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PA Bill Number: HB829

Title: In preliminary provisions, further providing for definitions;

Description: An Act amending the act of April 12, 1951 (P.L.90, No.21), known as the Liquor Code, in preliminary provisions, further providing for definitions;

Last Action: Act No. 57 of 2024

Last Action Date: Jul 15, 2024

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FOAC's December 2020 Newsletter and Meeting Notice w-Linked Agenda :: 12/12/2020

The December End-of-the-Year FOAC Membership Meeting (Dec. 13th) and Banquet will be in-person ‘and’ online for all members and interested Second Amendment advocates. The stay-at-home order of Gov. Wolf (which is once again in effect), is Constitutionally improper, unsupported by science and an affront to legislative authority and an abuse of power. Click this link for more information on this issue! The banquet is being held at Al’s Café - - once again and this restaurant is an icon in Bethel Park (61 Years). We hope you can join us. (All appropriate 'safety' precautions will be taken!)

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At the end of 2020 it seems prudent to consider where we are as 2nd amendment supporters. Undoubtedly, this year will go down as one for the history books!

As things stand right now, at the state level, we are in a stronger position than we were prior to the election.  No pro-gun incumbent lost to an anti-gun challenger, despite the millions of dollars spent. Yet numerous anti-gun incumbents lost their races. This happened in the house and the senate here in Pennsylvania.

There were however numerous close calls in several PA House races and each of them centered around the influence of mail-in ballots. A couple of examples of these very closely fought races was in the 3rd PA House District, Greg Hayes call me where he came close to unseating the incumbent and in the 16th PA House District where Rico Elmore came very close to unseating the incumbent.

The same situation occurred in numerous Pennsylvania congressional races with probably the premier race being where Sean Parnell is most likely losing to Conor lamb. In that race, Sean Parnell devastated with in-person voting and the only redeeming factor for lamb was the mail-in voting impact. To say that the outcome in this race was a disappointment would be an understatement!

So where do we go from here?

The legislative agendas at the state and federal level are being prepared now. Pennsylvania anti-gun legislators have already filed memos on over 20 pieces of legislation that would severely restrict or impact firearms ownership.

The federal situation is even worse. With presumptive President-elect Biden now maneuvering to launch an all-out war on a cornerstone of the Bill of Rights, grassroots activists can raise the uncomfortable question about how fair, or even objective, the media will be as the new administration unleashes its effort to crush the Constitution’s “Fail Safe” provision.

Biden’s administration is being populated by individuals who have a history of antipathy and animosity towards second amendment issues and they read like a rogue's gallery of anti-gun misfits!

Joe Biden, a faithful gun-control proponent during his 47 years inside the Beltway, posted his plan to “end the gun violence epidemic” months ago online, erasing any doubts about his intentions once in the White House. His gun control agenda could have been written by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, and many believe it probably was.

Gun control proponents are already looking at the potential for more gun restrictions. In an Op-Ed published by the Baltimore Sun, Joseph V. Sakran and Igor Volsky wrote “the president-elect can and must take decisive action to respond to Americans’ call for safer communities.” Sakran is the director of emergency general surgery and a trauma surgeon at the notoriously anti-gun, Johns Hopkins Hospital. Volsky is the executive director of Guns Down America, a gun control group.

Media Manipulation of Polling on Citizen Interest in Gun Control

To the extent that any of us these days trust polling, a poll by of issues that citizens believe the Biden transition team should deal with placed gun control/ restrictions on gun ownership dead last. Despite the hyperbole of the media and the anti-gun groups it appears that the riots and destruction of our cities has left a compelling concern on the part of citizens to provide for their own self-defense. I'm sure this comes with a great deal of consternation to the anti-gun groups who continue to raise the Specter of death and destruction a private gun ownership!

The low ranking of gun control extends beyond what voters wanted to see in a Biden administration's first 100 days. When I asked about how important a priority should vary his policies be for Congress, voters Express that other policy areas such as dealing with covid-19, stimulus help, and dealing with immigration were very much at the Forefront of their concerns.

NEVER, EVER FORGET: The Progressive/Leftist/Corporate/Deep state hate the separation of powers in the Constitution.

Supreme Court Denial of Texas Lawsuit on Election Roiling the Nation

No matter where you stand on the election outcome for President it should be clear that there were systemic flaws in the manner with which the election was conducted in too many states.

