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PA Bill Number: HB1751

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, providing for identification required for purchase of firearm ammunition.

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, providing for identification required for purchase of firearm ammunition. ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Jul 30, 2021

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FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday June 7th 2020 :: 06/07/2020

Beginning in early May we have had to make a choice as an organization to focus on the June 2nd Primary Elections and to that end we have engaged with literally tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians through emails in support of candidates who support the Second Amendment. That is, of course, our main focus but we have run headlong into a horrible problem that is only getting worse ever since the beginning of 2020, interference by big tech.  Big Tech has denied and deleted 'Tens-of-Thousands' of other e-mails because they didn't like the content and our efforts!

That's right, we were denied the ability to communicate with 'Tens-of-Thousands' of MORE 2A supporters in PA because of intentional interference in our efforts and we CAN'T even sue becaue Congress has protected them!!!

Here’s the problem they have created a wall of overlapping digital entities that essentially censor and automatically delete emails en masse thus 'laundering' their bias and prejudice just like 'organized crime'. This cabal of interference is led by Verizon, Yahoo, and AOL with Yahoo controlling all of the email oversight for those three entities. If we dare to send out too many emails, even though we are registered political action committee with the Pennsylvania State department and that email is politically oriented only, and we have established our legitimacy even with Facebook believe it or not, we are blocked from at least 30 to 40% of the contacts automatically by the cabal I mentioned above. But it gets worse than that because once they block your emails then they bias all the other email providers by identifying this organization as a spammer. There is no legitimacy to this it is all intentional and meant to interfere with our ability to communicate to voters on our issues and to help them make a decision as to the most appropriate candidate for office.

We are not even sure if you’re going to get this weekly newsletter which we have postponed in deference to trying to help candidates because of these problems. I'll give you an example of how this works; if I email from my address (domain is to my yahoo account email – - it gets blocked with the bounce back email explanation by Yahoo of user complaints. Yes, you read that right, Yahoo presented a lie that I complained about myself. What this really means is that Yahoo continues to maintain a bias against our domain ( and will block all emails to everyone because we dared to send out a lot of emails in support of certain candidates. Just imagine if the U.S. Postal Service did this to your regular mail, reading it all, and then determining whether or not they were even going to deliver it? See the link below for another example of these problems:

Now just imagine this happening to multiple groups all across America who advocate for Second Amendment civil rights! Social media controls pale in comparison to this problem with email and your access, everyone’s access, to information is constantly monitored and restricted and censored in ways that would make George Orwell marvel!

We sent this letter to Pennsylvania Congressman, Pres. Trump and the director of the FCC:

If you have Yahoo or Verizon or AOL, we would ask that you try to white list the domain of and You can do this for Yahoo by using the procedures outlined in this video: and it is pretty simple and straightforward.

June 8th Second Amendment Rally Cancellation

On Wednesday, June 3, I received an email identifying a direct threat to all participants of the Second Amendment Rally in Harrisburg that was scheduled for June 8.

I have been in contact with the capital police as well as other legislators and I understand that the Pennsylvania State police are going to be examining these issues.

The ‘new’ rally being pushed by Gunowners of America (on the same day and the same time) is not the official Second Amendment Rally, organized and coordinated between Representative Metcalf and FOAC, that was canceled because of direct lethal threats against participants. Again, these threats have been communicated to law enforcement at the state and local level and are under investigation.

These articles explain the gist of the issues:

Quite frankly, considering the context of the other rallies scheduled and the anticipated participants as well as the law enforcement advisories that are going out about Monday, it appears to me to be very poor judgment on the part of Gun Owners of America but I'm not the one to tell someone not to rally and express their beliefs. It would be unconscionable for FOAC to disregard the potential consequences of going forward with our rally and risk the lives of civilians! It's important that you be informed of all the potential hazards so you and anyone you communicate with can make a responsible decision.

If you, or any of your friends and fellow activists, should choose to go tomorrow, continue to keep in mind that there are other rallies scheduled for this day and that some of them have indications of being violent in addition to the anarchists that threatened to intermingle with our original rally participants and indiscriminately opened fire. Be safe!

Special Article by Klint Macro (FOAC 2nd VP)

The Reichstag Fire of 2020

Over the last few years, I have been taking on more responsibility with various pro-Liberty advocacy organizations. It is an honor to work with other Patriotic Americans who promote individual Liberty, the exercise of Rights, and the education and empowerment of “The People”.

In May of 2019, I sat down with Republican PA State Representative Todd Stephens. 3 other concerned Pennsylvanians joined us. We wanted to talk to Rep. Stephens about his thoughts on the Mayor of Pittsburgh violating State Preemption Laws (PA Title 18 Section 6120). He offered obligatory pleasantries, and opened with a “confrontational” blanket statement of “we were not going to change his mind”, and then proceeded to respond to our question about the Mayor’s actions. He said, very plainly, that it was “a local matter”. Ironically, Stephens, a Republican, seemed to echo the same talking points made by most of the Democrat Representatives that we talked to that day. “It is a local matter” seemed to be an “approved” stock response.

