to a biased agenda driven entity!

One of the most underhanded ways they do that is by justifying more gun control based on selective statistics milked out of government agency data. It makes it even more heinous when they do this on the deaths of children! Why is it more heinous you ask? Because let’s be clear, none of these groups care one whit about the deaths of these children but they use it as a lever to manipulate public policy!

Consider this little tidbit, a clinical research professor of radiation medicine, Dr. Bleyer, recently published a study that called into question firearms ownership as a whole but focused on safety steps that firearms owners take at home.

One of the underhanded things that a mercenary academic does is to use research from gun control groups who have themselves manipulated data to justify their positions. They do this intentionally because they know that many times a policymaker in the legislature (representative or senator) doesn’t have the time to scrutinize all the behind-the-scenes machinations of the data. So, Dr. Bleyer goes to the Michael Bloomberg group Everytown for gun safety and uses their research that they distorted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-WISQARS database.

Instead of publishing the exact figures reported by the CDC, the authors condensed and converted the numbers to justify their agenda: blaming firearms for unintentional deaths of children. Anyone would be aghast to hear that, “the rate of unintentional firearm deaths in children ages 1 – 4 increased exponentially at an average annual percent of 4.9 between 1999 and 2018.”

The CDC WISQARS reported 431 unintentional deaths of children aged 0 to 4, from 1999 to 2018, noting a “firearm” as the only cause or mechanism of injury. This is a shocking number for anyone, let alone responsible firearm owners who practice and preach safety daily BUT it is without context since those deaths are not married to the background of each incident.

Using the same criteria for the previous result but excluding firearms as a factor, NSSF found a total of 51,857 unintentional deaths for the same group of children and timeframe.

This means that firearms were involved in less than one percent – 0.83 percent – of unintentional deaths in children aged 0 to 4 years for the nearly 20-year timespan studied. Dr. Bleyer is not, by far, the ‘only’ academic to use sensationally manipulated statistics to attempt to muster support for more gun control. Studies like this are used to rationalize the false narrative that firearms are a public health crisis.

In this country and the world, we have a running battle over whether or not private citizens ought to be permitted to own guns, leaving aside the argument as to whether government has the Constitutional authority to make these decisions. Everyone admits that the argument turns out to be very complicated. One can find statistics to confirm many different positions and the definition of gun control can be almost anything an imaginative thinker can dream up.

There are ‘many’ flagrant cases of academic abuse of facts, ethics and professional responsibility. In this study, the general reader is left with doubts, suspecting academics bend the truth when it suits them and their peers are too easy on them when this happens.

From Our Friends in the Beaver County Sportsmen’s Conservation League:

There’s a lot of bad news about gun control coming out of the new administration in Washington D.C. as well as the anti-gun Democrat controlled House and Senate. But fortunately for us in Pennsylvania, antigun Democrats do not control our State House or Senate, yet. So we have some good bills to work with. Will they get past the Governor’s desk? Who knows how much momentum we might be able to build if enough of us work on it.

At times like this, when the anti-liberty forces seem so overwhelming, the question is, “What can we do?” One of those answers, “stay in touch with our lawmakers.” Let them know we’re watching what they support and how they vote. So here’s a chance to do just that.

There are four pieces of important legislation in the Pennsylvania House, listed below and on the attached chart. That chart has all of the PA State Reps in Beaver, Butler, Lawrence and Washington Counties, and whether they have cosponsored these bills. Their USPS mail & email addresses are listed, along with phone numbers for local and Harrisburg offices to make it easy to contact them.

If you see your Rep. has not cosponsored these bills, please contact his or her office. Ask for his or her support and tell them why you think they should.

To increase your effectiveness, send this to your family and friends and ask them to do the same, even if they live in a different area in one of these counties.

These Bills Are

Constitutional Carry (no bill # yet) (59 Cosponsors)- PA Rep. Aaron Bernstine. His district covers portions of Beaver, Butler, & Lawrence Counties. As long as you’re a lawful gun owner, acting in a lawful manner, you can carry concealed without a “License To Carry Firearms.” Let’s face it, only the law abiding folks bother to get a LTCF. See Cosponsorship memo for additional details.