The US Supreme Court decision establishes a precedent that says states can violate the U.S. Constitution and not be held accountable ‘nor’ will the grievances even be heard.

Former Congressman, Col. Allen West, who has headed the Texas GOP since July, issued a response.

“The Supreme Court, in tossing the Texas lawsuit that was joined by seventeen states and 106 US congressman, [has] decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violate its own election law -- resulting in damaging effects on other states that abide by the law, while the guilty state suffers no consequences,” West wrote, according to KTVT-TV of Dallas-Fort Worth.

“This decision establishes a precedent that says states can violate the U.S. Constitution and not be held accountable,” West continued. “This decision will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic.

“Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution,” he added.l

Texas state Rep. Kyle Biedermann is now calling for a referendum that would allow voters to decide if Texas should break off from the U.S.

“The federal government is out of control and does not represent the values of Texans. That is why I am committing to file legislation this session that will allow a referendum to give Texans a vote for the State of Texas to reassert its status as an independent nation,” Biedermann said in a statement.

Rush Limbaugh this week also stated that perhaps a fissure in the U.S. was inevitable, given the chronic disagreements between conservatives and liberals.

“I actually think — and I’ve referenced this, I’ve alluded to this a couple of times because I’ve seen others allude to this — I actually think that we’re trending toward secession,” Limbaugh said on his show Wednesday, according to

“It can’t go on this way," he continued. "There cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life, theories of government, theories of how we manage our affairs. We can’t be in this dire a conflict without something giving somewhere along the way.”

Where do ‘you’ think this is going and will we have fair and accountable elections moving forward?

Depending on the trustworthiness of polls, there are millions of Americans who believe this election was rife with fraud and stolen from the Trump and other candidates. Some have likened America to Venezuela in this election and it is hard to dispute that analogy.

Governor Wolf Proves his Anti-Gun Chops by Vetoing TWO Pro-Gun Bills

Demonstrating just how much he is ‘owned’ by CeaseFire PA, two weeks ago Wolf vetoed HB 1747 and HB 2440.

To Recap:

  • House Bill 1747, by Rep. Matthew Dowling, was intended to prevent state and local governments from suspending or limiting the sale, use, or transportation of firearms off one’s personal property during a declared emergency.  It also would have removed the open carry prohibitions that exist with exemptions.
  • House Bill 2440, by Rep. Bill Kortz, was intended to designate shooting ranges, sportsman clubs, hunting facilities, and business relating to the sale or production of firearms and ammunition as life-sustaining.

These bills passed both chambers of the Legislature with solid, bi-partisan support.

This unconscionable behavior on the part of Wolf demonstrates his continuing disdain for our Constitution and the very citizens he supposed to represent.

IS America a Racist Nation? Let’s Look at Interracial violence in America, by the Numbers

Heather Mac Donald has written ‘and’ testified about the pandemic of violence that has spread across America after the killing of George Floyd. Her excellent article includes this statistic:

Between 2012 and 2015, blacks committed 85.5 percent of all black-white interracial violent victimizations (excluding interracial homicide, which is also disproportionately black-on-white). That works out to 540,360 felonious assaults on whites. Whites committed 14.4 percent of all interracial violent victimization, or 91,470 felonious assaults on blacks.

Blacks commit around 70 percent of black-white interracial homicides. I take it that, as a statistical matter, the “expected” number is 50 percent for all forms of black-white interracial violent crime.

Is the vastly disproportionate number of violent crimes by blacks against whites explained by black racism? Not necessarily. It might be the product of the disproportionate propensity of blacks to commit violent crimes against anyone. But the explanation must be racism, criminality, or both.

In all events, these numbers render absurd the claim that racist America is waging war against “black bodies.” IF we want to be honest and truthful then when whites encounter blacks, it’s “white bodies” that are in greater jeopardy. (As a statistical matter, neither set of bodies is normally in danger.)

We almost never see the statistics on interracial violence presented above. It’s politically incorrect, and probably impolite, to bring them up.

I’m fine with that — until our cities are trashed and burned by mobs on the pretext that white racism makes blacks, as a group, unsafe in America.

