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PA Bill Number: HB1725

Title: In inchoate crimes, prohibiting the possession of firearm at polling place.

Description: In inchoate crimes, prohibiting the possession of firearm at polling place. ...

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Last Action Date: Jul 17, 2019

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Making Law-Abiding Americans Felons. One Pen Stroke At A Time

Date: 12/3/2018

President Trump has declared that he will bypass congress and ban production, sale, and possession of so called “bump stocks.”

In spite of the fact that ATF has always concluded that these devices are lawful and do not qualify as “machine guns” Trump intends, with the stroke of a pen, to render all who own them felons, if they don’t turn them into the police.

However you feel about these devices, it is truly chilling that a President can turn unknown numbers of good Americans into criminals for owning a device they purchased legally and Congress is silent on the bypassing of Federal Law.  If a piece of plastic that does nothing but simplify what you can achieve with no modifications to a firearm can be banned and confiscated, what prevents this, or any future president, from banning the firearms they are attached to?

“Bump” firing is a technique that can be done without a “bump stock" on ANY semi-automatic firearm. Is a plan to ban your fingers next?

See the a few of the examples below:

Trump promised to protect the Second Amendment. With this action we slide further down the slope.  This is an attack on an entire class of firearms (Semi-Automatic) because no matter the looks they ALL function the same.  Further, we do not even know for sure which weapons were used in the single criminal incident that they were, purportedly, used in!

Had Trump traded bump stocks for National Reciprocity and/or deregulation of suppressors, we would have still disagreed, but the master “deal maker” could  say we got "something." But we got nothing even though the Republicans controlled the Congress and the White House.

Remember, at the heart of ALL gun control is government saying to ALL law-abiding citizens that 'we can't trust YOU to exercise your rights responsibly' so we are taking this away from you!

Please send a message to your Congressman that this attack on a legal firearms accessory is nothing more than state sponsored theft and a dangerous and unconstitutional step towards tyranny.