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PA Bill Number: HR216

Title: Establishing, authorizing and empowering the Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order to investigate, review and make findings and recommendations ...

Description: Establishing, authorizing and empowering the Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order to investigate, review and make findings and recommendati ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Jun 27, 2022

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Gun Control Coming to Pennsylvania Through House Judiciary Committee Meeting - June 19

Date: 06/17/2018

We live in a troubling and challenging time for our constitutional Freedoms! Never in the history of our nation and state has our Constitution and rights been under such an assault! Frankly, it is shocking to hear politicians openly disrespecting the Constitution as well as our fellow citizens. Ignorance, apathy, arrogant and insidious innuendo all seem to be part and parcel of today’s willingness to shed our Freedoms in favor of totalitarian and invasive concepts!

The recent exchange between two Republicans, Pennsylvania State Representative Rick Saccone and Representative Warren Kampf, illustrates the disregard far too many in office hold for the Constitution! During this exchange Representative Kampf chided Representative Saccone for bringing up the Pennsylvania Constitution by saying (I’m paraphrasing) get off that Constitution crap!

Into this backdrop of constitutional friction, we find ourselves thrust into the greatest gun-control Porsche we have faced in Pennsylvania in the last 15 years! After seven (7) lengthy Judiciary Committee hearings on the issue of gun control (the first six of which were focused on more regulation and restrictions) the committee is focused on advancing nine different gun - related bills on June 19, 2018!

In the first six hearings in the Judiciary Committee the anti-gun groups, wearing their trademark red shirts, prorated their socialist ideals for all to see and yet gunowners sat on their hands choosing to ignore the very real threat that they posed! There are 14 gun clubs within a 30-minute drive of the Pennsylvania State capital with a rough estimate of over 85,000 gun owners and yet no participation from them at these hearings.

You may be wondering why this information is just coming out now but the fact is that the agenda for the Pennsylvania house judiciary committee did not get released until late Friday as we have been working hard for the past week at trying to discern whether these bills would even run since the committee put off this legislation on June 12. If nothing else leaders in Harrisburg have learned that given enough time the average Pennsylvania citizen will reject gun control overwhelmingly so they run these things at the last minute hoping that you don’t care or don’t have the time to get involved.

The list of legislation is below that will be considered this coming Tuesday:

  • HB 2463 – Nelson – Makes 3 critically important changes to PA law and firearms ownership for individuals who have been involuntarily committed.
  1. Removes the prohibition for firearms ownership for individuals committed through the 302-examination process.
  2. Provides a pathway to reinstate the Right to Bear Arms
  3. Requires that the PSP Update NICS within 72 hours of any change to a RKBA disqualification.

FOAC Position: Support – dependent on language of 2 filed amendments A07403 and A07614

  • HB 2275 – Grove/Briggs – Adds prohibiting category of attempt/solicitation to commit crimes in 6105 or ‘any’ crime with punishment greater than 2 years

FOAC Position: Neutral

  • HB 2267 – Cruz – Shortens Mental Health Notifications to PSP from 7 days to 3 days-Title 18-UFA

FOAC Position: Neutral

  • HB 2266 – Cruz – Shortens Mental Health Notifications to PSP from 7 days to 3 days-MHPA

FOAC Position: Neutral

  • HB 2227 – Stephens – ERPO -Extreme Risk Protection Orders

FOAC Position: Opposed to original bill but could shift to ‘neutral’ depending on language of any amendments.

  • HB 2060 – Quinn – 3rd Party Elimination – PFA’s – Original Version has Due process and surrender problems.  Similar to 1st version of SB 501 prior to amendments – ‘Must’ be amended!

FOAC Position: Oppose ‘unless’ amended with language from SB 501 then FOAC is ‘Neutral’

  • HB 1872 – Dean / Costa – this legislation bans ‘any’ this bill would ban the possession ‘and’ sale of “Multiburst Trigger Activators”, and even their part or parts, that accelerate the rate of fire of any firearm. Notice that this grandfathers in previously possessed “Multiburst Trigger Activators” but would prohibit their transfer to any Pennsylvanian in the future ‘and’ that includes firearms so equipped ‘or’ replacement for wear and tear. Draconian Legislation!

FOAC Position: Opposed

  • HB 1400 – Santora – This bill requires a background check for ‘all’ firearms sales or transfers in Pennsylvania. This would end the private transfer of all rifles and shotguns. HB1400 is deceptive in providing a supposed benefit of allowing a second purchase of a firearm (at a gun show) if previously approved within 72 hours.

“Universal background checks…. Effectiveness depends on … gun registration….” So says the

National Institute of Justice, part of the Obama Justice Department, in a 2013 study. Criminalizing

the transfer of firearms between law-abiding citizens – the only ones who would undergo background

checks – has nothing to do with preventing violence, but everything to do with registering gun

FOAC Position: Opposed

  • HB 273 – Donatucci – Voluntary Self-Exclusion from Firearm possession, purchases or transfers.  Length of time on list – 1 year, 5 years or Lifetime.

FOAC Position: Oppose ‘unless’ amended by A07354 then FOAC is ‘Neutral’

After reading the above legislation, and knowing the forces allied behind pushing much of it, hopefully you will understand the gravity of this situation! Below you will find contact information for every member of the house judiciary committee:

The House Judiciary Members are:

  1. Chairman Ron Marsico – (717) 783-2014, Fax: (717) 705-2010

Perhaps our time has passed for respecting our Constitution and our Freedoms will be going the way of the dodo bird? Perhaps we are rooted in old world concepts and are no longer relevant? Standing up for our Constitution and Freedoms is neither easy nor convenient but it is our duty as citizens!

On June 19 we will see how many gun owners in the Commonwealth agree because one thing is certain the redshirted socialist simpletons will be parading around the halls of Harrisburg, as they have been for the last four months, working to take away your Freedoms.

I know I will be there and I’m hoping you’re willing to sacrifice your time and join me!

PS: Happy Father's Day!

Semper Fidelis,

Kim Stolfer, President