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PA Bill Number: SB1323

Title: In riot, disorderly conduct and related offenses, further providing for the offense of disorderly conduct and providing for unlawful use of unmanned ...

Description: In riot, disorderly conduct and related offenses, further providing for the offense of disorderly conduct and providing for unlawful use of u ...

Last Action: Second consideration

Last Action Date: Sep 28, 2016

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FOAC Monthly Meeting - October - 2016 - 10/9/2016
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Every male citizen of the commonwealth, liable to taxes or to militia duty in any county, shall have a right to vote for representatives for that county to the legislature. - Thomas Jefferson, The Jeffersonian Cyclopedia, John P. Foley, ed. (New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1900), p. 842.

CBS Exposes State Run Background Check Systems: S.C. church massacre exposed flaw in FBI background check system :: 09/30/2016

In June of 2015, Dylann Roof walked into a Charleston, South Carolina church and killed nine people with a gun investigators later determined he should not have been allowed to buy.


Pennsylvania Democrats Commit Political Terrorism To Stop Pro-Gun Bill :: 09/30/2016

Pennsylvania –-( Any gun owner that has lived in Pennsylvania for at least a few years probably knows the story of the doomed legislation titled ACT 192, the last bill then Republican governor Corbett signed before he left office.


Is the handgun the definitive firearm of the United States? :: 09/30/2016

If the study conducted by Harvard and Northeastern Universities is to be accepted—and we’ll have to wait till sometime next year to see it in detail – handguns have become the firearm of choice for American gun owners, particularly those buying for the first time.  And the reason given by almost two-thirds of gun owners for having firearms was self-defense.


All guns in U.S. should be dumped in ocean, judge says :: 09/30/2016

As the killer stood before him, Judge Kenneth Walker couldn't stay silent.


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Massachusetts State Attorney General Sued by Retailers over Unconstitutional Gun Ban :: 09/30/2016

Massachusetts attorney general Maura Healey has willfully abused the power of her office to push a progressive gun-control agenda. In July, she unilaterally expanded the state’s assault-weapon ban by reinterpreting it to include guns that duplicate or copy assault weapons.


Court strikes down sweeping gun control measures in U.S. territory :: 09/30/2016

A federal ruling issued this week struck down a handgun registration scheme, a ban on assault weapons and public carry, and a $1,000 excise tax on handguns in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.


Nashville fairgrounds gun show operator appealing judge's decision :: 09/28/2016

A longtime gun show operator at The Fairgrounds Nashville is appealing a judge’s July decision to dismiss a lawsuit against Metro that was filed in hopes of stopping a new policy that is poised to halt gun shows at the fairgrounds beginning in January.


Court rules 3D printing not protected under First Amendment :: 09/26/2016

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that designs of firearms to be used on 3D printers are not protected by the free speech provisions of the First Amendment.  The court, siding with the State Department, found that such designs could constitute an export, given the lack of borders on the Internet, and as such would pose a danger to national security.


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Texas Self-Defense: Arlington PD: Woman shot fiance in self-defense :: 09/30/2016

ARLINGTON, Texas - Police say a woman who shot and killed her fiancé in Arlington early Thursday morning was acting in self-defense.


Michigan Self-Defense: Elderly Man Shoots Robbery Suspect In Rite Aid Parking Lot :: 09/30/2016

A 91-year-old Michigan man shot a suspect who reportedly attempted to rob him in a Rite Aid parking lot, police say.


Mississippi Self-Defense: Homeowner shoots burglary suspect, two others sought :: 09/29/2016

LEE COUNTY, Miss. (WTVA) — A quiet community in Lee County is in shock following a shooting late Wednesday afternoon.


Texas Self-Defense: Lubbock couple with gun in car shoots armed robber, couple escapes unharmed :: 09/27/2016

The man who attempted to rob a couple in their driveway is at the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to his leg.


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