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PA Bill Number: HB237

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, providing for safe storage of a firearm when residing with a person not to possess a firearm.

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, providing for safe storage of a firearm when residing with a person not to possess a firearm. ...

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Last Action Date: Jan 23, 2021

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FOAC's Weekly Message For Sunday July 26th 2020 :: 07/26/2020

Politics are real and impactful no matter how much we want to turn our heads away. Politics sets priorities between competing public interests. The process is never perfect. It gets ugly when existing political interests work against your individual rights.

This is why Plato once famously said, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

Let’s take an easy example first. Suppose you want to gather people together and voice your opinions. The government says you need a permit for a public gathering. The rationale is that we don’t want several groups trying to use the same space at the same time. Now you learn that there is a permit process, a required interview, and an application fee. The bureaucrats say they are busy and schedule your interview for nine months from now due to Covid-19. Clearly, your right of free speech has been infringed.

Things like that happen more often, and in more ways, than we’d like to admit. The reasons are easy to understand. Politicians don’t want the protester’s complaints voiced in public. The news media might pick up the story and amplify the citizen’s concerns. Politicians don’t want to see a large group of passionate people expressing a clear and compelling message. The politician might have to change how public resources are spent because that will upset the existing interests that got the politician elected.

Scheduling a demonstration on public property was first called a public safety concern but it was quickly manipulated by politicians to serve their personal interests. When politicians restrict the right of free expression, many protesters simply bypass bureaucratic roadblocks and hold illegal assemblies.

That was an easy example of public policy. Now I’ll make the example more difficult, but no less hard to swallow.

We’ve all seen riots on the news. You’ve seen stores looted and homes invaded. You’ve seen pictures of violence on the street and read about innocent people being killed.

You are an honest citizen with a clean criminal record (or so you think). Like tens of millions of people before you, now you decide to get a firearm to protect yourself and your family. You also want to carry your firearm with you as you go to work and as you move about with your family in public. You’ve taken your firearms safety classes, and you and your spouse apply to your local sheriff to get your concealed carry permits. That is how things work in theory.

This is where my theoretical story crashes into hard reality. The deputy at the sheriff’s office says you can submit your concealed carry application and schedules your appointment months (??) from now.

That is a problem, and exactly what is happening in all 4 corners of Pennsylvania where honest citizens are being told to wait months for their concealed carry application to be processed. By law, the sheriff is required to process your application in 45 days. Sheriffs have violated the spirit of the law. That is neither what legislators intended nor what citizens were told would happen when Pennsylvania’s carry laws were enacted. To be fair, Pennsylvania sheriffs are at the mercy of judges who are shutting down courthouses as well as satellite offices.

How many times have we heard politicians tell us that making honest people get a permit would disarm criminals? That promise sounded irritatingly plausible at first, back in 1988. Then, we discovered that criminals get their weapons illegally (what has always been the case) and don’t obey our gun laws. We are now paying the price of a slow-acting, indifferent bureaucracy, without ever enjoying the reduction in crime that legislators promised.

In a perfect world, the PA Attorney General Shapiro would intervene to stop these delays and enforce the law. The AG would remind sheriffs that denying a civil right under color of law carries severe penalties. A wise AG would also suggest alternative sources of funding and manpower to process concealed carry applications. We don’t live in a perfect world and Pennsylvania’s Atty. Gen., Josh Shapiro, is a political puppet who is completely ignorant of the Constitution and statutory law. Further, Shapiro is a dedicated anti-gunner and heavily funded by anti-gun billionaires.

Remember that there are 18 states that have passed Constitutional Carry (a couple are limited) where citizens with a clean criminal record may carry a concealed firearm in public without a state permit. Those states don’t require an application to exercise the individual right of self-defense. As a side benefit, constitutional carry doesn’t require a government bureaucrat to risk infection with Covid-19 by dealing with the public.

