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PA Bill Number: HB2421

Title: Prohibiting gender transition procedures for minors and coverage for gender transition procedures for minors.

Description: An Act prohibiting gender transition procedures for minors and coverage for gender transition procedures for minors.

Last Action: Referred to HEALTH

Last Action Date: Jun 20, 2024

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Anti-Gun Groups Pile On to Endorse Tom Wolf for PA Gov. Race

Date: 10/1/2014

The race for Pennsylvania Governor is FAST becoming a referendum on the right to bear arms with even national implications! The most recent additions to this unfolding drama is the endorsement of Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Tom Wolf, by Cease-Fire PA a statewide anti-gun group and anti-gun former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (creator of the anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns)!

Every gun owner in Pennsylvania has a right to be concerned as well as an obligation to be informed as to where the real issues lie with both candidates for governor!

Gov. Corbett signed Castle doctrine into law and Cease-Fire PA opposed this legislation and a citizen's right to self-defense. Further as an attorney general, Tom Corbett used his office to spearhead the gun violence task force in Philadelphia that in one year reduced overall homicides by 25%.

Cease-Fire PA makes erroneous claims that Tom Corbett has not done anything to protect our families (as if they know 'anything' other than banning gun ownership) and yet the very anti-gun agenda that Tom Wolf has pledged to support from Cease-Fire PA has been shown to significantly increase the likelihood of harm to our families.

The factually and philosophically challenged anti-gun groups of cease-fire PA and Bloomberg's minions are hard at work trying to advance a candidate to office who has said in writing that he will work hard to advance the anti-gun agenda. This has never worked in any state in our nation and this agenda is before all of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on this November 4! The stark contrast between these two candidates, Tom Corbett versus Tom Wolf, has never been more starkly apparent.

The gunowners in Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and others all felt that it could not happen to them! It has! It is up to you now to decide if Pennsylvania joins the ranks of those states on November 4! Please try to do all you can and to get your friends and family to the polls!

PS please see the links for more information!

Thank you for all your time, your consideration of these concerns and any assistance you can offer!

Kim Stolfer, Pres.