proposed laws

PA Bill Number: HB1091

Title: Further providing for the offense of carrying firearms on public streets or public property in Philadelphia.

Description: Further providing for the offense of carrying firearms on public streets or public property in Philadelphia. ...

Last Action: Removed from table

Last Action Date: Jun 30, 2014

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Rep. Metcalfe All-American BBQ - 08/2/2014
Lancaster Twp. Community Center 113 Kings Alley, Harmony, PA

FOAC Monthly Meeting - 2014 - 08/10/2014
Scott Township Municipal Bldg. 301 Lindsay Rd, Carnegie, PA

Rep. Rick Saccone Fund Raiser - 09/6/2014
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Quote Of The Week

At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a Mrs. Powel anxiously awaited the results, and as Benjamin Franklin emerged from the long task now finished, asked him directly: "Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" "A republic if you can keep it" responded Ben Franklin. This exchange was recorded by Constitution signer James McHenry in a diary entry that was later reproduced in the 1906 American Historical Review. - Founding Father - Ben Franklin

Dumbest Comment of the Day. If it does not happen to you, it does not exist. :: 08/01/2014

This is from the comments section of an article in the New Republic. The Fail is so astronomic, we need to bring back Carl Sagan to deal with it.


FOAC Bus Billboards are running in Westmoreland County :: 08/01/2014

FOAC Rolling Billboards are up and running in Westmoreland County. Sincerest thanks to the FOAC members who made this happen.


PA Governor's Race - 2014 - 2nd Amendment Freedom & Corbett v. Wolf :: 08/01/2014

This race is shaping up to be a battle of divergent philosophies in many areas but perhaps the most distinct differences between these two candidates, Corbett v. Wolf, is in the area of the Right to Bear Arms (PA Constitution - Article 1, Section 21)!


3 people killed, 3 deputies wounded with Hi Cap Mags (Layers of editorial oversight) :: 07/31/2014

It strikes us that if you don't know what you're talking about, or writing about, perhaps you should look for your life's work.


CSGV and the eternally wrong No Self-Defense in the Constitution :: 08/01/2014

Except that there was not only a discussion but a paper published by the Anti-Federalists who eventually led to that pesky addition called the Bill of Rights:


Washington DC seeks stay of Federal Court Ruling Legalizing the Carrying of Guns :: 07/28/2014

WASHINGTON — Lawyers for the District of Columbia asked a federal judge on Monday to stay his ruling that strikes down the city's ban on carrying handguns outside the home.


Florida's "Gun-Gag" Law for Doctors Upheld by Appeals Court :: 07/28/2014

A Florida law that prohibits physicians from asking patients whether they own a gun unless the question is medically relevant is constitutional after all, a 3-judge panel of a federal appeals court in Atlanta, Georgia, said July 25.


Federal Court Overrules Washington DC Ban on the Lawful Carrying of Firearms :: 07/27/2014

The ban on carrying of firearms by citizens in the nation's capitol has been struck down by the United States District Court, District of Columbia, attorney Alan Gura, representing plaintiffs in Palmer vs. District of Columbia announced Saturday.


The PFA document, dialing 911, and the armed citizen :: 07/31/2014

In the first video you'll see the message Bloomberg and his minions want to present. "Stop gun violence against women", through his Everytown USA group. The results are predictable.


South Carolina Self-Defense Shooting: Home Invader Shot After Warning :: 07/31/2014

TAMASSEE, S.C. —Investigators with the Oconee County Sheriff's Office say they have determined a shooting that happened on Tuesday was self-defense.


Texas Self-Defense Shooting - Police: Shooter Acted in Self-Defense :: 07/31/2014

UNIVERSAL CITY, Texas - A man is dead after an overnight shooting in Universal City.


Indiana Self-Defense Shooting: Homeowner's Son Drives Off Burglar :: 07/31/2014

An Indiana burglar is lucky to have escaped with his life after attempting to break into a home in Leesburg.