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Title: Declaring gun violence a social epidemic that requires immediate action and condemning the National Rifle Association's increasingly extreme and ...

Description: Declaring gun violence a social epidemic that requires immediate action and condemning the National Rifle Association's increasingly extreme and ...

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Last Action Date: Nov 2, 2019

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Don't like the NRA? Do something! :: 07/10/2019

     We don't have to look very far to hear things like, I hate the NRA.  Seems like every left leaning politician running for president has said this more than a few times.  They blame the NRA for the hundreds of thousands of mass shootings that happen every single day killing millions.  OK, I may have exaggerated that a little bit.  When we ask the simple question, how many NRA members have been involved in a mass shooting, they never answer this.  They just move on with, well, the NRA is only interested in selling guns.  OK, can you show me where the NRA sells guns?

The NRA doesn't even represent firearms manufactures, that's the NSSF  , totally different organization.  Once again, they move on to the next talking point.  The NRA buys politicians.  I'm sorry, once again you're incorrect.  The NRA itself isn't involved in politics, that would effect their non profit status.  You're thinking of the NRA-ILA,  While the share the same first three letters, they do not share funds.  No money flow between the two.  This usually results in many names and a quick block.

     But what about gun owners?  Clearly the NRA represents all gun owners, right?  Finding how many members are in the NRA isn't an easy task.  I hear 5-6 million, a quick search shows that to be about right.  Finding out how many gun owners there are in the US, that's a bit harder.  A bit of searching comes up with an estimate of about 29%.  That estimate is based on how many actually admitted to being a gun owner, so we all know it's higher.  This comes to about 95 million.  So lets up that just a bit to an even 100 million.  So the NRA represents around 6% of all gun owners.  A lofty claim from the NRA to say the least.

     Why does the NRA have such a low percentage of gun owners?  That's a good question, perhaps they don't really represent our interests.  Because of this, many NRA members are letting their membership run out and going to other gun rights groups, like the GOA , a great organization.  But, leaving the NRA might be the wrong decision.  I'm not saying don't join other groups.  In fact, I suggest getting involved in as many as you can.

     The problem isn't the NRA itself, its core values are firearms safety, like the Eddie eagle program, which we're involved with.  Range safety standards.  Range safety officers, training standards for instructors.  Safety awareness.  And finally, protection of our basic human rights to keep and bear arms which is pointed out in the Bill or Rights, not Bill of Needs, and protected by constitutional law in the 2nd amendment.

     Somewhere along the way, the NRA has lost its way.  They're more interested in compromise.  Compromise is no way to protect our rights.  Compromise isn't about giving up a little bit on our side while the other side doesn't.  That's caving, that's allowing our rights to be chipped away, a little bit at a time.  That's being a frog in a pot of water that's heating up.  Every time a member leaves, every time a gun owner says, I'm not joining the NRA because I don't like what they're doing.  That's weakening the organization.  Bar non, the NRA is the largest, the oldest, the most influential gun rights group on the planet.  But, always a but isn't there?  The leadership has last its way.  It's time we take back our group, yes, the NRA is its members, not its leadership.  It's time we vote for people who are willing to return the NRA to its members, to represent us, our wishes.  For me that's getting back to the core of the organization. 

     Dump the corrupt leadership.  Join the NRA  and make your voice heard, renew you membership and make your voice heard.  Get involved.  We can turn this ship around much faster than you may think.  Imagine what it would be like if 10 million new members joined, and all those members voted for what they want the organization to represent.  Even with that many new members, that's still only about 15% or so of all gun owners.  Shouldn't all gun owners use their voice?  Join the NRA, but don't stop there, join the GOA, join local groups, get involved.  Gun owners have believed for far too long, be quite, don't make waves, be silent and we will be fine.  However, that mind set got us here.  With rights lost.  We should have been fighting when they first tried to take them.  Now we just have to fight harder.  We work hard at the local and state level to protect our rights, you can donate here.  The longer we wait, the harder the fight will be.  So get involved now.  Join us on social media with the links in the Bio.  

     I'm a long time gun owner and 2A activist, I'm also working on my associates degree in the science of firearms technology and gun smithing.  I have a background in law enforcement and security as well as some 35 years as a martial arts instructor.

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 I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this. Your donations are what keep us going, so please, help out.