I asked him, “As a Lawmaker, doesn’t it bother you when the Legislature passes laws and local elected officials don’t follow those laws?” His response indicated that he was not bothered at all. This also seemed to echo the canned responses of most of the Democrat Lawmakers that we spoke to that day.

In the 1920’s, the PA Legislature gave emergency powers to the Executive Branch during a “state of emergency” and expanded those powers in the 1970’s (PA Title 35, Chapter 73, Sub Chapter A). This law gives the Governor virtually unchecked power during a state of emergency. The Governor declares when these states of emergency begin and when they end. This is a tremendous amount of power granted to the executive by the Legislature.

Under the COVID-19 State of Emergency Governor Wolf has taken unprecedented steps. He has greatly restricted or even suspended multiple rights of “The People” under the guise of “health” and “safety”. The Governor has closed the State Capitol to everyday citizens and cancelled all public events till July 5th. Many Pennsylvania have been told that they are non-essential and have been force to stay at home, while they watch their livelihood dwindle, and in some cases disappear. Pennsylvanians are encouraged to seek relief and go into debt. Pennsylvanians are threatened with “consequences” if they violate “recommendations” and are told they cannot go to church or peaceably assemble. Pennsylvanians are discouraged from voting at polling places and are encouraged to vote via mail, which history has shown us is very inaccurate and opens the voting process up to potential abuse.

All throughout these last few months, many in the Legislature have worked hard to pass legislation that would classify certain business, organizations, and Constitutional Rights as “Essential”, and ultimately put folks back to work. Many of these Lawmakers are fighting hard for the Rights, Livelihood, and pursuit of happiness of their constituents. Unfortunately, as Governor Wolf has vetoed these pieces of Legislation, the House has voted to overturn his vetoes and the votes have come up short.

I ask all of those elected officials in the Legislature who voted ‘NAY’ in overturning the Governors vetoes, doesn’t it bother you that the Governor does not follow the laws that the Legislature passes? Based upon their ‘NAY’ votes to overturn the Vetoes, I’d assume no… it doesn’t bother them.

So, I ask, why are these people there? If they don’t care that local elected officials obey the laws that they pass, and they don’t seem to care that the Executive sign the bills that they pass, then what purpose do they serve? Who’s purpose do they serve? Where is their integrity? Do they work to empower the citizens that they apparently represent? Do they try to offer them tools to make it out of the other side of this crisis with dignity and the ability to provide for their families? Or do they promote despair, fear and subjugation?

As long as these do-nothing Lawmakers continue voting against overturning Wolf’s vetoes by making the 2/3rd majority vote fall short, we are going to see an ineffective Legislature.

Wolf and this group of do-nothing politicians have in essence burned down the capitol and disbanded the legislature. The Legislative checks and balance have been neutered by Legislators who seem to not value their own worth as Lawmakers and as representatives of the hard-working citizens of Pennsylvania. How long will Governor Wolf hold absolute power under this state of emergency? Will it last past the November General Election? I am cynical enough that I expect that it will.

COVID19 requires respect and prudent precautions, but does it require the sacrifice of the economy, YOUR personal Rights and Liberties, and potentially the 2020 Election Cycle? Rham Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste”. Why can’t Pennsylvanians stand in line at the polls just like they do at Wal Mart? I think they can.

I recommend to ALL of my fellow citizens. No matter how much this Executive “recommends” that you vote by mail, take whatever precautions you feel are necessary to protect yourself from potential COVID19 exposure, and go out IN PUBLIC and cast your vote on November 2nd. But before you cast your vote, ask yourself this; who has advocated for YOUR personal Liberty? Who and what political party has limited, restricted, or eliminated your Rights during this crisis? Who has decided that you are non-essential and said that you can’t work to provide for your family? Remember this when you cast your vote.

Klint Macro is the 2nd VP of Firearms Owners Against Crime and the President of The Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League.

Mike Bloomberg Looks To Buy More Seats Through His Pet Anti-Gun Organizations

Gun control politicians just can’t seem to wean themselves off their addiction to Bloomberg money.

Everytown for Gun Safety, which is funded by antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, announced it will millions to flip federal and state-level election seats currently held by pro-Second Amendment policymakers across America. Brady Campaign’s Brady PAC announced it will sink funds into the effort, at a half a million dollars.

It’s Bloomberg’s continued effort to campaign to bring the New York-style gun control agenda he adores to every state. He did it in Virginia and he’s looking to repeat. If gun control isn’t passed, he’ll just buy the legislatures.