The Pennsylvania legislature has talked about Constitutional Carry (HB 1412), but haven’t acted. It is time to act because Pennsylvania sheriffs are powerless, with the advent of social distancing and masks and our ‘power hungry Governor’, to eliminate the backlogs and are months behind in issuing Licenses To Carry Concealed Firearms.

In the real world, it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. We only get the rights for which we are willing to protest and fight.

There are interesting psychological forces at work when citizens apply for a carry permit. Many concealed carry applicants think that the current process is unfair, but wonder what he/she can/could do to change it. That individual never sees the thousands upon thousands of other applicants who try to apply each month. Without this surge in LTCF applicants PA has over 1.19 MILLION current LTCF holders now.

In contrast, a thousand angry citizens protesting at the sheriff’s office at one time are a significant political force that can change elections. Their protests can get their rights restored in a timely manner. (I’d also invite local mayors, state representatives, and state senators to the protest, but that is just me.)

The right to bear arms and the right to petition the government work best when they work together, but time is short. Criminals and rioters won’t wait for permits.

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Then or Now -- It’s Called Tyranny

by Richard B., JPFO Ambassador

As I look at these bone-chilling pictures, I wear three hats on the same head. My “past” hat reminds me I am an ex-Detroiter and Jew who watched his native city burn to ruin during the 1967 riots, and never recover. My “present” hat reminds me to keep both eyes wide open as I watch the “real news” each day. In utter disbelief, I am shocked to the point of numbness by so many horrors, lies, threats and evil manipulations by so many talking heads with identical deep-state or far-Left talking points matching the media, Hollywood, collegiate group think, etc. Seriously, I hardly recognize my own country.

My “future” hat is the one most perilously balanced. The uncertainty, the gravity of what is at stake, is a very heavy burden. Inexorably, it can’t help but take me back in time, to a horrific time that reflected humanity’s very worst abominations. The year was 1933, Nazi Germany, and Adolph Hitler was just beginning his 12-year reign of worldwide terror. Hitler’s National Socialist Party, which officially began in 1920, was off and running. Guns were all confiscated. Minister of the Interior Hermann Goring had all police departments defunded and eliminated. We all know what the Brown Shirts were then free to viciously do to who, why, and how.

The rioting, looting, fires, businesses and homes destroyed, people getting rounded up and beaten, shot on the spot... and even worse! People were literally petrified to do or say anything. If someone didn’t look and even think a certain way, their lives could be extinguished, in an instant!

When I look at these pictures, I must ask myself what is happening to us, today? All the blatant brainwashing, the fake virtue signaling, the uniform ignorance of so many “sheeple,” the arrogant “shut up and obey” or “submit and kneel, or else” threats crammed down our throats by the power and control mongers. You will be punished and hard. You will be singled out and humiliated. You will lose your job, lose your home, lose your savings, lose your freedom, even lose your life.

So, am I looking at the past? Or G-d forbid, our future? This is all happening by careful design. Fast and furious! Loss of Liberty, Rights, and Freedom. It’s called Tyranny! Don’t blink!

Twenty-Year Dedicated PFSC Volunteer Says Real Sportsmen Must Support 2A

“In a world filled with fake news, the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen and Conservationists hit the ball out of the park. PFSC announced the results of an "election" of new officers, but calling PFSC's phony scam an election puts the anti-democracy Chinese, North Koreans, Cubans, and Venezuelans to shame. PFSC held a sham election that would be the envy of any of the countries listed above. It was an event designed to give the appearance of legitimacy to the most un-American, anti-democratic voting process I have ever witnessed. 

Throughout my career as a professional and as a board volunteer with many non-profit organizations, I have seen plenty of jockeying and vying for control of boards of directors, but I have never seen anything as shameful as what happened at PFSC.

First, the "election" was held on the first weekend of the covid19 lockdown, and people who wanted to participate could not, out of fear for their own health or for the health of their families. This automatically excluded many people from otherwise participating, but the organizers went ahead anyhow, showing no commitment to opening the process to the members.

