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PA Bill Number: SB187

Title: Further providing for title and for definitions; and making editorial changes.

Description: Further providing for title and for definitions; and making editorial changes. ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Jun 13, 2024

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FOAC Response to Gov. Tom Wolf’s Veto of SB565 Constitutional Carry :: 12/05/2021



DATE: December 5, 2021

CONTACT: Klint Macro, 2nd Vice President

PHONE: (724) 212-7006

CELL: (818) 618-8326




FOAC Response to Gov. Tom Wolf’s Veto of SB565


Governor Tom Wolf consistently empowers criminals while actively restricting law-abiding Pennsylvanians. His dedication to this doctrine exposes either his true incapacity for logic and reason or the implementation of a grand plan to stifle individual rights and personal choice.


Governor Wolf proudly and defiantly vetoed SB565, “Constitutional Carry”, which recently passed through both houses of the Pennsylvania legislature.


In a statement regarding the veto, Governor Wolf stated, “this bill would make gun violence worse and would put law enforcement officers at greater risk of harm.” My question to him is “greater risk of harm from whom?” Law-abiding Pennsylvanians do not commit criminal acts, nor do they pose a threat to law enforcement. Law-abiding Pennsylvanians are just that; law-abiding.


Signing SB565 into law would only empower law-abiding Pennsylvanians to protect themselves from criminals, by carrying their tools of self-defense concealed, without needing to seek the approval of “The Government”.


Tom Wolf consistently shows that he believes his branch of the Government is the one that knows best. If his time in office has shown us anything, it is that in Tom Wolf’s world he believes only HE knows best how to manage your safety, your health, your money, your livelihood, and the education of your children; dismissing the legislature, the courts, the needs of parents and the wants of individuals. By restricting the law-abiding, Tom Wolf has by default, empowered the criminals who, by definition, do not follow the law.


In a press release on the Governor’s website it was said that, “From 2019 to 2020, the number of gun homicides in Pennsylvania increased by 48 percent.“ This statement is meant to mislead people into believing that the problem of violence stems from an increase of law-abiding citizens, purchasing record numbers of firearms. The fact remains, he does not acknowledge, while under his watch, his Attorney General, Democratic controlled local governments, and county district attorneys across the Commonwealth have failed to uphold the law. These “government officials” have a habit of releasing criminals into the public, “dealing” away weapons charges, restricting and defunding police, and failing to impose mandatory minimum sentences for violent offenders. Tom Wolf would rather hold law-abiding citizens to the standard of “the criminal” instead of holding “the criminal” to the standard of the law.


The Governor can celebrate all he wants. His veto was expected. The true victory of SB565 is Pennsylvanians now have a record of who is for and who is against an individual’s unrestricted right to self-defense. We now know which Democrat and Republican legislators voted against Constitutional Carry. We now know unequivocally which elected officials believe that it is better for “The Government” to have final say on who is allowed to protect themselves and their family.


Now, the only place these elected officials should fear law-abiding Pennsylvanians is at the polls on election day.


If an elected official is for the restriction of ANY individual’s right to defend themselves and those that they love, then that elect official does not deserve your vote!