Bloomberg is only living up to his word. He admitted as much during a presidential town hall, that he bought congressional seats in 2018. The failed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has demonstrated his hypocrisy on Second Amendment rights and who deserves them. Voters demonstrably rejected him, but he’s not going away.

Bloomberg and his pet project gun control groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action pledged to spend millions to help ensure former Vice President Joe Biden leads the most antigun presidential ticket in history, hoping to flip state legislatures along the way.

Trying to Pull a 2019 Virginia

The gun control groups are trying to replicate the playbook from Virginia last year, where the off-year elections swung the Commonwealth’s legislature to Democrat majorities for the first time in two decades. Bloomberg dumped $2.5 million in that effort. The result was a wave of gun control policies signed by Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam. But positive signs showed for pro-Second Amendment voters for elections ahead as tens of thousands of lawful gun owners peacefully protested the legislature’s overreach at the capitol in Richmond. Courts ruled Gov. Northam overstepped his authority by closing some firearm businesses.

No one knows how 2020 will shake out with former Vice President Joe Biden likely leading the most antigun ticket in history. But Virginia’s 2019 elections did not see President Trump on the ballot and he’s been a staunch Second Amendment supporter and stood by firearm retailers and workers throughout the coronavirus pandemic. He will be a loud supportive voice ahead.

With the Recent Riots We Now Know What to Expect When Trump Wins in November

In the last week alone we have seen major US cities left burning after so-called “protesters” took advantage of the death of George Floyd at the hands of one rogue cop, to destroy, steal and burn private and public property.

Instead of peaceful protest calling for change, we had organized agitators, teenagers, and criminals take advantage of a heartbreakingly tragic situation to rob, loot, and destroy, then burn post offices, banks, retail stores, fast-food restaurants, and liquor stores.

Lost in all of this was any mention of George Floyd, but we heard plenty of incoherent foul mouth laced rants against President Donald Trump as Secret Service Agents were hit in the head with bricks as they pushed back crowds in front of the White House.

Very little of this had anything to do with the death of Mr. Floyd as the cop filmed killing George has already been arrested and charged with murder, as have the other three who stood there and watched and have been charged with accessory crimes in record time. And the FBI, DOJ, state and local authorities are all investigating the filmed death.

A Storm is Here

Each of the cities engulfed in flames last night are Democratically controlled strongholds with weak Mayors and Governors. They all have allowed this chaos and destruction to go on without enforcing the law or sending in the police or national guard to stop this madness, all in the name of letting “protesters” blow off steam. When in our lifetimes have, we ever seen an American police station abandoned and allowed to be looted and burned. I hope no one was locked in the cells!

Where is the national leadership of the Democratic party? Not a single one of them has come out in condemnation of the law-breaking looters? On the Republican side, we have only seen a few including Texas senator Ted Cruz call them out for what they are, criminals thugs!

We saw the deep states' attempt at a soft coup in the case of Michael Flynn against Donald Trump. It seems that the peaceful transition of power has disappeared from our nation, and we are seeing a trial run of their next attempt at a hard, violent coup to change America into the United Communist States of America forcibly.

We now see the future response we can expect from Democrats and their thug allies when they lose the election in November…again. This time it appears that rather than crying and screeching, they are intent on destroying and burning America.

The past week should be a wake-up call for anybody who believes in law and order and the decency towards their fellow Americans. We have heard this time and again that “this election is the most important one” well, it appears now we're at another election battle for the soul of our country, so be prepared to vote.

The Perils of Obedience & How We Can Defend Our Freedom

I had been saving the idea I put forth to you now for a rainy day.  I wanted to avoid alarming anyone as I challenged you to think properly through a subject fraught with controversy.  I personally see this very simply, but too few do.

As I pen notes such as these, I know I’m writing to an educated and steadfast crowd of patriots.  What I’m unable to quantify is just how deeply you all believe in your civil rights.  Scarce among you are those who don’t recognize “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety,” as goes one of Benjamin Franklin’s most famous quotes.  We continue to see various states, government sanctions, and high-powered proclamations telling us what we can and cannot do and that doesn’t pass the smell test for me.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety ~ Benjamin Franklin

Do you know where your rights come from?  As much as I’m itching to tell you, I’m going to resist.

This question you should know, but if you don’t, search long and hard for the answer.  I’ll offer you a hint.  I will share with you where rights DO NOT come from.  Rights don’t come from man.  Why?  Any right conveyed to you by man is one that man himself will most assuredly curtail or remove.  Think about it.  Anything granted by man can be removed by man.  Are you comfortable with the idea that your civil rights are offered up by a seemingly benevolent government when that government is comprised of men that can later negate them at will?  What about only negating them when people are growing sick?  Would that make you more comfortable?  …And just how sick would you need to be in order for a man – the man – to remove your rights?  Re-cue Ben Franklin’s quote from above.