Second, the selection of candidates to vote for was run by a nominating committee that met in secret, whose members were not known, whose decisions had no minutes or transparency. It was run like the Adam Schiff impeachment hearings. The nominating committee arbitrarily picked some people to be voted on, and excluded other interested candidates, giving no choice in the matter. That is not an election, it is a selection.

Third, a grand total of 26 votes were cast for each position. For an organization that brags about representing 70,000 Pennsylvania sportsmen, this is a farce. No clubs voted, no individual members voted. Only a tiny handful of pre-selected people could even vote, and out of them only 26 voted. This is not representative democracy, this is a sham. Twenty-six total votes! For seventy thousand members! A sham!

Fourth, two of the people elected, Lowell Graybill (was treasurer, is now president) and Chuck Lombaerde (was vice president, is now treasurer), have already served as officers for many years. During their tenure as PFSC executives, PFSC has gone from 1,500 clubs to 150 clubs today. Graybill and Lombaerde have been right there PFSC's whole sad way down. Why would anyone reward them, and knowingly vote for two people already strongly and long associated with the organization's increasing failure?

In January 2019, both Graybill and Lombaerde voted to remove the Second Amendment from PFSC's mission statement. They failed because I raised hell, but what kind of proud sportsman would ever vote for someone like that to serve in a leadership role? Like hasn't anyone noticed that the Second Amendment is under attack? Additionally, for years Graybill has pushed the PFSC board to support radical leftist environmental policies, like banning all gas drilling in the Delaware River watershed. Graybill's views are contrary to those held by mainstream sportsmen.

The three new people serving as officers seem nice enough, but two have been associated with PFSC for maybe a year, and they were recruited by the PFSC executive director, Harold Daub. When an organization's executive packs his board of directors with chums and buddies, it is called feathering his nest. It leads to major organizational breakdowns because of a failure to provide proper board oversight and accountability. So even the new officers are contaminated, right off the bat.

A great deal of this scam election was organized by Brian Hill, the environmental officer at the Richard King Mellon Foundation. Brian Hill is a long time partisan Democrat Party activist, and his latest effort is focused on turning PFSC into a leftwing environmentalist  group. They want the camo without the guns. In 2018, the RK Mellon Foundation, via Brian Hill, paid a consultant who worked with Graybill to try to gut PFSC and turn it into something else unrecognizable to sportsmen. Some of us successfully fought off that effort, and I was subsequently told that Hill was warning PFSC members not to support me in any way, or RK Mellon Foundation would not provide any more funding. With "friends" like Brian Hill, does PFSC need enemies? Like it did before, RK Mellon Foundation's future "support" for PFSC will come with long, destructive strings, aided by some Republicans in Name Only liberals. 

As we have recently seen, leftists are taking over institutions across America - media, academia, the Boy Scouts, NASCAR, etc. Now they can add one more to their list, PFSC. If the new officers had integrity, they would resign and demand a fair and honest election be held, giving all PFSC members and clubs a vote, and giving all candidates for all board positions equal opportunity.

For 22 years I have volunteered with PFSC, served on its board, manned the booth at the Outdoor Show, mowed the HQ lawn, given speeches, attended meetings on behalf of the group, etc. As far as I am concerned PFSC has little meaning any more, and this shameful last "election" was just re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, as it sinks even further.”


By David Bowie

The Federal Constitution, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania establishes 3 separate branches of government, and puts in place a system of checks and balances that are designed to keep one branch from exercising undue power or influence over the other. Seems fairly

straightforward, right?

Well, think again! Here’s Why:

On June 9, 2020 the General Assembly adopted House Resolution 836, by an overwhelming bipartisan majority1 and directed that the Governor issue an executive order or proclamation terminating the disaster declarations, however the Governor refused to relinquish his emergency powers and asked the State Supreme Court to exercise it’s “King’s Bench Jurisdiction”, 2 In order to overrule the actions of the elected Representatives of the People of Pennsylvania.