The History of Our Freedom and Its’ Hero’s

Forgotten Revolutionary War Hero: John Glover

In American History, everyone knows George Washington and Ben Franklin. Most can tell you something about Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. But few know anything about John Glover and his Marbleheaders. And yet, their tireless efforts may very well have changed the course of the American Revolution.

The 10 Days That Changed The World, Washington's Crossing the Delaware, 1h

The 10 Days That Changed The World, Washington's Crossing the Delaware. The Battles of Trenton and Princeton. A remarkable situation of two battles that changed everything for the War against the British (King George III). Previously there were a few small wins for the continental army and "The Battle of New York" nearly ended everything. Without these two battles there would have not been a United States of America.

The Forgotten Soldiers of the Revolutionary War – The Hessians

USMC Sniper Legend Carlos Hathcock “His Own Words” - Complete 1993 Interview

During the Vietnam War, Marine Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock (“White Feather”) became the most accomplished sniper of the era, with 93 confirmed kills and 300 probable kills, and many more enemy wounded. He also holds the record for the longest shot documented: a kill from 2500 yards with a .50 Browning rifle. Meet the man whose profession made him a legend.

Overall Status of 2nd Amendment Legislation Filed to Date in PA and the US:

2019-2020 Session PA State Bills (updated)

  • Pro-Gun Bills: 56
  • Anti-Gun Bills: 90

2019-2020 Session Federal Bills (updated)

  • Pro-Gun Bills: 68
  • Anti-Gun Bills: 153

1st Point to Ponder: Gun Safety Advice from Gambino crime family underboss Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, who said:

“Safety locks? You will pull the trigger with a lock on, and I’ll pull the trigger. We’ll see who wins.”

2nd Point to Ponder: Dennis Henigan of the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence on Trigger Locks

“Dennis Henigan of the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence drops the ball in front of a roomful of reporters, while trying to prove the efficacy of Saf-T-Lok, a purportedly easy-to-use combination lock in the gun's grip. Henigan fumbles and fails to unlock the gun in a well-lit room with no intruder at the door… Finally disengaging the safety, he apologizes, ‘Most people aren't as klutzy as I am.'” -From “Lawyers, Guns and Money” by Matt Labash, The Weekly Standard, Feb. 1, 1999

Anti-Gunners on Guns:

The recent PG Op-Ed - - illustrates the coming storm against the 2nd Amendment.

IF you have enough stomach to read this then the lies, innuendo and hyperbole will jump right out at you. We’ve warned gun owners that this day was coming yet for a country with in excess of 100 million gun owners Donald Trump only got @75,000,000 total votes! So where were your friends and their friends at?

Final Point: The two writers of this story have biased backgrounds with Sakran being the director of emergency general surgery and a trauma surgeon at the notoriously anti-gun, Johns Hopkins Hospital. Volsky is the executive director of Guns Down America, a gun control group.

Media Corruption and Lies: Is Fox News Committing Media Suicide?

From the American Spectator article (12/8/2020): Like a million loyal former viewers, I disgustedly watched Fox install disgraced Democrat hack Donna Brazile as their new liberal commentator (to back up the insufferable Juan Williams). Watched them boost the China virus doomsday panic. Watched fake objective anchor Chris Wallace transform into a rabid Trump-sniping chipmunk. Watched normally staid anchor Melissa Francis block Newt Gingrich from linking George Soros to riot-supportive blue state AGs. Watched business anchor Neil Cavuto cut off a White House press conference because he disapproved of Kayleigh McEnany’s address. Watched them call Arizona for Biden on Election Night before anyone else did, with the final count still days away.

. . . . . . . . .

Read the tweet by Kathryn Murdoch, wife of Fox News co-owner James Murdoch (son of Rupert), on Biden’s apparent victory, stating, “We did it.” Then, like a million former Fox News viewers, I turned off the channel, probably for good, adding to its current ratings meltdown.

Read the whole article:

Interesting Book on Firearms and our Heritage: Rifles, Rangers & Revolution

This book provides another documented historical rebuttal for latter-day gun-grabbers who maintain that firearms technology of the day was static and that they could not imagine new developments beyond “just muskets.”

“The book explores how well the small arms the Rangers performed by shooting reproductions of the two rifles, Brown Bess smoothbore musket and Eliott Light Dragoon pistol,” John concludes. “How the cannon led to the steam engine and industrial revolution is explored and chapters on cannon manufacturing include illustrations by the Master Founder of Woolrich Arsenal (who revamped Britain’s entire cannon manufacturing process in the early 1770s).”