Repeal & Replace PA Instant Check System, HB280 (21 Cosponsors)- PA Rep. Jason Ortitay. His district covers portions of Washington and Allegheny Counties. The PICS system is so bad, millions will have to be spent to bring it up to speed. A PICS check for a firearm purchase also includes a check with NICS by the PA State Police. So why the duplication? See Cosponsorship memo for additional details.

Preemption over local firearms and ammunition regulations (no bill # yet) (43 Cosponsors) - PA State Rep. Matthew Dowling. His district is in Somerset County. If you run afoul of an illegal local ordinance, you’ll be able to sue that local municipality to recover your legal fees and lost income. See Cosponsorship memo for additional details.

The following bill may not appear 2nd Amendment oriented, but it gets to the core of freedom, that is, the right to free and fair elections.

Abolish the No Excuse Mail In Vote, HB25 (23 Cosponsors) - PA State Rep. Mike Puskaric. His district covers portions of Washington & Allegheny Counties. With the mass confusion and mail-in ballot irregularities in the last election, along with the Governor’s will to overstep and chip away at the separation of powers, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court having no problem overstepping its boundaries, this situation needs correcting. See Cosponsorship memo for additional details.

Winston Churchill outlined the progressive stages freedom is lost by a population that refuses to get involved, in the following quote:

If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; 

If you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; 

You may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. 

There may be even a worse fate, you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

Winston Churchill 

Anti-gunners Targeting Pennsylvania State Preemption Statute

Anti-gun lawmakers are pushing legislation to undo Pennsylvania’s state firearms preemption statute (title 18, section 6120) in an effort to empower the urban centers in our state to pass laws that would cause gun owners to easily fall victim to legal rat traps by crossing an invisible line between two jurisdictions with gun laws that might conflict with one another.

As you know, FOAC has been at the forefront of protecting Pennsylvania’s firearm preemption statute and we currently have two actions in front of the court. One is involving Harrisburg and that case is awaiting a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the other is the major case necessitated by the anti-gun/criminal actions of the mayor of the city of Pittsburgh and city Council to pass major packages of gun control and that case is sitting in front of Commonwealth Court!

As you can imagine, these cases are enormously expensive and if you have the means, and are willing, we could certainly use your most generous donation to our legal defense fund! You can donate here: Click here!

The legislation that has been filed thus far and is outlined below:

PA House: HB 361

Memos of intent have been filed by the legislators below to introduce preemption law elimination:

PA Senate: Sen. Maria Collet Memo

Both legislators are Democrats currying favor with CeaseFire PA who could care less about who is victimized by local laws or how allowing this violates Dillon’s Rule, the PA Municipal Code ‘and’ the Equal Protections Clause of the Constitution.

Preemption statutes bring uniformity to state gun regulations, and perhaps that is why gun control zealots want to be rid of them. Confusing and contradictory gun laws amount to entrapment, in our view, and that’s why many such laws were passed in the first place in Pennsylvania and other states.

Long story short, anti-gunners despise preemption because it prevents them from adopting severe, restrictive local ordinances (just like Pittsburgh has done) when they can’t impose radical gun laws at the state level. Everytown for Gun Safety’s research arm contends at its website, “State firearm preemption laws override common sense by limiting cities wracked with gun violence to the identical laws that apply in rural areas where responsible gun ownership is more embedded in daily life.” Let that little tidbit of stupidity sink in for a moment!

Pennsylvania has become something of a petri dish for anti-gunners wanting to experiment with various gun control proposals. Now, it appears, the gun control lobby and its state legislative allies are broadening their offensive.