1 Senate vote was 31-19 and the House vote was 121-81

2 King's Bench jurisdiction or King's Bench power is the extraordinary jurisdiction of an individual state's highest court over its inferior courts. In the United States, the states of Pennsylvania , Virginia , Florida , New Mexico , New York , Oklahoma and Wisconsin [1] use the term to describe the extraordinary jurisdiction of their highest court, called the Court of Appeals in New York or the Supreme Court in the other states, over the courts below it. King's Bench jurisdiction includes the power to vacate the judgments of inferior courts when acting in extraordinary circumstances, for example, where the importance of an issue to public well-being or the expediency with which action must be taken in the interest of justice requires superseding normal judicial or appellate procedures. Federal courts in the United States possess the power to issue similar extraordinary writs under the All Writs Act . The term originates from the English Court of King’s Bench.

In a 4-1-23 split decision the State Supreme Court concluded that the General Assembly, the elected Representatives of the People of Pennsylvania, counted for absolutely nothing and backed The Governor’s position that the Legislature could not “unilaterally” terminate the disaster declarations without the Governor’s oversight, however, the Governor by his own action could “unilaterally” shut down the entire State through his disaster declarations of March 6, 2020 and June 3, 2020 without the

oversight of the Legislature. Can we say double standard?

This dangerous notion of the “King’s Bench,” undermines the very fabric of constitutional government and will render State Legislatures ineffective and obsolete.

In the opinion of this writer, Governor Wolf, or any Governor for that matter, should not be permitted to weaponize the Judiciary in order to advance an ill-conceived and ultimately unconstitutional political agenda.

3 The 4 Justices in the Majority were elected to the Supreme Court as Democrats (JJ. Wecht, Baer,

Donohue and Todd.)

Anti-Gun Group Everytown: New Fishing Expedition for Fear / Political Outrage

What do you do when you know that millions of Americans are rediscovering the Second Amendment as well as the wall of gun control laws that supposedly didn’t exist and are separating them, in many cases, from exercising their freedoms? You implement your common “sky is falling procedures” and find a friendly reporter willing to help you try to cast a frightening shadow over that reality in the hopes of advancing your unconstitutional agenda.

That’s exactly what Everytown did.Politico reporter used FBI NICS data acquired by Everytown to claim “Blocked gun sales skyrocket amid coronavirus pandemic.” The claim in the article is that the number of people denied the ability to purchase a firearm through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has, well, skyrocketed.

That article looks like it was written directly by Everytown and is in line with Everytown’s standard operating procedure: use the numbers that present the most dramatic, starkest difference even if other comparisons are more appropriate. Everytown’s friendly Politico reporter uses raw numbers, which in the data Everytown acquired shows that there were 23,692 denials in March 2020 compared to 9,558 in March 2019. For context, March 2020 saw 639,263 more total federal NICS transactions than March 2019.

Not all denials are correct. The FBI’s 2019 NICS Operations Report shows that 27% of denial appeals were overturned. There were 103,592 total federal denials in 2019, and 19,278 appeals filed.

The polemics in the article continue:

And that is the likely cause of the thorn in Everytown’s side. Everytown’s President told Politico that “This FBI data confirms our fear that America’s background check system is completely overwhelmed, which means that more guns are slipping through the cracks and being sold to prohibited purchasers. Mitch McConnell can stop this by taking action to close the Charleston loophole, but he’s too scared of the gun lobby's waning political power to do anything, even as gun violence rises in the midst of a pandemic.”

The first line of that statement claims that the background check system is somehow allowing prohibited persons to obtain firearms. The Politico article focuses on the number of federal NICS denials, which would be the number of prohibited people who were not allowed to purchase a firearm.

