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PA Bill Number: HB102

Title: In hunting and furtaking licenses, further providing for eligibility for license.

Description: In hunting and furtaking licenses, further providing for eligibility for license. ...

Last Action: Referred to GAME AND FISHERIES

Last Action Date: May 24, 2019

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How about some "reasonable limits" on Freedom of Speech? :: 10/07/2013

You can't scream "FIRE" in a crowded theater. Why would you be allowed to violate the Fourth Amendment (we are secure in our homes) by allowing a newspaper to publish the names and addresses of folks with a License to Carry a Firearm? Even New York State forbids that! While Freedom of Expression is sacrosanct, unduly placing citizens in the crosshairs of thieves and other reprobates is criminal. We say--"No Way!"


Colin Noir on the Second Amendment :: 10/07/2013

I'd love to see a debate between Mike Bloomberg and his MAIG criminals, and Colin Noir. Mr. Noir, being a person of color, would have to schedule the debate anywhere but New York City. He'd be late for the debate after several "stop and frisk" stops.


What are Holder and anti-gun groups REALLY up to? :: 10/07/2013

While you sit at work, or catch up on your chores, on this cold and rainy Monday, we're looking high and low for the real deal on the anti gunners, those who claim they only want "sensible" or "reasonable" gun laws. Please click on the hyperlink and see what Brian Coulter has to say. We agree with Brian.


America hater Piers Morgan is history! :: 10/07/2013

Even CNN has the good sense to know that this knucklehead was killing them. Good riddance to this anti American hater.


A "Gun Free Zone" you probably didn't know existed. :: 10/04/2013

Hey, why not carjack an ambulance, and the patient too? Paramedics are forbidden to carry weapons. Never thought that ambulance hauling you off to the trauma center was a gun free zone, did you? PA Code 1005.10 Licensure and general operating standards


Kerry says signing the U.N. Arms Treaty won't affect your rights. :: 10/04/2013

Kerry should be aware that only the Senate can ratify a treaty, and only God Almighty knows what he was thinking when he unilaterally signed the UN Arms Treaty. His signature is worthless, and flies in the face of his oath to defend the Constitution. Call or write your Congress-critter today, and demand that Kerry be removed.


Obama Administration stoops to an all time low. :: 10/04/2013

"If you're reading this, thank a teacher. If you're reading this in English, thank a Vet"


Treaties Violating the Constitution Are Not Law of the Land :: 09/26/2013

On the morning of September 25, Secretary of State John Kerry, on behalf of President Barack Obama, signed the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty.


A Real Look at the Anti-Gunners and Obama's dream for the United States :: 09/24/2013

Think U.N. intervention here is out of the question? Read on.


"Its happening every day!!!" says Obama :: 09/23/2013

Our President is bound and determined to disarm us. His new battle cry--"Its happening every day" as he speaks about mass murderers. Can't blame an AR-15 because the murderer used a shotgun? No problem, just tell the sheep that "its happening every day". We know its not, and its time to call your Senator and Representative ---again, or for some of us, still---and complain about the "exaggerations" of Obama. Afterall, we don't want to come out and shout "You lie" as one brave Congressman did.


Legislating from the Judicial Bench--it should be a removal offense. :: 09/20/2013

Everybody is entitled to an opinion. Jurists, however, MUST follow the law, and the Constitution. The judge in this report out of Connecticut should be removed at once.


Navy Yard Murderer-Did the USA call off its best resource and allow the rampage? :: 09/20/2013

In a editorial from the day of the shooting, your faithful editor asked if it could be possible that the anti gun Obama administration was willing to sacrifice American lives in order to advance an anti gun policy. We were simply thinking out loud, and then this appears. Note that its not from the United States, but from Great Britain. The BBC are generally quite conservative, and often supportive of Obama. Not this time. Please click the link to read the awful suggestion that the BBC claims to be true. We're inclined to believe them.


Obama-Ruling by executive order. :: 09/19/2013

Would you be surprised to find that Obama has once again stifled collectors and competitors efforts to get a Garand or an M-1 Carbine? Of course you wouldn't. At least we now know ONE of the 23 proposed Executive Orders. Here's a quote from Widener's:wideners& [mailto:wideners&]


What are we teaching our children, Part II :: 09/19/2013

Just when you thought it was safe to send your kids back into the classroom, this surfaces.


What in the world are we teaching our children? :: 09/19/2013

To know the history of the gun is to know the history of our Republic. Too bad some school districts are adopting Common Core curriculum that denies that history, but also demonizes arms for defense of State and self.


Holder, Obama, and Illegal Guns to Mexico :: 09/18/2013

It ain't over till the fat lady sings, and one could argue that she's just getting started at the dessert table. Read this: DOJ Sued Over Fast and Furious Documents Surrounding Holder's Contempt of Congress, Stonewalling Katie Pavlich Sep 17, 2013 Judicial Watch, a legal watchdog group based in Washington D.C., has sued the Department of Justice over continuing Fast and Furious stonewalling


A tale of Marines, the loved, now lost. :: 09/17/2013

I picked this up from one of our dearest FOAC members, and didn't even bother to check Snopes or any of the other "fact check" websites. Is the story true? Who knows. It could be a compilation of stories, but its well told, and worth a read. It also comes with a Kleenex alert. For some reason my screen got blurry as I read this. Semper Fidelis to all of my Marines from a worn out old Zoomie:


Project Gunwalker info is truly Fast and Furious :: 09/15/2013

This morning, on RKBA Radio, we gave a lot of airtime to Eric Holder's stonewalling of Congress, and we predicted that Project Gunwalker could bring down Hillary Clinton and the President, in addition to Holder. We've been following this for some time, and now The Examiner has even more news.


Bloomberg-Will he take Colorado's FORMER senator's advice? :: 09/14/2013

Prior to the election, one of the defeated Senators, Angela Giron, predicted what a defeat at the polls would mean for NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's group:


How long can Holder hold out? :: 09/13/2013

We've written opinion after opinion, and we know that holder is in violation of 22CFR120-130, the ITAR, as is Hillary Clinton. We find it unbelievable that the arrogance of Holder trumps the legal system. Write your Congressman TODAY and demand a resolution to this National Farce.


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