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PA Bill Number: HB1725

Title: In inchoate crimes, prohibiting the possession of firearm at polling place.

Description: In inchoate crimes, prohibiting the possession of firearm at polling place. ...

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Last Action Date: Jul 17, 2019

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Firearms Preemption Meeting - 08/1/2019
Starlite Ballroom Social Hall (Fearless Fire Co) 1221 South Front Street, Allentown, PA

FOAC Monthly Meeting - 08/11/2019
South Fayette Township Municipal Building 515 Millers Run Road, Morgan, PA

Senator Jim Brewster's Annual 45th District Golf Classic - 08/19/2019
Youghiogheny Country Club 1901 Greenock Buena Vista Rd, McKeesport, PA

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Preemption Legislation UP in the Senate Local Government Committee - SB 531

Date: 04/29/2019

You have to keep your eyes on Harrisburg- the  Senate Local Government Committee is about to run a courageous  “Strengthen Preemption” SB 531  This bill will make cities and municipalities financially liable for assaulting the Rights and Liberties of Law Abiding Citizens. Mayors and City Councils that violate State Preemption Laws and disregard the Constitutions of PA and the United States HATE THIS BILL! We need to hold accountable the Elected Officials who feel they are above the law and who take their direction from anti-Liberty forces and gun grabbing special interests.

Rather than out-spend Law Abiding Citizens who are victimized by Illegal Ordinances with Bloomberg money and stolen tax dollars, this legislation will allow for the recovery of legal expenses that are incurred to stop these illegal laws in violation of PA Preemption Law, Title 18 §6120 Limitation on the regulation of firearms and ammunition. If a court of law finds that an ordinance violates Pennsylvania Preemption law (Title 18, §6120), the local government shall pay damages, reasonable attorney fees and costs. The anti-Liberty forces are working hard to undermine liberty and this legislation… we 'must' stop them!

Please ask your Senator to vote YES on this courageous bill, especially if he/she is on the Local Government Committee and on the floor of the Senate. We need your Senators to stand up for the Laws of the Commonwealth and the Law Abiding Citizens of PA. It is the RIGHT THING TO DO!

These are the Senators on the Local Government Committee:

John Blake D 22  
Michele Brooks R 50  
Patrick Browne R 16  
Scott Hutchinson R 21  
Timothy Kearney D 26 Minority Chair
Wayne Langerholc Jr R 35    "Bill Sponsor"
Scott Martin R 13 Majority Chair
Mike Regan R 31 Majority Vice Chair
Steven Santarsiero D 10  
Joseph Scarnati III R 25  
Judy Schwank D 11  

To find your PA Senators contact information  CLICK HERE

Please Ask your Senator to vote YES on  SB531.

Donate to the FOAC/ACSL Pittsburgh Litigation Fund. Enter FOAC/ACSL Pittsburgh Litigation Fund in the Reference Field.