That shows the exact opposite of what Everytown is claiming.

Of course, the Politico article also claims that people are prohibited for a narrow number of reasons but fails to mention the most common reasons people are denied – criminal records, substance abuse, indictments, and misdemeanor domestic violence convictions, among others. When your goal is to make it sound as easy as possible for prohibited people to obtain firearms, you won’t include those details. Instead, you’d promote lies about loopholes to try and inflame the public into believing changes would save lives and are mandatory.

Everytown’s proposed solution, closing the so-called “Charleston loophole,” would give the FBI nearly unfettered discretion to delay, prevent, block legitimate firearm purchases during this period of unprecedented demand. That legislation would eliminate the default proceed “safety valve” in federal law and would lead to perpetual delays for law-abiding gun owners attempting to purchase firearms.

Everytown’s newfound concern with NICS denials is also a bit surprising given that their endorsed candidate for president, former Vice-President Joe Biden, once said “we simply don't have the time” to prosecute NICS related violations.

The biggest lie by Everytown is, of course, there are constant lamentation of the “gun lobby” boogeyman. As almost every gun owner knows, Everytown is an organization that caters to the whims of a billionaire who wants nothing more than absolute control-Michael Bloomberg.

The “gun lobby” is the American people. The same Americans who stood, and are standing, in long lines to exercise their Second Amendment rights and purchase a firearm. These are the American people that Everytown seeks to demonize with their every breath.

Reporting the News ‘or’ Avoiding the News: More Media Manipulation of Reality

Major Networks cut press conference feed when White House press secretary plays footage of so-called 'peaceful' protests to shield their viewers from acknowledging a reality that would probably pop their liberal bubbles of disinformation! On Friday, as soon as Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany began playing clips of so-called peaceful protesters engaging in wanton violence and wishing death to police officers and their families the TV media feed cut away. 

Do liberals ever find it odd that their networks suddenly stop coverage of live press briefings? To be fair, Fox News also cut away while the video played. But unlike the other networks, Fox hasn't been denying the existence of widespread violence across the nation over the past several weeks. 

Perhaps the networks were worried about the violence being too graphic for their viewers, but that didn't seem to be a concern when the networks played the arrest of George Floyd on an endless loop OR their daily display of government sponsored gore in our most violent anti-gun urban centers. 

At any rate, here's the video played at the press briefing - - showing just some of the violence committed by rioters in Portland, in case you missed it.

Are you a True Civil Rights Leader IF You Work to Violate the 2nd Amendment? Congressman John Lewis’ Career of Picking and Choosing Which Rights to Protect!

One thing is perfectly clear, John Lewis (former U.S. Congressman for the state of Georgia) has been a steadfast activist against our Second Amendment rights until he passed away Friday night July 17th, 2020 from Pancreatic cancer.

While the mainstream media lionizes him and gushes over his loss, burying us in 24/7 praise and accolades for this Democratic gun banner's life’s work. Let us take a moment to review John Lewis's life long record of promoting gun control and the destruction of your right to keep and bear arms.

  • In 1988 he voted to pass a bill requiring anyone who purchases a gun at a gun show to go through background checks and he voted no on decreasing waiting periods.
  • In 2003 he voted no against a law protecting gun manufacturers and retailers from lawsuits resulting from private citizens' misuse of their products.
  • In 2005 John Lewis voted against prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers.
  • In 2017, after the horrific Las Vegas shooting massacre, John Lewis piled on board with a dramatic plea wanting to know how many bodies it would be needed for Congress to take action on more extreme gun control, as a hundred or so people from Mom's Demanding more Action and Every Town for a Gun Control clapped madly.

For good reason, John Lewis was rated F by the NRA and GOA and consistently and proudly bragged about it as recently as a 2018 march for our lives rally in Atlanta.

“Speaking at the “March for Our Lives” rally in Atlanta, Lewis boasted that he and many other Democratic lawmakers bore failing grades from the powerful gun rights lobbying group.

