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PA Bill Number: HR824

Title: Designating the week of April 17 through 23, 2016, as "Violence Prevention Week" in Pennsylvania.

Description: A Resolution designating the week of April 17 through 23, 2016, as "Violence Prevention Week" in Pennsylvania.


Last Action Date: Apr 25, 2016

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FOAC Monthly Meeting - May - 2016 - 05/8/2016
Scott Township Municipal Building 301 Lindsay Road, Carnegie, PA

Concealed Carry Seminar - 4th House District - Rep. Sonney - 05/12/2016
Fairfield Hose Company 4896 East Lake Rd.

Concealed Carry Seminar - 100th House District - Rep. Cutler - 05/19/2016
Muddy Run Park Information Center 172 Bethesda Church Road West

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Quote Of The Week

"Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions." - James Madison, 1792

Obama to make 'smart guns' push :: 04/28/2016

The president is opening a new front against gun violence, and it's alarming cops who say they don’t want to be guinea pigs.


Hollywood: Hollywood Becomes Increasingly Vocal in the Fight Against Gun Violence :: 04/28/2016

In the latest season of “House of Cards,” first lady Claire Underwood champions new gun laws with the help of a group called Families for Gun Reform.


Disarmament Cloaked As "Common Sense" :: 04/28/2016

Gun control advocates have been at their civilian-disarmament campaign for so long that astute observers will notice the same tactics and approaches returning time and again to the political landscape.


Newtown: Pro-Gun Donald Trump Gets More Votes than Anti-Gun Hillary Clinton :: 04/28/2016

Newtown, where Sandy Hook Elementary School is located, became the epicenter of the gun control movement following Adam Lanza’s heinous December 2012 attack on the school.


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Pennsylvania: Lansdale man charged with manslaughter in fatal church shooting :: 04/28/2016

NORRISTOWN >> A Lansdale man had no lawful justification to fatally shoot a fellow parishioner during a disturbance at a Montgomery Township church service where the victim was “only armed with his Bible,” authorities have concluded.


Gun group drops out of federal terror watchlist suit :: 04/26/2016

Gun rights group Gun Owners of America dropped out of a lawsuit brought against the federal government over alleged constitutional violations, according court documents.


Gun store sues 64 individuals for trying to pressure it out of business :: 04/26/2016

A Northern Virginia gun shop billed as the closest one to Washington D.C. is hitting back against its detractors — including state lawmakers — in court.


Machine Gun Rights Case Has Broad Support Across Country :: 04/24/2016

Ehline Law Firm’s president, Michael Ehline, had the opportunity to attend oral augments in the case of Hollis v. Lynch, et al, Civil Action No.3:14-cv-03872-M in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.


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Alabama Self-Defense: "He Started Crying Like A Little Baby." 11-Year-Old Shoots Burglar :: 04/29/2016

There is a part of me that likes what some call “instant karma,” and others call “street justice.” That part of me finds it edifying to see a criminal get his butt handed to him by a child.


Texas Self-Defense: Armed Homeowner Defends Family, Home From Two Armed Intruders :: 04/29/2016

A homeowner in southwest Houston successfully defended his family from a home invasion by grabbing his gun and shooting one of the intruders suspect.


Tennessee Self-Defnse: Pregnant Woman and Boyfriend Hold Armed Home Intruder at Gunpoint :: 04/29/2016

When a McMinn County, TN couple, a young pregnant woman and her boyfriend, came home to find their home had been broken into, they drew their weapons to clear the house, finally coming face-to-face with the armed home intruder who was hiding inside their closet.


Washington Self-Defense: 80-year-old Woman Shoots Home Intruder After he Stabbed her Husband :: 04/29/2016

This woman is my hero.


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