Guest Article: David Codrea

Continuing Gun Voter Betrayals, Rubio Adds Blacklists to Red Flags

U.S.A. – -( “Senator Marco Rubio introduces bill to suspend gun rights of anyone who has ever been ‘investigated’ for domestic terrorism,”  The Unz Review reported Sunday. “The Senate bill, named the Terror Intelligence Improvement Act, was reentered last week in hopes of exploiting the hysteria surrounding the January 6th Capitol protests. The law intends to violate the civil liberties of American citizens who are not charged or convicted of a crime if somebody is deemed politically dangerous.”


Yes, Rubio tried this before in 2016 as a “kinder, gentler” alternative to a bill being pushed by then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.  No doubt the rationale is if Republicans throw a scrap of flesh to the circling pack of Democrat jackals, it will satisfy them and keep them from pushing through something worse.

Like that works in nature.

You don’t give the gun-grabbers an inch because they will take it and then come back for more. They always have and you’d have to be an idiot not to see it. Their end goal has also been clear for anyone willing to admit the truth to the lie about “commonsense gun safety laws” and see them for what they are (and what their early “leaders’ have admitted to — incremental steps on the way to total disarmament).

And while Rubio’s bill makes noises about “due process,” those are just that. It would still remove guns from citizens not only not convicted of any crime, but not charged with any.  And who among us has the financial resources to take on the government’s virtually limitless reserves in the hopes that the judge won’t be a robed Democrat apparatchik, and/or that the Roberts Supreme Court would hear our appeal if he was?

Then again, “due process” and “Marco Rubio” don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, as Rubio’s flat-out lie of a promise that “A red flag law will reduce bloodshed and respect the rights of gun owners” shows anyone willing to look behind the weasel words.

So first “red flag laws” and now a “blacklist,” despite NRA assigning Rubio an “A+” rating and telling members he “has a proven record of support for our Second Amendment freedoms,” pointedly adding:

“Opposes Government Blacklists – Voted against denying persons on secret government lists their Second Amendment right to purchase or own a firearm without due process.”

What goes unsaid in all the “national security” flag-waving (ironically much of it being done by politicians who otherwise demonize nationalists as “extremists” and worse), is that if I were a terrorist, I’d want to be on the blacklist. That way, if I wanted to find out if I’d been made, I’d try to buy a gun, see if I was flagged, and plan my next evasion moves accordingly.

Suddenly the list isn’t so secret. I’m no surveillance pro, but isn’t it a cardinal rule not to let your subject know he’s being watched? The thought strikes: Maybe that’s not what this is really about?

OK, but what about all those other items on NRA’s list, all those things we’re told Rubio “opposes” and “supports”?

Most of them are meaningless happy talk: What does “Opposes Anti-Gun Supreme Court Justices” really mean when the whole system is set up to protect them – during their “job interview” – from telling us what the Founders intended when they declared “shall not be infringed”? And it’s easy to say you support permit “reciprocity” when you know the “Republican leadership” has no intentions of bringing a bill to the floor, and when your symbiotic relationship with NRA protects you from answering direct questions about “Constitutional” carry (really “permitless” carry, as gun bans and “gun-free zone” prohibitions, still apply).

That’s not saying Rubio hasn’t voted “right” much of the time and that an overt Democrat gun-grabber wouldn’t have voted “worse.” But the thing about that is, his (and other Republiquislings’) actions on another issue will ultimately undo and reverse every one of those “good” votes:

“Republican Senators Marco Rubio, John Cornyn, Susan Collins, and Thom Tillis will attend a Thursday “summit” meeting hosted by the “American Business Immigration Coalition,” a pro-amnesty group consisting of big business donors, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as well as the George Soros-funded United We Dream organization.”

We know where that will lead, particularly after Joe Biden fast-tracks millions of illegals on his superhighway to citizenship: All credible polls and all real-world experience in places like California and Virginia demonstrate that “amnesty” and a “pathway to citizenship” for MILLIONS of foreign nationals in this country illegally (and legally, with CURRENT culturally suicidal policies) will overwhelmingly favor Democrats and anti-gunners. This will result in supermajorities in state and federal legislatures that will then be able to pass all kinds of anti-gun edicts. It will also result in confirmations of judges to the Supreme and federal courts who will uphold those edicts and reverse gains made to date.