“You know the NRA gave me an ‘F,' and I'm proud, I'm proud to wear that ‘F,’” he said. “So on the Democratic side of the House of Representatives, many members of Congress are wearing an ‘F.' ” ~ reported the

And most famously John Louis was lead among the Democrats who led a sit-in, like spoiled children, on the floor of the house in response to the pulse nice nightclub shooting in Orlando demanding, once again, that Congress repeal America's right to keep them bear arms.

The MAIN job of a Congressman is to ‘protect and defend’ the Constitution. John Lewis failed in that job, as well as his constituents, no matter his other pursuits.

Academia’s Leftist Researchers Coming Unglued Over American’s New Found Passion in Exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights!

The gun control activist machine is getting desperate. Researchers at UC Davis allege in a new paper that “excess” firearm purchases over the last few months may have led a significant increase in “gun violence.”

The authors – with at least a baker’s dozen advanced degrees and millions of dollars of funding from California taxpayers – claim that an excess number of firearms were purchased this spring. They’re referring, of course, to the then-record number of Americans who legally purchased firearms to protect themselves and their loved ones.

A natural right, affirmed by the Constitution, cannot be exercised in “excess.” The authors don’t claim a small “excess,” either – they say 2.1 million excess firearms were sold from March through April.

The paper has not been peer-reviewed or published in a journal. It is not designed to identify causation. It cannot identify causation. It does not identify causation. It’s important to stress all three realities there, as anti-gun activists are already presenting this unreviewed fantasy as fact.

The data used in this study is from the Gun Violence Archive, a shadowy web scraping operation that only shares its data with certain parties. Other researchers have, in the past, identified problems with their coding and those same issues may be at work in this study. Other researchers have, even identified cases in which the Gun Violence Archive has included non-firearm-related injuries in their tally of injuries.

It is nearly impossible to verify the data used because the Gun Violence Archive will not grant public access to their full data, but it readily authorizes its use by anti-gun pseudo-scientists. When using the same query the UC Davis team used to measure the association between legal “excess” gun purchases and gun violence and examining the results it was found that the incidents with these characteristics:

Gang-involved. Drive-by shootings. Targeting rival gang members. Drug deals. Felon in possession of a firearm. Stolen firearm. Motorcycle club fights. Airsoft and pellet guns. Rubber bullets fired by police officers (with no firearms involved).

Do any of those seem like the perpetrators waited in line, filled out state and federal paperwork, presented positive identification, and paid any necessary taxes to acquire their firearms?

Of course not.

We know where criminals get their guns because they’ve told researchers. Repeatedly.

The UC Davis researchers used historical background check data to predict sales in an unprecedented time. Their historical data also does not include Joe Biden, who has promised to give Beto O’Rourke the authority he craves to take your guns. Their historical data cannot account for the money anti-gun activists will spend to saturate the airwaves and try to buy their candidates’ way into office this fall. Oh, and it also does not include a pandemic.

Because this year is unprecedented.

So, no; there has been no “excess.” There can be no “excess” of Americans lawfully exercising their Constitutional rights.

Interesting Videos:

Overall Status of 2nd Amendment Legislation Filed to Date:

2019-2020 Session PA State Bills

  • Pro-Gun Bills: 56
  • Anti-Gun Bills: 84

2019-2020 Session Federal Bills (updated)

  • Pro-Gun Bills: 64
  • Anti-Gun Bills: 146

NEVER Forget: the story of Samuel Whittemore who at the age of 80, in 1775, picked up every one of his weapons and confronted 1400 British redcoats:

The patriot shot down three Redcoats with his firearms at point blank range, but not having time to reload he drew his sword and started slashing at the oncoming bayonets instead. One soldier shot Whittemore in the face, finally bringing the old man down... and yet he still tried to get back up.

