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PA Bill Number: HB2440

Title: Providing for the designation of shooting ranges, sportsman clubs, hunting facilities and business relating to the sale and production of firearms ...

Description: Providing for the designation of shooting ranges, sportsman clubs, hunting facilities and business relating to the sale and production of firear ...

Last Action: Veto No. 16

Last Action Date: Nov 25, 2020

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OPD Gun Amnesty Day Keeps Streets Safe :: 06/14/2011

Omaha, NE - More than two dozen guns are off the streets thanks to a gun amnesty program.


Chicago State's Attorney Lets Bad Cops Slide, Prosecutes Citizens Who Record Them :: 06/14/2011

When Chicago police answered a domestic disturbance call at the home of Tiawanda Moore and her boyfriend in July 2010, the officers separated the couple to question them individually. Moore was interviewed privately in her bedroom. According to Moore, the officer who questioned her then came on to her, groped her breast and slipped her his home phone number.


STATE OF THE STATEHOUSE: Other remedies exist if officer enters home illegally :: 06/14/2011

INDIANAPOLIS - One of the more curious things going on in the Indiana Statehouse these days is the decision by some lawmakers to second-guess a controversial decision by the state's judicial branch of government. This past week, 71 members of the Indiana General Assembly filed a petition asking the Indiana Supreme Court to reconsider its ruling that citizens don't have the right to resist police officers who enter their homes illegally. Rallied by a Republican state Sen. Mike Young of Indianapolis, the petitioning lawmakers made the move after their legislative leaders created a summer study committee to determine if the Indiana General Assembly has the power to neutralize the court decision with a new state law.


Central Pa. man acquitted in teen's stabbing death :: 06/14/2011

YORK, Pa.-A central Pennsylvania man who said he acted in self-defense when he stabbed a teenager to death last year has been acquitted of all charges.


UN Small Arms Treaty Targets Second Amendment Rights :: 06/14/2011

The United Nations seemingly has it out for Americans' Second Amendment-guaranteed rights as it continues to promote its "Small Arms Treaty ." The pact has already riled many gun owners as well as lawmakers such as Kentucky's Republican Senator Rand Paul . The most recent attack against the treaty was launched by Larry Bell of Forbes magazine, who published an editorial about it yesterday.


News From the Dark Side: Barkley: Repeal 2nd Amendment :: 06/14/2011

Mike Barkley is a former member of the National Rifle Association.


News From the Dark Side: Annette Clifford: Columnist won't be silenced by gun law :: 06/14/2011

Waiting for takeout at a local eatery a few months back, I overheard a guy at the bar talking about how his EMT friend had just dealt with a terrible accident -- a 9-year-old Satellite Beach child had shot and injured a pal with a gun left unsecured in a bedroom.


BREAKING: 2nd 'Fast and Furious' hearing set; Grassley, Dodson to testify! :: 06/13/2011

The second in what promises to be a series of hearings on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' controversial Operation Fast and Furious has been announced for next Wednesday, June 15, and Sen. Charles Grassley will testify.


Justice Officials in 'Panic Mode' as Hearing Nears on Failed Anti-Gun Trafficking Program :: 06/13/2011

Officials at the Department of Justice are in "panic mode," according to multiple sources, as word spreads that congressional testimony next week will paint a bleak and humiliating picture of Operation Fast and Furious, the botched undercover operation that left a trail of blood from Mexico to Washington, D.C.


To Protect and Serve Their Own Interests :: 06/13/2011

Does the government work for us or do we work for the government? Is the job of the police to police for you or to police you? And if the police watch you, who watches the police? Tonight, the state of the police in a police state.


Agencies stonewall 'gunrunner' inquiries :: 06/13/2011

What started out as an "innocent" program run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to allow guns purchased in the United States to be smuggled into Mexico for the purpose of tracking them to high-ranking members of Mexican drug cartels, has turned into a genuine cover-up, and involved many hundreds of weapons unaccounted for by the ATF.


Are Police Cutbacks Leading to Increased Gun Ownership? :: 06/13/2011

There are two political explanations for the country's economic malaise, and the resulting cutbacks in police officers: Government Gone Wild and It's All George Bush's fault. To help get your blood flowing, let's Bush bash first. "Ten years ago today, the first round of Bush tax cuts became law. But what if they hadn't?" asks the two Michaels at . "What . . . if we'd never implemented President George W. Bush's eponymous tax policies?


Don't Make Brazil's Gun Rights Loss Be America's Future :: 06/09/2011

I am a loyal reader of Guns & Patriots every week living in Brazil. As I watch what is happening in America, I am compelled to reach out my friends in America to share my story.


Tea Party Express preemptively surrenders gun rights to RINOs :: 06/09/2011

"The Tea Party will support whoever wins the GOP presidential nomination - - even if that person is former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney," Fox News reports . "That's the affirmative word from Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer."


Sipsey Street Exclusive: Gunwalker Scandal hearings to proceed in 3 phases."Eric Holder is toast. If he stays out of federal prison I'll be surprised" :: 06/09/2011

There's been a lot of scrambling this weekend behind the scenes at the Gunwalker Corral, especially since Congressman Issa's FOX interview. I just confirmed with a second source this morning that the hearings promised by Issa are planned to proceed in phases. This, it was explained to me, is necessitated by the continuing stonewall of the Obama administration. "They're going to go with with they've got or they'll be waiting for documents until Hell freezes over. They've figured out what the rest of us knew all along -- that the only way to break the cover-up is under oath."


Issa: Slew of Subpeonas to Be Issued Over Operation Fast and Furious :: 06/09/2011

The Obama Justice Department has been stonewalling Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Rep. Darrell Issa for months over an investigation into the lethal Operation Fast and Furious even after a subpeona was issued, but Issa isn't playing softball.


Issa releases witness list for first 'Gunwalker' hearing :: 06/09/2011

"Operation Fast and Furious Hearing to be Held June 13th," a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform press release issued today declares. The title of the hearing is "Obstruction of Justice: Does the Justice Department Have to Respond to a Lawfully Issued and Valid Congressional Subpoena?" and it will be held at 1:30 p.m. Monday in the Rayburn House Office Building.


Confirmed: Mexican military helicopter was shot down with 'gunwalked' rifle :: 06/09/2011

Last Tuesday, Sipsey Street Irregular Mike Vanderboegh (and also Seattle Gun Rights Examiner Dave Workman ) speculated on rumors that a drug trafficking syndicate's .50 caliber rifle that forced a Mexican military helicopter into an emergency landing was a "Project Gunwalker" gun. Mr. Vanderboegh was quoting forum member who posts under the name "Epic Failure" (emphasis added):


Washington D.C. - gun free zones and corruption :: 06/09/2011

CHEYENNE--Washington D.C. is one of the premier gun free zones in America. By contrast this is also the roost of our elected officials that take an oath to protect our rights enumerated in the Constitution.


Negligent Discharges Kill 90 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq :: 06/09/2011

The average police officer's firearm handling, safety and shooting skills are poor. Sadly, the news carries all the examples of this you'd ever want to read about. But you can almost understand it, given the infrequency with which the average cop has to use his weapon. Not that it's an excuse. If you're entrusted to protect the public and given a firearm as one of your tools for the job, you damned well ought to know how to use it as effectively and safely as possible. So when looking at the military, I would expect - as someone who's never been there - that the extensive drills and training would result in a significantly more stringent culture of firearms safety. It turns out I'd be sorely mistaken...


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