I know there are some who discourage such talk under the false assertion that we must focus exclusively on the “single issue.” Nonsense. Anything that threatens the right to keep and bear arms IS the single issue. These are the same people who tell us it’s OK for gun owners to consider other issues more important than guns and vote for Joe Biden. Again, nonsense. If appreciation of firearms and shooting was what mattered, we’d have no better friend than Lon Horiuchi. They’re (deliberately!) disregarding that it’s really not about guns at all. It’s about freedom, and nothing is more important than that.

So what do we do about politicians like Rubio?

If we don’t vote for him, we’ll get someone really, really bad, the common excuse goes, pretty confident that in the interim, we’re not going to be doing what we can to look for “primarying” alternatives. Based on the ratio of gun owners complaining about things to the number actually doing the hard and consistent work of organizing to change things, they probably have a point.

“Politics is the art of the possible,” a “gun rights leader” once told me, using silly platitudes to persuade me to tone down on the hardline rhetoric. “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

How anyone afraid to push the envelope with just words is able to determine what is possible is beyond me. And forgive me for not acknowledging that a flexible-principled political ingrate subverting our efforts from inside the gates is “good.”

“He votes our way 90 percent of the time,  the argument goes. Well then make the damn political rating reflect that. We’re smart enough to know the difference between a “C” and an “A,” and to present things otherwise smacks of cynical deception to maximize fundraising. And here I thought the object was to have an informed membership.

Just for argument’s sake, would you accept that level of “fidelity” from your wife or husband?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

Is Convention of the States (COS) the Answer to Out-Of-Control Government?

We have been open and aboveboard with all FOAC members, as well as every member of the legislature, as to our position in opposition to calls for a Convention of The States through an article V convention.

This is a measure we have done extensive research on and have testified before the legislature numerous times. If you are interested in this issue and want to see why we have taken a position opposing COS then please feel free to drop an email to and we will be happy to supply you with all the documentation you wish.

This update on COS is meant to let you know that our concerns are shared by many in other states and as an example this concept was just voted down by the entire Montana Senate. Should you want to hear the arguments raised in the Montana Senate debate you can listen HERE (starting @ 13:46:29 for about an hour) is the video of the Montana debate and vote on  SJ 2. Don’t miss Sen. Manzella’s passionate rebuttal beginning at 13:52:12, followed by Senators Brown and Friedel.
Please understand that these senators along with many other state legislators, including here in Pennsylvania, realized that the claims of this being an answer to the problems in our government is missing the very real dangers of outside manipulation and is considered by many, including us, as an enormous Pandora’s box of problems. More will be coming on this issue but until then listen to the debate in Montana and take a moment to consider their important points.

We don’t lack for tools in the Constitution to deal with our problems now, we just lack the knowledge and resolve amongst our fellow Americans of what they are and how to use them!

More Proof That the Media IS-IN-THE-TANK for Gun Control and The Biden Gun Control Agenda

The Las Vegas Sun interviewed Joe Biden on January 11, 2020 but only decided to publish the entire interview on January 31, 2021-ONE YEAR AFTER the interview.

WHY did they hide the interview? Could it have been that it would have angered their readers to know the ‘true’ nature of Biden’s forthcoming attack on the Constitutional rights of ALL citizens?

Among the interesting points in the interview was Biden explaining how he is going to be able to get major gun control legislation passed.

An overwhelming majority of NRA members thought we should do away with assault weapons.

There’s no rationale whatsoever to have more than 10 rounds in a magazine, and even that is too much in my view. . . .

we have the capacity now to build any weapon where it can only be fired with your biometric marker. And that technology doesn’t violate anyone’s Second Amendment right at all. If you pass the background check, you can purchase a weapon which only you can pull the trigger.

So I am absolutely convinced I can get (gun-safety legislation) passed. The way we did it last time is we included it in a larger bill that had really good things in it like the Violence Against Women Act, community policing, etc.