So, the next time someone complains to you about not having the wherewithal to get involved mention old Sam who not only survived being bayoneted and shot in the head but lived for another 18 years.

1st Point to Ponder: According to the DOJ, police make about 10 million arrests each year. As a rough average, 7 million of the arrested suspects are white and 3 million are black. Out of that number, last year, 25 unarmed white people were killed by police, compared to 14 unarmed black people, according to the Washington Post database of police shootings. That means about .0004 percent of all blacks arrested were killed while unarmed. The percentage for whites is comparable. In total, 1,000 people were shot and killed by police in 2019, the vast majority of whom were armed.


2nd Point to Ponder: Parkland’s Hogg and NYC Mayor De Blasio link young voter registration to gun safety. Former Parkland high school student David Hogg is teaming up with mayors to promote voter registration in advance of the midterms, linking getting younger people to vote to moving forward on gun safety.

The student-founded organization March For Our Lives is teaming up with mayors from both parties for the new initiative, Mayors For Our Lives. Hogg said the initiative is crucial to advancing the cause of gun safety, the issue that originally sparked the creation of March For Our Lives.

Gun Control Group’s Lies to Remember:

Moms Demand Action has joined the anti-police witch-hunt. Moms Demand Action founder, Shannon Watts in Fortune Magazine:

Police violence is gun violence and that’s why our movement must be responsive as well. We’re partnering with leaders and organizations who are experts against policing. We’re committed to working with them to address white supremacy and racism at its roots. We are seeing an appetite among lawmakers to push through anti-police brutality legislation.

[Ed. Note: We do not expect Moms Demand Action to gain followers with this anti-police rhetoric. But they have sent a message. They are against both self-defense and the police. That is called mob rule.]

Politician’s Quote to Remember:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio apologized Thursday for quoting the late Communist revolutionary Ernesto 'Che' Guevara during a rally with striking Miami airport workers.

'We're going to stand up and fight for every one of you, because in Miami-Dade we need to do something that we have to do all over this country: We have to put working people first,' the outspoken leftist presidential candidate boomed.

And then the finale: 'Hasta la victoria siempre!' he shouted in Spanish, a line that translates to 'Until victory, always!' It's most closely associated with Guevara, an ally and adviser to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro who oversaw the summary executions of hundreds of his political enemies.

Founding Father’s Statement on Freedom:

If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the national rulers, may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success than against those of the rulers of an individual state.  Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 28, 1787

Closing Thoughts:

No greater threat to our fundamental rights and liberties exist today than the power of propaganda to provoke public antipathy toward those sacred rights and liberties through which the individual retains his personal autonomy, power over selfhood; and power over Government: specifically through the God-given right of free expression, as codified in and guaranteed under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and the God-given right of the people to keep and bear arms, as codified in, and guaranteed under the Second Amendment. But today, the right of free expression and the right of the people to keep and bear arms is under constant, concerted, and vigorous assault. How and why has this turnabout happened? The question of why this turnabout occurred is readily apparent.

There are powerful, sinister, secretive, ruthless, well-organized, and deep-pocketed forces at work today both inside our Nation and outside it that renounce the continued existence of nation-states. As they have accomplished in Europe, they intend to accomplish here.

These forces intend to hollow out our Nation; to confiscate the mineral resources of and harness the talent, and power of our Nation’s extensive military, intelligence, and federal police apparatuses for their own benefit and inscrutable purposes; tacking our Nation onto the others, and eventually merging the entirety of western civilization into a single, unified, global system of governance, a new world order, which the late Senator McCain referred to as a good thing. McCain had also expressed his concern that Trump and Russia would “change” that world order.

The framers of our Constitution had no reason to suspect that a few private companies holding monopolistic power over the flow of information would one day, more than two hundred years after ratification of the Constitution, begin to consolidate their power over the flow of that information and would wield essentially unlimited power over it.

Yours in Freedom!

Kim Stolfer, President

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