Read the Codrea Article on this Book:

For further information, contact Art In Arms Press, 9732 Pyramid Hwy #113, Sparks, NV 89441,

Law Enforcement on Guns and Self-Protection:

Academics on Guns: In the What in the HELL are they Thinking Comes This Story: the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is Considering Testimony from a Mouse Brain Expert from India that 18-20 Year old’s Brains are Underdeveloped to Own Guns!

FDLE's so-called expert, Dr. Pradeep G. Bhide, was a veterinarian in India, then studied brain science in Scotland before coming to the United States. Now, based on studies he did on “mouse brains,” Dr. Bhide is trying to act as an expert on young adults in Florida and claim young adults should not be allowed to purchase guns.

However, despite his claims, Bhide has not offered any hard evidence that young adults age 18 to 20 are more likely to commit criminal violence with a purchased firearm than other adults. Dr. Bhide's opinions on young brains are extrapolated from emerging research of others in the very specialized and controversial area of adolescent brain development where Dr. Bhide himself admits that he has conducted no research, authored no articles, and given no presentations himself on human adolescent and adult brains.

Even Dr. Bhide has admitted and confirmed that “you cannot pinpoint the age of brain maturity” in humans, yet he claims to be able to testify as an expert on 18-20-year-olds who would purchase of firearms. This would be laughable if it were not so ridiculous.

Read More Here!

Gun Control Group’s Lies to Remember: Josh Horowitz, Ex. Dir., Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (12/10/2020-E-Mail)

It was a cold January afternoon in Richmond, and I was walking past thousands of people carrying assault weapons. It was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and the streets were brimming with radical armed extremists in tactical gear. They clutched their guns with cold, angry hands and chanted, “Come and take it!” They brought their signs and flags to communicate their warped perspective, but their semi-automatic rifles served only one purpose: to threaten political opponents.

. . . . . .

My jaw tightened with anger. As I turned and surveyed the armed extremists that had assembled, I knew why they were there: to use guns to frighten and intimidate legislators and citizens from passing new gun laws. 

. . . . . .

Make no mistake -- these heavily armed individuals and groups existed before Donald Trump became president. But they have been emboldened and legitimized during his presidency, and they won’t magically disappear when Trump leaves office in January. We cannot allow this armed intimidation to continue. The majority of Americans reject the extremism we see on the news and in our communities. 

It’s time to put an end to open carry and safeguard our democracy. Enough is enough.

Politician’s Quote to Remember: HB 196 & Texas Democrat Terry Meza

Let me provide an example of the radical point of view held by many Democrat politicians.

In Texas, State Representative Terry Meza (D-Irving) has introduced HB196. According to Meza “It [House Bill 196] does not repeal the Castle Doctrine, and it does not restrict homeowners from using firearms in self-defense as applicable to current Texas stand your ground laws,” Meza said, in a statement distributed via Twitter. “What my bill would do if passed, would require a homeowner to exhaust the potential of safely retreating into their habitation before using deadly force in defense of themselves or their property.”

“I filed this bill because the castle doctrine as it currently exists emboldens people to take justice into their own hands,” Meza continued. “While theft is obviously wrong, we have laws to address that. I don’t believe that stealing someone’s lawn ornament should be an offense punishable by death.”

Founding Father’s Statement on Freedom:

"No compact among men . . . can be pronounced everlasting and inviolable, and if I may so express myself, that no wall of words, that no mound of parchment can be so formed as to stand against the sweeping torrent of boundless ambition on the one side, aided by the sapping current of corrupted morals on the other." George Washington, draft of first Inaugural Address, 1789

Closing Thoughts:

Abraham Lincoln once asked General (Winfield) Scott this question: "Why is it that you were once able to take Mexico City in three months with five thousand men, and we have been unable to take Richmond with one hundred thousand men?"

"I will tell you," said General Scott. "The men who took us into Mexico City are the same men who are keeping us out of Richmond." Confederate Veteran Magazine, September 1913, page 471.

This is an important lesson to remember for those in government to keep in mind should they continue the push to Socialism.

We wish you a great weekend and stay safe!

Yours in Freedom!

Kim Stolfer, President

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