So the way you give cover to some of our Republican friends who are scared of the NRA — and this outfit owns the White House right now — is you put it in a larger bill. So they (Republicans) say, “Look, I had to vote for it.”

NOW, do you understand the political games that are coming and the justification of attacks on our rights??

Rate of Airline Passengers Caught with Firearms Doubles in 2020

According to a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) press release, the agency found firearms at double the rate the agents found in 2019. TSA officers discovered 3,257 passengers carrying guns on their person or in their carry-on bags. Of these discovered firearms, flyers had 83% of these guns loaded. The rate of passengers caught with firearms by TSA agents in 2020 was the highest in the agency’s 19-year history.

In 2019, the agency recovered 4,432 firearms from flyers, but agents screened 500 million fewer passengers in 2020. The stats broke down to 5 guns per million flyers in 2019 and 10 firearms per million travelers in 2020. The TSA did not include toys, replicas, improperly checked firearms or BB guns in its stats.

I’ll readily stipulate that, regardless of how some of us feel about TSA and mandated disarmament, that ANY gun owner who forgets that he is armed is being inexcusably negligent.

 Gun Registration Comes in Many Forms, ESPECIALLY IF You Use a Bank of America Credit Card

Tucker Carlson, of Fox News, recently reported on evidence that Bank of America is turning over the private transaction records of its customers to federal investigators it believes need to be probed for “extremism” or even domestic terrorism.

Bank of America, it turns out, is selling out their customers who bought guns or ammunition to federal authorities as people who should be investigated for potential ties to the criminal acts on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6.

Tucker reported that Bank of America identified 211 people and turned that information over to investigators without notifying those customers their private financial transaction data was being shared without their consent. Federal authorities interviewed at least one person, and that individual was cleared of any wrongdoing.

In Bank of America’s estimation, visiting a gun store and buying any product, much less a firearm that is protected by the Second Amendment, is suspicious enough to put their customers on a secret watch list without their knowledge.

The New York Post interviewed New York City’s former top cop who blasted the decision to hand over private financial data.

“That’s just not a good reason to hand over private information. If that’s the way they do business now, then the people of this country really have something to worry about,” said Bernard Kerik, a security consultant who headed the NYPD in 2000 and 2001.

In a story follow-up, Fox News’ Mark Steyn interviewed former federal prosecutor Francey Hakes, who noted Bank of America’s response was peculiarly-absent of any mention of “search warrants, court orders or subpoenas…” Hakes noted that the Fourth Amendment protects against searches that aren’t “particularized” or when a judge signs off an order to search the records of a specific individual based on evidence.

“Financial information is highly private in this country and is given heightened protection,” she added.

So, the question is, ‘how long has Bank of America been doing this’ and are any other financial institutions following this same practice?

Interesting Videos:

This mob attack happened in Lower Manhattan on Friday. A 26 y/o was attacked by a gang of people, had his cellphone stolen and was then STRIPPED NAKED with nothing left on the street.

Recent Op-Eds of Interest:

The Blow That Killed America 100 Years Ago

Overall Status of 2nd Amendment Legislation Filed to Date in PA and the US Congress:

2021-2022 Session PA State Bills (updated)

  • Pro-Gun Bills: 3
  • Anti-Gun Bills: 15
  • Unrated (Watching): 4
  • Legislative Memos: 88

2021-2022 Session Federal Bills (updated)

  • Pro-Gun Bills: 4
  • Anti-Gun Bills: 11
  • Unrated (Watching): 14

1st Point to Ponder: In the She Said WHAT Department!

Joe Biden’s deputy State Department spokeswoman Jalina Porter believes: “The largest threat to US national security are US cops. Not ISIS, not Russian hackers, not any one or anything else.” (9/20/2016)

Anti-Gunners on Guns: Gun Control Groups Push Hollywood for More Anti-gun Propaganda

Gun control advocates are once again pushing the entertainment industry to produce anti-gun propaganda with the explicit goal of advancing failed firearm legislation. The renewed overt effort will strike some as superfluous, given Hollywood’s lengthy track record of anti-gun agitprop and left-wing political monoculture.

