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PA Bill Number: HB2291

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for limitation on the regulation of firearms and ammunition; and, in home rule and ...

Description: In firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for limitation on the regulation of firearms and ammunition; and, in home rule and ... ...

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: Feb 18, 2020

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Defense Stories

Wisconsin Self-Defense: Intruder Slashes Former Marine's Throat, Girlfriend Uses Gun to Stop Attack :: 02/12/2015

An amazing combination of firearms self defense training, divine intervention and courage stop an intruder's grizzly attack in Wisconsin's Racine County.


Texas Self-Defense: Truck Thief Shot Dead By Owner :: 02/11/2015

I am not sure to call this a DGU, a bad idea or hail the owner as a hero.  But what I will say is that chasing someone down and shooting them, while they are in the act of stealing your truck could be a stretch.  I come from a state where deadly force is authorized by law when someone commits a felony in the presence of the slayer.


Texas Self-Defense: Police say son acted in self defense when he fatally shot his father :: 02/10/2015

A domestic situation in Yoakum, Texas, Saturday night ended with a 21-year-old man fatally shooting his father, but according to police, the young man acted in self-defense.


Texas Self-Defense: They Tried to Steal a Truck in Houston - but the Truck's Owners Were Armed :: 02/09/2015

It was 1 a.m. on Sunday, and the pair of car thieves likely thought they’d picked up an easy score.


Kentucky Self-Defense: Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight - Hitchhiker Pulls Knife, Victim Pulls Gun :: 02/08/2015

A hitchhiker in Kentucky learned a couple of valuable lesson this week when a good Samaritan tried to give him a ride. Namely, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. After being picked up by Raymond Givens (yes, I had to read that twice too, it’s Raymond, not Raylan Givens) the hitchhiker tried to rob Givens at gunpoint.


Massachusetts Self-Defense: "WRONG HOMEOWNER" Thugs Shot Attempting To Attack Wrong Man :: 02/08/2015

Two East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, brothers are in jail after they broke into the wrong home attempting to terrorize someone who didn’t live there.


Florida Self-Defense: New Smyrna Beach homeowner shoots intruder :: 02/07/2015

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. - A New Smyrna Beach homeowner told Local 6 on Thursday that he opened fire and shot an intruder who stole his tools and pickup truck.


Personal Defense Tip: Don't Shoot Through An Exterior Door :: 02/06/2015

Shooting through a door is usually a bad idea. Your ability to see your target is at best obscured or totally nonexistent. And it may be difficult to show that you believed that you were confronting an imminent, deadly threat. Shooting through an inside door may be less problematic than one that’s an entrance to a building. A person who has retreated to a bedroom or bathroom and who has locked the door may have fewer options than someone who is defending an entrance door, but still isn’t recommended . . .


Pennsylvania Self-Defense: Police - Attempted robbery victim fatally shoots toy gun-wielding suspect in Upper Darby :: 02/05/2015

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (WPVI) -- Police say a man fatally shot a pellet gun-wielding suspect during an attempted robbery in Upper Darby.


A Hard Lesson :: 02/04/2015

I got my Massachusetts Concealed Carry Permit when I was 21, but carried only infrequently for many years. On the morning of March 10, 1991, I received a phone call from one of the members of my rod and gun club, informing me that our club president, Bob L., had been shot to death in the kitchen of his apartment, several hours earlier . . .


Georgia Self-Defense: Woman Shot 3 Times During Home Invasion Returns Fire and Lives :: 02/04/2015

A woman in a rural neighborhood in Georgia is likely alive only because she had access to a firearm when she needed it.


Unarmed Domino's Driver Shot In Ambush In Houston During Robbery Attempt :: 02/04/2015

Domino’s Pizza, like Papa John’s, has a corporate policy of denying employees their basic human and constitutional right to armed self-defense.


Michigan Self-Defense: Michigan sheriff: Girl, 11, hides in closet with shotgun, scared off burglar :: 02/03/2015



Texas Self-Defense: Customer Kills Gunman Who Fired Into Texas Restaurant :: 02/03/2015

HOUSTON (February 2, 2015) A Harris County Attorney’s Office investigator who was eating at a Houston-area restaurant shot and killed a gunman who fired several shots into the business.


Georgia Self-Defense: Georgia Man Kills Craigslist Robber, Ends Crime Spree :: 02/01/2015

Just days after an elderly Marietta, Georgia, couple were killed responding to an ad on Craigslist, a dog breeder and his friend were confronted in a similar set-up robbery attempt at a Stone Mountain home.  Fortunately for both men, the breeder's friend came armed:


Arkansas Self-Defense: Arkansas Domino's Manager Pulls Her Gun And Drives Off Trio Of Armed Robbers :: 01/31/2015

Blytheville, Arkansas Domino’s pizza manager Sarah Cherry is no shrinking violet. When a trio of hoodie-wearing armed robbers held up her counter staff, the manager walked up from the back of the store to investigate the commotion. One of the robbers then made the mistake of firing his handgun at her.


Louisiana-Self-Defense: Frenchmen Street musician shoots gutter punk in self-defense :: 01/31/2015

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The NOPD is backing a musician`s claim that he shot a man outside a Marigny nightclub in self-defense.  Some think the confrontation escalated due to what locals are calling the growing epidemic of gutter punks.


Minnesota Self-Defense: Woman shoots ex in chest as he beat her, tried 'to get answers' :: 01/31/2015

A man is facing charges following a domestic dispute earlier this month which resulted in his ex-girlfriend shooting him in the chest inside her Mounds View, Minnesota, home.


Michigan Self-Defense: Southgate police: Intruder shot after breaking into home :: 01/30/2015

A 19-year-old is dead after breaking into his neighbor's home early Thursday morning and being shot by the homeowner, Local 4 has learned.


North Carolina Self-Defense: Burglar Held At Gunpoint By Homeowner :: 01/30/2015

Thanks to the watchful eye on a neighbor, a North Carolina homeowner was able to come home and catch a burglar in his home.  The neighbor noticed a suspicious vehicle in the driveway and called the homeowner, John Painter, to let him know.  When her arrived home he found his door forced open and when he went inside he found a man inside.  He retrieved his handgun, held the burglar face down and called 911.  All to often neighbors don’t help each other and make the calls, or investigate things that might be suspicious.


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