I’ve studied the origin of rights and I’ve also thought through how those in positions of perceived authority offer you the notion that when they’re in charge your submission is not only encouraged, but correct.  During my research, I ran across a study from Yale in the 60s by a psychologist named Stanley Milgram.  Milgram was concerned that acts of genocide, like those he’d followed during the Nuremberg War Criminal trials, post-WWII, could be propagated over and over should a people adhere to obedience.  But it wasn’t simply obedience at the core of the concern.  It was obedience to authority that was problematic for Milgram.  Thus, he devised a procedure to offer a test to see how people randomly chosen would respond to the power of authority.

Authority will make you do things you never thought you would or could actually do.  Authority isn’t automatically bad.  We just have to be darned careful about Whose authority we’re submitting to and whose we are not.  Don’t hear what I’m not saying.  I am not for one moment suggesting you ignore best practices when dealing with a highly communicable disease.  I’m of the opinion that only a few of us actually benefit from a restriction, as the balance of us love our neighbors, friends, and family enough we can do what is best without the hand of government on our shoulders.  What I am placing before you is the necessary mandate to guard your liberty from attack.  In times such as these, we see opportunistic politicians and self-proclaimed experts exercising their authority too far and wide.  Be careful and think through what you’re being told to do.  Watch and compare how states outside your own handle things.

St. Augustine – “libido dominandi” – the lust to dominate – Writing during the collapse of the Roman Empire, St. Augustine offered vital insight into the core premise of freedom. A man was no longer a slave by nature or by law according to St. Augustine. No. His freedom was a function of his moral state. A man had as many masters as he had vices. This precept is the foundation for an intricate form of social control over man and continues to grow nearly unchecked today.

Augustine of Hippo – 13Nov 354 – 28Aug 430 AD

I encourage you all to love your neighbor as yourself.  I’ve read that before and many know where.  Don’t place them or yourself at risk.  But diligently observe the authority figures in our state and nation. Watch both their actions and their attitudes. Are they seemingly eager or reluctant to exercise power over their fellow citizens? Do they incline toward liberty and personal responsibility or do they default to strict regimentation, enforced by the government’s police powers?  Those are character traits of which you should be mindful, and they indicate the core of a person. We must choose our representatives and public servants wisely.

I began this communication to you all with a reference to saving this sentiment for a rainy day.  I was reminded of an op/ed offered by Andrew Napolitano titled “Coronavirus fear lets government assault our freedom in violation of Constitution“, what St. Augustine branded, “libido dominandi” – the lust to dominate – when the government chooses between liberty and force.

Anti-Gun US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse & Obama Appointed Judge McConnell Attack Conservative Values/Federalist Society

Obama appointed U.S. District Judge John McConnell is an unapologetic rabid liberal. McConnell sits on the Committee on Codes of Conduct of the U.S. Judicial Conference. The committee sets ethical guidelines for federal judges and recently proposed barring these judges from membership in the Federalist Society, a network of conservative and libertarian law students and lawyers. Keeping in mind that McConnell gave about $500,000 to Democratic political committees before becoming a judge – more than any other judge nominated by Presidents Obama or Trump.

While the Committee on Codes of Conduct wants to keep federal judges from joining the Federalist Society, which does not lobby or take positions on issues, it has no problem with their membership in the anti-2nd Amendment American Bar Association, which does.

So it was no surprise when anti-gun U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse led six other Democratic senators in penning a letter enthusiastically endorsing the draft advisory opinion seeking to keep judges from belonging to the Federalist Society.

Manipulating the Federal Judiciary is a ‘high’ agenda item for Democrats to forever alter American Society and the ‘interpretation’ of the Bill of Rights. Trump terrifies these socialist Democrats with his judicial appointments!

1st Point to Ponder: Lisa Sharon has been begging the state parole board to keep Bruce Haims locked up, alleging that the man who killed Pamela Sharon still poses a threat to the public. Despite her pleas, the parole board recently voted to allow Haims to be released from custody by the end of May, and as a result Lisa Sharon says she’s been forced to re-evaluate her views on self-defense.

“I’ve always been a gun-control advocate. But if the state of New York refuses to protect me and my family from a vicious murderer, we’re left with no choice but to protect ourselves. I am therefore applying for a gun license,’’ said Lisa Sharon, the older sister of slay victim Pamela Sharon, to The Post.

“It’s the Wild West all over again.’’

Law Enforcement on Gun Ownership: Police Chief Praises Armed Citizens THEN Forced to Resign

Lowell, Michigan Police Chief Steve Bukala was forced to resign after using the department's official Facebook page to praise four armed citizens who protected businesses from being looted.

“We at the Lowell Police Department support the legally armed citizen and the Second Amendment,” the chief said in the now-deleted Facebook post.

Founding Father’s Statement on Freedom: "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, No 1, 1776

Yours in Freedom!

Kim Stolfer, President

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