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PA Bill Number: HB770

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, prohibiting certain assault weapons.

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, prohibiting certain assault weapons. ...

Last Action: Resolution to discharge committee from further consideration of this bill presented

Last Action Date: May 25, 2022

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Defense Stories

Sheriff: Man shot three times will be charged :: 09/26/2014

McNAIRY COUNTY, Tenn. -- There is a new twist in Monday's McNairy County shooting investigation.


Oklahoma Self-Defense Shooting: SHOCKING: Home Invader Gets Blasted With Shotgun, Then Gets Tangled In Electric Fence During His Escape :: 09/20/2014

A robber near El Reno, Oklahoma, targeted the wrong home to attack. Instead of weakly cowering like an impotent Mom's Demand Attention supporters, Cathy Kouba took action, flanked the surprised burglar by looping around the house, and then unloaded on him:


Arizona Self-Defense Shooting: PD: Suspect shot, killed while trying to rob medical pot seller :: 09/15/2014

PHOENIX (CBS5) - A 19-year-old man died from gunshot wounds when he tried to rob a medical marijuana seller at gunpoint Thursday night, a Phoenix police spokesman said.


Colorado Self-Defense-Homeowner shoots at intruder :: 09/15/2014

A burglary Saturday at a residence on the 2600 block of Aster Street was thwarted when the homeowner shot at the intruder at 5:33 a.m. When a police officer arrived, he was told by the homeowner about the incident.


Missippi Self-Defense Shooting-Suspected burglar shot in face by Jackson resident :: 09/15/2014

Johnderious Curtis shot a suspected burglar in the face Sunday.


Ohio Self-Defense-Bond set for College Hill break-in suspect :: 09/15/2014

The man Cincinnati police say fled a College Hill residential break-in that led to a juvenile being shot earlier this week is under arrest.  Jerald Davis, 34, was booked into the Hamilton County jail on a burglary charge late Tuesday.


Tennessee Self-Defense Shooting: Homeowner shoots man after assault at his home :: 09/15/2014

OLD HICKORY, Tenn. - An Old Hickory man shot another man who reportedly assaulted him at his home.  It happened at 9:15 p.m. Friday night at a home in the 4000 block of Church Street.


Texas Self-Defense Shooting-Texas Woman Shoots Intruder Who Broke In and Tried to Choke Her :: 09/15/2014

It seems that a woman in San Antonio, Texas was able to use a firearm to save her life from an intruder who broke into her apartment and was trying to choke her.


Massachusetts Self-Defense-Robber With Fake Gun Attempts Robbery of Store Owner with Real Gun :: 09/13/2014

Dim-witted criminals are increasingly turning to realistic replica firearms to carry out armed robberies, but haven't seemed bright enough to pick up on the fact that concealed carry is rapidly growing in most states. The resulting conflicts are putting more criminals in hospitals, morgues, and jails, even in areas that aren't typically viewed as Second Amendment-friendly, such as Springfield, Massachusetts.


Kansas Self-Defense Shooting: Firearm Carrying Football Coach & Wife Who Used Guns in Self Defense Dismissed From Team :: 09/10/2014

We have an update to the story we published earlier in which a youth football coach and his wife used guns to defend themselves from angry parents and family members.


Nebraska Self-Defense Shooting: Wanted Felon Breaks Into Nebraska Home, Father Grabs Gun and Defends His 4 Year Old Daughter :: 09/10/2014

A man who was wanted by police attempted to break into an Omaha, Nebraska home this week.  Darrell W. Miller, the suspect, probably didn't realize that the resident of the home, Larry Rohatsch, was prepared to use lethal force to defend his four year old daughter who was also home at the time.


This is Why I Carry a Handgun :: 09/10/2014

I teach high school English, a profession commonly thought to number among the most touchy-feely. I love books. And if that weren’t bad enough, I’m a professional, classically trained singer, a first tenor. Yes, the highest male voice. One of a few good–and rare–men, sometimes in tights.


WHY I CARRY: 7 charged in gang-related machete attack caught on camera in Chicago [Video] :: 09/10/2014

Seven people, including three juveniles, have been arrested and charged in a gang-related machete attack caught on camera at a train station in Chicago.


WHY I CARRY: Young Man Fatally Stabbed While Cycling 1,000 Miles to Propose to His Girlfriend :: 09/09/2014

28 year old man was stabbed to death outside of a McDonald's restaurant while talking to his girlfriend on the phone.


WHY I CARRY: MO. Couple Mercilessly Beaten by Group of 8+ People :: 09/08/2014

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Police are asking the public for help in identifying suspects involved in an assault caught on video.


Arizona Self-Defense Shooting: 911 recording: Phoenix homeowner shoots intruder :: 09/04/2014

The details of the May break-in take on a whole new aspect after investigators release the audio, which captured the break-in and subsequent shooting.


Illinois Self-Defense Shooting-Mother Shoots 1 of 2 Homeless Home Invaders Who Kicked in Her Door :: 09/04/2014

CRYSTAL LAKE, ILLINOIS - A mother was forced to defend herself, her children and her home when two homeless men, identified as Nicholas Porcayo and Nicholas Porcayo kicked in her door.


Wisconsin Self-Defense Shooting - Police ID 15-year-old shot, killed during attempted armed robbery :: 09/04/2014

MILWAUKEE —Milwaukee police have identified the 15-year-old boy killed while trying to hold up a bar employee in the Walkers Point neighborhood at Camron Powell.


Nebraska Self-Defense Shooting-Woman Home Alone Finds Intruder Hiding in Her Closet, She's Armed, Guess How it Ends :: 09/03/2014

A woman, Barb Haley, and her dog were in for quite the surprise when they found a man hiding in the closet of their Nebraska home at 3am earlier this week.


Trail Crime-Deputy U.S. marshal attacked on Allegheny River trail :: 09/03/2014

A man was arraigned this morning on charges he pulled down a deputy U.S. marshal's shorts Tuesday afternoon as she was jogging along the Allegheny River trail.


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