In early January, entertainment industry magazine Variety published a lengthy interview with former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of the eponymous gun control organization Giffords. The piece outlined the group’s plans to influence Hollywood, noting,

One of Gabby Giffords’ priorities for 2021 is to forge relationships with writers, producers, celebrities, and decision-makers in Hollywood who can leverage their powerful platforms to speak out against gun violence, call for commonsense laws and support local community efforts to raise awareness about gun safety.

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Forgotten American Heroes: Three Forgotten Heroes

Who today remembers John Paulding, Isaac Van Wert, or David Williams? Yet for a century they were renowned as the rustic militiamen who captured Major John André

Before September 23, 1780, the three seemed unlikely stuff for heroes. But on that day Major John André came their way, and fame for the trio followed.

David Williams was the oldest at twenty-five. John Paulding, acknowledged as their leader, was twenty-two. Isaac Van Wert was the youngest— hardly twenty years of age. Only Paulding could read, for all three lacked formal education. When fighting began in the American Revolution, they were hardly more than boys living on farms in Westchester County, New York.

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How Freedom Dies: Father Kirby Describes the Horrors of Socialism


Closing Thoughts:

I get the sense that many gun owners have blinders on regarding the coming gun control storm.  I know the Democrat party is the party of gun control. Here in Pennsylvania it has NOT always been that way, but it certainly is now. I find many amongst our ranks don’t want to believe the seriousness of what is in front of us! Here’s a taste of that gun-grabber wish list in the National Democrat Party 2020 platform from page 47 and 48 as a reminder to those who you know, think Biden is “no more of a threat than Trump was”:

“Democrats will enact universal background checks, end online sales of guns and ammunition, close dangerous loopholes…..Page 47, 2020 Democrat Party Platform

“Democrats will ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines. We will incentivize states to enact licensing requirements for owning firearms and extreme risk protection order laws that allow courts to temporarily remove guns from the possession of those who are a danger to themselves or others.” Page 48, 2020 Democrat Party Platform

Not enough for your fellow gun owners? How about this from the Biden campaign website? Maybe this will help you convince them:

  • “It’s within our grasp to end our gun violence epidemic and respect the second amendment, which is limited.” (emphasis added)
  • “Hold gun manufacturers accountable.” (This means repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act which he says he “will prioritize repealing this action.”)
  • “Get Weapons of War off our streets.”
  • “Ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines.”
  • “Regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the existing national firearms act.”
  • “Buy-back the assault weapons and high capacity magazines already in our communities.”

John Lott’s article alludes to the coming storm:

Here’s how it is, not the way I want to see it, but here’s the way it is: Biden is the president whether you like it or not and along with that fact comes page 47 and 48 of that Democrat Platform and the “Biden Plan to End Gun Violence” as outlined on his campaign website and his own words (see above). I choose to take them at their word. They want our guns, we’ve known it for decades, they’re playing the long game, they have control of the federal government, they are more well-funded than ever before, the legacy, establishment media is in their hip-pocket and we have one hell of a fight on our hands. Like it or not.

There are MANY members of the gun “community” or gun “culture” who vote, and have voted, for gun-grabbing politicians. These gun owners are NOT and never will be “activists” and do not deserve to wear the label. They haven’t earned it. In my estimation, if you run your mouth about your gun rights being just as important to you as they are to me, for example, and then ‘do nothing’ and THEN pull the lever for the party that has bluntly and openly stated intentions of infringing/eliminating those rights, you’re nothing more than a Democrat that likes guns. YES, there are good Democrats in Pennsylvania who respect the 2nd Amendment BUT they are getting more and more rare where once Republicans were in the minority believe it or not!

When the Biden/Harris gun control agenda begins moving through the halls of congress or flowing from the ink pen of “Mr. Moderate” Joe Biden, or AG’s or cabinet members, or health officials, FOAC will be here to remind PA Gun Owners loud and clear who is responsible.

Stay Free!

Kim Stolfer, President

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